El Hombre Anumérico #2020

El Hombre Anumérico By John Allen Paulos Josep M. Llosa El Hombre Anum rico En este brillante ensayo al alcance de cualquier lector el matem tico norteamericano John Allen Paulos nos revela c mo nuestra incapacidad para aprender la ley de los grandes n meros y todas las
  • Title: El Hombre Anumérico
  • Author: John Allen Paulos Josep M. Llosa
  • ISBN: 9788472231498
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • El Hombre Anumérico By John Allen Paulos Josep M. Llosa En este brillante ensayo, al alcance de cualquier lector , el matem tico norteamericano John Allen Paulos nos revela c mo nuestra incapacidad para aprender la ley de los grandes n meros , y todas las probabilidades que conllevan, desinforman pol ticas de gobierno, confunden decisiones personales y aumentan nuestra vulnerabilidad ante todo tipo de seudociencias Por qu saEn este brillante ensayo, al alcance de cualquier lector , el matem tico norteamericano John Allen Paulos nos revela c mo nuestra incapacidad para aprender la ley de los grandes n meros , y todas las probabilidades que conllevan, desinforman pol ticas de gobierno, confunden decisiones personales y aumentan nuestra vulnerabilidad ante todo tipo de seudociencias Por qu sabemos tan pocas matem ticas Es voluntaria o no esa resistencia nuestra a comprender ese aspecto siempre m s presente en nuestra vida diaria Cu l es el coste social e individual de esta ignorancia Para que entendamos mejor sus argumentos sobre los grandes n meros y las probabilidades el autor recurre a divertidas y cotidianas an cdotas ilustrativas Comprendemos entonces sin esfuerzo por qu nos empe amos en jugar a la loter a o en acudir a astr logos y adivinos, por qu suspendemos viajes por temor a atentados terroristas, no sabemos cuadrar una cuenta bancaria o pensamos que poco importa un bill n de pesetas de m s o de menos en los presupuestos del Estado, por qu perdemos tanto tiempo en nimiedades y cometemos tantas torpezas evitables Dejemos, pues, de ser anum ricos , o analfabetos en matem ticas, y veremos qu , seg n Douglas Hofstadter, autor de G del, Escher, Bach Super nfimos Metatemas 9 , nuestra sociedad ser a totalmente distinta si cualquiera pudiera entender realmente las ideas de este importante libro que podr a constituir una aut ntica revoluci n en la ense anza de las matem ticas Y a ade el gran Isaac Asimov Inteligente an lisis de las locuras que engendra la falta de comprensi n de la ciencia y de las matem ticas.John Allen Paulos es en la actualidad profesor de matem ticas en la Philadelphia s Temple University Colabora asiduamente en distintos medios, entre otros The New York Times y Newsweek Es autor de otros dos libros, Mathematics and Humor y Pienso luego r o Madrid, 1987 La aceptaci n de El hombre anum rico por parte del p blico fue inmediatamente entusiasta, convirtiendo merecidamente este libro en un inesperado best seller en el mundo entero.
    El Hombre Anumérico By John Allen Paulos Josep M. Llosa
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    1. Most of the book is a collection of examples commonly seen in other pop math books how a particular gambling game or con trick lets the house win most of the time tricky things about Bayes Theorem and Simpson s Paradox how raising the price by 40% and then lowering the new price by 40% does not give you back the original price the difference between statistical correlation and causation etc.I hoped the book would be an in depth look at where innumeracy stems from and how to prevent it There is a [...]

    2. On page 94, Paulos bemoans the fact that people attribute combination to causation when people reason that if X cures Y, then lack of X must cause Y But just a few pages later, on 108, he states In short, there is an obvious connection between innumeracy and the poor mathematical education received by so many people Still, it s not the whole story, since there are many quite numerate people who have had little formal schooling For those who are only as bright or dim as Paulos, he s skipping a st [...]

    3. Let s say there was a 1% chance that I would buy an unknown book after stumbling randomly upon it on a bargain shelf something I haven t done in almost a decade after perusing dozens of such shelves in that time , and then a 30% chance that I would then like that book giving myself some credit for taste while taking into account the vast quantities of extant crap Those are two dependent scenarios, meaning I d have to multiply them to get the likelihood that I ever might have liked this book, whi [...]

    4. Easy book to read that addresses mathematical illiteracy or Inumeracy Paulos offers persuasive arguments for increasing math literacy with fun anecdotes fascinating statistics.

    5. An easy little read about mathematical illiteracy The author, it is eventually revealed, was a mathematical prodigy as a child, and still takes immense pleasure in doing things like deftly computing the volume of all the blood in the world in terms of how deep it would fill Central Park, or how fast human hair grows in miles per hour He seems genuinely surprised that there might be people for whom these questions are not interesting.He also has some ideas for improving the state of mathematical [...]

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    7. Never judge a book by its cover or, in this case, by its title The author purports to explain numerical illiteracy innumeracy and the consequences of it However, he skates from there to explaining formal logic, probability theory, estimations, critiques of psuedo science, and then to the reasons why so many people just don t like math Although his points are valid, and at times slyly humorous, the tone is at times condescending and and self pitying I wanted to like this book but the opening page [...]

