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Perfect Mistake By Kate Brian Perfect Mistake MAKE NEW FRIENDS AND KILL THE OLD Ariana Osgood has everything she s ever wanted A place at elite Atherton Pryce boarding school Fabulous friends A new crush And most importantly a new identity Now t
  • Title: Perfect Mistake
  • Author: Kate Brian
  • ISBN: 9781416967613
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • Perfect Mistake By Kate Brian MAKE NEW FRIENDS AND KILL THE OLD.Ariana Osgood has everything she s ever wanted A place at elite Atherton Pryce boarding school Fabulous friends A new crush And most importantly, a new identity Now that she s officially become Briana Leigh Covington, Ariana s troubled past is dead and buried.Or is it When the one person who knows her secret arrives on campus, AriaMAKE NEW FRIENDS AND KILL THE OLD.Ariana Osgood has everything she s ever wanted A place at elite Atherton Pryce boarding school Fabulous friends A new crush And most importantly, a new identity Now that she s officially become Briana Leigh Covington, Ariana s troubled past is dead and buried.Or is it When the one person who knows her secret arrives on campus, Ariana decides it s time to say good bye to her ex best friend forever From the author of the bestselling PRIVATE novels comes a series about the dark world of wealth, secrets, and PRIVILEGE.
    Perfect Mistake By Kate Brian
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      Kate Brian is the author of the SHADOWLANDS TRILOGY SHADOWLANDS, HEREAFTER ENDLESS , as well as the New York Times bestselling PRIVATE and PRIVILEGE series, and the wildly popular MEGAN MEADE S GUIDE TO THE MCGOWAN BOYS She also writes teen fiction under the name Kieran Scott.


    1. Not overly thrilled with the third installment of this series Still loving Arianna but I hate that her jailbird roomate showed up It wouldn t have been so bad, but this chick is seriously an annoying character, and the book is basically filled with a series of scenes i which she forces Arianna to do her bidding or says she ll rat her out The blackmail gets really old bc it takes up the entire book I ll keep reading, but I hope in the upcoming installments there will be less of the blackmailing I [...]

    2. It took forever to read Perfect Mistake, and that s my fault About twenty seconds after Kaitlyn appeared, I flipped to the back in hopes that Ana managed to off her Yeah, no That didn t happen.What happened is that the nicest of the girls is killed and I have to wait another book for Kaitlyn to get shipped off to Australia or Hades I get that I m supposed to dislike her or really enjoy her sociopathic ways but instead she annoys me and distracts from my enjoyment of Ana being the resident nutjob [...]

    3. OF COURSE, Brian and her jaw dropping endings I just saw it coming, so I guess it wasn t as jaw dropping as I would ve thought Obviously Ariana couldn t be killed, as the series would die off with this book when I know there are books, and Brigit was one of the 5 who were being analyzed, so I figured I also know Brian s style, after reading SO many of her books, so I knew something was bound to happen, I was just hoping something wouldn t Or something that would be for Ariana s benefit.On the o [...]

    4. Once again, this really promising series is running aground a bit for me Every time I get my hands on one of these, I want it to be great, and it winds up being a bit eh I will say to their credit that there are just enough twists that it isn t precisely the plot you concoct in your head as you read, but your guesses won t be far off Truly unfortunate, as that was one of the real joys of the first book in the series and even, in retrospect, Last Christmas I m putting this series on my deathwatch [...]

    5. Arianna s ex best friend is back Kaityln i now Lilian and Arianna is still Brianna Leigh Ana Since the money Bianna Leigh owes Kaitlyn is still not there, Kaitlyn is haunting ALL the girls in Privlege house Lexa is moving on from Palmer, while Ana is reacing out FOR Palmer Lets find out what happenes in the 3rd book of Privilege I can make a text to text connection, in Confessions by Kate Brian, Arianna confesses to killing Thomas Maybe in this series she will have to go back to Brenda T and con [...]

    6. Wow Kate Brian really understands suspense I love this series The end was AH Mazing I mean it sucks what happened but in the context of this book WOW So i really don t like Kaitlynn I wish Ariana could find a way to get her At the same time Ariana is letting Kaitlynn have too much power and there is nothing she can do about it.I can t wait to see where the next book takes us Side note I really want Palmer to be with Ariana PS when I have my first kid I hope it is a daughter and I can name her Ar [...]

    7. This wasn t as suspenseful as the first two books Ariana isn t as calculating and crazy as before In fact, she rationalizes things easier now than ever Kaitlynn, on the other hand, has been extreme, and plays a prominent role in the latest installment As much as I like the drama revolving around her, I wish Ariana could deal away with her already I m just waiting for the devious and calculating Ariana to come back, so that I can admire her wits, but still hate her at the same time.

