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Vintage Stuff By Tom Sharpe Vintage Stuff Peregrine Roderick Clyde Brown a bumbling British public schoolboy has a penchant for taking the most innocent commands literally His adventures whisk him to a French castle where he commits murder
  • Title: Vintage Stuff
  • Author: Tom Sharpe
  • ISBN: 9780099435549
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vintage Stuff By Tom Sharpe Peregrine Roderick Clyde Brown, a bumbling British public schoolboy, has a penchant for taking the most innocent commands literally His adventures whisk him to a French castle, where he commits murder and mayhem British humor is rarely captured as effectively as this Fry accomplishes an incredible range of accents and distinctions of age, occupation and sex If hearingPeregrine Roderick Clyde Brown, a bumbling British public schoolboy, has a penchant for taking the most innocent commands literally His adventures whisk him to a French castle, where he commits murder and mayhem British humor is rarely captured as effectively as this Fry accomplishes an incredible range of accents and distinctions of age, occupation and sex If hearing an imitation of a man with a missing lower denture tickles you, then Vintage Stuff is right up your alley When Tom Sharpe turns his attention to a very minor public school the result is predictably savage Hoaxes, chases, car crashes, shootings, and general mayhem Wicked, riotous humour Daily Telegraph
    Vintage Stuff By Tom Sharpe
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    About "Tom Sharpe"

    1. Tom Sharpe

      Tom Sharpe was an English satirical author, born in London and educated at Lancing College and at Pembroke College, Cambridge After National Service with the Royal Marines he moved to South Africa in 1951, doing social work and teaching in Natal, until deported in 1961.His work in South Africa inspired the novels Riotous Assembly and Indecent Exposure From 1963 until 1972 he was a History lecturer at the Cambridge College of Arts and Technology, which inspired his Wilt series Wilt, The Wilt Alternative, Wilt on High and Wilt in Nowhere.His novels feature bitter and outrageous satire of the apartheid regime Riotous Assembly and its sequel Indecent Exposure , dumbed or watered down education the Wilt series , English class snobbery Ancestral Vices, Porterhouse Blue, Grantchester Grind , the literary world The Great Pursuit , political extremists of all stripes, political correctness, bureaucracy and stupidity in general Characters may indulge in bizarre sexual practices, and coarser characters use very graphic and or profane language in dialogue Sharpe often parodies the language and style of specific authors commonly associated with the social group held up for ridicule Sharpe s bestselling books have been translated into many languages.


    1. Truly vintage Tom Sharpe Whenever you feel the need to laugh out loud, he is the author you should turn to Great book

    2. The book starts off with a brilliant setting and promises a fun filled reading But the later 3 4th of the book is a penmanship that is trying hard to be humorous The story is never dull but for long stretches it is neither quite funny The last 30 40 pages are deliberate twists and turns to make sure that the story idiots are not in terrible trouble Overall, its a good book to read and enliven the mind after a long day at the office but for me it does languish near the bottom in the humor categor [...]

    3. The book started on an interesting and comical note But after a while became a boring and definitely not funny at all.

    4. Why did I read this Because I was at the cabin, desperate for a book and this was the only one available Fun at first, then clearly outdated.

    5. The initial premise is very interesting and allows for a wildly funny first few pages But then the book gets mired up in a preposterous plot turn, boring descriptions of the roadtrips and chases it creates, and continues to get worse and worse as it progresses The humor is too grim this time around, I would hesitate to call it funny at all The worst book from Sharpe so far.

    6. Enjoyable, and mildly amusing But unlike The Throwback, which I read recently, not laugh out loud hilarious and, as such, a tad disappointing which may entirely be due to having read this second, rather than first.

    7. Ein Buch das nach wenigen Seiten in meinem Kopf die Hauptrolle mit John Gleese besetzt.Monty Python in schriftlicher Form, herrlich absurd.

