Holiday Magic #2020

Holiday Magic By Fern Michaels Cathy Lamb Terri DuLong Mary Carter Holiday Magic Mistletoe magic twinkling lights and stolen kisses Experience all the wonders of the holiday season with these four irresistible stories Holiday Magic by Fern MichaelsSki shop manager Stephanie Mar
  • Title: Holiday Magic
  • Author: Fern Michaels Cathy Lamb Terri DuLong Mary Carter
  • ISBN: 9781420108354
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • Holiday Magic By Fern Michaels Cathy Lamb Terri DuLong Mary Carter Mistletoe, magic, twinkling lights, and stolen kisses Experience all the wonders of the holiday season with these four irresistible stories Holiday Magic by Fern MichaelsSki shop manager Stephanie Marshall is counting on a holiday bonus so she can put a down payment on a home for herself and her daughters But her handsome boss, Eddie O Brien, has his own ChrisMistletoe, magic, twinkling lights, and stolen kisses Experience all the wonders of the holiday season with these four irresistible stories Holiday Magic by Fern MichaelsSki shop manager Stephanie Marshall is counting on a holiday bonus so she can put a down payment on a home for herself and her daughters But her handsome boss, Eddie O Brien, has his own Christmas wish one that could lead to a lifetime of loving A Very Merry Christmas by Cathy LambMeredith Ghirlandaio s to do list is already overflowing, between keeping her BB afloat, directing the town s holiday concert, and trying to avoid rancher Logan Taylor Doesn t he know Meredith s through with men even rugged, alpha, drop dead gorgeous men Then again, some vows were meant to be broken A Very Maui Christmas by Mary CarterTara Lane has the perfect plan to avoid another hellish family holiday fly to Maui Too bad her family decided to follow suit But a laid back handyman is about to prove you don t need snow to have a sparkling, sexy Christmas A Cedar Key Christmas by Terri DuLong Single mom Josie Sullivan is proud of her young daughter, Orli, for helping local fisherman Mr Al restore his crumbling home And when Mr Al s nephew, Ben, pays a visit, Josie realizes just how much Christmas magic one good deed can bring.
    Holiday Magic By Fern Michaels Cathy Lamb Terri DuLong Mary Carter
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      479 Fern Michaels Cathy Lamb Terri DuLong Mary Carter
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    1. Fern Michaels Cathy Lamb Terri DuLong Mary Carter

      Fern Michaels isn t a person I m not sure she s an entity either since an entity is something with separate existence Fern Michaels is what I DO Me, Mary Ruth Kuczkir Growing up in Hastings, Pennsylvania, I was called Ruth I became Mary when I entered the business world where first names were the order of the day To this day, family and friends call me Dink, a name my father gave me when I was born because according to him I was a dinky little thing weighing in at four and a half pounds However, I answer to Fern since people are comfortable with a name they can pronounce.As they say, the past is prologue I grew up, got a job, got married, had five kids When my youngest went off to Kindergarten, my husband told me to get off my ass and get a job Those were his exact words I didn t know how to do anything except be a wife and mother I was also a voracious reader having cut my teeth on The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Cherry Ames and the like The library was a magical place for me It still is to this day Rather than face the outside world with no skills, I decided to write a book For some reason that didn t intimidate me As my husband said at the time, stupid is as stupid does Guess what, I don t have that husband any Guess what else I wrote 99 books, most of them New York Times Best Sellers.Moving right along here Several years ago I left Ballantine Books, parted company with my agent, sold my house in New Jersey that I had lived in all my married life and in 1993 moved to South Carolina I figured if I was going to go through trauma let it be all at one time It was a breeze The kids were all on their own at that point The dump was a 300 year old plantation house that is listed in the National Registry that I remodeled Today it is beyond belief as are the gardens and the equally old Angel Oaks that drip Spanish moss Unfortunately, I could not get my ghost to relocate This ghost has been documented by previous owners Mary Margaret as we call her, is a friendly She is also mischievous It took me two weeks to figure out that she didn t like my coffee cups They would slide off the table or counter or else they d break in the dishwasher I bought red checkered ones All are intact as of this writing She moves pillows from one room to the other and she stops all the clocks in the house at 9 10 in the a.m at least once a week When the Azaleas are in bloom, and only then, I find blooms on my night stand I have this glorious front porch and during the warm months I see my swing moving early in the morning when the air is still and again late in the day She doesn t spook the dogs I always know when she s around because the five of them line up and look like they re at a tennis match As of this writing we re co habiting nicely.Most writers love what they do and I m no exception I love it when I get a germ of an idea and get it down on paper I love breathing life into my characters I love writing about women who persevere and prevail because that s what I had to do to get to this point in time It s another way of saying it doesn t matter where you ve been, what matters is where you re going and how you get there The day I finally prevailed was the day I was inducted into the New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame For me it was an awesome day and there are no words to describe it.I ve been telling stories and scribbling for 37 years I hope I can continue for another 37 years It wasn t easy during some of those years As I said, I had to persevere My old Polish grandmother said something to me when I was little that I never forgot She said when God is good to you, you have to give back For a while I didn t know how to do that When I finally figured it out I set up The Fern Michaels Foundation READ FERN MICHAELS FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE fernmichaels biography