    8. TL DR SPOILERY PLOT OVERVIEW Kaitlynn has wormed her way into Atherton Pryce Hall and is intent on making Ariana s life miserable Ariana, Kaitlynn, Tahira, Allison and Brigit are invited to an APH secret society and are given tasks to complete There are only 4 spots open and 5 candidates, so Kaitlynn blackmails Ariana into finding a spot for her, warning that she ll murder one of Ariana s friends if she doesn t succeed Ariana also has to complete her own task to gain entry into the society, as w [...]

    9. Ariana Osgood, now known as Briana Leigh Covington Ana to her friends , finally has the life she has carefully constructed She s attending Atherton Pryce, an elite boarding school, moving into the most coveted dorm on campus and her crush has just broken up with his long time girlfriend Now he s available to date her What could Ariana ask for Just as things are starting to fall into place for her, her nemesis, Kaitlynn, is now a student at Atherton Pryce Will Kaitlynn reveal Ariana s secret Ari [...]

    10. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooAriana Osgood can t afford to make any mistakes, perfect or otherwise One small error of judgment on her part will find her right back inside the locked walls of the Brenda T Ariana thinks she s got life figured out That is until her nemesis, Kaitlynn Nottingham, shows up on the campus of Atherton Pryce Hall.Instead of using the blackmail money and moving to Australia to start a new life, Kaitlynn has decided to buy her way into APH The unknowing students are i [...]

    11. I M REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT HOW PEOPLE IS ADMITTED IN AMERICAN PRIVATE SCHOOLS Is it bad that I feel bad for Ariana cuz to a part of my brain that sounds insane Anyways, omfg Many many fucked up things happened here, mutilations, the always present blackmail, intrigue, backfire pranks and again the murder of an innocent this one was even than the previous one God I fucking hate Kayleight or however is spelled, she s not in denial of her insanity like Ariana but totally nuts, willing killing naiv [...]

    12. Aaaaand we re back to trash again I m so confused about the timeline of these two series Wasn t she locked up for a couple years How did I skip an entire novel and still miss only a week of this girl s tragically petty life Thank god I have no of these lying around I m so done.So all the fun stuff about psycho Ariana has dropped out of sight and we re back with a clone of pathetic, na ve Reed from the first series They could be the same person, as Ariana has taken over the role of the desperate [...]

    13. Une semaine s est coul e depuis l arriv e d Ariana Osgood l Atherton Pryce High Ayant r ussi amasser un million de dollars pour satisfaire Kaitlynn Notthingham, son ancienne compagne de cellule Brenda T, elle apprend avec stup faction que cette derni re n a pas utilis l argent pour s envoler dans le sud, mais plut t pour s inscrire APH Sous le nom de Lilian, Kaitlynn s infiltrera dans la vie d Ariana Toutes deux en lice pour faire partie d une soci t secr te, les deux filles devront r aliser cha [...]

    14. Click here to read YA reviews at READING, EATING DREAMINGBelow is my review for the entire Privilege series This review doesn t contain any spoilers Kate Brian s Privilege series is a nail biting spin off of the Private series This series is built around Ariana Osgood, who in the Private series murdered her ex boyfriend Thomas Pearson for falling for another girl Reed Brennan Subsequently, Ariana attempts, but fails, to kill Reed Brennan, landing her in the Brenda T Trumbull Correctional Facili [...]

    15. Arianna thought that by going to boarding school under a different name, she could move on in life However, the last person she expected to join her showed up Ariana cannot turn Kaitlynn in, because if she does, Kaitlynn will expose all of her secrets and they will both be back in prison faster than blinking At first, the things Kaitlynn demands of Ariana are small such as an invite to the exclusive NoBash party I must say I was a bit disappointed with this one Not only was it a short read compa [...]

    16. I love the spinoff series so far, and this book didn t dissapoint meentirely.The action has picked up quite a bit from the last one, but unfortunatly, I don t think that it s really as to put it Jaw dropping, OMG worthy, etc.Some things I really disliked about the book were1 Like I said earlier, lack of heart thumping action that we love in the series With Kaitlyn back, I expected it to be alot better and very creepy Truly, it just didn t have that.2 Kaitlyn s character just is.ard I don t know [...]

    17. I liked this book.Was it as good as the other two No, especially not the 2cd one, but was it still good Yeah, It was This book was about Katilyn coming to Athereton Pryce In the last book she black mailed Briana Leigh Ariana to give her 1,000,000 dollars so she could start a new life in Australia Which Arinia was happy to do Well, happy she would move Anyway, in the end Katilyn showed up at Atherton Pryce with her bags all ready So, in the 2cd book, Ariana finds out Katilynn has bought her way i [...]

    18. This book was so good Kate Brian s cliff hangers are killing me I can t wait to read the next book I think Kate Brian does an amazing job describing her characters Each character has there own weaknesses that definitely showed throughout Perfect Mistake I am truly upset with the Kaitlyn She needs to go to prison and a mental hospital She is totally out of control I just feel so bad for Ariana though, having to keep all of this drama a secret She needs a true friend who she can tell all of this t [...]

