Hangover Square: A Story Of Darkest Earl's Court #2020

Hangover Square: A Story Of Darkest Earl's Court By Patrick Hamilton J.B. Priestley Hangover Square A Story Of Darkest Earl s Court Hamilton captures the edgy obsessive and eventually murderous mindset of a romantically frustrated British man in this WWII era novel London and in the grimy publands of Earls Court George Har
  • Title: Hangover Square: A Story Of Darkest Earl's Court
  • Author: Patrick Hamilton J.B. Priestley
  • ISBN: 9780140183979
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hangover Square: A Story Of Darkest Earl's Court By Patrick Hamilton J.B. Priestley Hamilton captures the edgy, obsessive and eventually murderous mindset of a romantically frustrated British man in this WWII era novel London 1939, and in the grimy publands of Earls Court, George Harvey Bone is pursuing a helpless infatuation with Netta who is cool, contemptuous and hopelessly desirable to George George is adrift in hell, until something goes click in hHamilton captures the edgy, obsessive and eventually murderous mindset of a romantically frustrated British man in this WWII era novel London 1939, and in the grimy publands of Earls Court, George Harvey Bone is pursuing a helpless infatuation with Netta who is cool, contemptuous and hopelessly desirable to George George is adrift in hell, until something goes click in his head and he realizes that he must kill her.
    Hangover Square: A Story Of Darkest Earl's Court By Patrick Hamilton J.B. Priestley
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    1. Patrick Hamilton J.B. Priestley

      He was born Anthony Walter Patrick Hamilton in the Sussex village of Hassocks, near Brighton, to writer parents Due to his father s alcoholism and financial ineptitude, the family spent much of Hamilton s childhood living in boarding houses in Chiswick and Hove His education was patchy, and ended just after his fifteenth birthday when his mother withdrew him from Westminster School.After a brief career as an actor, he became a novelist in his early twenties with the publication of Monday Morning 1925 , written when he was nineteen Craven House 1926 and Twopence Coloured 1928 followed, but his first real success was the play Rope 1929, known as Rope s End in America.The Midnight Bell 1929 is based upon Hamilton s falling in love with a prostitute, and was later published along with The Siege of Pleasure 1932 and The Plains of Cement 1934 as the semi autobiographical trilogy 20,000 Streets Under the Sky 1935.Hamilton disliked many aspects of modern life He was disfigured badly when he was run over by a car in the late 1920s the end of his novel Mr Stimpson and Mr Gorse 1953 , with its vision of England smothered in metal beetles, reflects his loathing of the motor car However, despite some distaste for the culture in which he operated, he was a popular contributor to it His two most successful plays, Rope and Gas Light 1938, known as Angel Street in the USA , made Hamilton wealthy and were also successful as films the British made Gaslight 1940 and the 1944 American remake, and Alfred Hitchcock s Rope 1948.Hangover Square 1941 is often judged his most accomplished work and still sells well in paperback, and is regarded by contemporary authors such as Iain Sinclair and Peter Ackroyd as an important part of the tradition of London novels Set in Earls Court where Hamilton himself lived, it deals with both alcohol drinking practices of the time and the underlying political context, such as the rise of fascism and responses to it Hamilton became an avowed Marxist, though not a publicly declared member of the Communist Party of Great Britain During the 1930 s, like many other authors, Hamilton grew increasingly angry with capitalism and, again like others, felt that the violence and fascism of Europe during the period indicated that capitalism was reaching its end this encouraged his Marxism and his novel Impromptu in Moribundia 1939 was a satirical attack of capitalist culture.During his later life, Hamilton developed in his writing a misanthropic authorial voice which became disillusioned, cynical and bleak as time passed The Slaves of Solitude 1947 , was his only work to deal directly with the Second World War, and he preferred to look back to the pre war years His Gorse Trilogy three novels about a devious sexual predator and conman are not generally well thought of critically, although Graham Greene said that the first was the best book written about Brighton and the second Mr Stimpson and Mr Gorse is regarded increasingly as a comic masterpiece The hostility and negativity of the novels is also attributed to Hamilton s disenchantment with the utopianism of Marxism and depression The trilogy comprises The West Pier 1952 Mr Stimpson and Mr Gorse 1953 , dramatized as The Charmer in 1987 and in 1955 Hamilton s last published work, Unknown Assailant, a short novel much of which was dictated while Hamilton was drunk The Gorse Trilogy was first published in a single volume in 1992.Hamilton had begun to consume alcohol excessively while still a relatively young man After a declining career and melancholia, he died in 1962 of cirrhosis of the liver and kidney failure, in Sheringham, Norfolk He was married twice, firstly to Lois Marie Martin in 1930, and a year after divorcing Lois, to Lady Ursula Chetwynd Talbot in 1954 January 9, 2010


