The Art of a Beautiful Game: The Thinking Fan's Tour of the NBA (Sports Illustrated) #2020

The Art of a Beautiful Game: The Thinking Fan's Tour of the NBA (Sports Illustrated) By Chris Ballard The Art of a Beautiful Game The Thinking Fan s Tour of the NBA Sports Illustrated The Art of a Beautiful Game The Thinking Fan s Tour of the NBA Sports Illustrated
  • Title: The Art of a Beautiful Game: The Thinking Fan's Tour of the NBA (Sports Illustrated)
  • Author: Chris Ballard
  • ISBN: 9781439110218
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Art of a Beautiful Game: The Thinking Fan's Tour of the NBA (Sports Illustrated) By Chris Ballard The Art of a Beautiful Game The Thinking Fan s Tour of the NBA Sports Illustrated
    The Art of a Beautiful Game: The Thinking Fan's Tour of the NBA (Sports Illustrated) By Chris Ballard
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      Chris Ballard Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Art of a Beautiful Game: The Thinking Fan's Tour of the NBA (Sports Illustrated) book, this is one of the most wanted Chris Ballard author readers around the world.


    1. There is a curious attitude among a certain sect of basketball fans that frequently is voiced around this time of year Many passionate basketball fans actively disdain the college variety Since I am guilty of this prejudice, I feel like I can lay out the thoughts behind it I don t think it s a reaction to the product of college hoop itself, but a reaction to others reaction Call it The King s Speech effect College basketball represents a perfectly entertaining display of hoops, but when others o [...]

    2. As a fella with the AIM screenname NBA ALLSTA from 6th grade to now 30 years of age, I appreciated and loved soaking up every word of this book.If you love basketball and appreciate the game for all of it s wonderful components then this is the book you need to read Thank you Chris Ballard for this fascinating nugget of basketball gold.

    3. As a big basketball fan, I liked it a lot Ballard looks at a different special skill in each chapter and discusses an interview with a player that displays that skill For example, he discusses pure shooters and goes into a shooting game that he played against Steve Kerr for this book He writes about defensive specialists with an interview and analysis of Shane Battier s game Though it s nothing groundbreaking, I think it s interesting to hear basketball players speak outside the cliches of media [...]

    4. As a basketball junkie and YMCA weekend warrior, I had to read Chris Ballard s book on the aesthetic beauty of the game invented by Dr James Naismith over 122 years ago Ballard, who writes for Sports Illustrated, shares the conversations he s had with LeBron, Kobe, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and countless others This book will not improve your game i.e it s not an instructional manual , but it does offer revelations on why Kobe is so hyper competitive, how Shane Battier prepares for his defensiv [...]

    5. I really enjoyed reading this book because not only does it discuss the physical challenges that elite athletes face but the mental challenges too The author, Chris Ballard, analyzes the important aspects of the game of basketball through different players Many chapters include the stories about what drives each player and how they are able to become ready to play I would recommend this book to those that would like to learn about the sport that they love.

    6. Every basketball nerd needs to read this book it covers pretty much every aspect of basketball from the intense offseason workouts all the way to the mamba mentality of Kobe Brayant This is probably my favorite book ive ever read

    7. This review was reprinted from my website Secure Immaturity Please check out the site and comment on this review and others.With the exception of the ending, The Art of a Beautiful Game, a book written by Sports Illustrated contributor Chris Ballard, is perhaps the most efficient look at, well, efficiency the sport of basketball My friend Adam will be the first to tell you that basketball sucks because the stars are overpaid babies he argues the same with NFL While I ve met my share of overpaid [...]

    8. George TraversMs.ZuckerAmerican Literature15 January, 2016NBA Fans Fiction Becomes a Reality Splash Steve Kerr drains another three pointer The fifth of the game for him yelled the announcer Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet Steve Kerr and have a shooting contest with him The Art of a Beautiful Game by Chris Ballard is the perfect book for NBA lovers and any hoop junkie This nonfiction book looks at every aspect of the game of basketball and the players who were the best at pl [...]