    8. If you re comfortable with the British sense of humour invariably satirical this is your book A boy who takes everything literally take a page from this book would prompt him to tear the book apart is sent to a boarding school for underachievers, which teaches skills that we all need, such as surviving military assault while reassembling a log cabin OK, I made that up, but you get the idea by his frustrated parents Turns out he excels at warcraft, and is a natural for involvement in one professo [...]

    9. I read this book as research for a novel I am writing under a pen name as much of it is set in France I am a huge fan of Tom Sharpe although his prose is somewhat dated these days.This book is so fast moving, that you need to stay very awake to keep up with Sharpe s wit and twisting plot.It is nowhere near his best book, but it is fun to read and I love the character of Perriguine on whom I have drawn some references For me Wilt is still one the greatest satirical protagonists in any humour book [...]

    10. I d call this funny in a nonsensical way The situations that arose were hilarious, and there was quite a bit of dark humor in the final quarter of the book You wouldn t have believed they d take things as far as they did My main problem with this book, the reason it doesn t get five stars, is that, as a reader, you don t really like any of the characters You can t relate to them, you don t even care much what happens to them which is actually a good thing, as you ll realize in the end They are a [...]

    11. The book has funny moments But 2 3 the way through, the plot got too muddled for me The books starts out simple and funny By the end, it was complicated and required pushing myself to stick with it I think the writer is quite talented so I ll read another of his books I think this book is a five star book for some people There are laugh out loud moments in it The book is about a boy named Peregrine who takes everything everyone says LITERALLY Tell him to get lost he will Tell him to jump in a la [...]

    12. Delightfully delicious book, I picked it up this morning and didn t put it down again all day It s written obviously as a comedy it is Tom Sharp after all, but it mimics the classics like Buchan because of the story line But it adds to the unique character of the book, and its absolutely not dated, as its harping back to romantic notions And of course there are some plot twists you wouldn t necessarily see coming.Totally Brilliant

    13. Fabulous exposition of an excellently crafted plot The fluidity in the narration and the monitored pace of the story is highly enjoyable Of all the Sharpe novels, this stands to be my favourite A simple plot and a silly incident is extracted and rendered into seemingly an international case of espionage, I just simply couldn t stop laughing or put the book down It is duly recommended to all lovers of the comedy or satire genre.

    14. Me gust mucho como empez , pero despu s se fueron yendo del tema o tal vez el tema no era el que parec a al principio No me movi nada la rivalidad de Slymne hacia Glodstone, me imagino que era ir nica, pero me pareci infantil y rebuscada yBu h, la cosa es que al final abandon el libro La vida es muy corta y las obras a leer, muchas Me di cuenta de que me estaba no s lo aburriendo sino que tambi n enojando, pero no lo descarto completamente Quiz en el futuro le d otra chance.

    15. This is a book about a kid who does everything everyone tells him to do Tom Sharpe is a funny writer last year I enjoyed THE GREAT ESCAPE, which was about a secret author, a typist, and a mysterious manuscript And arson This is also a very small book ideal for pockets and purses It is glossy so will wick off subway grease, probably.

    16. 2.5 starsThe worst Tom Sharpe book I ve read yet Funny and enjoyable in parts, but it doesn t come together like his others that I ve read, and while all of his book are unrealistic, this one is especially unrealistic.

    17. Really stretches one s credulity in the extreme in exaggerating the practices and effects of buy a degree educational systems Funny at times but not a throwback to the original level of humour in Sharpe s books.

    18. This is a very sharp satire directed at Public Schools with very dark humour with master and pupil in preposterous situations taking in a journey to France and a French chateau and resulting mayhem I read the book with a smile on my face throughout A very enjoyable read

    19. Love his style How does he think these absurd scenarios up Probably a bit too un PC for the space safe generation Trigger alert lol

    20. Awful in comparison with the others I particularly hate it because, before I read it this was the first Tom Sharpe she read, and so will not touch any of the others, which are so, so good

    21. Classic humour, a sharp mind at work.Maybe a little dated now but, like Wodehouse, Sharpe will come back into fashion and favour.

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