Heir of Hope #2020

Heir of Hope By Stephenia H. McGee Heir of Hope My dear one You come to me in my dreams and we talk of things that cannot be explained in this life How we have been brought together is a great mystery but I wish to someday see you again A Mississi
  • Title: Heir of Hope
  • Author: Stephenia H. McGee
  • ISBN: 9780997866094
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heir of Hope By Stephenia H. McGee My dear one,You come to me in my dreams and we talk of things that cannot be explained in this life How we have been brought together is a great mystery, but I wish to someday see you again A Mississippi Plantation 150 years after the Civil War nearly tore a nation asunder, the battle for freedom still rages in the heart of Ironwood s newest mistress Emily Burns greMy dear one,You come to me in my dreams and we talk of things that cannot be explained in this life How we have been brought together is a great mystery, but I wish to someday see you again A Mississippi Plantation 150 years after the Civil War nearly tore a nation asunder, the battle for freedom still rages in the heart of Ironwood s newest mistress Emily Burns grew up an orphan, so she never expected to inherit a southern plantation When she discovers an old diary hidden in the attic, her life becomes strangely entwined with her Civil War ancestor and she soon begins to wonder how a woman long dead can keep showing up in her dreams Torn between her strange desire to honor Lydia s wishes and practicality, Emily cannot decide if she will keep Ironwood Yet the house calls to her like a melancholy siren, and Emily cannot resist its tune Resolving to stay only for a little while, and telling herself her decision has nothing at all to do with the handsome handyman helping with restorations, Emily begins to unravel the history of Ironwood A tale of love and loss, hope and redemption When the story seeps into her heart, Emily finds that two women separated by centuries can share the unique bonds of family ties, and that both her past and her future reside in the soul of Ironwood.Note to reader Heir of Hope is the second in the series, but can be read entirely as a stand alone book However, for those that read book one first, because of the ties that bind this book and The Whistle Walk, there will be some redundancy in the sections that deal with Lydia s diary This is done to allow the reader who read the first book months or years earlier and the reader who has not read the first book to be grounded in the story While some of the scenes from The Whistle Walk are experienced again within the diary, they are usually from a very different point of view, allowing those who read The Whistle Walk to see pivotal events in a new light For those that read Heir of Hope first or on its own, these diary scenes are essential to the story, yet still leave to be learned in The Whistle Walk For that reason, these books stand on their own and can be read in either order, but do closely tie together.
    Heir of Hope By Stephenia H. McGee
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      Stephenia H. McGee

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    1. Stephenia H. McGee

      Stephenia H McGee is a wife, mother of two very active little boys, author, and lover of history She currently lives in Mississippi with her husband and sons where she writes stories of faith, redemption and the deep south.


    1. This is the second book in the series of Ironwood Plantation, it is still standing in Oakville, Mississippi after the Civil War, 150 years later, through six generations of ancestors In modern times, Emily Burns was an orphan, at age 18 she had to leave the orphanage, find a job and make her own way At age thirty Emily inherited this grand old mansion When driving up to the Plantation she had second thoughts, is this what she wanted As she was wandering about the inside of the house she finds an [...]

    2. Another great readHeir of Hope grabs the reader from the very first words Using the device of the flashback to tease the reader by delving into Ironwood Plantation s story, this contemporary tale weaves the past with the present to keep the reader flipping pages If you re a Civil War nut and also want a winding love story, this is the book for you The historical part was written from the perspective of the South presenting another view of the War of Northern Aggression, as it was called by the S [...]

    3. 3.5 It s always about the story, isn t it Emily Burns has a rather sad story Having been tossed from foster home to foster home following the untimely death of her parents, she is still barely making ends meet as a young adult Imagine her surprise when a short vacation is interrupted by a visit from an attorney, informing her that an unknown relative has left her a massive property in Mississippi Ironwood Making the choice of whether or not to keep the beautiful old estate and its surrounding la [...]

    4. The first book really pulled me in from the first moments This book started many generations later, and I was at first confused and went back to the website to see if I misunderstood the next book in the series It was quite an unexpected jump It took me about 6 chapters to really get into this second book in the series, and once I did, I did end up enjoying it The parralells in both main characters lives from each of the books But it took a long time to get to that point for me Having said that, [...]

    5. Great bookAmazing book that reveals so much historical facts as the fictional characters are placed into the story to grab your attention Great read and hard to put down once you begin.

    6. Good bookI readthe first book and bought this one I thought too much of the first book was repeated in the second one And I would have liked to hear some of Ruth in this book too.

    7. Wonderful story teller Can t wait to read the next one I would recommend anyone who is interested in civil war and romance and religion , would love these books Wonderful

    8. Emily Burns is an orphan, so when she receives news she has inherited a Mississippi Plantation by the name of Ironwood she is stunned Grateful for the fresh start selling the plantation will give her, she never considers staying in Mississippi That is, until she makes friends with the locals, learns of her past, and meets the dashing preacher handyman who helps her restore the house.Oh, and the diary she finds in an old trunk in the attic that belongs to her great great great grandmother helps.N [...]

