The Slayer's Apprentice #2020

The Slayer's Apprentice By Zathyn Priest The Slayer s Apprentice When Senior Constable Daniel Hart stops bartender Phoenix Love from picking his pocket one evening it s an inauspicious beginning but Daniel falls for the beautiful Phoenix anyway Things become comp
  • Title: The Slayer's Apprentice
  • Author: Zathyn Priest
  • ISBN: 9781603706018
  • Page: 329
  • Format: ebook
  • The Slayer's Apprentice By Zathyn Priest When Senior Constable Daniel Hart stops bartender Phoenix Love from picking his pocket one evening, it s an inauspicious beginning, but Daniel falls for the beautiful Phoenix anyway Things become complicated when Detective Paul Somerset, who s been on the trail of Australia s notorious serial killer The Crucifix Slayer , sets his sights on Phoenix.Convinced that PhoenixWhen Senior Constable Daniel Hart stops bartender Phoenix Love from picking his pocket one evening, it s an inauspicious beginning, but Daniel falls for the beautiful Phoenix anyway Things become complicated when Detective Paul Somerset, who s been on the trail of Australia s notorious serial killer The Crucifix Slayer , sets his sights on Phoenix.Convinced that Phoenix Love is the killer, Detective Somerset pursues him single mindedly As evidence, and Phoenix s behavior, point toward Somerset being right, Daniel must protect their fledgling love affair, his own heart and his lover while deciphering whether or not Phoenix actually is the killer.Is Phoenix Love a victim or is his love affair with Daniel doomed to fall at the whims of a monster
    The Slayer's Apprentice By Zathyn Priest
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      329 Zathyn Priest
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    1. Zathyn Priest

      Zathyn Priest is an Australian writer with severe vampiric tendencies Absolutely convinced the sun could turn him to a pile of ash, Zathyn prefers to write under the cover of darkness This serves two purposes, with the first being the afore mentioned sunlight danger, and the second being the fact that nighttime means no annoying phones ringing or people knocking at the door Zathyn has written three published novels using this strange moonlight technique The Curtis Reincarnation, which is now available in paperback The Slayer s Apprentice, soon to be available in paperback And, Liquid Glass, soon to be available from Torquere Press He has also written two short fiction works Left of Center, available from Torquere Press, and One of Those Days, an eBook downloadable from zathynpriest because even though Zathyn has vampiric traits, he s actually quite a nice guy and wrote One of Those Days as a freebie When Zathyn isn t writing, or running for cover before sunlight turns him to cinders, he likes to pretend he s really good at playing his MIDI keyboard Thankfully, Zathyn is a conscientious neighbour Rather than drive the street insane with repeated renditions of Greensleeves, he uses headphones because, let s face it, no matter how beautiful Greensleeves is, most people don t want to hear it one hundred times a night Zathyn lives with a retired greyhound called Chrissy, who lives the life of luxury sleeping away most of her days on the sofa and generally only waking up when there s food around or if it s time for a walk There s also a cat called Fran, who doesn t like Chrissy very much and feels she should reiterate this fact by occasionally smacking her in the face Just when you thought the household couldn t get any stranger, there s a duck or drake, he d probably rather be called named Charlie who originally lived on a farm, but moved in with Zathyn after a fox ate all his girlfriends and was eying Charlie for dessert.


    1. Once upon a time, I dated a boy who persistently called me schatje, which is baby in Dutch, but somehow has a worse connotation I was young and superficial and he was the stud of the class, so I let it slip for a while What can I say Madison Avenue had not yet scored its educational monster hit Until this day however, I think there is a time and a place for endearments They should not systematically replace someone s name, nor should they be used loudly in public and above all my m m books shoul [...]

    2. Wow, The Slayer s Apprentice blew me away It was very dark, twisty, and suspenseful It frustrated me, made me sad, got me mad, and greatly disturbed me Since I was busy with school assignments, I only had time to read small chunks at a time Then I finished the remaining 2 3 in one sitting I love psychology and found the details and insights into personality disorders and psychopathic behavior fascinating, but felt the information could have been presented differently, like maybe as the voice of [...]

    3. The only thing that could be improved with this book is for Zathyn to find a better editor Otherwise, this book is a best seller quality psychological thriller which takes the reader on a roller coaster of action and emotion Investment in the characters comes early but this is not an author who has problems with how to tie up and end a book It was like a fireworks finale reminiscent of a Christopher Rice book Zathyn Priest has impressed me as a master story teller and I will definitely be readin [...]

