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The World as I Found It By Bruce Duffy David Leavitt The World as I Found It Vienna The trenches of World War I and the dark slide into Nazi Europe The intellectual lights of Cambridge University and the nabobs on the outskirts of Bloomsbury Marriage and domestic life Th
  • Title: The World as I Found It
  • Author: Bruce Duffy David Leavitt
  • ISBN: 9781590173602
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • The World as I Found It By Bruce Duffy David Leavitt Vienna, 1900 The trenches of World War I and the dark slide into Nazi Europe The intellectual lights of Cambridge University and the nabobs on the outskirts of Bloomsbury Marriage and domestic life These are just a few of the worlds the reader enters in this exhilarating novel of ideas, romance, and imagination Irreverently trespassing on the turf of history, biographVienna, 1900 The trenches of World War I and the dark slide into Nazi Europe The intellectual lights of Cambridge University and the nabobs on the outskirts of Bloomsbury Marriage and domestic life These are just a few of the worlds the reader enters in this exhilarating novel of ideas, romance, and imagination Irreverently trespassing on the turf of history, biography, and philosophy, The World as I Found It, is the tale of three wildly different men adrift in the twentieth century At the center is Ludwig Wittgenstein, one of the most magnetic philosophers of our time brilliant, tortured, mercurial, forging his own solitary path while leaving a permanent mark and sometimes a scar on lives all around him Playing in counterpoint are Wittgenstein s two reluctant mentors Bertrand Russell, past his philosophical prime yet eager to break new ground as a public intellectual, educational theorist, and sexual adventurer and G E Moore, the great Cambridge don who exercised such an influence on E M Forster and who was devoted to the pleasures of the table and pure thought until, late in life, he discovered real fulfillment in marriage and fatherhood By turns history, biography, and philosophy, The World as I Found It is the tale of three wildly different men adrift in the twentieth century Ludwig Wittgenstein, Bertrand Russell, and G E Moore Rich in humor and tragedy, lust and violence, spirit and striving, this is a novel that will enthrall any reader.
    The World as I Found It By Bruce Duffy David Leavitt
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      324 Bruce Duffy David Leavitt
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    1. Bruce Duffy David Leavitt

      Bruce Duffy is the author of the autobiographical novel Last Comes the Egg 1997 , and to appear June 2011 Disaster Was My God, a novel based on the life and work of the poet Arthur Rimbaud An only child raised in a Catholic middle class family in suburban Maryland, Duffy sees the 1962 death of his mother essentially by medical malpractice as what pushed him to be a writer Duffy graduated from the University of Maryland in 1973, and has hitchhiked twice across the United States, worked construction, washed dishes, hopped freight trains with hoboes, and reported stories that have taken him to Haiti, Bosnia, and Taliban Afghanistan Today he lives just outside Washington, D.C works as a speechwriter, is married to a psychotherapist, and has two grown daughters and a stepson Writing in Salon, Joyce Carol Oates named The World As I Found It as one of five great nonfiction novels, calling it one of the most ambitious first novels ever published A former Guggenheim fellow, Duffy has won the Whiting Writers Award and a Lila Wallace Reader s Digest Award


    1. If I wrote a book called The World As I Found It, I should have to include a report on my body, and should have to say which parts were subordinate to my will, and which were not, etc this being a method of isolating the subject, or rather of showing that in an important sense there is no subject for it alone could not be mentioned in that book.L WittgensteinThe above being the epigram of the novel by Bruce Duffy, named after Wittgenstein s suggestion The quote is from the slim volume Tractatus [...]

    2. There was the written book, and then there was the larger, ambitious work, which suggested the immensity of all the written book had left out this was the book of silence, of silence and the awed resignation before silenceOver in other corners of the world, a little fight has been going on for the past week or so that boils down to the never ending mis understanding between the two dominant traditions of contemporary philosophy, the analytical and continental From my sage like, post philosophy [...]

    3. Mark Twain once said, in so many words, that the difference between fiction and non fiction is that fiction has to be absolutely believable This is an apt maxim for Duffy s novelistic biography of three celebrated philosophers of the early twentieth century Ludwig Wittgenstein, Bertrand Russell, and G.E Moore, three men whose variances in the study of logic created both mutual admiration and adversarial polarity.When Duffy wrote this novel in 1987, there had yet to be a biography of Wittgenstein [...]

    4. Remembered this novel while reading Logicomix This is one of those rare, wonderful novels you live inside as you read it as if enchanted and exit with regret at the end.