    1. I love the idea of holiday themed novellas That there will be some magical holiday details, a heart warming story, and some cheer It s for these reasons that I picked up this book and while I don t believe I ve read any the authors featured previously, the blurbs cover art was enough to have me take a chance on this Lesson learned From now on, I ll only try novellas if I know and LOVE one or authors.Story 1 Abused woman working at ski resort gets fired by her verbally abusive boss who she had d [...]

    2. Holiday Magic by Fern MichaelsI haven t read a story by Fern Michaels in years and after reading this novella, I m wondering what has happened to her writing over the course of years Holiday Magic, lacks the romance and allure that I want no need in my story Stephanie Marshall is a domestic abuse survivor After suffering years of abuse from her ex husband and fighting to get away, she is putting the pieces of her life back together The one thing that she wants is to provide a loving and nurturin [...]

    3. This was an oddly named anthology of stories set at Christmas time Am still trying to find where the magic is found The story by Fern Michaels is really odd in the romance department The story by Cathy Lamb is very Christmas involved and enjoyable Mary Carter s story is a sort of holiday celebration overload but I really liked the Adult christmas village Terri DuLong s Cedar Key Christmas emphasizes the giving helping nature of the town.

    4. My star rating is for Terri DuLong s story you can read my review hereI would rate the rest of the book 2.5 3 stars I just couldn t warm up to the other stories I liked Terri DuLong s story because it fit into a series I enjoy the Cedar Key series.

    5. Lekka, przyjemna ksi ka na wi ta Poszukiwanie mi o ci i spe nienia w czasie Bo ego Narodzenia.

    6. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of Holiday MagicA CEDAR KEY CHRISTMAS by Terri Dulong and loved the storylineand characters of course the setting of Cedar Key goes withoutsaying.

    7. This is probably my least favorite book in this series It wasn t bad, but I had a really hard time with Patrick He was great in the last book I really liked him Then in this book it s like he s a completely different person It does explain why he was different, but I had a hard time buying it It doesn t excuse his being a jerk as a boss You really have to separate the two Then to find out no one finds out about Stephanie not being at work for 2 weeks Really I liked the story, I just had a hard t [...]

    8. I usually love these short Christmas stories and read them as we travel to the various houses for the holidays but these were not my favorite Each story has a weirder plot than the one before and at the end of each one all I could think was Really, that s where this was going i would classify these as the really old Hallmark Christmas movies where the plots are weak and you have no clue where they are going.

    9. a good book a good motivator for the holidays Favorite story was story one loved the ski resort setting and the two young daughters finding the dog in labor, the festive atmosphere of the tree lighting and the very happy ending Least favorite story A Very Mauii Christmas didn t like certain aspects of this story but liked the happy ending.

    10. Holiday Magic and A Cedar Key Christmas were decent The other two, A Very Merry Christmas and A Very Maui Christmas were not good They were easy reads for the season but not ones that I would recommend to others for a memorable novel to read.

    11. All cute stories that take place around Christmas but some were a little too sad and or too romantically hot for me They were good I just prefer clean Christmas stories that warm my heart and remind me of the true meaning of the Christmas season.

    12. pretty good Harlequin romance type novels there are 4 different novels by 4 authors , all with Christmas themes.

    13. Four super cute stories by different authors Each had a strong female lead character Each character had a problem to overcome Each had a happy Christmas ending.