    4. Another wonderful read from Zathyn PriestThis is a very complicated story, with lots of twists and turns as do all the best murder mysteries Phoenix is an eighteen year old boy with an abusive past From the outset, the reader knows that Phoenix s real name is Dylan Frith, and that he was kidnapped when he was 13 years old, probably abused and held in captivity by a serial killer named The Crucifix Slayer TCS The Police Department didn t pay much attention to Dylan s case as he was a kid with att [...]

    5. I feel like I say Wow at the end of every Zathyn Priest story But really, how else can you describe the creative brilliance of such a superior story teller The Slayer s Apprentice was amazing and so yeah, Wow is how I would describe it in one word.Phoenix was such an enigmatic character You didn t know what to think or believe from one minute to the next, but you wanted him to be good, you wanted him to be safe, and you wanted him to stop messing with your frickin head so that you knew if he rea [...]

    6. Its official, Zathyn Priest is my favourite author, second only to Steve Kluger Both these authors keep me glued to the pages till I m done Any moments of maybe starting to doubt certain situations were soon forgotten as I was pulled back into this story, and for me that is what a good writer can do He can make you suspend your beliefs in order to enjoy the story.I don t read many murder mysteries, but this had everything I could imagine wanting in one The suspense, the red herrings, the big OMG [...]

    7. Wow Another absolutely fabulous book from Zathyn Priest that has left me in awe and amazement as to how good a writer this guy is Not your typical m m murder thriller at all but that s what makes this such a deliciously dark twisted read.In making the lead character Phoenix so damaged, your feelings are as up and down as his mood changes so it becomes all the difficult to make decisions about who you think the real perpetrator is There are red herrings thrown at you left, right and centre and e [...]

    8. Words fail me.While reading this book I hoped like crazy that the investment in the story would pay off in the end And it did It was difficult for me to read it because I felt like the author was playing the game of the three cards and I could never point to the right one Was Daniel so blindly addicted to Phoenix that he couldn t realise how he was played by the young man I loved his dedication and his purity, but for the longest time I thought he was a fool that believed in the most threatening [...]

    9. Can be found here.Slayer s Apprentice took me by surprise, locked me up in my own mind, and freaked me the hell out What an awesome read With most mysteries in this genre, I usually get a good bead on the villain pretty quickly The resolution is comfortable and brings a nice ending to the story, tying up all loose ends In Slayer s Apprentice, the reveal had me saying, It was XX Holy cow in shaky relief Each clue, each small piece to a puzzle I had no picture of, was delivered at the precise mome [...]

    10. I really loved this one I was on the edge of my seat reading it trying to figure out who was the Slayer and who wasn t I was like Oh It s this guy No wait It s this guy OMG, I can t believe it was that guy ROFLThe only thing that would have made this book better was if the romance side was elaborated on The story mostly revolves around finding out who the serial killer is and how Phoenix fits into that while experiencing how messed up he is The romance is like a background crutch which I wante [...]

    11. I m enthusiastically joining the ranks of those who loved this story I was riveted to my ebook reader as the plot pulled me in I didn t want to put it down and couldn t seem to read fast enough I thought it was of a mystery than a romance, but that had no effect on how much I enjoyed it The characters were wonderful Phoenix had his ups and downs, but I was drawn to him and I kept hoping he d get the help he so badly needed Daniel was endearing to me because he was so unwavering in his belief of [...]

    12. My Review I hardly ever read suspense Throw in a serial killer and the dark, dangerous recesses of a broken mind, and it is totally not my bag of goodies So why I bought this book, I will never know But I did, and since I shelled out good money for it, I figured I d better read it Everything about this book got under my skin It dragged me into the mind of a young man shattered by the horrible things he d seen and done, and twisted the idea of love into obsession and manipulation It showed the ve [...]

    13. I can t really review this book without giving away major spoilers, so I ll probably keep this as short as I can But I swear to God, this book was simply amazing and I don t even think that s a strong enough word to describe how great this book is Now, I know this book won t be for everyone and it is quite a dark book, so people should probably be warned But I think most people will probably get engrossed in this book like I did.I loved the writing Zathyn Priest is really talented and I always e [...]

    14. Not sure what I thought of this Mostly, I really liked it Zathyn kept me guessing to the very end and it was obviously well researched and well thought out It will inevitably be lumped into the m m romance genre based purely on the fact that it has gay characters and was published by Torquere, but it really stands out because of both the type of story and the quality of the writing With a little bit of length, editing and fleshing out this could easily be a mainstream suspense thriller And I mea [...]

    15. Amazing This psychological suspense thriller with a side of love story had me on the edge from beginning to end Phoenix is such a complex character who, single handedly, brought me through the gamut of emotions I felt so bad for him, even when I wasn t sure if he was good or evil I just knew that, either way, I could only touch upon what it took to cause Phoenix to be the person he is when Daniel meets him Daniel sees through the facade Phoenix has created just enough to question the behavior an [...]