    5. This is primarily a story about Wittgenstein, Russell, and Moore and at that, it s primarily a story about Wittgenstein, effectively following him from childhood to death Not a true historical account, and only loosely wedded to actual events, it is one of the if not the most compelling stories ever told about the lives of philosophers The story puts you in their skin, makes you feel their embarrassments For the non professional reader, this kind of interpersonal discomfort may be exciting and i [...]

    6. This book is hypnotic I absolutely loved it It is a genius idea for a first novel and the author made Russell and Moore and Wittgenstein accessible to this reader even though I have never studied formal philosophy In fact, I became obsessed and fascinated by Wittgenstein The evolution of Bertrand Russell s persona is extremely well done as is G.E Moore s and for Wittgenstein, well, all I can say is I can t decice whether I would like to have konwn himself or if I would have found it too exhausti [...]

    7. If there was ever a book I wish I could have given three and a half stars to, this is the book Conceptually well considered, broad in scope, thoughtful in characterization, The World as I Found It suffers the problem of setting high expectations for itself and then not quite meeting them Duffy s investigations into the minds of Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein are admirable, but his methods are depressingly conventional in the end we suffer the spectacle of characters who are brilliant l [...]

    8. I ve always been a fan of Bertrand Russell s popular writings, and Wittgenstein is a fascinating character, so I was really hoping this novel would be great Alas, no Duffy tries for purple prose, but ends up just being pretentious Example at one point he describes the air as concupiscent Seriously I love character driven novels, but I m 200 pages into this behemoth and I still have little idea what Wittgenstein wants or what makes him tick Duffy also believes the philosophical arguments are inte [...]

    9. An exhilarating ride through the world of ideas and the fascinating life of Wittgenstein Duffy is a master at biography.

    10. Dreamt of in Your PhilosophyThere are things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.In this astounding first novel about the philosopher Ludwig Wittengenstein, published in 1987, Bruce Duffy manages to include an impressive number of the things on earth enough to make WW1 and the Holocaust appear mainly as interludes , and quite a few of those in heaven also But writing about a man who, for all his stature as a philosopher, was also a very private individual, Duffy [...]

    11. In essence this book is fictional biography, with all the requisite psychology thrown in, of three philosophers Wittgenstein, Russell, and G.E Moore Biographies of thinkers usually revert to this strategy, one reads them to both discover why an individual had such an idea that changed the world and reached many people, and to understand the ideas, often complicated and liable to be interpreted many ways, we must look at the life of the thinker, the situations s he was around, and, Freudianly, th [...]

    12. The imagined lives of three early 20th century philosophers puts Ludwig Wittgenstein at the center offset by his older peers, Bertrand Russell and G.E.Moore Wittgenstein s prominent Austrian family is large, complex and subject to the ironclad rule of wealthy industrial giant Karl Wittgenstein This novel was written before any biographies of Wittgenstein had been produced and the author aroused a great deal of criticism for his fictional approach Some felt that because he used meticulously resea [...]

    13. A book like this attempts so much that you fear for the author can he continue to walk the razor s edge He must balance the needs of the story and weigh the characters down as creatures of flesh and blood while simultaneously spinning out a philosophical narrative that is understandable and yet does justice to three of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century.Bruce Duffy must be quite a human being, because he seems able to render these characters to light humanely, mercifully, and honestly [...]

    14. Largely a story of the life of Wittgenstein, but with much attention to the two British philosophers who most influenced him and with whom he worked at Cambridge, Bertrand Russell and G.E Moore While an interest in philosophy and some previous knowledge of these men will probably increase a reader s enjoyment of the novel, I don t think that either is essential Duffy has been at pains to be clear about the fact that, while many of the facts of these characters lives correspond to those of the hi [...]

    15. I liked this book, but thought at times that the portrayal of Bertrand Russell had dissolved into a kind of Benny Hill romp, and G E Moore became a caricature of the reserved, domesticated husband whose own philosophy doesn t come into much focus Perhaps these fictional portraits are biographically justified, but they created a tonal disparity with the Wittgenstein narrative, especially later in the book The lascivious scenes with Russell don t work well interspersed with the tragic scenes with [...]

    16. Such a wonderful novel It helped that I was fascinated by the subject matter the lives of the philosophers Ludwig Wittgenstein, Bertrand Russell and GE Moore, but the narrative is beautifully handled with a structure that makes big jumps in time and then circles around key scenes as we dip in and out of memories of the past The novel is meticulously researched but Duffy feels free to invent what suits his story, as he should Wittgenstein is the centre of the novel but he remains ultimately myste [...]

