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Flesh and Spirit By Carol Berg Flesh and Spirit The rebellious son of a long line of pureblood cartographers and diviners Valen has spent most of his life trying to escape what society and his family have ordained for him His own mother has predic
  • Title: Flesh and Spirit
  • Author: Carol Berg
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  • Page: 138
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Flesh and Spirit By Carol Berg The rebellious son of a long line of pureblood cartographers and diviners, Valen has spent most of his life trying to escape what society and his family have ordained for him His own mother has predicted that he will meet his doom in water, blood, and ice Her divination seems fulfilled when a comrade abandons Valen in a rainy wilderness half dead, addicted to an enThe rebellious son of a long line of pureblood cartographers and diviners, Valen has spent most of his life trying to escape what society and his family have ordained for him His own mother has predicted that he will meet his doom in water, blood, and ice Her divination seems fulfilled when a comrade abandons Valen in a rainy wilderness half dead, addicted to an enchantment that converts pain to pleasure, and possessing only a stolen book of maps Offered sanctuary in a nearby monastery, Valen discovers that his book rud to lead men into the realm of angels gains him entry into a world of secret societies, doomsayers, monks, princes, and madmen, all seeking to unlock the mystery of a coming dark age To his dismay, Valen must face what he fled so long ago, for the key to Navronne s doom is buried in half forgotten myth and the secrets of his own past
    Flesh and Spirit By Carol Berg
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      Carol Berg

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      Carol Berg is the author of the epic fantasy The Books of the Rai kirah, The Bridge of D Arnath Quartet, the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award winning Lighthouse Duet Flesh and Spirit and Breath and Bone the standalone novel Song of the Beast, and the three novels of the Collegia Magica.Berg holds a degree in mathematics from Rice University, and a degree in computer science from the University of Colorado Before writing full time, she worked as a software engineer She lives in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, and is the mother of three mostly grown sons.


    1. This book is sort of a 3.5 I think The author keeps making up weird words every few pages, but once you get into it Valen s story is interesting, and I feel a lot of sympathy over his desire for freedom and the ability to control his own fate Valen starts out as a magical drug addict and a bit of an opportunist hedonist, but when you realize what he s been through, you can t blame him I wanted to take him out of the book and bake him some cookies, I felt so bad for him Oh, good I added another s [...]

    2. I thought the first half of this book was four star material I was interested in it, I liked the characters, and I found myself thinking about the story when I wasn t reading it and speculating what might happen next Somewhere around the halfway point, fortunately during the weekend, this turned into a five star book and I couldn t put it down This fantasy story is told completely from the first person perspective of Valen, a twenty seven year old man who s on the run for a variety of reasons Wh [...]

    3. Valen is a renegade socerer who s spent his whole life ignoring his past and heritage He was born into a pureblood family of mapmakers, and his relationships with the members of his family have been bitter and violent Pureblood families have magical talents there are pureblood bents abilities for just about every skill imaginable, healing, music, divinationValen s family are not only skilled mapmakers, but are able to track anyone or anything, and can detect routes and trails that no one else co [...]

    4. This is the first Carol Berg book I ve read and I am now a fan The book was a little hard for me to get into, but it may have been a personal thing as I had just finished reading a terrible book that was poorly written and I was hesitant to plunge in again and be disappointed The other part of my hesitation had to do with the strange terminology used, and the unfamiliar world I found myself in Berg, however, weaves her world building into the story in such a subtle way that before long you find [...]

    5. So On this one the audio seriously detracted from the quality of the story The narrator did breath stops way too often and he had a serious tendency to mispronounce a lot of little words When you re narrating a fantasy story, words like breeches really need to be properly pronounced Brooch, dais, bedraggled I didn t think it was terrible at the halfway mark because I ve heard worse, but it ended up really grating on me farther into the book.Otherwise this is a gem of a story that takes multiple [...]

