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Hearts & Bones By M.L. Rhodes Hearts Bones Sequel to Amber Allure s Best Seller Never Let Go For years Will McClaren and Ethan Gallagher hid their deepest desires from one another each thinking the other was straight both of them too afrai
  • Title: Hearts & Bones
  • Author: M.L. Rhodes
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  • Page: 124
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hearts & Bones By M.L. Rhodes Sequel to Amber Allure s 1 Best Seller Never Let Go For years Will McClaren and Ethan Gallagher hid their deepest desires from one another, each thinking the other was straight, both of them too afraid of shattering their friendship to admit their real feelings Then, in a vulnerable moment, they discovered the truth and gave themselves over to an explosive passion thaSequel to Amber Allure s 1 Best Seller Never Let Go For years Will McClaren and Ethan Gallagher hid their deepest desires from one another, each thinking the other was straight, both of them too afraid of shattering their friendship to admit their real feelings Then, in a vulnerable moment, they discovered the truth and gave themselves over to an explosive passion that would forever alter their relationship But after only one night together, Ethan s secret life interfered and the two were torn apart for three long years When at last Ethan returned, the two men had to overcome years of deceptions and tragic truths in order to heal their friendship and find the kind of love that lasts a lifetime But now, only a few weeks later, their hard won peace and contentment is put to the test Someone from Ethan s dark and dangerous past has returned to settle a vindictive score, luring Will and Ethan into a deadly game When Will s caught in the crossfire and his very life is at stake, will Ethan be strong enough to overcome his debilitating fears and face down his old enemy Or will this shadow from his past destroy the one man he s ever loved Genres Gay Contemporary BDSM Suspense Thriller Voyeurism Exhibitionism Public Places Series
    Hearts & Bones By M.L. Rhodes
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      124 M.L. Rhodes
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      I m an opinionated chick with a decent sense of humor and a vocabulary that s way too smutty for someone who grew up as a good girl I write books for a living specifically, gay male romance stories I m passionate about gay romance I love sweet, steamy, emotional stories about gay men meeting, falling in love, and finding happily ever afters I love to read them and I love to write them So I dowrite them Because there s nothing better than having a job you love I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with my husband, two sons, two cats, three dogs, and numerous fish.If you d like to know about me and my books, swing by my website when you have a few minutes mlrhodeswriting


    1. God this book was so good This is the sequel to Never Let Go and you have to read that before this one for it to make the most sense and have the most emotional impact Ethan and Will are finally together after years of being apart They have been reconnecting over the last 4 weeks and making up for lost time Blissfully happy, they are unaware at first when things start going missing Chalking it up to their lust for one another, the missing items dont register on their radar until one day while Et [...]

    2. 3.5 starsI didn t enjoy this one as much as the first book Mainly because what the story actually ended up being about wasn t what I was thinking The writing I felt was on par with the first book, but again I thought the author did a good job in portraying the subject matter which may be difficult for some people but not that bad for others to read The story for what it was I didn t think was bad, but it was definitely not the romance and flowers sequel I was thinking it to be If you liked the f [...]

    3. I love M.L Rhodes stuff but usually this one was just too contrived to be enjoyable Torture pain etc have a place in storytelling but this did not work at all for me.I knew what I was getting into when I bought it as I read the spoilers but I still found it to be stupid and not really entertaining and I am very easily entertained.

    4. This one is both better and worse than its predecessor Worse, because there is too much splainin too much recap of the first volume, too much telling instead of showing, too much offscreen action But better because it is longer, allowing for development, and once it got going it had some emotional complications that I personally quite enjoyed.I really liked the tension dichotomy here between torture mental, physical, and sexual and consensual BDSM BDSM is a twisty thing anyway, so I appreciated [...]

    5. Guess I m one of the minority group who finds this series as MEH I remember skimming most of the sex scenes from book 1 The sequel is just worse for me Maybe because I find the BDSM factor and the man from Ethan s past that has to do with the D s theme as a bit too much and a bit ridiculous It s not what I expect to come from the sequel So I practically don t care Just get to about half the book already skimming most of it and decide to stop reading altogether Don t feel like waiting for any oth [...]

    6. Going from loving sex and light D s in Never Let Go to kidnapping, rape torture in this bookWTF I really disliked how the whole arc was handled, especially with Ethan s recent trauma some depth about that experience emotional effects might ve helped Something A few of the scenes were just silly, and Jacksonhe started off deliciously creepy, then turned into a cliche.Dark subject, very underdeveloped story.

    7. Yeah thanks for the graphic torture and rape trigger warning I feel physically sick I was invested in the boys so I was forced to skim through the rest of the book until I could be sure they were safe I wish I had never read this revolting book and I won t be reading anything by this author either.