    17. The three stars above is probably my fault than Duffy s The fact is that, 250 pages into it, I ve set the book aside If I can blame Duffy for anything, I ll blame him for his success He s a good writer but I found his fictionalized Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein as fully unbearable as persons as they must have been in real life The sections on G.E Moore were wonderful, but too far between Have I failed Might I have changed my tune if I d stuck with the book for another 300 pages Perha [...]

    18. I have appended a rave review in this book s description For a first novel, this is an impressive piece of work I read it because of an interest in Wittgenstein about whom I ve published I knew quite a bit about his thinking, little of his life On the basis of what I had learned about it, Duffy seemed faithful to the evidence and adequate to the task of fleshing it, and the other personalities involved in it, out Beyond that, however, I found the tale a bit flat, the writing a bit dull.

    19. I docked the author one star for living in Takoma Park Otherwise I can t find anything negative to say about this fictional account of the life of Wittgenstein Who said philosophy is dull

    20. My initial concern in reading this novel was the fact that it s about the lives of philosophers, but not their philosophies Duffy does not hide this fact He exemplifies it by straight out writing this is not history nor philosophy Why choose this seemingly dogmatic context to write about How can you say anything meaningful without the characters work in the forefront The novel could have been a philosophic novel, yet it s the exact opposite of a novel of ideas I think it curious that this novel [...]

    21. This book about three philosophers contains little actual philosophy, and that is Wittgenstein s Both Moore and Russell have significant sections of the book, without actually telling us very much about their work Indeed, it seems to concern their lives after they produced their important work, perhaps a bit like the Odyssey concerns the travails of Odysseus as he attempt to travel home after the end of his battles at Troy If anything it dwells a bit excessively on their sexual misadventures, Mo [...]

    22. The novel The World as I Found it concerns the lives of philosophers GE Moore, Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein There is no way of writing this sentence without this book seeming as dry as dust I know I ve tried It s a bit like saying I m having a party and then following up with Did I mention they ll be no food, music, alcohol or members of the opposite sex In other words, The World as I Found it seems to be a totally un inviting proposition.Yet on completion of this influential nonfict [...]

    23. I m going back and writing reviews notes thoughts.But I don t know where to start with this It s been over a month and this book still looms too large, like a summer blockbuster s turbulent clouds heralding an apocalypse.It shouldn t have worked.A novel of ideas that follows the lives of Wittgenstein, Moore, and Russell A novel that seems to be a fictionalized biography A historical novel of sorts About a philosopher who I love That sounds awful.Yet not only does it work, but it was the best thi [...]

    24. Very well written I tried to quit this book early on, but the writing was so good, it compelled me to keep going Characters of philosophers Bertrand Russell, G E Moore, and Ludwig Wittgenstein were very well executed and crafted I felt like they were real people coming off the page I got a sense of who they were, what they wanted and what they couldn t get or who they couldn t be The book really slowed down for me 2 3 of the way in Especially during the First World War perhaps it s because I m s [...]

    25. A brilliant book, to be sure, but in one important sense a frustrating one namely, that in a book about three philosophers, one of them Ludwig Wittgenstein, arguably the most important philosopher of the twentieth century, that the book skips over much of his philosophy Part of Duffy s project is quite provocative this is not a history, nor an exegesis of the Tractatus, but rather an author imagining a story based on fact, and bending inconvenient fact to his ends His doing of this, the actual n [...]

    26. As a student of mathematics and philosophy, Wittgenstein and Russell have long been intellectual heroes of mine _The World as I Found It_ provides a fascinating, beautifully written albeit somewhat fictionalized account of their lives, their motivations, and their shortcomings The most obvious theme of this novel is the struggle of the main characters to overcome conflicts between their philosophical belief systems and their daily lives We see this in Russell s efforts to reconcile his ideologic [...]

    27. It has been at least 7 years since I read this book I gave my copy away to a friend who refused to read it simply because he disdained historical fiction He passed it on to an third party, and I have never seen the book again This is a work of fiction, but it s a case of biographical fiction than historical fiction Specifically, this is a book about Ludwig Wittgenstein, the 20th century philosopher.This book truly swept me away at a time when I had virtually stopped reading fiction It contains [...]

    28. Zeer interessant en meeslepend geschreven Maar ik heb moeite met dit genre de gefictionaliseerde biografie of biografische roman Het wringt toch behoorlijk als werkelijk bestaand hebbende personen optreden in een verhaal dat grotendeels met hun levensloop overeenstemt maar daarvan bewust op sommige punten afwijkt, zonder dat de lezer zonder research kan zien waar de verzinsels beginnen Uit het voorwoord For example, I have Wittgenstein meeting Bertrand Russell one year earlier then he did, I giv [...]

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