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My Other Life By Paul Theroux My Other Life Life to the hero of My Other Life has no apparent plot so it can seem messier than fiction sometimes it appears that he is leading many separate lives The only connecting strand is that they all in
  • Title: My Other Life
  • Author: Paul Theroux
  • ISBN: 9780395825273
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • My Other Life By Paul Theroux Life, to the hero of My Other Life, has no apparent plot, so it can seem messier than fiction sometimes it appears that he is leading many separate lives The only connecting strand is that they all involve the same person.The fictional narrator of these memoirs, a man of different guises, be it Pavel Medved, Paulie, or Paul Theroux, has reconstructed his past, giving it wLife, to the hero of My Other Life, has no apparent plot, so it can seem messier than fiction sometimes it appears that he is leading many separate lives The only connecting strand is that they all involve the same person.The fictional narrator of these memoirs, a man of different guises, be it Pavel Medved, Paulie, or Paul Theroux, has reconstructed his past, giving it wit and life, tragedy and pathos, and imposed an order on it through careful editing Inordinately fond of train travel, he takes us on a journey over a career spanning thirty years and distills it into poignant episodes From his early education by his eccentric Uncle Hal, an unlikely author and lover of dog biscuits, we are taken through Theroux s years as a fledgling novelist in literary London, under the wing of the rapacious Lady Max, to his grief at finding himself alone again, at age fifty, in the town of his youth.With enormous insight and self knowledge Theroux divulges his belief in secrets the fake occupations he has given himself particle physicist, cartographer, teacher the false names with which he has misled people the absurd events of his life, including a run in with a deluded fan who has recommended to him the writings of the famous Paul Theroux and his uncanny meeting with an elderly German writer whose life has almost exactly mirrored his own.Complex, candid, and confessional, the distinctive qualities of My Other Life will be instantly recognizable to admirers of Theroux s My Secret History In this extraordinarily stylish and clever novel, the real Paul Theroux has created a protagonist of depth and great subtlety whose fall from grace sets him adrift until he recognizes again the redeeming power of his art.
    My Other Life By Paul Theroux
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    1. Paul Theroux

      Paul Edward Theroux is an American travel writer and novelist, whose best known work is The Great Railway Bazaar 1975 , a travelogue about a trip he made by train from Great Britain through Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, through South Asia, then South East Asia, up through East Asia, as far east as Japan, and then back across Russia to his point of origin Although perhaps best known as a travel writer, Theroux has also published numerous works of fiction, some of which were made into feature films He was awarded the 1981 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his novel The Mosquito Coast.


    1. My Other Life is a sort of fictionalized biography in which day to day life passing through the author s wealthy imagination turns into a picturesque adventure The book is a collection of flowery vignettes that add up into an enthralling novel Or Uncle Hal would chant at them, Harry Martinson Odysseus Elytis Rudolf Eucken Karl Gjellerup Verner von Heidenstam and sometimes names and when he had the attention of the whole room he would ask, Who are they None of the book people knew until Uncle Ha [...]

    2. My heart initially sank at the epigram from Borges Not another thinly veiled autobiography, roman a clef, self analysis masquerading as novel, under the forgiving blessing of I do not know which of us has written this page bullshit, I thought It turns out to be better than that Essentially the story of Paul Theroux s the scare quotes are necessary marriage and divorce, set against the background of his increasing commercial success There are some lovely stories here the novel proceeds mostly thr [...]

    3. Looking over what I had written, I became hopeful The book was strange, true, comic, and unexpected that was what mattered most I wanted people to believe it and like it, and to find something of themselves expressed in it.Paul Theroux calls My Other Life an imaginary memoirdriven by my alter ego s murmur of what if As this is the first of Theroux s books that I ve read, I had no way to know what might have been based on his own life or not But, after googling this book upon completion, it woul [...]

    4. I ve had my face stuck in natural science, history and memoir for so long that I ve practically forgotten about fiction Why have I never read Paul Theroux His writing is so engaging and trots along so effortlessly, I found myself reading it aloud on the bus stop bench Another wonderful find on the free for the taking shelf at the library.As I move into this book, it just gets better It reads like linked short stories, following the protagonist through his early writing years as a Peace Corps vol [...]