    9. OhMyGoodness Both books in the Ironwood Plantation were absolutely spellbindingly amazing The characters were so realistic and the storyline so well researched I just can t express enough how much I enjoyed this series.

    10. Heir of Hope Return to Ironwood Plantation is by Stephenie McGee It is set in mythical Oakville, Mississippi at Ironwood Plantation one hundred and fifty years after the Civil War It is book two of the Ironwood Plantation Family Saga however, the books can be read as stand alone or in any order I think it should be read second as it makes sense that way Emily Burns was orphaned when her parents were killed in an automobile accident At that time, it was determined she had no other relatives so g [...]

    11. When a lawyer tracks down Emily to tell her she has inherited a southern plantation from her great aunt, she cannot believe it After talking with the lawyer, she makes plans to go and see the house she has inherited and put it up for sale Upon her arrival, she meets the attorney who gives her a key and she goes to the house to look it over As she tours the house, she realizes that it will need a lot of repairs before it can be sold and it will not be a quick process She is a little disheartened [...]

    12. What do you get when you inherit a Mississippi Plantation you didn t know about, a long lost diary written by a long dead ancestor and a very handsome handy man helping with repairs A very charming novel.Emily Burns is still reeling with the knowledge she is now the proud owner of a plantation, left to her by a relative she didn t she had Emily grew up a orphan, with only herself to depend on She has not decided if she will keep it or sell it, she is torn apart about making a final decision She [...]

    13. Heir Of Hope is the second book of the Ironwood Plantation series but can be a stand alone also Heir Of Hope continues where The Whistle Walk left off, well it is 150 years later, but that doesn t affect the story at all, in fact it enhances the story I was drawn into Emily s story from the first paragraph and had to finish the book to see how it was going to end Of course I had the advantage of reading The Whistle Walk so I knew what was in the diary Ok I am getting ahead of the story, Emily in [...]

    14. Heir of Hope, brings the reader back to the Ironwood Plantation of Whistle Walk except in a modern day setting You will miss nothing as the author, Stephania McGee, masterfully blends the past and present together.The author described the Emily, main character so vividly In the first few pages she drew me in and I began to sympathize with Emily and understand where she was coming from.My favorite character in this book was the wonderful inn keeper, Dee She is a treasure indeed with the love she [...]

    15. This is the second book in the Innwood Plantation Family Saga and I have not read the first one, but Heir of Hope can easily be read as a standalone and I definitely plan on going back and reading the first book This is an intriguing story of a young woman who has inherited Inwood Plantation from a great aunt she did not know The author has done a wonderful job of combining the past and the present as they are connected through items found in the plantation home to create a story that I was comp [...]

    16. Since Emily was an orphan who grew up in the system it was a great surprise to her when a lawyer showed up one day to inform her that a great aunt that she hadn t known existed had left a plantation in Mississippi for her At first she is skeptical but goes to investigate She discovers an old diary written by Lydia, her ancestor, whom also shows up in her dreams Emily has a lot of pain from the past that she has to deal and her anger gets her into trouble But being in Oakville she learns about th [...]

    17. Heir of Hope is the second installment to the Ironwood Plantation Family Saga I have not read the first book of the series, The Whistle Walk I believe both can be as stand alone Though, I do plan to go back and read The Whistle Walk in the future I really enjoyed reading Heir of Hope I thought Miss McGee s writing style to be unique and refreshing I loved she mixed past and present so perfectly My favorite character was the innkeeper, Dee Such a faith filled lady Great Book I highly recommend it [...]

    18. Two women over 150 years apart come together in their dreams for love of a home Heir of Hope by Stephenia H McGee is a wonderful book I loved the characters,their interaction and most of all the story The running theme of this book is forgiveness.You must forgive, even if you can t forget.This is what we must do with God s help.A copy of this book was exchanged for an honest review.

    19. Outstanding I don t know which one was better book 1 or 2I like how the story jump from different time periods I would highly recommend this book Either book could stand along.Nicely written a good clean book with today s worldly troubles relying on God to guides us though.

    20. IronwoodThe plantation of Heir of Hope and The Whistle Walk is the center of this story of inheritance of both an earthly home and the promise of a heavenly one The journey Emily makes is not an easy one filled with anger and soul searching.

    21. Heir of Hope provides a poignant look into one s faith and the power of family Read full review in the 2015 July August issue of InD tale Magazine.

    22. Exciting and InsiprationalA great sequel to the Whistle Walk Both books were very exciting page turners The characters became friends who had inspirational walks with God I looking forward to of Stephen is McGee s books.

    23. Wonderful reading This book is amazing to read You can t put it down It s warm, funny , scary and heartwarming Don t miss reading this true to life story.

    24. I really enjoyed both books in the series but this one was fantastic I especially enjoyed the connection between Lydia and Emily I also liked how Emily came to faith in God.

    25. It was very goodI liked the story but I had just read the previous Ironwood book so I was disappointed having half of this book telling the exact same story line as previous book.

    26. Pretty good readingThis story was pretty good It is sad that the heroine had such a tough life Luckily the hero knew what he wanted.

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