The Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World #2020

The Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World By Carlos Fuentes The Buried Mirror Reflections on Spain and the New World As the Los Angeles Times said Drawing expertly on five centuries of the cultural history of Europe and the Americas Fuentes seeks to capture the spirit of the new vibrant and enduring civilization
  • Title: The Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World
  • Author: Carlos Fuentes
  • ISBN: 9780395924990
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World By Carlos Fuentes As the Los Angeles Times said Drawing expertly on five centuries of the cultural history of Europe and the Americas, Fuentes seeks to capture the spirit of the new, vibrant, and enduring civilization in the New World that began in Spain Fuentes s singular success in this remarkable endeavor has made the book a classic in its field A Mariner Reissue.
    The Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World By Carlos Fuentes
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      Carlos Fuentes

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      Carlos Fuentes Mac as was a Mexican writer and one of the best known novelists and essayists of the 20th century in the Spanish speaking world Fuentes influenced contemporary Latin American literature, and his works have been widely translated into English and other languages.Fuentes was born in Panama City, Panama his parents were Mexican Due to his father being a diplomat, during his childhood he lived in Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Washington, Santiago and Buenos Aires In his adolescence, he returned to Mexico, where he lived until 1965 He was married to film star Rita Macedo from 1959 till 1973, although he was an habitual philanderer and allegedly, his affairs which he claimed include film actresses such as Jeanne Moreau and Jean Seberg brought her to despair The couple ended their relationship amid scandal when Fuentes eloped with a very pregnant and then unknown journalist named Silvia Lemus They were eventually married Following in the footsteps of his parents, he also became a diplomat in 1965 and served in London, Paris as ambassador , and other capitals In 1978 he resigned as ambassador to France in protest over the appointment of Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, former president of Mexico, as ambassador to Spain He also taught courses at Brown, Princeton, Harvard, Penn, George Mason, Columbia and Cambridge Carlos Fuentes Mac as fue un escritor mexicano y uno de los novelistas y ensayistas m s conocidos en el mundo de habla espa ola Fuentes influy en la literatura contempor nea de Am rica Latina, y sus obras han sido ampliamente traducidas al ingl s y otros idiomas Fuentes naci en la ciudad de Panam , Panam , sus padres eran mexicanos Debido a su padre era un diplom tico, durante su infancia vivi en Montevideo, R o de Janeiro, Washington, Santiago y Buenos Aires En su adolescencia regres a M xico, donde vivi hasta 1965 Estuvo casado con la estrella de cine Rita Macedo de 1959 hasta 1973, aunque era un mujeriego habitual y, al parecer, sus asuntos que se ha cobrado incluyen actrices como Jeanne Moreau y Jean Seberg, su llevados a la desesperaci n La pareja termin su relaci n en medio del esc ndalo, cuando Fuentes se fug con un periodista muy embarazada y entonces desconocido de nombre Silvia Lemus Se casaron finalmente Siguiendo los pasos de sus padres, tambi n se convirti en un diplom tico en 1965 y sirvi en Londres, Par s como embajador , y otras capitales En 1978 renunci al cargo de embajador en Francia en protesta por el nombramiento de Gustavo D az Ordaz, ex presidente de M xico, como embajador en Espa a.


    1. La historia de Am rica de por s es fascinante, de la mano de Carlos Fuentes descubrimos m s que acontecimientos y fechas, vemos todas esas cosas por las que est n influenciadas y nos recuerda que estos hechos no est n aislados A trav s del arte, literatura e incluso arquitectura nos explica el origen hist rico de nuestra identidad y el xito de la continuidad cultural de hispanoam rica.

    2. Carlos Fuentes is an iconic writer for those interested in Central and South American literature writing This book is a series of essays that intend to explain how the Spanish conquistadores and the Indian and, later, Black populations of the southern Americas have engaged in a 500 year long exchange, resulting in a unique, multi layered, extremely vibrant culture of its own Fuentes does not short change the suffering undergone by those who were conquered Nor does he soft pedal the extraordinary [...]

    3. Very interesting overview of mostly Mexican history since the time of Cortes The book examines the impact on the indigenous Indian culture of Mexico ways of being and thinking imported from Spain and traces how the modern day country of Mexico precariously balances between those two inheritances.

    4. Mexico s most famous novelist wrote this companion book to his PBS documentary series The book, however, is much than just a reprint of the narrative script It is, in fact, a work in its own right that goes much deeper into the matters talked about in the documentary Fuentes calls this book a biography of his culture, so even though it is about history, it is not a work of pure history Fuentes makes his themes abundantly clear from the first chapter Spanish culture is an unstable mixture of Ibe [...]

    5. Carlos Fuentes was one of Mexico s greatest writers, and is primarily known as a novelist He wrote El espejo enterrado The Buried Mirror in 1992, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus discovery of America El espejo enterrado is a work of non fiction I heard it referred to as a cultural history It s a broad, sweeping overview of the history of Spain and Latin America, focusing on the major cultural figures of the Spanish speaking world, and the connection between Spain and Latin Americ [...]

    6. I was very disappointed with Carlos Fuentes focus in this book The majority of his research and writing focuses on what Spain gave the continent, but he fails to do the same research on the indigenous cultures If you are going to credit the Mediterranean cultures for some of the political and cultural contributions to Spain perhaps you can do the same for the original inhabitants of the American continent I understand that as a writer and scholar of the Spanish language he perhaps focused his re [...]

    7. Very good book that describes the connection between Spanish and Latin American cultures Fuentes assumes a basic understanding of historical events and sometimes drops a name, expecting the reader to understand the reference For me, at times I did understand and other times not so much Beautiful Spanish prose makes this an interesting read.

