Many Roads Home #2020

Many Roads Home By Ann Somerville Many Roads Home No trust without truth Fleeing his murderous brother in law Vicont Yveni heir to the Duchy of Sardelsa seeks safety abroad until he can reclaim his birthright Instead he ends up shipwrecked captur
  • Title: Many Roads Home
  • Author: Ann Somerville
  • ISBN: 9781605044972
  • Page: 287
  • Format: ebook
  • Many Roads Home By Ann Somerville No trust without truth.Fleeing his murderous brother in law, Vicont Yveni, heir to the Duchy of Sardelsa, seeks safety abroad until he can reclaim his birthright Instead he ends up shipwrecked, captured and taken to the one country where he dare not reveal his identity Worse, he s just been bought by a man with no love for Sardelsa.Ripped from his family as a child and sNo trust without truth.Fleeing his murderous brother in law, Vicont Yveni, heir to the Duchy of Sardelsa, seeks safety abroad until he can reclaim his birthright Instead he ends up shipwrecked, captured and taken to the one country where he dare not reveal his identity Worse, he s just been bought by a man with no love for Sardelsa.Ripped from his family as a child and sold into slavery, Paole s natural gift for healing made him a valuable asset but did little to shield him from abuse and prejudice Though he s now free, for the first time in his life he s alone and he hates it All he wanted was an apprentice and traveling companion in this hostile land Instead he winds up the unintentional owner of a slave with a mulish attitude and a suspicious history.Yveni dares not tell the truth about who he is, and Paole refuses to trust him until he comes clean The battle of wills only serves to heat up a sizzling attraction that throws a new complication into the mix love.Paole wants acceptance Yveni wants his birthright Even if they manage to come to an understanding, forces are gathering against them that could tear them apart forever
    Many Roads Home By Ann Somerville
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    1. Ann Somerville

      Ann Somerville grew up in one of Australia s prettiest small cities In 1989, she left Australia with a BA and a burning ambition to see of the world and its people, and to discover this culture thing people kept telling her about In 2006, she returned home to Southeast Queensland with two degrees this time in science and IT , an English husband and a staggering case of homesickness, vowing never to leave Australia again.Her long, plot driven fiction featuring gay and bisexual characters has been published by Samhain Publishing and elsewhere.


    1. I wanted to like this book as it had so many things I enjoy reading M M romance, fantasy setting, etcbut I couldn t.First, I m not afraid of kink, for sure, but pedophilia is not attractive and there was no other way to look at this It gave such a creep factor to the character I couldn t like him All the talk of his boys Just eww.Secondly, I can suspend my belief for a lot of things I like Fantasy novels for gawd s sake But two men, one a horny teenage boy, sleeping together and just kissing How [...]

    2. If you re looking for a hot, sexy M M book, this defintiely isnt it When the main character looses his big V, on the last page, you can figure out yourself how much comes before that Not a whole lot, let me tell you thatBut if you re looking for a sweet M M story, this could be for you, I guess Even though I m still a little confused about it Yeah, I get that we are in a made up land, but I never figured out the year, which made it a bit difficult to visualize what kind of clothes or whatever th [...]

    3. A deposed prince, a former slave and an incredible journey to reclaim what was lost As usual, Somerville creates amazing full, masculine and likable characters who find of themselves once they meet each other Sharp prose and an interesting plot Doesn t get much better than this in the m m romance world.

    4. A very well put together story I enjoyed the characters for the most part, but felt that Paole lost quite a bit of himself in the last third of the book In fact, during the first two thirds of the book I was heavily invested in both characters I enjoyed their separate stories, being completely involved in their lives, so that I never felt impatient for them to meet and have the real story story start Their beginnings were important and engaging on their own I then truly enjoyed their relationshi [...]

    5. 3.5 starsAnything Ann Somerville writes is better than the average M M offer and I personally enjoy her style immensely, but Many Roads Home wasn t my favorite among her books There was nothing really wrong with it, in fact I liked that smaller, less physically powerful man was stronger than the other in many aspects, even when he was enslaved and far from any position of power I also enjoyed occasional, well placed humor But, one step forward two steps back relationship was tiresome at times an [...]

