Pelagia and the Red Rooster #2020

Pelagia and the Red Rooster By Boris Akunin Pelagia and the Red Rooster The ship carrying the devout to Jerusalem has run into rough waters Onboard is Manuila controversial leader of the Foundlings a sect that worships him as the Messiah But soon the polarizing leader i
  • Title: Pelagia and the Red Rooster
  • Author: Boris Akunin
  • ISBN: 9780753826164
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pelagia and the Red Rooster By Boris Akunin The ship carrying the devout to Jerusalem has run into rough waters Onboard is Manuila, controversial leader of the Foundlings, a sect that worships him as the Messiah But soon the polarizing leader is no longer a passenger or a prophet but a corpse, beaten to death by someone almost supernaturally strong But not everything is as it seems, and someone else sailing hasThe ship carrying the devout to Jerusalem has run into rough waters Onboard is Manuila, controversial leader of the Foundlings, a sect that worships him as the Messiah But soon the polarizing leader is no longer a passenger or a prophet but a corpse, beaten to death by someone almost supernaturally strong But not everything is as it seems, and someone else sailing has become enmeshed in the mystery the seemingly slow but actually astute sleuth Sister Pelagia Her investigation of the crime will take her deep into the most dangerous areas of the Middle East and Russia, running from one eyed criminals and after such unlikely animals as a red cockerel that may be than a red herring To her shock, she will emerge with not just the culprit in a murder case but a clue to the earth s greatest secret.Sister Pelagia and the Red Cockerel features its beloved heroine s most exciting and explosive inquiry yet, one that just might shake the foundations of her faith.
    Pelagia and the Red Rooster By Boris Akunin
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    1. Boris Akunin

      Real name Grigory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili Russian Georgian lso see Grigory Chkhartishvili , born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1956 Since 1958 he lives in Moscow Writer and translator from Japanease Author of crime stories set in tsarist Russia In 1998 he made his debut with novel Azazel to English readers known as The Winter Queen , where he created Erast Pietrovich Fandorin B Akunin refers to Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin and Akuna, home name of Anna Akhmatova, Russian poet.In September of 2000, Akunin was named Russian Writer of the Year and won the Antibooker prize in 2000 for his Erast Fandorin novel Coronation, or the last of the Romanovs Akunin also created crime solving Orthodox nun, sister Pelagia, and literary genres.His pseudonyms are and In some Dutch editions he is also known as Boris Akoenin.


    1. This book reminds me somewhat of a mayonnaise gone slightly wrong It has all the required ingredients, many of which are of the highest quality, but their proportions, the way in which they have been added and the sequence of their incorporation and direction of stir are not the best and the result lacks smoothness and satisfaction If I were to rate this book on the basis of its last 2 3 chapters I would give it 5 They are striking in their intensity, imagination, profundity and audacity, and i [...]

    2. oti gr ti kaut ko uzrakst t par o l dz absurdam novesto postmoderno detekt vu Ja k man br iem iet tas bija nopietni dom ts un m ina izkl st t autora mor li reli iskos uzskatus, tad atliek sa ert galvu un no ausmin ties par nej dz go pseidofilozofiju Bet ticam k jau tom r, ka ir k rt j rota a ar las t ju un detekt va anru Un tad j atz st, ka bija jautri, lai gan vietumis pamat gi p rs l ts.Pareiztic go m ene detekt ve Pelagija eit no savas izdom t s Aizvolgas aizku as l dz pat Palest nai, kur sap [...]

    3. Sister Pelagia and the Red Cockerel is the third of Boris Akunin s mystery series starring an insatiably curious Orthodox nun named Pelagia, who seems to get mixed up in some very unsavory affairs on a regular basis This outing finds Pelagia traveling to the Holy Land in pursuit of a mysterious wandering stranger and facing mortal danger as well as fleas on a constant basis.I thought this was the weakest of the Pelagia novels The setting is mostly outside the fictional town of Zavolszhk and outs [...]

    4. Favorite book on time travel ever Reading all the negative reviews of the novel, I could understand because yes it is grisly, and yes the plot is crazy with time travel and armageddon mixd in with a boatload of religious fanatics, crazy converts and prophets both murdered and doubles alike Sister Pelagia is Miss Marple in the guise of an Orthodox nun and well her time travel back to the streets of Jerusalem, Sodom and beyond are all totally over the top And yet I could not put it down Like Akuni [...]

    5. Religious mysteries seem to be in vogue, but this was just stupid I ve never heard of special caves or their relationship to red roosters before, maybe it s a russian thing or completely from the author s imagination, but that plot point was so out there it ruined the story for me The strange town and castle with the psychotic russian nobleman were hardly believable, but the super assassin and the graphic details of his kills were stomach churning and ultimately unresolved This is supposed to be [...]