    19. I read other reviews and they claimed this book, this series, was a guilty pleasure, or a car wreck they couldn t help but watch I was by turns bored and appalled I am clearly not the age group this book is intended for Ariana Osgood is an A lister at the elite Atherton Pryce boarding school and she s okay with the fact that she had to murder and impersonate someone to get there But it s not okay that her roommate had done the same thing When both juniors are tapped for the school s secret socie [...]

    20. Continuing the story of Ariana Osgood, now Briana Leigh Covington, this third book in the Privilege series shows what happens with Ariana s nemesis Kaitlynn Nottingham doesn t get what she wants Kaitlynn has weaseled her way into Atherton Pryce Hall and Ariana s group of friends, even finding a way to force Ariana to be her roommate Now they ve both been tapped for one of APH s three secret societies, along with three other girls, but the society only has room for four new recruits As with the f [...]

    21. Sure, I liked the book But did the author even get an editor I swear, if I see another mess up in one of her books, I will personally throw it at the wall and scream bloody murder.Okay, so maybe it is hard to narrate a criminal with her real name, then have people address her with her fake name But she put that on herself If she can t bother to make Briget say Sorry, Lily instead of Sorry, Kaitlynn, then why should I bother to read it And why is Ariana so stupidly infuriating She s got all these [...]

    22. i liked the first two books especially the second one and i was disappointed by this third installment it s still fast paced as the other ones, which is what i love about Kate Brian, but Kaitlynn is getting on my nerve for someone so smart and cynical she is too dependent on Ariana and it was just so annoying there wasn t much happening in this installment aside from Kaitlynn being annoying, and another thing that pissed me off was that one of the characters i like died i mean, why can t it be A [...]

    23. The main character of this book is Ariana Osgood, a serial killer who escapes from the higly protected prison, Brenda T institute, to start a new as someone else, Briana Leigh Colvington Ariana enters a Artheron Pryce expecting to get a new start until Katlin comes and threatens all of Ariana s progress Ariana and Katlin were best friends in prison, Ariana even helped her escape but then Katlin betrayed Ariana and even enrolls in the same school as her Kathlin constantly threatens and backmails [...]

    24. Ariana finally free from that nasty psycho Kaitlyn Nottingham After giving her the one million dollars, did Ariana risk enough to get Kaitlyn off her back or did she just bring the enemy closer to what Ariana wanted to be all hers Well when Lillian Osgood shows up as the new kid in school, Ariana can see right through that fake ID to see that her Roommate was back and stronger than ever In Perfect Mistake, Kate Brian knows how to write great hooks leaving me wondering what could possibly happen [...]

    25. The Short Version Plot 10 20Characters 15 20Writing 18 20Originality 20 20Entertainment 8 10Recommendation 5 10Total 76 100I picked up the next Privilege book when I wanted a quick, fast read that I didn t have to think about Knowing Brian s books, I knew that was what I was in for.The plotlines of this series are just crazy insane I don t think they would ever happen in real life, and that makes Ariana a hard character to understand and relate to at times However, even with crazy wild storyline [...]

    26. I absolutely love this series I think that I actually like the Privilege series than the Private series I find that Ariana is such an intriguing character I was always interested in why she did the things she did The Privilege series is so good Every single page is enjoyable In Perfect Mistake you get to know all of the character s at Atherton Pryce and it is really intense because Kaitlynn shows up and she has to deal with her I enjoyed it so much I can hardly wait for the next one because lik [...]

    27. This is the third installment in Kate Brian s series, Privilege This book wasn t as great as the others, maybe lacking some excitement Although I did find Kaitlynn s weird psychotic actions creepy Clipping toe nails and finger nails in the middle of the night and then placing it in a jewelry box the morning after Creepy Although I do wonder where she got all those jewelry boxesThis book had a suspected ending, and although it wasn t the best, I d still probably continue to read the next books in [...]

    28. Ariana Osgood is no longer Ariana Osgood Instead she is now Briana Leigh Covington With her new identity, Ariana is able to start a completely new life at a new posh boarding school There s just one little problem She has a friend who was with her at the correction facility that is now joining her in school As Ariana tries to live her new life happily she is constantly haunted by this person who has a totally fake identity covering her status as a murderer As Ariana goes through the year, she is [...]

    29. This book was about Ariana finally getting her life in control at her new privat school Until Kaitlyn, her room mate from prison shows us at the same school She now has to deal with figuring out how to live her life as Briana leigh without Kaitlyn revealing who she really is.I liked this book very much This book is just as good as the other books in this series I would rate this book 4 stars It has a lot of suspense and thrill I would reccommend this book for young adults and teenagers They woul [...]

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