    1. Some books barrel into a room uninvited They speak loudly and rhetorically about their own greatness while you re trying to enjoy the subtle artistry of a Joel Schumacher film or trim your toenails at the kitchen table Often these books will tell you, in a voice like Harvey Fierstein s, but louder and less mellifluous, that Susan Sontag is I mean, was an enthusiastic fan of it Perhaps while beating together two large cookie sheets just above your head, for example, the book will inform you inter [...]

    2. Just because I mostly hated reading this doesn t mean I can t give it 4 stars There are two movies I saw recently both recommended , Rosetta, a Belgian movie, and Keane, an American indie Both of them are completely claustrophobic, the camera is jammed up against the main character all the time, we re in their faces or hanging over their shoulders the whole time, there might be ten seconds here or there where Rosetta or Keane aren t in the shot, but that will be because we re looking through the [...]

    3. This is a book about endless cycles of drinking binges and hangovers It also is a book about an unhinged man convinced by some very convoluted logic that he needs to murder a woman in that it reminded me of Tunnel by Ernesto Sabato which is a great book and you should read it Hangover Square opens with a thrilling even if medically dubious description of a schizophrenic episode It s just one of the many that will get much worse as the novel progresses To achieve a great dissociative effect Hamil [...]

    4. Hangover Square was published in 1941, at the peak of Patrick Hamilton s fame, which was by that time considerable In common with almost all of Patrick Hamilton s novels, the story is in part inspired by incidents from Patrick Hamilton s life Like protagonist and narrator George Harvey Bone, Hamilton s life was becoming saturated in alcohol and like Bone he too was obsessed by an unattainable woman, in Hamilton s case she was actress Geraldine Fitzgerald Fitzgerald is the inspiration for Netta a [...]

    5. I love this book I love it fiercely Hangover Square is set in a decade that I am completely fascinated with, the thirties, and Hamilton has beautifully balanced elements of dark humour, crushing sadness and thriller tension It is, I have discovered, my perfect book I don t recall the last book that made me cry, but I wept reading Hangover Square I balled my eyes out for George Harvey Bone Used and abused by the vile Netta Longdon and her little gang of equally vile hangers on, he is a hopelessly [...]

    6. Dear Patrick Hamilton,I m just not that into you Yeah, our first meeting was magnificent, transcendent, life altering even But you know what I was drunk I mean, really really shithammered, and yeah, so were you At our awkward follow up date, I was pleased to note that you really weren t bad looking, but our conversation stalled a few minutes in, and neither one of us tried hard to save it Maybe if I d gotten through those initial long awkward pauses and choked down sake, things would ve been fi [...]

    7. This is an absolutely fantastic novel I insist you read it now.In many ways this is a tragic tale Imagine George Harvey Bone, a gentle giant who is perhaps not the quickest on the uptake, but is fundamentally a decent human being Sometimes he falls into these dead moods , where he seems to switch off from the world around him, but there s no disguising how nice and vulnerable George Bone is.Unfortunately, at some point, he s fallen in with a bad crowd, or specifically a bad woman Netta Longdon [...]

    8. Set in London on the brink of World War II, Hangover Square is a dark tale of loneliness and obsession It follows the fortunes of George Harvey Bone, a sad eyed, good natured individual who is unlucky enough to fall for the beautiful Netta, an unemployed actress Netta is openly contemptuous of George but happy to exploit him for his money Along with a number of other loafers, they spend their days drinking in the pubs around Earls Court George is heartsick from his repeated failure to win Netta [...]

    9. A masterpiece its own right, Hangover Square is the dark young cousin to Patrick Hamilton s mature The Slaves of Solitude If you ve read one, you should read the other If you haven t read either, you should They share similar themes but they re markedly different reverse images of each other, even One is a dry comedy with tragic elements the other is a dark tragedy with comic elements Both focus on the struggles of underdog protagonists in suffocating environments, but The Slaves of Solitude is [...]