    14. First I want to preface all of these short reviews with the thought that it must be very hard to write a good, solid story with just 100 pages and secondly that I know these stories are supposed to be easily enjoyable and reach the perfect light hearted pitch for a happy holiday read BUT every Christmas season I pull out all my Christmas story collections and read them so I know that it is possible to have an excellent Christmas story written in 100 pages Holiday Magic by Fern Michaels is the fi [...]

    15. Reviewed by JenBook provided by the author for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThere is just something irresistible about Christmas anthologies during the holiday season So when I saw a copy of Holiday Magic, I just had to pick it up Too bad it just wasn t as magical as I d hoped.The title of the anthology comes from Fern Michael s contribution, Holiday Magic This story was about a single mom and her boss Stephanie is a store manager at a ski resort and Patrick is the resort [...]

    16. A great holiday book by four outstanding women This is a must read if you are in the mood for a nice little winter read Three of the four stories deal with single mothers or one with an aunt raising her niece and nephew while single and their struggle to find balance between family, jobs, and self They are all great, inspiring stories to get you in the Christmas spirit.Holiday Magic, by Fern Michaels, tugged at your heart strings and had your emotions going up and down like the ski slopes in the [...]

    17. Holiday magic by Michaels_ Fern 4 authors and their holiday magic novels.Holiday Magic by Fern MichaelsStephanie opens the ski shop where she works as she lights candles, has drinks ready and hot donuts for early shoppers the day after Thanksgiving.She and her boss, Patrick have dated a few times and he s not ready to go further She has 2 daughters that she has struggled to raise after leaving her abusive spouse years ago.Her daughters go missing during the blizzard and things come apart.A Very [...]

    18. The version I own has only 2 stories, the one by Fern Michaels and the one by Cathy Lamb.The first story, by Fern, was such a disappointment It started so good, and I was hooked in it, just to end in like 2 pages, to get all the conclusion and what so ever in a very fast forward way There was so much missing It didn t make sens in my head how the nanny could convince the guy to get his feelings out he swore he will never admit them, but after a phone call, well there he is poring his heart out T [...]

    19. Read this for Cathy Lamb s story which lived up to expectations Mary carter s story was also fun, I ll be checking out her other worksTerri Dulong s was heart warmingFor the above I give five stars to the compilationI will not cheat them because the name author s writing was abysmally flat Overstuffed The story was average as well Too Mary Sue like with a very implausible ending.

    20. I m halfway through the book and each story is worse than the last one no touch of reality extremely high school it s like the writers are just telling the cheesiest versions of the stupidest love stories ever everything s just perfect for everyone in the stories the writers are third rate Stephen King can write better love stories than them.P.S the novels are so bad that it forced me to write a review

    21. I bought this for the DuLong novella, which was 3 star I really didn t like the other 3 novellas at all The romances were unbelievable, the secondary characters were irritiating, and I just didn t care for anything in them The Cathy Lamb story was particularly excruciating I complained about it so much my husband told me to just not finish it But by then I had invested so much time forcing myself to read it, that I took it as a personal challenge and managed to finish it.

    22. I didn t particularly dislike this book, but I didn t really like it either Overall it was kind or MEH.The second story, by Kathy Lamb, was probably the hardest for me to follow It s written entirely from the main character s perspective and jumped around in time The characters ate well developed, but I felt like I jumped into the story in the middle of things.

    23. While all four stories warmed the heart and lived up to the promise of magical holidays none moved me as deeply as the last because A Cedar Key Christmas captured the spirit of Christmas perfectly The season of giving does not mean things but rather the joy of giving of ones self so by helping Mr Al the Cedar Key inhabitants proved miracles can happen and do

    24. Four novellas by four different authors all with a Christmas story line I loved Fern Michaels Holiday Magic and Cathy Lamb s A Very Merry Christmas My favorite was the final story Terri DuLong s A Cedar Key Christmas My least favorite due to the content, although it was a funny story, was Mary Carter s A Very Maui Christmas.

    25. I only read the Fern Michaels story Not so great The guy was kind of offensive and the girl was wimpy He yelled at her and she took it even though she was in an abusive relationship before Then he was nice to her and told her about his dead niece and everything is ok She just went along with everything I read the ratings on for this book and decided not to read any .

    26. This is a book of 4 short stories I bought it to read the one by Cathy Lamb That s the 3 star ratinge other stories by other authors are pretty bad And the Cathy Lamb short story is kinda fluff toory much like all the other books she has written I just really like her writingI like to pick up one of her books to read while I m trying to decide what to read next.

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