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Bufflehead Sisters By Patricia J. Delois Bufflehead Sisters As an only child Janet longs for a sister her parents are unable to give her In kindergarten she meets Sophie a strange and imaginative girl with a troubled family life As friendship grows between t
  • Title: Bufflehead Sisters
  • Author: Patricia J. Delois
  • ISBN: 9780425227770
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bufflehead Sisters By Patricia J. Delois As an only child, Janet longs for a sister her parents are unable to give her In kindergarten she meets Sophie, a strange and imaginative girl with a troubled family life As friendship grows between the two girls, Janet believes her prayers have been answered, especially when members of her family embrace Sophie as one of their own Sophie s troubles continue to follow hAs an only child, Janet longs for a sister her parents are unable to give her In kindergarten she meets Sophie, a strange and imaginative girl with a troubled family life As friendship grows between the two girls, Janet believes her prayers have been answered, especially when members of her family embrace Sophie as one of their own Sophie s troubles continue to follow her through high school, and Janet stands by her sister until, in adulthood, she learns of a devastating secret Sophie has kept from her Janet s world is turned upside down and she discovers there may be a limit to what sisters should share.
    Bufflehead Sisters By Patricia J. Delois
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      Patricia J. Delois Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bufflehead Sisters book, this is one of the most wanted Patricia J. Delois author readers around the world.


    1. I would say it s a three and a half star book It was definitely an intriguing book, and the characters were developed well However, the novel was slightly predictable I think it was partly the predictability that kept me reading this novel non stop I wanted to see how it would happen.Two girls meet in kindergarten and become fast friends One girl comes from a very proper catholic household, while the other girl comes from a very destructive home These girls grow up together in the 1960s and 70s [...]

    2. Typical story about two best friends one comes from a good home while the other comes from dysfunction The summary on the back of the book made it obvious to me what the plot twist was going to be The author almost became annoying with the many bits of foreshadowing she insisted on including time and time again First half of book was great second was just too predictable.

    3. I m not sure how to start this review I loved the book but there were parts of it that really made me angry Parts were predictable but like one of the main characters I too turned a blind eye and refused to see what was right in front of me because I didn t want it to be true Was the Dad a bad guy or was he just weak I loved him because he wanted to take care of Sophie but his betrayal of his wife and daughter was unforgivable The biggest issue I had with the book is that I felt like they made t [...]

    4. I liked this a lot Had a little trouble with the big event , as far as being true to the character, but loved how situations were handled.

    5. Bufflehead SistersJanet lives an ordinary life with an ordinary family, growing up against a backdrop of the Vietnam War and the growth of the drug culture Her parents struggle for a balance between compassion and control Janet yearns for a sister, a Thelma for her Louise Then Sophie enters her life Patricia DeLois has Janet describe Sophie as follows Her hair was a nest of blond curls that made me think of Goldilocks, and there was a smug look about her mouth that suggested she might have alrea [...]

    6. This book was strange for me I picked it up at one of those huge charity book sales never heard of it published by some unknown place called You Write On and it is a first edition catalogued in the British Library looked a little strange but it was cheap and it was about two girls who wanted to be sisters and has nothing to do with Britain the author is actually from Maine I think I was actually thinking of it for my middle grandchild but wanted to read it first Having read it, I don t think it [...]

    7. As an only child, Janet longs for a sister In Kindergarten she meets Sophie, also an only child but very unlike herself As is often the case, opposites attract Janet and Sophie become inseparable.Due to Sophie s tragic home life and unavailable parents, she spends much of her childhood in Janet s home There they are dubbed The Bufflehead Sisters by Janet s bird watching father He teaches them about life and nature, while Janet s mother is forced to take on the responsibility of Sophie s morals a [...]

    8. I read this book very quickly I have mentioned that I have been in a reading slump latelyis book brought me out of it It held my attention from beginning to end.Janet has always longed for a sister, but her mother could not have any children In elementary school, she meets Sophie Sophie is mystical and engaging from the time we meet in her as a little girl, all the way up into her early adulthood She is unpredictable, spontaneous and longs for a family that cares about her Her mother is in a me [...]

    9. This story is about an only child Janet who desperately wants a sister Janet meets Sophie in elementary school and due to Sophie s family life Sophie ends up living with Janet s family for a bit They become best friends for life like sisters really When I began reading this book my impression of it was way off which has probably negatively influenced my judgement of the book When you read the jacket cover you know something bad will happen but the tone of the book is not what I was expecting So [...]

    10. This book is about to little girl janet who always wanted a little sister that her mother cant never give to her When Janet meets sofie its the best day of her life they practically are blood sisters until after 30 years later Janet finds out the sophie didnt feel like they were sisters after all.The Connection i would use in this book is Text to self because i felt the same way that janet had when she met a bestfriend that felt like her sister i was in 1st grade and i met this girl named annett [...]

    11. Well written story about two best friends who are like sisters, Janet and Sophie.Janet and Sophie meet in kindergarden and are basically inseparable despite Sophie s eccentric , erratic and later in her teen years outrageous selfish and morally challenged behavior The two girls are thick as thieves despite and perhaps because of their parents until one relevation destroys their lifelong friendship The big problem with this novel is that so called twist is obvious from the start The only person [...]

    12. Janet has always wanted a sister and her father has always wanted a large family but due to health issues, Janet s mom is just not able to have children.In Kindergarden, Janet makes friends with the most unlikeliest classmates, Sophie Sophie is everything that Janet is not Janet is soft spoken, cared for, and comes from a good home Sophie is none of those things and due to several family events ends up spending a good deal of her time at Janet s house.The story is how the two sisters grew up So [...]