    5. I get the feeling that I will love Theroux a little with every book of him that I read And you know what The man has written a lot of books A LOT of books Just thinking about all the ones I haven t read yet makes me all giddy with anticipation My Other Life is a fake biography which is why I m filing it under biographies But it could be real It feels real In a typical Theroux fashion, he puts himself out on the line in a way that makes youfeel I know no other writer who gets the reader that clo [...]

    6. As a frequent reader of Theroux s work, this not quite autobiography helped me to place his other work in context The book is written by Paul Theroux about several episodes in the life of a fictional author named Paul Theroux Thus we get glimpses of several events that might be libelous, criminal or scandalous if the author admitted to them outright, and perhaps we ll never know In some cases the stories fit into timelines that he s covered in his travel writing, which is also done from a first [...]

    7. This quasi novel, quasi biography follows a roughly familiar chronological pathway, starting with the protagonist in Africa in his early twenties and ending in the north east of the USA in his late forties These are short stories, published elsewhere magazines, newspapers at various points in time, cobbled together to make a proper book.It mostly works Although an editor could have tied a few loose ends together better, and also picked up on a few discrepancies here s one such discrepancy I pick [...]

    8. I found myself totally immersed in the first section about the time in the leper village as a Peace Corp volunteer I was, of course, utterly convinced that it was autobiographical, and remain convinced about the rest of this novel A travel writer reveals so much about himself in other works, why not this one If this is not his secret life , but rather his other life , then this is the stuff that is no secret Beautifully written, whatever the truth is, with a control of language that manages to e [...]

    9. I ve read a great many of Paul Theroux s non fiction travel books and have thoroughly enjoyed them all This is the first novel of his that I ve read, and I can t say I truly enjoyed it or felt a sense of resounding intellectual satisfaction when I finished it last night I had two issues with it the anecdotal meandering story line and the doppleganger artifice.I like novels, whether they are literary or genre, that have a beginning, middle, and end I want the novelist to make some points about Li [...]

    10. Elements of Paul Theroux s outlook writing I find maddening, but as soon as I think, this guy s a self absorbed prickwad with an amazing life, he writes a paragraph that endears me to his storytelling perspective all over again Notably I enjoy the patchwork quilt nature of the various phases of his life this felt lifelike and realistic because the narrative is full of being broke, making split second choices that alter the next 9 or 10 years of his life, and toward the end, the elements of his [...]

    11. The outline of Paul Theroux s life is well known to his readers he has always been a writer and an English teacher, born in Massachusetts and living in Africa including a leper colony in then Nyasaland , Singapore, England and the United States, writing novels and travel books Here he takes the skeleton outline of his life and adds improbable adventures at each step For example, what if when he was in Singapore, he had run across an American millionaire who was a published poet, who would have h [...]

    12. Perhaps my favorite of Theroux s books The story of a man named Paul whose life parallels the author s in so many ways Peace Corps in Africa, teaching in Singapore, living as a writer in London, etc, that you have to wonder what is true Thoughtful quotes I had gotten little pleasure from all the hours I had spent at the theater I did not believe actors any than I believed in puppets But there were movies that had gripped me by the throat and left me gasping with admiration Life has no apparent [...]

    13. So true to some of the reviews readable indeed, as the sentences are concise yet rich with colorful descriptions Theroux s noble human spirit oozes through his eloquent, economical multilingual text and abilities there s no doubt he experienced the raw, bitter side of life in Africa His message is well hidden because the reader has to dig for it, so that the reader is able to participate in the mission as well One doesn t have to be a missionary to help people in dire need And sincere, noble hel [...]

    14. Among the works of Paul Theroux that I ve come across, I m partial to his non fiction travel titles but still gave his fiction a few instances to digest Of his fictional pieces, most of them were quite neutral and lacks the sense of adventure and excitement that most of his travel pieces have, and as much as the characters seem quite real for me, it seems like you re only an observer as opposed to being able to anchor on at least one of them throughout the narrative However, in My Other Life his [...]