    8. I love M.L Rhodes s stuff, and so I was rather excited to pick up this story, a continuation with two characters I had come to like a lot When I started, I totally didn t expect the direction the story eventually went I thought maybe some relationship issues, an ex trying to get in between them, and then it all ends up okay And while that was the overall structure of this story, the actual details wereocking and a little disturbing.First of all, I want to say that I usually like stories that go [...]

    9. 2.5 stars, a tale of 2 halves Originally reviewed for The Book VixenIn a Nutshell This was not the book two I was hoping for after I enjoyed book one so very much.Why I Read this Book I loved book one.What I Liked I loved the first half of this read Ethan and Will are moving in together and learning intimacies about each other Ethan is learning to share some of himself with Will and Will is making room for Ethan in his house and heart Will s family have a lovely scene with the men as well In bet [...]

    10. Oy 2.5 stars I like this author but the two books in this series are stinkers for me This story took a really long time to get to the conflict On my reader it was a 130 page book, it was page 50 before the conflict was introduced Until then there was just chapters of sex and reassurances of how much these two love each other When the bad guy finally enters it s a clumsy introduction followed by a villain that comes off as over the top to me because he is so one dimensional view spoiler Then the [...]

    11. A good follow up to the first novel, Hearts and Bones goes a little bit into what Ethan experienced as a hostage, though it still remains vague Will s parents acceptance of Ethan in Will s life as his partner seemed perhaps a little too easy but then again, it was well covered by their history together.A bad operative from Ethan s past comes to get revenge of a sort, and though the whole issue could easily have gone sour, M.L Rhodes did a fantastic job of describing in a fashion that was, to me [...]

    12. I thought Hearts Bones was better than Always because the reader learned about Ethan s backstory and got to witness the couple s D s explorationBUT I HATED that the BDSM elements occurred in the the context they did no I m no giving away any spoilers I think I m a pretty liberal kinkster yet edgepplay, however you define it, does nothing for me I felt like Rhodes did try emphasize that the bond between Ethan Will and not their desires to be Dominant or submissive we the heart of the story, Our [...]

    13. I was pleasantly surprised by the suspense bit and it rounded off Will and Ethan s story off nicely.Taking up just four weeks after Never Let Go, the two titles would be enjoyable read back to back even though they can be standalones I enjoyed reading how the two men finally became lovers after being best friends since their teens and each believing the other was straight Here, in Hearts Bones, it was good to see how they settled down together just a few weeks, only to have hell break loose.I v [...]

    14. This is the sequel toNever Let Goand it picks up a few weeks after that story ends Where the first book was about Will and Ethan establishing a relationship, this one is about them and their relationship surviving a kidnapping I really liked re visiting these characters and seeing their relationship grow even I wasn t expecting the viciousness or the BDSM aspect of their attacker, but it did add suspense and a lot of tension to the plot.

    15. I hated what happened to the characters in the book Being captive, brutally tortured, mental and sexualy abused not what i expected when i start to read their story.POor them, they will be traumatized even with all the love they feel for ea other.I know books should have some drama and angsty but it was too much imo.I just finished the book cause i really want to put it away fast and never read it again

    16. Fairly predictable for the most part But that s probably due to my reading habits as much as the author s writing abilities I tend to grade on a scale if predictability is the my only issue So leaving that out of the equation Liked the main characters, liked the neighbor, liked the setting and author does a good job of putting us there and wouldn t mind seeing of these guys just like the neighbor.

    17. Well that was a painful read And not in a bad way really The writing didn t suck or anything, it was actually very good It was the torture that was so awful And yet, I loved it the story not the torture It was hard but they deserved their HEA so damned much I felt like cheering and shit Great follow up to the first book.

    18. unexpected twist, i was on the edge of the cliff reading this Reread 29 09 14 Ethan and will have been together for 4 weeks after he return after missing for 4 years They confessed their love and so happy, living in a cabin in the wilderness but also has neighbours close by So they not that alone.Anyway All I can say is Ethan s past comes back for revenge read find out what happens.

    19. The best of Rhodes that I ve read thus far, but this one isn t for just any m m fan It has strong BDSM themes, which some might find mildly disturbing due to the nature of the circumstances in which they occur However, I liked this book so much because Rhodes tackled the situation and wrote it well and handled it well throughout.

    20. I enjoyed the second book than the first probably because it had a bit of mystery thriller plot to it rather than just two friends finally admitting their feelings for each other And though I m totally not into the whole BDSM thing, this was okay Jackson was truly truly horrid and it suited his character.

    21. Like the frist of this series the chartors are still lovealbe,enemys fall out of the woodworks on this one makes the story come alittle to light,and you either want to hate the enemy or love him.

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