    8. Quick, essential reading.While it hasn t completely killed my interest in coincidences, it tried valiantly to do so The author s anger at the popularity of pseudosciences astrology, mediums, fortune telling, etc comes across pretty clearly, and it s hard not to agree with him In fact it s impossible to disagree with him in certain sections, since he s using cold, hard mathematics He d hate that I used the adjective cold, there I don t have much to say beyond the fact that this would make worthw [...]

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    10. There are some good ideas and points in here If part of the book s purpose is to raise the comfort level of the reader with certain concepts, then there are probably too many places where it throws in a formula too quickly, causing less numerate minds to glance away.I do appreciate the author s clear love of math, and there are several good examples There are also things he misses For example, one of the sections focuses on normal fluctuations, like how one shooter in a basketball game may have [...]

    11. El libro es un compendio de hechos que ya aparecen en otras obras del estilo el cl sico de has respirado el mismo aire que un personaje hist rico , y numerosos juegos de azar explicados No est mal para leer si no se tiene mucho que hacer, nada m s.Durante todo el libro persiste la sensaci n de que el autor no pretende llegar a ning n punto en especial La exposici n es clara, eso s pero el hecho de que el libro sea tan generalista y no se profundice en ning n tema, teniendo todo el rato la sensac [...]

    12. Innumeracy is a great book for the era of Ebola panic even if it is quite dated Paulos expounds on mathematical concepts as they relate to everyday life the true nature of particular risks, gambling chances, and understanding extremely large and small numbers There are a lot of mathematical puzzles always fun and real world examples of the mis application of seemingly abstract concepts There s also some overlap with Thinking, Fast and Slow regarding cognitive blocks to thinking mathematically.Bu [...]

    13. In Innumeracy , John Allen Paulos argues that the level of mathematical illiteracy in the United States is shocking and unacceptable, that innumeracy has real and pernicious negative effects, and that it is promoted by poor teaching.It s a pity I share Paulos s love for mathematics, and I agree with the message of Innumeracy , but I find his approach glib and pompous At one point he says he finds it hard to write at length, preferring brevity and concision That s all well and good, but it can le [...]

    14. Reading Innumeracy is probably most fun for people who already understand 95% of the math Paulos uses Plus a lot of the examples aren t from current events despite what the back cover says.I bet a lot of his stated intended audience innumerates aren t making it past the first chapter, let alone getting all the way to the end And the book is only 135 pages But if the reader will stick with it, or maybe skip over sections not understood, it s worth the time spent reading Hey, it s only 135 pages.

    15. I take his point, as a largely innumerate person, but the book reads as very dated it is almost 30 years old now and his arrogant indignation at everyone who isn t a mathematician is off putting There are better, kinder math books Surely.

    16. This book speaks for itself I mean, people should understand mathematics beyond, like, knowing how many shoes they need for how many feet they have.

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    19. I think perhaps the best part of this book is that it exists the very concept of innumeracy, just hearing the word, is one of those things that blows a hole wide open in your mind The author does a great job of explaining how and why math is important and how we can suffer without a good understanding of it The writing style is casual and engaging, and the examples are relevant and interesting I have a few relatively minor complaints, which keep it from being 5 stars, but don t keep it from bein [...]

    20. I read Jordan Ellenberg s How Not to be Wrong The Power of Mathematical Thinking immediately before reading Innumeracy and there s a fair amount of overlap between the two They both mention or discuss, for example, the birthday problem why it only takes 23 people to have a 50% chance of two of them sharing a birthday , the Balti stockbroker scam, whether there s really such a thing as a hot hand in basketball, expected value how much is that lottery ticket expected to be worth , the law of large [...]

    21. One of countless books written for those who struggle dealing with numbers in any form What distinguishes this from other such literature is that Paulos attempts top diagnose the root cause His assessments are reasonable taught as an abstract not applicable subject, the teachers don t understand it, kids don t learn it as puzzles , and I ve made similar observations over my lifetime.Despite an occasional dose of dated references gotta do something about that Strategic Defense Initiative and mild [...]

    22. A neat little book on mathematics, but mostly avoiding mathematical equations and the kind of stuff that would scare away mathphobes Author tries to convince us that innumeracy is something that should concern all of us Shows us why with easy to understand examples As a person already convinced about the perils of innumeracy, I had little to object But no idea if it will break the ice with the mathphobes

    23. This book was full of common misconceptions and apparent mathematical paradoxes and did well to explain dispel them As a relatively numerate person, I was drawn to the title and effort to make a numerate society, but I don t think I was the target reader This is perhaps best for those with shaky math foundations who are eager to fill some gaps.

    24. The book would have been enjoyable as an essay The endless examples seem to repeat themselves in different chapters and aren t organized well enough to be memorable Too simple and repetitive for someone with any knowledge of statistics and might be too number heavy for someone without I m not sure there s a proper audience for this book.

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    26. This is about innumeracy and not for innumerates As such, it has close to zero percent chance of affecting change The continued decline in numeracy skills since this book was published bears this hypothesis out

    27. A reread Still a great book, and non math people will get things out of it I noticed a few minor errors but I m just a nit picker For example, in the poem of the man going to St Ives, the man could have met the man with 7 wives, etc by overtaking them, so the answer may not be 1.

    28. It s good I ve read a number of skeptic books This one doesn t break any new ground but it s a good addition to a skeptic library.

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