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Dragon Champion By E.E. Knight Dragon Champion From the national bestselling author of the Vampire Earth series comes the first novel in an epic fantasy saga where dragons struggle to survive in an age of fireHigh in the mountains deep in the saf
  • Title: Dragon Champion
  • Author: E.E. Knight
  • ISBN: 9780451463630
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Dragon Champion By E.E. Knight From the national bestselling author of the Vampire Earth series comes the first novel in an epic fantasy saga where dragons struggle to survive in an age of fireHigh in the mountains, deep in the safety of a cave, a brood of dragons is born The four young ones are among the last of a dying breed the last hope for dragons survival But hope shatters when a murderousFrom the national bestselling author of the Vampire Earth series comes the first novel in an epic fantasy saga where dragons struggle to survive in an age of fireHigh in the mountains, deep in the safety of a cave, a brood of dragons is born The four young ones are among the last of a dying breed the last hope for dragons survival But hope shatters when a murderous group of slave trader dwarves breaks into the cave, leaving a wake of death and destructionOnly young Auron, a rare, defenseless gray dragon, manages to escape Armed with nothing but his claws and a boundless determination to survive, he sets off in search of his kind But to find other dragons or, at least, find out who s killing them off Auron will have to search a world of mercenary elves, vicious humans, and dangers of all kinds Finding allies in the strangest places and finding himself along the way Auron is about to make the trek of a lifetime.
    Dragon Champion By E.E. Knight
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      E.E. Knight Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dragon Champion book, this is one of the most wanted E.E. Knight author readers around the world.


    1. First off, thank you to my friend Niki Hawkes at Fantasy Buddy Reads FBR for recommending this novel to me It truly was a joy to read.Real Rating A solid 3.5 sThis novel was a good natured, fairly light read that was a refreshing change of style from the darker fantasy series that I ve been reading lately You re introduced to the main character of the book immediately after he s born and, at the same time, you begin a culture lesson on what is like to be a dragon Yep, that s right The protagonis [...]

    2. Wow This is a YA novel, sort of Definitely great for adults, but this is a coming of age story Knight explains in a very short, wonderful introduction that his Vampire Earth series garnered a lot of emails from fans he likes that, except he noticed many were younger teens He doesn t think that series is recommended reading for that age group, at least he doesn t want his kids reading it, so he decided to write this series.As you might guess from the title, the dragon, Auron, is the main characte [...]

    3. This book taught me that dragons have a tough life The striving The struggling The straining The constant loss of hatchling teeth accompanied by the gain of hellacious wounds Woe Woe, I tells ya To be serious, I did enjoy this book I d give it a 2.5 star rating if I could If someone asked me if I liked it in person, I would look off in the distance, slowly nod, and say, eaah, yeahwells, I liked it It was fun The Moral s Of The Story came across rather heavy handed, and the bits of poetry as well [...]

    4. So it was pretty surprising that the author prefaces this book with a note that he wanted to write something tamer for young adults, because the violence, brutality, and gore start early and don t stop There really is something to be said for a book where one of the villains is lambasting the protagonist for killing a little village boy and you re searching around like, Um, yes, actually, that is a pretty awful and unjustified act, why are we supposed to root for the dragon The answer, I think, [...]

    5. This book is beautifully written in simple but lush terms and wonderfully voice acted in the audiobook I actually started to not want to finish it towards the end because up until that point the author had avoided the whole fantasy setting war with dragons thing, but I could see where it was headed It was disappointing, in a way, that we did end up there, because it s been done to death and the greater part of the book set up such a rich world for the dragons, with some really great characteriza [...]

    6. I kind of wish this site allowed you to give half stars I d actually put this somewhere between the three and four star mark Although I enjoyed the premise of epic fantasy told from the dragon s point of view , the story seemed very slow going in parts I attribute much of this to it being the first in a longer series of novels, requiring a lot of it to be set up, giving the reader an idea of how this world works I also attribute a little bit of it to well, fantasy can be like that The book didn [...]

    7. A delightful story of trial, hardship, and the perseverance to overcome it all, Dragon Champion follows the adventures of Auron, a rare, scaleless dragon as he moves from hatchling to full fledged dragon Right from the start, Auron proves his wit and cunning in blood, killing or running off his fellow drakes and thus claiming the title of clutch winner.Born in the dark of the egg cave, he soon learns that he and his sisters are the future for their kind, born into a world of dwarves, humans, and [...]

    8. These books were recommended to me by one of my test readers So, I picked up the first one, this one And, I certainly am glad that I heeded the recommendation For years, I ve been a fan of dragons, so the concept of story told exclusively from a dragon s point of view had me on wings of my own.At first, I was a little taken aback by the ferocity of the opening chapter, and of some of the things Auron does later on though, with one exception, he s defending himself and those who have helped him B [...]

    9. Yawn Bored the pants off me Dragons have oh such a hard life, they hatch, kill siblings, get told stories of their superiority, eat children, blah blah blah blah I found myself hoping Auron would be killed few chapters into the book The author is I believe attempting to deliver a positive message through the lessons from Auron s mother but this I think is lost in the spiteful arrogance of Auron Rubbish

    10. To be fair, I only read about 100 pages of this novel, so I will keep my snark to a minimum It seemed long, boring, and essentially the wildlife documentary of a dragon s struggles in the wide world Totally un epic, and just not worth the read, I thought Considering the high rating of this novel, I m wondering whether I read the same book everyone else did

    11. I read this book about one third of the way through It was rather boring and I kept waiting for the dragon to do something that would be considered exciting Nothing happened and I quickly returned it to the library.