    6. OK, I struggled through this one trying to decipher what was going on due to the various characters all in love with the nun and their investigationsould not have bothered since the ending was so sacrilegious for reasons nothing to do with the nun.

    7. A Russian mystery set vaguely in the 1880 1920s hard to say, featuring lots of religious nuts The focus in on a group of Russian Greek Orthodox trying to convert to Judaism The detective is a nun and the plot is convoluted It also involves special caves apparently capable of time travel if you have a red rooster.

    8. Questo libro conclude la trilogia delle avventure di Pelagija, ma al contrario dei due libri precedenti, credo che qui il mio amato Akunin abbia messo un po troppa carne al fuoco, ed il risultato e un minestrone abbastanza improbabile Peccato.

    9. PELAGIA THE RED ROOSTER is the third book and I believe the last in this series by Russian author Grigory Chkhartishvili aka Boris Akunin Readers may be aware of the six Erast Fandorin novels, which I understand have sold over 18 million copies in Russia alone This is the first of the Pelagia novels I ve read, having had the pleasure of a few of the Fandorin novels before, and I was reminded again of the absolute feeling of 19th and, in this case, 20th Century Russian sensibility that this auth [...]

    10. Boris Akunin the pseudonym of Georgian writer Grigory Chkhartishvili has written 11 detective novels, taking place in the 19th century, which feature Russian secret agent and detective Erast Fandourin Five of these novels have appeared in English The present book is the third volume in a recent series that takes place in the waning years of the Russian Empire around 1910 and that feature an inquisitive and adventurous nun, Sister Pelagia, as the hero Having missed the first two installments, I [...]

    11. This is most definitely the oddest of the Pelagia series, and the one with the highest and gristliest death rate In this novel, we follow the titular nun and quite a few others all over Russia, and across into the holy lands of the Middle East Ultimately, this recaptures the ever present tension in fin de si cle, pre revolutionary Russia, where religious and political anxiety rule the day and conspiracies abound.There is a very complicated, convoluted and heavily populated plot, made pleasurable [...]

    12. Boris Akunin s last of his Pelagia trilogy Pelagia and the Red Rooster is out I haven t taken to this intrepid nun as much as to Erast Fandorin, Akunin s other great hero But Akunin s declared that he is done with this series, and its ending is bitter than sweet, for Pelagia, with her red hair and freckled face, her keen mind and impetuous enthusiasm, is a sympathetic character, and perhaps I have developed an affection for her This book is serious and polemic than Akunin s others, darker, and [...]

    13. I don t know if I d necessarily have someone start with Pelagia or recommend this series to friends I think you d have to be crazy not to like the Erast Fandorin books, but Pelagia isdifferent.One of the recurring troubles for Pelagia in this book made me think of a parallel to myself as well The first impression she gives off to people is a rather ungainly, overly curious, red headed unnattractive nun, but then a few days in her company and they re madly in love So this happened to me too, so i [...]

    14. I m not sure what I think about this book On the one hand, Akunin is a master storyteller, and he keeps the tension high, alternating Pelagia s account of her journey through Russia and Palestine with that of the merciless killer stalking her On the other, this mystery is very different from those of the first two books, and I m not sure that s a good thing Pelagia is chasing a holy fool, a strange mystic with the power to read people s characters and change their behavior with a word She s misd [...]

    15. In this book, Sister Pelagia is asked to solve yet another strange murder She leaves the monastery where she is a teacher intending to find the murderer of a man named Manuila, a charismatic Russian preacher Is the murdered individual the preacher who established a sect of Russians whose goal is to live like Jews and travel to the Holy Land or is he not When she discovers that the murdered man is a member of the group disguised as Manuila, she is determined to find the real Manuila Obviously, hi [...]

    16. On the surface, this book, part of a series by Akunin, is a mystery a murder is committed, and the nun Sister Pelagia goes against her promises to her superiors to investigate But the book is so much than your typical mystery it includes commentary by the author on Russian history, Orthodoxy, and religion in general My only complaint is that, because of some of these off shoots into commentary, one tends to have difficulty remembering the basic mystery s plot, characters, and clues.This is a tr [...]

    17. While finishing this book up, I was telling a friend about it When you say it all aloud, this book sounds really off the rails It s about this nun who is also a detective It starts on this steamer where a prophet is killed, which then turns out to be the prophet s double The nun then heads to the Holy Land on a adventure to.I m not sure why she went On the way, between the various characters,there s a magic cave, a white supremacy cult, a aristocratic murder house, an Arab assassin, and a drag q [...]