    8. Un libro muy recomendable Enriquecedor Una obra interesante, completa y sint tica del problema cultural latinoamericano Carlos Fuentes intenta de manera positiva y concisa en lo que cabe, escribir la historia de America Latina incluyendo desde sus ra ces, hastasus matices y problemas econ micos, pol ticos y sociales, que juntos engloban lo que Carlos Fuentes llama como cultura Cabe mencionar que deentrada el termino cultura ha sido un tema bastante puesto en cuesti n La raz n es que el termino e [...]

    9. Reading Carlos Fuentes s historical essay of the Hispanic world written to occasion the fifth centennial of Columbus s voyage gave me a strange sense of nostalgia Like sipping tequila after dinner late into the night with a long lost uncle who tells family stories I ve never heard but piece together an image of who I am and where I came from The genre of the historical essay which I m deciding to define here as a highly interpretive survey with broad brush strokes and no footnotes is a tricky on [...]

    10. Wow If you want to read an amazing account of Spain and Latin America this is your book Originally written to celebrate Columbus 500th anniversary, it was made into a television series I only wish I could have seen the series lists only the first show on VHS for a mere 120.Yes I am a huge Carlos Fuentes fan I have read about half of his books so I am biased but the wonderful tone and respect Fuentes has for history makes you realize that this is a huge subject and he takes nothing for granted Fr [...]

    11. I had to read this for one of my college courses and honestly, I was not a very big fan of it The professor used this to teach us about Spanish history, and I do not believe this was a good book to choose Though the text is very rich and insightful, Fuentes is very bias against certain cultures, using much negative connotation He would pick and choose what he wanted to talk about and leave out other major contributions depending on what he favored The only thing that was good about the book was [...]

    12. Como suele suceder, un extranjero en este caso mexicano nos explica mejor qu subyace en o qu fundamenta la tremenda popularidad del toreo en Espa a y fuera de ella Es tambi n, no lo olvidemos, un evento er tico D nde, sino en la plaza de toros, puede el hombre adoptar poses tan sexualmente provocativas La desfachatez llamativa del traje de luces, las taleguillas apretadas, el alarde de los atributos sexuales, las nalgas paradas, los test culos apretados bajo la tela, el andar obviamente seductor [...]

    13. Famous Hispanic novelist writes broad brush cultural and political history of the connection between Spain and Spanish America the New World of the subtitle.He shows how the three threads of Spanish history in 1492 feudalism fighting toward central monarchy, Christianized Europe fighting against the Islamic outpost on the Iberian peninsula, and the three peoples of the Book Jews, Christians, and Muslims fighting for survival and cultural footholds in the rebirth of knowledge in the Rennaisance p [...]

    14. Wow I thought that history was boring, but this guy made me change my mind It makes the reader feel interested in the past, in the origin of our current culture and how it was determined so many years ago and it s changing every passing day I m so proud of being hispanic, latin, Mexican If you don t know anything about the art, culture, history or literature of Spain or Latin America, you should really read this book Totally recommend it

    15. Fuentes has done a wonderful job capturing the history of Spain and the New World It contains a plethora of information and offers many other texts to review as references I highly recommend reading, but only if you are wanting to learn about a long and tumultuous history It can be boring, but it can be interesting.

    16. Quiz s el libro mejor escrito que he le do me declaro admirador impert rrito de Fuentes Aqu narra con tremenda maestr a la historia que da forma a Latinoam rica desnuda nuestra piel y la expone trasluciendo los hechos, personajes y sucesos que nos han configurado como latinoamericanos Absolutamente recomendable para entender nuestra identidad hispanoamericana Imperdible.

    17. Easy to read history of Latin America, from the discovery to present times It explains how Latin American failures stem from the adoption of foreign political models from Capitalism to Marxism, instead of exploring the rich traditions of the Indian and African village and the Ibero Spanish municipality.

    18. Carlos Fuentes is a cool poet I liked the way he brings back Spanish history through poetry.09 22 09It s 10 30pm I m way to tired after having to work 10 hours in arrow but I m surprised how I had forgotten things interesting things I learned last semesterOnce again, Fuentes has stolen my heart

    19. This book captures the history of Spanish and Latin American Fuentes creation is beyond interesting it is something quite remarkable, one of our best treatures for me as a Hispanic translator from new world who s lived in both worlds Definitely recommend it, I wish I could say .

    20. A good review of the literature, art, and history of a multicultural Spain and in turn a multicultural Mexico, Central, and South America A philosophical look at what it means to be apart of the global Hispanic culture.

    21. Un fant stico recorrido sobre la historia de la cultura hispanoamericana y la influencia que Espa a ha tenido sobre ella Carlos Fuentes demuestra su fuerte como ensayista en esta obra, en la cual ofrece una perspectiva diferente e innovadora de la cultura que vio nacer a tan destacado autor.

    22. Magnificent, historical fiction, a reconstruction and reinterpretation of Mexican history that Carlos Fuentes evolved into the characters of contemporary Mexico.He conjugated the past to the present, from colonial Mexico to post revolution.

    23. Great book I read the English translation Starts with the ancient history of Spain, going into their colonization of the New World and the correlations between Spain and Latin America Really well written.

    24. The second constant of Spanish culture, as revealed in the artistic sensibility, is the capacity to make the invisible visible by embracing the marginal,the perverse,the excluded Carlos Fuentes in The Buried Mirror.

    25. For me, this was an interesting and worthwhile read I am embarrassingly ignorant of Spanish and Latin American history and this book is a great resource But I felt as if I were reading a text book.

    26. Een bij momenten ongemeen knap historisch werkstuk van Carlos Fuentes, alleen jammer dat het soms de hoogdravend filosofische en metafysische toer moet opgaan t kost m een ster.

    27. This series, The Buried Mirror in English, delves into the history and culture that defines Mexico today Fascinating There is also a video series.

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