    6. You know, I hate books which do this just stop in the middle of the story No conclusion, no climax, certainly no resolution.Carol Berg gets better and better This is a really well written book, perhaps her best yet The main character is both compelling and flawed Valen is almost human You are dropped crashing into his world as disoriented as Valen and you thrash around trying to make sense of what s happening, stumbling from one crisis to another Who do you trust Who do you follow Who is what th [...]

    7. The delight of power is not commanding an army of sycophants, but rather bending one resilient mind beyond its comfortable boundaries.

    8. This book was so good It had lots of mysterious elements that kept me reading The magic was really intriguing and I grew to like Valen as the book went on I am definitely keen to read the second book in the duology.

    9. Valen is a recondeur, a spell casting Pureblood with the bent for maps, paths, trails and directions who escaped his family and the Registry to live a free life For twelve years he has done as he pleased, living precariously and not always honestly, a slave to the nivat seeds that ease the sickness in him Now twenty seven, Valen a thief, drug addict, liar, womaniser, and untrustworthy coward even literally can t read, and is unschooled in his magic because of his rebellious childhood The harsh t [...]

    10. This book never lets up You get dropped in right as a character thinks he s going to die, and things just become complicated Valen is a very relatable character, particularly for teenagers although this is definitely not YA he s rebelling against pretty much everything his family raised him to be The characters are all excellently done, but the plot should get just as much attention It s mysterious and potentially world shattering, and moves along swiftly I first read this book back when it had [...]

    11. I m very disappointed with this book the first time ever I ve been disappointed with a Carol Berg book Flesh and Spirit is filled with sexist references to women, and very, very few female characters The female characters involved are either 2 dimensional recepticles for male lust, or petty and vindictive It s extremely hard to truly empathize with a male character who expresses himself in words such as faster than a whore can raise her dress I found myself feeling not just insulted on a regular [...]

    12. One of the hardest books to get through At least the first half It was incredibly slow, plodding It s a narrative from a racondeur, a person who flees their pureblood lifestyle, which is a double crime to the King and God So the reader s plonked down in this world where there is some magic, lots of political intrigue and a really complicated world to get used to It s kind of sad only halfway through the book the action picks up and there is characters added instead of lots of descriptive writin [...]

    13. This was a difficult book to make it through for me I kept looking around the corner expecting to find something that just was never there That being said, I never did stop and I was glad that I saw it through I found it tough to bond or identify with the protagonist Valen as he is such a broken fictional character I found the prose to be beautiful, Melanie Rawn comes to my mind as I read through this first novel, only here the politics are that of the monks and pure bloods, not that of Kings an [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this adventurous tale It had an awesome main character, Valen, plenty of action, mystery, wars, royalty, fantasy, and magic Valen was the rebellious bad guy who was really a good guy He tried to flee his family s hold the Pureblood Registry and exert free will but he eventually has to come to terms with who he is and his destiny He was endearing, humorous, and a hero that we can relate to because he is not a saint and he does have flaws He does undergo a change in this book, one [...]

    15. One of my favorite Barnes and Noble rituals is walking up and down random aisles and picking up any book that sounds interesting I often sit down with five books at once to skim Usually, once I get through a chapter or two or the first few lines even I have put it back But once in a blue moon, I pick up a book so amazing and powerful I wonder how I made it through my life so far without raeding it Cal Leandros was one of these books This book and its sequal are two others.I picked up the second [...]

    16. This is one novel where I was seduced and fooled by the blurb I got about 1 3 through then bailed The premise was good, but I never liked Valen His dependence on the nivat seeds and his addiction to the doulon finally put me off The author tried very hard to make us see this was a fantasy by her overuse of made up words I just used two in the previous sentence There was no map of the imaginary countries and their relationship to each other and no glossary of her coinages Quellae I did figure out [...]

    17. I hate stories where the author plops you right into the middle of a world with made up words, made up religion, made up city region states and made up political issues that you have NO CLUE about whatsoever and just expects you to read along merrily without any idea about any of it.Seriously, how about a map Or a glossary if you insist on making up words Or hell, how about a little backstory and explain things a tiny smidge I m like 100 pages in and I only have the vaguest concept about three b [...]