    12. Warning Some slight spoilers ahead As a lover of dragons and fantasy, this book immediately caught my interest I pretty much love anything fantasy related The only problem is that fantasy can be a pretty cut copy kind of genre A lot of authors stick to the same general layout when they write the world and characters for their books It seems to always be the same The magical elves, the mountain dwarves, and the mortal humans Dragons are usually the big bad monsters or the wise good reptiles So, w [...]

    13. I originally picked this novel up in November, but as I fell into a reading slump, I placed it aside I decided to return to it as my reading slump began to dwindle away, but ultimately I suspect now that this book was the cause of my November slump I felt really drawn towards the story when I initially began it Auron s hatching and upwards until the very first traumatic experiences he undergoes were exceptionally compelling This book was my very first time reading from the first person perspecti [...]

    14. Via Book Reviews by Niki Hawkes at nikihawkesEven though there are many other excellent dragon books out there, I have never before read one quite like this Most authors use dragons as important companions to their main human characters, but E.E Knight takes it one step further by allowing his readers to become a dragon.Told from the dragon s perspective, the story follows him from the struggles of hatching all the way to the adventures of adulthood As if that wasn t cool enough, this dragon, Au [...]

    15. I would have given it five stars, but at times i found the descriptions difficult to follow along It s the writing style that was odd for me And there were a few scenes i felt deserved importance, but were over looked Either that or my brain was fried from exams, now for the good stuff The story line was very compelling There were many, many interesting and well played scenes The characters are each important in their own right I especially loved AuRon s development The way he thinks changes as [...]

    16. An uplifting dragon story written from the perspective of a young dragon from birth to first mating, encountering many difficult lessons and facing many challenges Written for an early teen audience the author s forward states that he wrote it with his 10 13 year old fans of his other series in mind, since he had written that one about vampires in a futuristic Earth for an older teen audience Provides some positive moral lessons, such as illustrating throughout the book how the main character, a [...]

    17. This is a review of the book Dragon Champion by E E Knight This is a book that talks about a world populated by dragons and other creatures The author stresses the fact that this book is about dragons, specifically one by the name of Auron This book is similar to other dragon books, but the difference is that this story was specifically speaking about a little grey dragon, Auron who uses his cunningness instead of power to get through life I do believe that the author did a great job creating th [...]

    18. A fascinating concept a coming of age story revolving around a dragon, told from his own perspective.Though the read was engaging and intriguing at times mostly the beginning and end , that, unfortunately, is where by far the most original idea that comes from the book Most of it follows the adventures of Auron, the narrator in question, as he travels through a poorly developed fantasy world The stories are most unrelated or at the least very loosely connected and culminate in a short battle Bot [...]

    19. I really, really enjoyed this book up until a point Somewhere along the way AuRon lost a bit of my sympathy, probably during all of those years he spent alone, hiding and being selfish When he finally decided to start doing something about the situation in his world it felt very forced and fake Not to mention that most of the book was of the walking around purposeless variety, AuRon had very little direction for a good chunk of the book When the action finally picked up again, the last 100 or so [...]

    20. This is a unique perspective It s from the point of view of a dragon independent of his connections to the human world There s no rider , bonded or keeper While he may have friends among the various humanoid races, none have influence than friendship He s wild and yet he s not evil He may eat humans when he s hungry, but he s happier to eat their sausages, cows and sheep He s even happy to work with or for humanoids to earn his food if that s easier for him than hunting on his own It seems that [...]

    21. I thought it was an excellent book,giving that I ve been looking for a book with a dragon as the main character Though I loved the parts where he saves the dolphins and fights for The dragonelles against Eliam Dragonblade and the other dragonguards However, I was seemed quite rash for him to spit his foa when he sent Heiba away, even if he had good intentions.I enjoyed the parts he d stayed with Blackhard and Djer.Though it was actually a little corny in some parts I thought AuRon s brother woul [...]

    22. I liked that it was told from the dragon s point of view, that was a nice change Unfortunately towards the middle it dragged a lot where it got into the wars and politics of the different species calling different species races goes against my nature I kept wondering why is AuRon listening to this Does he care Why is he sticking around for all this At that point I think the author had gotten too far away from the dragon s perspective I would have liked internal AuRon there But it picked up towa [...]

    23. Spoiler Warning Dragon Champion is an excellent story that gives a commendable view into the lifestyle and hardships of dragons The novel centers around Auron, a gray scaled dragon as he fights to survive against several ordeals Such as his family being hunted down and killed by dragon hunters attempting to capture them All of this is orchestrated by a man to rid the world of other races elves, dwarves and blighters Every city and character have interwoven back stories that help to emphasize the [...]

    24. 3.5 rounded up to 4 stars because I totally love dragons and stories about them Knight s dragon mythology and storytelling is solid I love that this series is told from the POV of dragons Plus, there s enough adventure and intrigue to keep the plot moving forward especially when Auron joins the wolf pack loved it , but perhaps not enough for me to continue on with the rest of the series although I am super curious what happens with the little red dragon from the clutch I listened to the audioboo [...]

    25. Interesting view on dragons I wasn t blown away in this first in the series, but want to read the next book This book started great and ended great, but I felt was a bit sluggish in the middle Will note labeled YA and I don t tend to rate them overly high.

    26. I wanted to like this book I really did Anything to do with Dragons will catch my interest But I was only able to get about 100 pages in before I stopped It just moved too slow and I found it boring Probably one of the few books I ve read that I couldn t finish.

    27. This book follows Auron later AuRon A dragon hatchling finding his way in life He has many adventures on his way to adulthood, and eventually finds a mate a settle down E E Knight has done something wonderful with this book, and I look forward to reading the rest in the series.

    28. This is a great book for the Dragon lovers out there I can safely say that this is one book that will be loved forever At least by me anyway.

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