    10. SLAYS TWO FOUND GASSEDTHINKS OF CATLike Nabokov s Laughter in the Dark, which tells you all and nothing you need to know in the first sentences, the trajectory of George Harvey Bone s life is clear from the start of Hangover Square The brilliance of Hamilton s writing urges us on Bone s schizoid personality dominates, but snapshots of other personalities make minor, yet critical appearances The brief, scintillating peek into the ghastly Netta s subconscious is unforgettable It s not perfect the [...]

    11. For want of anything better to say about this quite remarkable classic of pre war English literature I shall quote Keith Waterhouse, you can almost smell the gin In the year preceding Chamberlain s declaration of war George Harvey Bone is loafing about Earl s Court, mooning over a complete bitch and driving himself to an alcoholic rage Hamilton is famous for his use of slang and conversational tone and ability to evoke his chosen location, notably the London pub, and I certainly wouldn t find my [...]

    12. A diary of obsession that s the first thing that comes to my mind Not just love hate type of relationship but the kind of obsession that can drive one mad, that is at its root is mad Written in third person narration, it feels somewhat like a diary because there is so much focus put on the inner state of the protagonist The subtitle of the novel is a story of darkest Earl s Court and it is certainly darkIf dark is a novel that opens up with an alcoholic experiencing a click basically an alcoholi [...]

    13. Patrick Hamilton s novels focus on those on the margins of life the world of seedy bedsits, pubs and near poverty George Harvey Bone spends his time in Earls Court, often meaning to make a new start of things, but drawn to the unpleasant and vicious Netta Longdon For her part, Netta is a vacuous, pretty and lazy woman, who sponges off men for money and has a half hearted ambition to make it in films When she first meets George who she calls Bone she imagines he is rich once she learns he isn t w [...]

    14. Three of the last six that I have read followed similar plot lines, all centered around murder Crime and Punishment Dostoyevsky, His Bloody Project Burnet, and now this fascinating English piece by Hamilton Trying to conceive the thoughts of one determined to take the lives of others remains beyond grasp The common thread seems to be madness, with a self administered program of brain washing leading up to the act The logic necessary to justify slaying another is as individual as a snowflake, and [...]

    15. In my view, this is the most underrated, most excellent book I have come across for years I read it as part of a book club, none of us had ever heard of it before including two members who had done English degrees I, myself did English A level and yet had never heard of Patrick Hamilton.What ever you do DON T read the introduction which gives the plot away and therefore really spoils the book witnessed by those members of our book group who did do this, although they did still love the book it j [...]

    16. I have to thank Tosh and Kimley for leading me to this book Their reviews told me it was a must read, and it certainly was It went down like water but tasted like stale beer and gin Reading it was like impotently watching a dear friend self destruct compelling and harrowing Now it doesn t sound like I should be thanking them stale beer, self destruction, what Gee thanks But it s written so well

    17. George Harvey Bone is a down on his luck fellow, infatuated with the lovely, yet heartless Netta Longdon, an actress whose only interest in George is taking advantage of his good natured generosity But George has a secret He s slipping into the grip of schizophrenia, suffering blackouts when he has a completely different attitude towards Nettahe needs to kill her What follows is the tale of George s downward spiral, as his sanity degenerates and his mental duality battles for control.Set in 1930 [...]

    18. He was sane enough If you didn t count the dead moods, he was sane enough In fact he was probably too sane, too normal.Hangover Square is a darkly comical, rarely sober, atmospheric trip through the streets and pubs of prewar London.Despite this book being on my radar for many years, it never made its way into my hands probably because it was neither an exciting new release, nor a quite famous enough classic for me to make it a priority But the release of this 75th Anniversary Edition made me fi [...]

    19. Set principally in Earls Court and Brighton on the eve of WWII and first published in 1941 the book captures I feel before my time though the smells, sights and sounds of the time in particular British drinking culture as the title might imply It is the story of the outsider, especially of George, the central character But all the main characters are outsiders in their own ways They are set against the backdrop of the heightened tensions in Europe which scarcely seem to elicit a shrug from them [...]

    20. This is beyond a doubt one of the best and most disquieting books that I have ever read Hamilton, a British playwright and author who was mainly published in the late 30s and 40s, seems to have been recently rediscovered after his death in the 60s and it s about time This book is the tragic story of George Harvey Bone, who cuts a forlorn figure across London in his unrequited love for a woman undeserving of him Bone, an alcoholic and apparent schizophrenic, is driven to madness and ultimately ca [...]