    9. The idea behind the book is good, and Ballard definitely had access all the biggest names in the NBA in his role as a Sports Illustrated writer But the unnecessary profanity was a bit disappointing I don t remember SI having that much cussing, though it s been a while since I read it Also there was something about addressing each basketball topic with a current in 2009 player, that made it seem very dated You get the feeling that the players being hyped as especially gifted in an area for instan [...]

    10. Divertido e com hist rias legais Menos t cnico do que eu imaginava.Pena que em oito anos, o jogo j mudou tanto que o livro t quase desatualizado em alguns pontos.

    11. The Art of a beautiful Game The Thinking Fan s Tour of the NBA by Chris Ballard was a good informational book I knew choosing this book that it would talk about specific professional basketball players and coaches, but I wasn t ready for what information the players in this book were going to give out The book was only slow in the beginning for each chapter then toward the end of every chapter it would pull me deep into the book because of the surprising information the players were giving Me be [...]

    12. The Art of a Beautiful Game by Chris Ballard is a amazing book, if you are a basketball fan you have to read this book It talks about all the different aspects of basketball, also it talks about some NBA stars that made a legacy in the NBA for example in the beginning they talk about Kobe Bryant and how good of a shot he was and still is I thought in the beginning that this book would be terrible because it was just talking about Kobe Bryant but then I read ahead some and I found out that each c [...]

    13. While I think the title is a bit of a misnomer this book is all the same pretty masterfully done and we d expect no less from a Sports Illustrated writer I think I d characterized it with emphasis on the behind the scenes aspect than the thinking fan s claim Here is no great treatise on various strategies employed and how they vary from player to coach and so on but then to be fair that would be a tough thing to accomplish This is insightful in terms of giving a person a look into what makes s [...]

    14. In the book The Art of a Beautiful Game By Chris Ballard, Ballard who is a award winning Sports Illustrated writer who has covered the NBA for a decade goes behind the scenes and examines the way certain players and coaches do their job and what is so beautiful about the way each one of them does their job I personally believe that the way Ballard wrote this book some of the information he has May not be trustworthy but, I still for some reason provide some trust since it s a published book Howe [...]

    15. The conventional wisdom among casual NBA fans holds that the game is an improvisational, formless shoot a thon played by undisciplined athletes whose abilities are the product of genetics rather than practice To which Sports Illustrated reporter Ballard replies, Ha He explores such topics as killer instinct in a chapter on Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant in which it s revealed that his legendary competitiveness can be traced back to a summer league where, as a 12 year old matched against NBA [...]

    16. The title of the book I read is The Art of A Beautiful Game The author is Chris Ballard It s about how basketball is a great game and it is also about how great moments happened in the game of basketball It s all about winning and basketball is a really competitive sport and people get hurt bad in it Some characters they talk about are Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Russell Westbrook ect I recommend this book because if you don t know a lot about basketball, this book will help you learn so much [...]

    17. The Art of a Beautiful Game explores the highest level of basketball, the NBA, in a very interesting way It explores the NBA through a fan s perspective, not a author s perspective Learning all about the current NBA greats like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and much You learn about how each player is able to excel at what they do what makes them do it so well.A little glimpse of the book is that it starts out talking about Kobe s killer instinct After reading it, I don t know if he s actually huma [...]

    18. This is an exceptional sports book, even though it is less ballyhooed than Bill Simmons s The Book of Basketball The NBA According to The Sports Guy Chris Ballard gets some great interviews, from major stars like Shaq, LeBron James, and Steve Nash, as well as less heralded players like Shane Battier, Steve Kerr, and Craig Ehlo The chapters are broken down into aspects of the game shooting, rebounding, dunks, blocks, defense, killer instinct, etc and it makes the reader appreciate how it is not m [...]