    13. This book Bufflehead sisters by patricia J Delois is about a little girl named janet Janet had always wanted a sister but her mom could had never had one When she was younger she had met someone named sophie Sophie had parents who really care much about them so they somehow became sisters I can make a text to text I can make a text to text because it reminds me about this book I read about this girl being adopted by this couple because the mom couldn t have any childern It reminds me of the book [...]

    14. This is my favorite type of book, so I am biased But I LOVED this book I could identify so much with the characters What only child does not long for a sibling Who is not familiar with overly judgemental hypocritical mothers If you are Catholic, hasn t Catholic guilt played a role in your life Who has not had a best friend who you totally adored only to find out your perception was all wrong And last, how many of us can related to missing something that was right in front of our noses along, but [...]

    15. This story begins with a couple of canny details similar to things in my life in first grade the girl who s always getting punished for her colorful embellishments in art time at school me , the girl whose home life is sad and violent my classmate , and a friendship that tradition calls unlikely It was enough to get it off the shelf and into my checkout pile Similarities ended a few chapters later.This one turns its own pages.It was interesting to read in light of what Stephen King wrote in On W [...]

    16. I picked this little gem up at the Borders going out of business sale At 60% off, I thought it was worth a shot I am so glad I did It is like watching a soap opera while reading Judy Blume s Summer Sisters Sochandal I had temporarily fallen out of love for reading so after the Hunger Games series, I wanted something else to capture my attention and bring back my love for reading This book did not disappoint It is by no means the best book ever, but it served its purpose of entertaining me and wr [...]

    17. This was an interesting book It started out very good but then quickly became fairly predictable The backcover reports that this book will make you think about the true meaning of family I don t know if that was the case What it did make me think about was the extremes that people will go through to keep from facing reality Can t say this was a book I d pick up again It was full of profanity, drugs and alcohol abuse and sexual behavior by teenagers Unfortunately, it was yet another book that I f [...]

    18. This is a story of two young girls who become friends in kindergarten and grow up together Sophie comes from a troubled home and is embraced by Janet as a sister and taken under Janet s father s wing as well Janet s mom isn t so thrilled with Sophiee has a woman s intution that Sophie may be trouble There is some foreshadowing in the beginning and the ending isn t terribly hard to figure out, since Sophie hints and clues all along, but Janet is too naive to understand that her father and Sophie [...]

    19. This book was pretty graphic sex but it wasn t just to elicit a thrill It helped explain the main character, Sophie She has an extremely troubled childhood, latches on to a sweet friend, Janet Janet s home seems idyllic except for an overbearing Mother The story follows these two main characters as they progress from the age of 5 through mid 30 s They are so opposite, yet remain the best of friends, even through a seemingly impossible situation I loved the author s ability to transport you to th [...]

    20. Torn between two or three stars I gave it three since I was into it enough to read it all in one night I was really liking this story until about halfway through The writing style changed The characters changed I was waiting close to 300 pages or so for the main character to get her head out of the sand Language got pretty foul which I felt was unnecessary, since the first half didn t have and didn t need it Interesting premise.but I dont think I would tell my sister to read it like at the begin [...]

    21. When I first started I kept thinking, This book is awesome Very well written Keeping my interest etc Unfortunetly, the author totally turned the writting into FOUL language I was very offended and had to skip most the book I skipped to the very end to see how it all turned out If crass language doesn t offend you, then you would like this book It s really too bad the author had to write it that way Otherwise I would have LOVED the book.

    22. Very disappointing book It started out great, and with an interesting premise Then turned into a piece of garbage, with very stereotypical characters the good girl, the bad girl, the crazy mom, the nagging mom, the absent womanizing father, the Vietnam vet And, then there was Janet s dad, which can t even be put in a box because he was so unbelievable I m only giving it two stars because it was a quick read.

    23. This book quickly pulled me in, and even though I knew where the story was going, I could not stop reading The subject matter is very adult and leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth, but such brilliant writing Sophie reminds me of my friend in high school Same problems Same behavior I felt like I was reading about her in this book.

    24. I really enjoyed this book The book has some very intense and depressing themes Child abuse neglect, etc but I would recommend it I was disappointed in the ending as there did not seem to be any closure and it seemed rather abrupt I thought that this would be a beach read but it ended up being way deep and depressing.

    25. Easy fun read, but there was a lot of language and sex for my taste Though I feel it portrayed what I know of the 60 s and 70 s quite well Story was well thought out, but a bit overkill with the integrated foreshadowing I will say that despite all this, once I got into it I couldn t put the book down.

    26. Set in the late 50 s to 60 s The Lennon sisters reference made me relate to the beginning But what high school did THEY go to Free love wasn t happening in high school in those days The book needed an editor with a sharp knife I thought it was about secrets of people around you and at the end realized it was about not being aware of yourself and what was happening right in front of you.

    27. Definitely a page turner I wasn t sure who I was routing for at different times throughout the book Sometimes I wished I could be as carefree as Sophie and other times I thanked my lucky stars that I was blessed with a loving, caring and sane mother so that I didn t have to escape into my own head

    28. This book was sorta weird it s an adult book i found lying around while i was on vaca camping with my family and some good family friends i didnt have anythign else to read so i just picked it up it was okay

    29. I really enjoyed this book beginning to end Great bonding story of sisters , with interesting twists and turns Awesome character development Main character a bit Wynona Ryder in Girls Interupted but not distractingly so.

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