The Independence Club #2020

The Independence Club By Rachel Ann Nunes The Independence Club When five single women become friends the Independence Club is born complete with weekly brunch where they talk about life and brainstorm ideas for success The women s lives are bound together as th
  • Title: The Independence Club
  • Author: Rachel Ann Nunes
  • ISBN: 9781590387092
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Independence Club By Rachel Ann Nunes When five single women become friends, the Independence Club is born, complete with weekly brunch where they talk about life and brainstorm ideas for success The women s lives are bound together as they see each other through tears, romance, and happiness, all the while learning the true meaning of friendship You ll meet Maxine Madison, an outspoken, 62 year old widow TWhen five single women become friends, the Independence Club is born, complete with weekly brunch where they talk about life and brainstorm ideas for success The women s lives are bound together as they see each other through tears, romance, and happiness, all the while learning the true meaning of friendship You ll meet Maxine Madison, an outspoken, 62 year old widow Tina Dayley, age 39, who doubts she will ever find real love Evie McClaine, 45, who wanted only to be a wife and mother, but after 21 years, her dream was shattered by divorce Rosalva Nolasco, a beautiful, 42 year old single mother of two teens and Bernice Stubbs, who has always been a little self righteous and vocal with her opinions.
    The Independence Club By Rachel Ann Nunes
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      122 Rachel Ann Nunes
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      Rachel Ann Nunes pronounced noon esh learned to read when she was four and by seventh grade knew she was going to be an author Now as a stay at home mother of seven, it isn t easy to find time to write, but she will trade washing dishes or weeding the garden for an hour at the computer any day Her only rule about writing is to never eat chocolate at the computer Since I love chocolate and writing, she jokes, my family might never see me again Rachel has over thirty published books, including the popular Ariana series and the award winning picture book Daughter of a King She enjoys hiking, swimming, spending time with her family, reading, and visiting far off places.For information or to join her e mailing list, visit RachelAnnNunes.


    1. 5 women get together weekly over brunch to support each other through the ups and downs of life and romance Does this sound familiar at all Am I seeking these books out, or are they converging upon me This one is the best of the genre that I ve read so far What made this one a cut above the others I ve read is that the women each have distinct personalities enough so that I didn t lose track of which one I was reading about they take turns narrating, one chapter at a time Their problems seemed r [...]

    2. This book is not complex or perplexing It s a simple story about the challenges and triumphs of some widowed and divorced women friends living in Utah It was interesting and entertaining to read, and didn t take much effort to understand I have read quite a few of Ms Nunes books, and find them enjoyable Many don t mention the LDS church, but that is not the case here These women are all Mormon Be warned, this book is part of a series It is not the first in the series, but you can understand what [...]

    3. This book is about a group of women who get together weekly to have lunch and help each other set and accomplish goals Having just read The Ten Cow Wives Club , it was hard not to compare them I liked the other book better because it included women in different stages going through different trials some dealing with their romantic relationships, but not all of them This book is about all five women and their romantic lives There seemed to be too much going on However, I liked the very different [...]

    4. This was a fun book to read It spins off Rachel Ann Nunes book By Morning Light Maxine plays a small roll in that book, and this book is about her and her friends While this book didn t keep my attention like some books it was still a really fun to read It was fun because it was about then one charecter and the different problems the face being divored or widowed It also shows how much these five women cared about each other and how they knew, that no matter what they can always rely on their f [...]

    5. Initially I wasn t super interested in a group of women I ve never been a fan of all women family stories or all women character stories They tend to get snide But I finally picked this up when I realized it contains characters from another book I d read Although, this book can stand alone.Each woman has been widowed or divorced and is getting support from other women in the same boat They have become independent because if their situations, but some eventually find new relationships.

    6. I really liked this book I thought it was well written and the underlying theme was great It is important that we as women know ourselves and be happy with who we are I especially loved Evie s story I related with her and the struggles that she was going through While I liked this book, I thought that the ending could have been better It was almost like it just stopped with no ending Overall it was a great book.

    7. I originally bought this book to give as a gift and never ended up giving the book Though I generally shy away from LDS fiction, the book was sitting on my shelf collecting dust I decided to read it A nice light read, it chronicles the lives of 5 single women all have been married before and are either divorced or widowed who are all looking for good relationships The book wraps up a little too cleanly for my taste, but it is light and fun.

    8. I liked it And I cried That could be attributed to tiredness and percocet, but I m pretty sure the percocet is mostly out of my system and when am I not tired It was different than I expected Much love and less angst from a single women s club But it was rather real for an LDS novel I think I ll read by this author.

    9. As a single woman in the LDS church, I was highly disappointed with this book from an author I usually enjoy None of the characters resemble any of the amazing single women I know in the church They are actively engaged in careers, supporting family members, and serving others rather than concentrating on selling makeup and chasing after the next romantic relationship.

    10. Story of 5 sigle LDS women who have formed a club that meets once a week to give eachother support Each chapter is dedicated to one women at a time telling thier stories as they each fall in love.

    11. I actually read this book some time ago but forgot to comment on it It was so cute and unique I loved the older characters who were never treated as if they were something alien because they re older And the emotions and turbulence were authentic I loved it.

    12. I enjoyed this book Was interesting that it wasn t typical romance Characters were older with different life experiences Read first story in a couple days but took me a while to get back to the second story.

    13. Good clean LDS fiction This was a quick read Not too intense I enjoyed the different personalities of the women And I especially liked the way they would watch out for each other Great story of love, loyalty friendship.

    14. I really did love this story It was so well written and very fun to read about all the characters My only regret is I could not connect with them because of age gap and the experience difference But it was still good

    15. Great friends forming a women s only club They write in journals and set goals together They rally to help and aid each other I love their outlook on life and most especially Maxine s great wisdom It s amazing that all five meet wonderful men Wish that were true in REAL life.

    16. It was a quick, easy, pleasant read even if it was awfully predictable When I picked it up, I was wanting something simple, safe clean, and basically conflict free It met my requirements.

    17. I thought this would be hard to follow because there are so many characters but I really liked it Maxine cracks me up.

    18. I liked how the five individual lives were intertwined and found myself wishing and creating behind their stories Typical LDS fiction

    19. This was a book about 5 divorced widowed women who got together weekly It s a story about each of their love lives I couldn t get into it and felt there was just too much going on.

    20. This book could be about single women in my own neighborhood It was cute and fun but not spectacular nor worth a second read.

    21. Fun read that allows the reader to gain some empathy for others I found myself thinking about those around me with of an open heart and open mind as to their struggles in life.

    22. A GREAT book I love that the single women are all of different ages and types, and that they ve joined together in a club to help each other Another winner from Rachel

    23. This was such a fun, light read Its about single women and the relationships they have, both in the independence club and romantic relationships on the outside Very fun.

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