    18. 4.5 really I m waiting to finish my review until I read the second book since they are a duology I want to be able to consider the work as a whole However, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book Well written with great characters I really connected with her characters on many levels Also, Berg does not hold back in plot character twists It was enjoyable and painful at the same time I don t want to give anything away but I was pretty shocked at the end of this first book Looking forward t [...]

    19. I got about a third of the way through this book It is dark and dreary to me It is defintely written for an audience There is innuendo on adult situations without actually describing them At least in the first third part I do not know if I will pick this one up again.I gave it two rather than one because the author writes well I just don t think it is the book for me.

    20. If I had any doubts that Carol Berg can write superb characters see Rai Kirah series , Flesh and Spirit completely erased those In Flesh and Spirit, the main character Valen seems to be made of actual flesh and spirit and breath and bone, following the name of book 2 , and has become one of my favourite characters.He is a pureblood, which would mean privilege and magic, but a recoudeur, which is the worse offence possible for a pureblood A recoudeur is pureblood who does not answer to family and [...]

    21. This review can also be found on my blogI finished this book and immediately went to get the second book so obviously, the author did something right But I need to make clear that here that means she gave me an interesting character I care about and promised me that some really interesting things will happen in the next book Valen is somewhat of a typical tortured white, male hero but a well done one He does have some very good reasons for being tortured really and he doesn t use it as an excuse [...]

    22. Yesterday I finished a reread re listen of both Flesh and Spirit and Breath and Bone by Carol Berg, the two books in the Lighthouse Duet I first listened to these a year or two ago.First off, I had completely forgotten how awful the narrator was on these a different narrator than the Sanctuary Duet This guy Allen O Reilly was terrible in every way his delivery was by turns monotonous and confusing, he had no voicing or accent variety at all, and he frequently mispronounced or misread words, some [...]

    23. Descended from a long line of pureblooded diviners, Valen, a rebellious hero, runs away to live as a rogue, possessing nothing but a magical atlas rud to open access to the land of angels Enslaved to a terrible addiction, Valen finds shelter in a monastery There, he discovers that only he has the power to unlock the secrets of these maps, secrets that may save the world of Navronne, at a terrible cost With memorable characters, vivid world building, unique scions of magic, and an intensifying pl [...]

    24. This book is loaded with exceptionally well drawn characters Valen is a mage who has never fit into his pureblood magical family He s rough and rowdy, loves the ladies, and has a very bad secret of which he is ashamed When circumstances force him to take refuge in a monastery where everyone eschews all the things Valen likes best, he discovers a new world which is both heartening and frightening This is the first of two books The second, Breath and Bone completes Valen s story.This duology is we [...]

    25. I find this book quite difficult to rate Firstly, it takes a lot of getting used too, because the author introduces a lot of unknown words and the English is not that easy for a non native speaker Despite this, in the end I enjoyed the English and had to laugh several times at some hints or comparisons But still, it was a slow beginning Secondly, this whole book seems to lay the ground for the second one, which is okay, but the author really left us in the dark for quite some time.Having said al [...]

    26. Really wonderful I thought that this book got off to a slow start, at firste main character mostly seemed arrogant and unlikeable, and the setting while beautifully described didn t seem all that new or interesting to me However, as the book went on, it became obvious that this was intentional, and the gradual revelations about the characters, their world, and the mystery at the heart of it were masterfully done The end result is something very special Highly recommended for all fantasy fans.

    27. Love this book There s a lot of depth here, as well as some unforgettable characters and a unique story I can hardly wait to start the next, and concluding, volume of The Lighthouse series, Breath and Bone This is my first Carol Berg book and I m pleased she has a large list to choose from, as I will undoubtedly continue reading her well written work.

    28. This duet takes place shortly after the Dust Light Ash silver duet It does not have the same characters, with the exception of King Eodward s children Fabulously written, tight story, and fast paced Pure fantasy for those who like such things Read these books

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