When the Day of Evil Comes #2020

When the Day of Evil Comes By Melanie Wells When the Day of Evil Comes Bizarre Encounter Initiates Extreme Spiritual BattleDylan Foster s carefully constructed orderly world begins to fray thread by thread the day the eyes of hell turn upon her After a chance encounte
  • Title: When the Day of Evil Comes
  • Author: Melanie Wells
  • ISBN: 9781590524268
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the Day of Evil Comes By Melanie Wells Bizarre Encounter Initiates Extreme Spiritual BattleDylan Foster s carefully constructed, orderly world begins to fray, thread by thread, the day the eyes of hell turn upon her After a chance encounter with a creepy, sickly looking stranger, her days become punctuated with disturbing, inexplicable events Desperate for answers, Dylan seeks not only to extricate herself frBizarre Encounter Initiates Extreme Spiritual BattleDylan Foster s carefully constructed, orderly world begins to fray, thread by thread, the day the eyes of hell turn upon her After a chance encounter with a creepy, sickly looking stranger, her days become punctuated with disturbing, inexplicable events Desperate for answers, Dylan seeks not only to extricate herself from the nightmare, but to separate the spiritual from the earthly, friend from foe, angel from devil, good from evil She s smack in the eye of the battle with only God issued spiritual armor and her own wits to protect her.I saw the first fly alight on the edge of my plate during supper This was no ordinary fly It was huge The size of a small Volkswagen I could have painted daisies on it and sold rides to small children.Hotter than the eyes of hellSchool is back in session, but for psychology professor Dylan Foster, the promise of a new semester is dying in the heat of the late Texas summer First, there is the bizarre encounter with a ghastly pale stranger Then her mother s engagement ring turns up the same ring that was buried with her mother two years before.Soon, Dylan s carefully ordered world is unraveling, one thread at a time A former patient accuses her of impropriety, putting her career in jeopardy A suicide plunges her deeper into shadow Relationships with colleagues start to crumble And then there are those flies in her houseDylan Foster is about to get a crash course in spiritual warfare and a glimpse of her own small but significant role in a vast eternal conflict But when the dust settles, will anything be left of her life as she knows it
    When the Day of Evil Comes By Melanie Wells
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      369 Melanie Wells
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    1. Melanie Wells

      Melanie Wells began her writing career by telling lies on the playground An accomplished fiddle player she went to SMU on a music scholarship , she is the author of the critically acclaimed Dylan Foster series of psychological thrillers When the Day of Evil Comes, The Soul Hunter, and My Soul to Keep Waterbrook Multnomah, a Division of Random House Melanie holds two masters degrees and is a licensed psychotherapist and licensed marriage and family therapist She is the founder and director of The LifeWorks Group, P.A a collaborative, creative community of psychotherapists wefixbrains , with offices in Dallas and Ft Worth She lives in Dallas with her dog, Gunner, who wishes she would not spend so much time at her computer Fun fact Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen have both signed her fiddle case.


    1. Prior to meeting Peter Terry, psychologist and professor Dylan Foster s biggest worries were dealing with her father s impending remarriage and the start of a new semester at college However, Dylan s perspective endures a radical shift when she meets Terry at a faculty retreat The encounter with the gaunt, white skinned man with a deep, violent horizontal scar on his back leaves Dylan unsettled, but it s not until her well ordered life begins to spiral out of control that she realizes the full s [...]

    2. If you re a Christian, you might like this book as long as you can handle a plot without resolution and a heroine who does nothing but pray and follow her instincts without any real thought If you re not a Christian, it is a fantasy novel with a weak plot and a main character who has very little common sense.When I realized that the author s bio on the back of the book almost identically matched the description of the main character, I was rather disgusted.When I then realized that the majority [...]

    3. To simply say, I didn t like it n t BEGIN to cover it This is the second worst book I ve EVER read The grand prize for suckage goes to One Thousand White Women In case you were wondering And I m sure at least ONE of you wondered Melanie Wells should have kept to her day job although, I have my suspicions she sucks at THAT, as well The story meanders, BORES, confuses, LOSES YOU OUTRIGHT, and dangles The only REMOTELY intriguing feature of the book is the idiot on the cover But, IS HIS STORY LINE [...]

    4. The first of a series two to go One of my favorite genre supernatural suspense I enjoyed this book very much It is very captivating It s good I finished reading it before midnight it would be too much of a temptation to sacrifice my sleep.

    5. Our cause is never in danger than when a human, no longer desiring, but still intending, to do our Enemy s will, looks round upon a universe from which every trace of Him seems to have vanished, asks why he has been forsaken, and still obeys Screwtape to Wormwood in The Screwtape Letters by C.S LewisI didn t want to keep fighting this fight I didn t want to go inside the building I wanted to sit there, on the steps of the library in the hot sun, and disappear I wanted my old, easy, comfortable [...]

    6. Okay, I admit it Sometimes I read junk I have an adolescent fixation on horror fiction that I sometimes feed This was an odd horror christian literature mix Every time you turned around there was praying, which didn t keep the demon out of the bathroom or the swimming hole the bathroom scene caused me a little problem staying by myself in a hotel in NY close the door don t close the door.what to do Can t recommend and insult to injury, it is a series, so it just ended

    7. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book The pacing is consistently suspenseful and the end was satisfying I don t often go for spiritual warfare books so this was a new style but Wells voice is very sincere and pleasing I look forward to the next two in the series.

    8. This is my number one favorite book Great twists, great description of a demon Great character as a therapist THIS IS THE BOOK THAT MADE ME BE A WRITER I LOVE IT BEYOND EVERY BOOK I have read this book at least four times, it s that awesome

    9. I picked this book up in Singapore, with the second one The Soul Hunter, and read it on the plane ride home Thank God, a supernatural novel with something other than vampires, werewolves or ghosts A unique story.