    18. This is an extraordinary book, with almost Dickensian characters I haven t read the first two in this series, but certainly would like to I wish I had knowledge of Russian history, because this book, set just into the 20th century, refers to many religious developments in Russia that I simply had not been aware of There are so many obscure religious groups and sects referred to, all of which help make up a massive beautiful patchwork of belief and experience Even in translation, the prose is gr [...]

    19. Akunin s previous Pelagia novels have seemed a little Miss Marple, but in this he gets much politically contentious and contemporary, and there are considerably corpses than in either of the previous titles Like all detective novels this is at heart conservative the solution of the crime means that order and stability are restored except in this case we are not entirely sure what the result is the conspirators remain concealed, Pelagia seems to have disappeared, central characters are dead, an [...]

    20. Ive long been a fan of the Fandorin books The red rooster was the first Pelagia book ive read it started off OK, I enjoyed the descriptions of all the strange groups on the ship and the inevitable murder, and the subsequent quests by various characters to determine the nature of the killer, but I thought it descended into a strange sort of mysticism The red rooster seemed to be a sort of analogy for the red heifer the harbinger of the messianic age for really orthodox Jews, when they will be abl [...]

    21. AGGG BLURG UK What a gross disappointment I have gone from a huge fan of Boris Akunin to an absolute enemy with one horrid book.Do not do yourself the misery of reading it Unless you enjoy such lunacies as pederasts with victims in tow, heading blithely to start a New Sodom in the Holy Land Yes, they are just one set of terrible characters that I EXPECT to get unraveled in a genius manner by my formerly favorite author, but they end up as sort of HEROES.Not to mention that complex and delightful [...]

    22. I waited a long time to read this book I loved the other two and didn t want the series to end so procrastinated, thinking I d always have a great book to look forward to.This one failed miserably Too many characters, too much supernatural, some bordering on heresy At the beginning of the book, I had hopes for a different end one that would have meant there would be no Sister Pelagia, but a happy ending regardless.I don t know if Sister Pelagia will return, but at this point, I really don t car [...]

    23. Whoa A very strange Pelagia, but I liked it Odd synchronicity as well, as we just saw the R Crumb illustration of the Book of Genesis at the Hammer.I m still mulling over the ending, which I see as a departure from the previous Pelagia books A nod to wonder and faith as opposed to rationalism SORT OF SPOILER This seemed like the most gruesome of the Pelagias much higher death count than most and I was struck by how few of these murders Pelagia actually knew about Almost all of them happened in h [...]

    24. Ma pole k ll teisi Pelagia raamatuid lugenud, kuid see, seeria viimane osa, j ttis s gava mulje Tegu polnud klassikalise ja lihtsakoelise kriminaalromaaniga mulle j i mulje, et teised raamatud pigem on , ja see v ib kahetisi tundeid tekitada M stilised s ndmused on aga esitatud omap rasel, pragmaatilisel kombel, mis mulle s mpatiseeris Institutsionaalne religioon sai j llegi hillitsetut, kuid halastamatut kriitikat, htlasi leidsin raamatust enda jaoks t iesti vastuv etavaa kristluse t lgenduse.T [...]

    25. The book is VERY Russian, which I would see as a plus, but the allegorical qualities morph into a full blown hallucinatory armageddon at the end, which seemd over the top, even for a Russina, especially in the genre of murder mystery which is really not what this book is like there is no murder that the book is centered on finding a solution to which seems like the minimum criteria for a murder mystery The writing is very Russian and nice to read in that respect Nun gets lost in cave is told in [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this series I found them to be informative interesting However, the ending of this last book was a major letdown for me There was a lot going on in this book, great insights into politics, culture, spiritual religious debates, but the ending did not live up to the bar set by the rest of the story For the last book of a series it felt very unfinished I would still recommend this series The characters are very interesting They are beautifully written are thought provoking in many [...]

    27. A stunning close to Akunin s Sister Pelagia trilogy, in which Akunin continues his shameless borrowing from Russian masterpieces like Anna Karenina and The Grand Inquisitor and likely other places I m not learned enough to catch and transforms his mainly realistic historical detective series into something frankly fantastic or at least mystical The only drawback is that this is definitely the last of Sister Pelagia I still anticipate further translations Akunin s Fandorin novels, though reported [...]

    28. I learned a bunch of history from this, history which I assume is true, about sects and mania in Russia before the revolution Pelagia is an interesting character I was not taken with the number of deaths, and the gruesome manners of some of them I may try another Sister Pelagia story, but I won t be eagerly looking for it The ending has religious mystery or miracle, and to me it was not credible.

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