    19. An unique glimpse into the work ethic of NBA players Ballard s thesis is pretty much NBA players and I suppose professional athletes of all sorts work way way harder than you think and that yes, they are very talented, but only the truly devoted rise to athletic superstardom, mostly due to the countless hours of hard work they put in off the court I would say Ballard is of the new generation of sports writers, that is, the ones who look at sports in this case, basketball from a different angle, [...]

    20. An interesting perspective about the game of basketball The book starts off strong about Kobe s killer instinct Basically, if Kobe were playing you one on one, first to 100 with buckets one point each even if he were beating you 40 0, he would show no mercy He ll beat you to a pulp The other section that I found interesting was about the NBA conditioning sections Just learning about how hard the players trained was kinda cool As a fan, I always knew they trained hard, but hearing about the worko [...]

    21. This book provides a thinking fan s tour of the NBA I wasn t aware there were thoughtless fans However, this book is a Sports Illustrated joint and SI typically provides reading material on par with a fourth grade reading level And Phil Jackson s Sacred Hoops is considered a philosophical masterpiece by some fans So, I guess, Ballard s readers might like to think of themselves as thinking fans Whatever This book was written by and for genuine basketball fans who truly care about basketball Many [...]

    22. I m already a huge hoops fan, and I love balling whenever I can even though all I can do is play D Chris Ballard is IMO, the best writer on the Sports Illustrated staff, and he is the biggest reason SI is the best all around Sports magazine by not only his ability to write hoops, but just to tell a story while keeping is informative and humorous He teaches you how to play the game fundamentally, helps you get in the head of the ballers themselves, and enhances your respect for those who work imm [...]

    23. Quite good this one is going to my dad next time I see him.Best way I can describe it a behind the scenes look at basketball, or a making of certain players Why do players like Ray Allen and Steve Kerr shoot so well How can Steve Nash win two MVPs despite avoiding one of the easiest shots How do you learn to defend Testament to this book the opening chapter is about Kobe Bryant, one of my least favorite players ever I don t like him any than I did before but I feel like I understand him better. [...]

    24. This was a really fascinating read which takes the reader for a close look at six of the greatest current NBA players and what makes each superb at their particular skill set I appreciated most the section on defense in which Ballard spoke extensively with Shane Battier, a college phenom who found his place as an NBA mainstay by becoming that new breed of player the defensive specialist No matter who the player or what the skill being examined, what s apparent consistently throughout Ballard s e [...]

    25. The Art Of a Beautiful game where do I begin This book brought me through a life time With so many sports references actual statistics from the NBA this book was bound to find my heart 3 In all seriousness I freaking loved this book so much Chris Ballard completely knows who to draw in an audience and keep them hooked during the whole book He goes the extra mile explaining why basketball is so prevalent today but why it has been loved so long The background on hoop history is extensive and compl [...]

    26. The best non fiction book I ve ever read, possibly even out of all genres Finally a book that is insightful and explores deep within various aspects of basketball yet is easy and fun to read This book satisfies my passion for basketball wait, never mind, I take that back, I m hungrily looking forward to books of this caliber A must read for a true basketball fan, yet can be understood and enjoyed by anyone Great job, Chris Ballard, I read your excellent articles in Sports Illustrated as well.

    27. A very good read a fan s view of the intricate details of the game We know Koby Bryant is the most competitive player in the league, but this book explains why, along with in depth portraits of what makes a great shooter, a great rebounder, and so forth.As a Portland Trailblazer fan, of course, one big criticism is that his chapter on Superbigs big men who changed the center position he doesn t even mention Arvydas Sabonis.But still, it was a delightful read while suffering from the NBA lockout. [...]

    28. Every NBA fan needs to read this book Ballard is the perfect guy for such a behind the scenes look at a game most never imagine involves such attention to detail I was skeptical of Ballard s journalistic side taking over in this book Fortunately, every chapter is devoted to the statistics as well as personal accounts and insight by players, coaches, front office personnel, and trainers Every chapter reads like it s own 15 page article on a certain facet of the game This makes for a very quick re [...]

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