    10. A re read I adore the plot and the simplistic idea of the story and its characters I bought all three on so I shall now chomp into the second book.

    11. When I picked this book up I did not expect what I got I loved the idea, and the story telling of the book, but I had very minor complaints.The main character is great She is religious, but doesn t rely on that fact through the entire book Yes, she does pray to help get her though things, but she also understands that she has to put her own work into what she wants done She has believable flaws, and this made me like the character a lot.She is the only GOOD character though, the rest seem to be [...]

    12. 3.5 pretty good book kept me reading long into the night and actually scared me or maybe I should say made me feel uneasy Books typically don t scare me but this one is pretty creepy

    13. I absolutely devoured this book What I want to share is how much I enjoyed this book I enjoyed it so much I took it with me to the Raven Cafe on Saturday I squeezed in reading while my husband took his contacts out before bed Basically, if I could read When the Day of Evil Comes even for a moment, I did it The only reasons I put the book down was to avoid being rude.The story introduces us to Dr Dylan Foster who is a psychology professor at SMU Dr Foster sounds like the kind of woman I would hav [...]

    14. I really liked this book but couldn t rate it higher than 3 stars because the author introduces several elements in the first half of the book which aren t satisfactorily explained when the book is completed My problem isn t that the book doesn t have a tidy ending because it does have that my problem is the tidy ending doesn t fit Why did she receive her mother s ring and how did it come to her how is her mother related to the events Why was Gavin in the story how is his story related I need i [...]

    15. This book was an honest waste of my time to read I hate saying that because I think books are amazing and worth the time, but the author relies on way too much deus ex machina to fix major plot holes Basically, the main character who is quite obviously the author prays her way through every plot problem and just waits for the answers to come to her It s an incredibly weak plot with a heroine is doesn t do much of anything I was very disappointed because this book came highly rated here on I felt [...]

    16. A Christian writer I like 5 each from Family Bookstore at outlet mall in Gatlinburg.Dylan Foster 33 35 y o female psychologist, single, witty gets involved with angels and demons Peter Terry bad white guy with back scar Earl good black angel and Joe Riley good black angel.Former student kills himself Leads to Zocci family Mother had an affair 1st infant boy falls to death Father tortures her for years after until 2nd son student kills himself Mother kills herself Dad guilty Weird stuff happens h [...]

    17. This book was recommended to me and I m glad because I ended up really liking it It has some great twists that keep the story interesting until the end of it, and it makes you connect with the main character straight away, which is something I really enjoy in thriller books I can t wait to read the next two books in this serie to see what happens next It s not the best thriller I have read so far but it fairly good, it s well written, not too long, not at all boring, so if I were you I would def [...]

    18. At a faculty picnic, Dr Dylan Foster runs into a strange sickly pale man Later that same day, she receives a package with her mother s engagement ring in it, which was buried with her mother two years prior Other bizarre things start to happen to Dylan and she soon figures out she s involved in spiritual warfare The author, Melanie Wells, leaves the ending somewhat open, so some issues will most likely return in the sequels.

    19. My opinion of this book was higher until the end approached and I realized I was confused, mostly because a lot of threads felt unresolved Even with it being the beginning of a series, there needed to be clearer set up and at least some resolution However, the main character was likable, though a copy of the author It does have me intrigued enough to eventually seek out the sequels hoping for some details.

    20. One of the few Christian fiction books I have read and it was GREAT This would make an excellent movie The tension is palable as you read the book Normally, I would not be into the demon debate but this book really held my attention I am happy to see I have two other books by this author.

    21. This is a Christian suspense novel I say that because it is a stand out There is suspense in this novel than many others I have read because the spiritual battle manifests in the flesh It is well worth the read I ve been looking for novels like this by Wellsother than this series and haven t had any luck I will need to read this series again.

    22. This is a book I m not sure many of you on my list would enjoy, but I liked it it seemed like it was going to be a bit scary in the beginning, but got suspenseful mysterious after not too long focuses on the forces of good and evil, demons and angels, and the roles they play on a particular set of people s lives I am looking forward to book 2 in the series.

    23. When I started reading the book I was sure that I will be having bad dreams, but with all the bible quotes in it I had none It was a thought provoking book, excellently written and I really want to read the 2nd book, the soul hunter, to get to the end.I really like the way that Melanie Wells is telling the story

    24. This was a great book It was hard to put down, and I had to go out right away to find the second book in this series I really enjoyed the main character, Dylan Foster She is witty, real life and sarcastic Although there were parts that were so suspenseful I also found myself chuckling and smiling at this character.

    25. Read this book three years ago Don t remember much except that I enjoyed it until the ending but was left feeling confused and unsatisfied, like it just quit in the middle of things I was too dumb to realize it was just the first of a series Now I ll have to re read it and follow through with the other books.

    26. I finished this book in less than 48 hours, it was that good, a definite page turner A hint of the writing style of Ted Dekker and Frank Peritti in this book, it offered lots of twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat The ending did disappoint me because it left some things unanswered, particularly about Dylan s mother.

    27. This is a book I grabbed at a thrift store simply because of the creepy cover So let s just say my expectations were low when I started it I was pleasantly surprised It s not a book that breaks new ground, but it s definitely readable I liked the main character, and was intrigued with the plot I would recommend it as a beach read, or for someone who enjoys horror lite stories.

    28. the book was slow to start but picked up speed about halfway thrui read the book in just 3 days and as the end neared i couldn t put it down included the first chapter of the second book in the series and i can t wait to get it well worth the read

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