    15. From leper colony in Africa on to marriage to a British woman and having two kids, then life in Singapore Both stories in leper colony and Singapore very extreme behaviour on his part The family move to UK, life as a writer at home, wife working, kids after school, literary community in London in general, on to starting the rail and walking travels and books through quirky tales of eccentrics encountered in general life Marriage breakdown Setting up existence single back close to roots in USA Bu [...]

    16. Like My Secret History, this is a fictionalized account of Theroux s adult life My Other Life is presented as a series of vignettes almost short stories, really and focuses though not exclusively on Theroux s writing career The segments are hit and miss, but the writing is always good.Theroux succeeds in conveying his sense of writing as a solitary act We get a long look into his somewhat sad married life as a rising expat writer in London and then his unhinged post divorce period preceding the [...]

    17. Aaaargh Frustratingly fractured Passages even complete stories within the story beautifully written, sometimes hitting that perfect high C of rarely attainable insight and poetry But put it all together, and it just doesn t work to fulfill the premise of the book s framework a fictionalized work of non fiction The author as biographer rather than autobiographer of the self as protagonist A cool idea that got in the way of the story often enough to be distracting But as with all the Theroux books [...]

    18. Very well written Funny Memoir ish A bit tawdry, nasty at times Provocative, in that he is clearly referencing friendships by name and extrapolating some of the lewder bits of meat from his awkward social abilities and encounters He nearly raises his own personality to the same sobering light, but stops short unfortunately, which can come off in a vaguely egocentric tone this is pre self deprecating error of literature But he is an adventurer, which is likable, always.

    19. Interesting blend of fact and fiction If you have read the travel works of the author it fills in the background of what is likely to be happening when he was not on the road Many of the short episodes appear to be based on his life, with interesting twists woven into the plot which may or may not be true Like all lives it offers a glimpse of what might happen if you take a different route or make different choices.Normally I avoid Therouxs fictional work, but found this one entertaining.

    20. See above for my opinion of Paul Theroux as a person or at least, of the persona he s created for himself in his books But anyhoo, this book is a really interesting example of semi fiction I wonder how many of Theroux s relatives and friends were either pissed off or terribly hurt by the way he portrayed them in this book It s daring, but on the whole I m going to take it as a warning of the risks you run when you turn people into characters.

    21. Theroux turns his beady eye on himself and on his own world in this unusual autobiographical work of fiction Theroux s creativity distances him from others and isolates him, creating both fear and anxiety Interesting to think of this work as the back story for the arc of Theroux s writings Excellent in its entirety, and particularly liked the episode when Theroux meets his older, German self, a repeated trope.

    22. A well written, semi autobiographical book note to Paul Theroux, modern authors tend to drop the semi from books of this kind, think James Frey that is great to read when you are backpacking around the world I feel a bit guilty writing a review of this book, as I haven t read the ending This is because I loaned the book to a fellow backpacker in Bolivia WHO NEVER RETURNED THE BOOK Mike, I forgive you Peace Out.

    23. A beautifully written and absorbing book beginning with Uncle Hal s other life Mr Theroux, writes as in other settings from his books through the eye s of a child in some stories and inhabits the characters lives and environments as author and doppelganger in others or is it the other way round The range of stories and internal dialogue contained within his writing kept me fascinated from cover to cover.

    24. How do you say almost nothing using as many words as possible Read this book to find out Also, I think the writer can work magic What should have been a boring account of a person s life and his mundane experiences is turned into interesting short stories much like the ones your grandma would narrate.

    25. My other life is about the life of a writer it is supposed to be the author desired life , which moves around the world, experiencing coutries all over the globe For me, it sounded as a good storyline, but then it turned out too slow in some parts,where nothing remarkable happens It wasn t as motivating to read, since the story didn t drag me in.

    26. I ve read all the books he s written that are available in the US, probably 15 or so, and he must be a genius His understanding of human nature is amazing The type of writer that makes you stop and think before continuing And he has written about his travels, like kyacking sp around the Pacific Yes, that s what I said

    27. When I first picked up this book, I had never read any of Paul Theroux s work, but I heard him interviewed and was intrigued by his description of the book It is a fascinating examination of his life, and what it could have looked like at several junctures had things been different This is an entertaining and unique work definitely give it a try

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