    21. Poor dismal schizophrenic George Harvey Bone, in desperate puppy love with a goldigging woman who loathes him, both part of a hard drinking, pub hopping, loafing, late sleeping circle of acquaintances in squalid Earl s Court, London on paper, it sounds like something I would hate But it s so good Hamilton s writing is lovely his voice is humane and understanding, and although written in 1941 the novel s dialogue feels less dated than Iris Murdoch s, for example His portrayal of the awful, manipu [...]

    22. Once in a great while I find a book like Hangover Square that scratches every reading itch I have Hamilton finds his stride within the first pages never lets up yet somehow you never feel hit over the head with his writing The story follows pathetic lost soul George Harvey Bone, a character whose inner turmoil is so real that you can t help rooting for him throughout all the bad decisions ill advised glasses of beer Hamilton so perfectly sustains a mood of tension inevitable tragedy that even Bo [...]

    23. I had to read this novel for an elective class I was taking back in the day In this case had to doesn t imply my lack of desire to do so In fact, studying literature was marvellous for it provided me with a perfect excuse to spend an insane amount of time with my nose up in books I didn t have to feel guilty or unproductive about spending my time reading, as I sometimes feel today Ouch, that was too much information and I can almost feel a start a long digression Sorry for that, I promise from n [...]

    24. Sexuality is a form of social hierarchy Only the weak can really worship the strong These are some of the famous quotes that were running through my mind while reading Hangover Square The book is set in England just before World War 2 Bone a tall, overweight, alcoholic and sensitive man is madly in love with Netta, an aspiring actress But the cruel Netta has no interest in Bone and viciously humiliates him every chance that she gets while also borrowing money from him Hamilton treats us to diffe [...]

    25. This small masterpiece of a book was recommended by a character of another book that I happened to be reading Ivo Stourton s The Book Lover s Tale What a recommendation it was Hangover Square left me feeling sad and light at the same time it was a journey of suffering together with the main character a hapless George Harvey Bone, a someone lacking a backbone, a funny man with dumb moods suffering from occasional mental blackouts and a jubilation at the end that may appear completely inappropriat [...]

    26. Patrick Hamilton is probably best known for two of his plays, Rope and Gaslight, which became famous films But Hangover Square British slang for the way a heavy drinker feels the morning after, as in taking a walk around Hangover Square is apprently his most famous novel, and Doris Lessing, for one, thinks he is a hugely overlooked author from the 30s who deserves recognition and was a better writer than Isherwood or Auden.I indeed admired Hamilton s writing and his way of creating characters a [...]

    27. You always know where your sympathies are supposed to lie with Patrick Hamilton books and in this one they are most definitely with George Harvey Bone George is a pretty hopeless case, he drinks too much, he doesn t work and does not quite have enough money to drink and not work , he is infatuated with an unsuitable woman and a he is a potential murderer Whatever course of action George takes, it is unlikely to end well for him.George s potential victims are Netta, the extremely dislikeable youn [...]

    28. Loved this book An atmospheric and gritty novel about one man s obsession with a woman George Harvey Bone suffers from multiple personality disorder, which seems to worsen the he drinks He finds himself associating with a crowd of low life alcoholic Londoners, one of which is Netta Longdon, a beautiful but nasty piece of work Netta is a manipulative, cold woman who uses men for their money and connections She consumes Bone s world, driving him deep into despair with her cruel, remorseless treat [...]

    29. GOD I LOVED THIS BOOK Maybe my state of mind is currently warped, as I spent the whole time rooting for him, hating that bitch, but understanding why he was weak.I got a bit is that it about 7 8 of the way through But I was happy he came back hard, with revenge and self destruction I wish I could find books like this as randomly as I found this one I m hardly every gripped, hardly ever relate to a character I have nothing in common with i hope ha but still, people are bitches, and they hurt you [...]

    30. I was skimming through the books I read last year and saw that my notes had been a little harsh with this one I think perhaps because it s quite a dark, depressing tale With time, when comparing it to most of the books I read in 2013, it certainly ranks highly and continues to cross my mind So I ve amended my rating.Hangover Square follows the pathetic George Bone and a contemptible collection of his fellow alcoholics around Earls Court in late 1930 s London Within this group is Netta, with whom [...]

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