    6. This was among the earliest m m books I read I enjoyed it very much, since the characters develop from the beginning to the end of the book view spoiler Yvenni grows from being a prince to slave and returns back Paolo grows from a slave owner to the prince consort.I like the way their relationship grow slowly Paolo is a reluctant slave owner, and Yvenni is jealous that his Master sleeps with other boys I also like how Paolo s protective instinct toward Yvenni is still there during the political [...]

    7. I read this book first back in 2010 but I didn t remember it when I was reminded about it by a friend SoI reread it I liked it a lot Somerville gave her characters depth and dimension It s an interesting storyline and I am satisfied with the final resolution of the plot line I ve got 3 books that I m in the middle of because each has become a little annoying after awhile It was nice to finish this book again without needing to take a break.

    8. 4.5 stars2017 might be the reading slump year for me The first reading slump episode is thanks to the most unforgettable In Allegiance by Kate Islay which helped me set the longest record in my life, 6 months Still couldn t believe it, I even thought I might finally at that age, you know, suddenly lost my compassion for reading forever and ever To say it s a terrifying moment for me isn t an overstatement, who have been in love for books since I can read.So, this time I went into another short e [...]

    9. Enjoyable high fantasy adventure This has some strong parallels to Kei s Gift though it s not as good , with a healer as one of the heroes and a lot of cool explorations of different cultures, one with magic, and how they clash Both leads were great and as usual, Somerville s secondary characters are especially vivid and satisfying There tends to be a lot of movement and action in Somerville s novels she does great invasion sequences, showing how ordinary citizens and governments react to the th [...]

    10. DNF at 64% I really enjoyed the first part of the story More specifically, the part where the two MCs had yet to meet After they did well Things were still fairly engaging, even though I had a few pretty serious eyerolling moments with their chaste sleeping together arrangements and general awkwardness And what the hell was up with Paole s pretty boys Oh well, I kept on reading But when they finally got to Horches, things just fell apart for me Characters started acting like caricatures of thems [...]

    11. This starts off as a well written MM Romance story of a freed slave making a successful life for himself, and a deposed prince fleeing for his life But then it gently evolves into something else altogether A blend of coming of age and adventure saga, which worked very well for me.The strength of Ann Somerville s writing has always been in how well she conveys the character s emotions, and this book is no exception However, the character development here is much realistic than in, say, Remasteri [...]

    12. Meh I just never connected to the characters One, a former slave, should have garnered some emotional attachment but just didn t The other, cheated from his rightful ruling place, I just never cared about him Their initial misunderstanding in which Paole became a slave owner and didn t trust Mc 2, felt very contrived and not in keeping with what we knew of Paole so far I couldn t have cared less about the conflict in the end, again contrived, and frankly I was glad when it finally concluded Firs [...]

    13. I enjoyed the book, another fantasy that Ann Somerville does so well, but I really wanted it to have pages As always we get so many interesting and well developed supporting characters, I just want to read Personally, I think the ending would also be a good starting point for a follow up novel.My favourite Ann Somerville epic fantasies remain the Darshian Tales, though They have the luxury of length enough for each tale to be fully explored.

    14. A quicker read than many of Ann s stories but no less enjoyable for it As usual, her characters are deep and fully realized This book is slightly character driven than some of her novels, but the action is no less believable, and doesn t exist only to keep the lovers apart or together A novel that explores the damage and genesis of racism and healing from it.

    15. Ann Somerville is one of my favourite authors and this book does not disappoint The point of view moves between the two main protagonists fairly seamlessly and slowly builds up the story Paolo and Yveni grow and mature as they interact and affect each other and as events affect them both I will definitely keep this on my re read list.

    16. The second half of the story was painfully boring And I don t like Paole I don t root for him and Yveni together.

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