    16. This book was awesome It had everything from mystery, suspense, horror, romance and a nail biting storyline that kept me on the edge throughout the book I loved it The bad guy, shocked the hell out of me I never thought it was who it was Can t say any or I ll spoil it Deserves than 5 stars

    17. I was quite happily reading this book thinking it was going to be a 4 star read for me It was well written, the plot was engaging and the characters were fascinating and unique I think that most people who have already read this book could make a pretty good guess at which point in the story this shot up to a 5 star read for me Sheer brilliance.

    18. I found this to be a very gripping read There were a few things that were off or maybe didn t sit right but I lost track of how many times I was thrown for a loop or gasped OH, SH T For that reason alone it deserved my 5 stars, kept me guessing wrong until the very end.

    19. So, this book is a little wacko Actually, scratch that a lot wacko Wacko is in best way possible you know how I lost my crazy characters.This book was so interesting and fun to read about and I have a serious lady boner for Phoenix BECAUSE he s batshit crazy, and for some reason, that s just irresistible to me.I m getting ahead of myself let s rewindThis book is fantastic It makes you think, it makes you wonder, and I started to literally suspect everyone Did I suspect the person I thought the s [...]

    20. Review to follow So here it is I always have a really hard time writing reviews but this one was exceptionally hard, trying not to give anything away but explaining how I felt about it was challenging I honestly don t think I did the book justice but I tried Holy Cow That was dark and scary and suspenseful and it made me dizzy trying to figure out who done it but at the same time it had loving and sweet and even a few awwww moments and the most adorable kid who had me laughing so many times I gu [...]

    21. I m Damn Near SpeechlessThe best thriller mystery horror novel that I have ever read Ever Ever, ever, ever This book kept me guessing, made me cringe, made my skin crawl, made me look over my shoulder while walking to my car, and made me check the locks on my doors and windows about a million times.Phoenix Love is one of the most complex characters that I have read about in a long time My heart broke for him even as I questioned his motives, his sanity and his innocence.Here s the thing Phoenix [...]

    22. Soo Here s the thing.This book was extremely entertaining I couldn t stop reading once I got sucked into the story Phoenix was fascinating, his relationship with Daniel was like a train wreck that I couldn t get my eyes off, the mystery was really well executed.There are kidnapping, murder, abuse, and a teenager who borders into sociopath tendencies, and it had me staying all night just to finish it.However, I did have a couple of issues with it.The ending was a bit disappointing I figured out w [...]

    23. OMG WOW I didn t expect this story to be THIS GOOD when I started I thought it would be M M murder mystery you know with a touch of romance But what I got is a complex and dark psychological thriller with characters that happen to be gay , which can be listed on mainstream novels, for the likes of stories by Dean Koontz or Jeffery Deaver This is suspense novel at its best I couldn t stop reading once I got sucked into the vortex of the story There are kidnapping, murder, abuse, and well a compli [...]

    24. I loved this book It was a great story and really drew me in I couldn t stop reading it until i finished

    25. 3.5 stars This book has a wonderfully twisty plot written in a very cool, almost police report style There are moments when the characters interact in intense and interesting ways, but the focus of the book seems to be about the two fold mystery who is the killer, and what is behind Phoenix s abnormal and conflicting behavior For the most part, I thought the plot worked and held interest I definitely didn t see that last twist coming The varied suspects were all plausible, and the investigation [...]

    26. This was so hard to put down Zathyn Priest is a master at getting emotions spot on His characters always have some type of emotional issue to work through and he gets it perfect every time This was a great suspense and mystery I was totally blown away when the Slayer was revealed There were no holes in the story and it flowed well The characters were very endearing and it was hard to see Phoenix go through all that he did but Daniel was the perfect partner for him There is no sex at all in this [...]

    27. Zathyn Priest KNOWS how to write about young guys with seriously messed up childhoods This book had me completely guessing how everything was going to wrap up right until the very end I also really love how no one is portrayed as totally innocent All of the characters are complex and the secondary characters feel like main characters This is definitely a must read.

    28. Note to self May cause vertigo Might scare me Will probably confuse me Could be the best book ever So said JustJen, Susan65 and Laddie Blame them.

    29. I ve had this book for a while, completely convinced that I d read it but forgot to rate it I was wrong and I m so glad I dug it out and took another look It completely blew me away.The Curtis Reincarnation is a fave of mine and though this is written with the same care and attention, it couldn t have been any different Dark and angsty, sad but also hopeful, tearful, dramatic, romantic it had it all, plus a killer story that kept me guessing right up until everything was revealed I loved how non [...]

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