Cinderstellar #2020

Cinderstellar By J.M.Page Cinderstellar When you wish upon the stars you might get than you ever dreamed of Clipped wings Stella wants nothing than to be a pilot like her mother who died on a mission years ago However she doesn t want to
  • Title: Cinderstellar
  • Author: J.M.Page
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cinderstellar By J.M.Page When you wish upon the stars you might get than you ever dreamed of Clipped wings Stella wants nothing than to be a pilot like her mother, who died on a mission years ago However, she doesn t want to be like the arrogant Aces at Starforge Academy, especially that show off Dax But the Aces aren t her biggest problem Her father the Commandant of StarforgeWhen you wish upon the stars you might get than you ever dreamed of Clipped wings Stella wants nothing than to be a pilot like her mother, who died on a mission years ago However, she doesn t want to be like the arrogant Aces at Starforge Academy, especially that show off Dax But the Aces aren t her biggest problem Her father the Commandant of Starforge Academy and stepmother won t even let her enroll Stella has to sneak into the flight simulators late at night, when no one s around, to get close to her dream Reluctant royalty Dax is like the prince of Starforge not only the best pilot at the Academy, but the son of a famous general No one knows his secret Dax hates his superstar status, and he doesn t want to go fight on the front lines when he graduates The pressure to follow in his father s footsteps has taken all the joy out of flying When he discovers that someone at the school is beating all his scores on the simulators and then hiding the evidence he s determined to find out who it is Though he s unable to discover his mysterious competitor s identity, he learns enough to suspect that she just might be the girl of his dreams Soaring ambitions Stella learns that the Academy is holding a school wide exhibition of flying talent, with the winner allowed to fast track their pilot s license She has to find a way to enter, and show her father what she s capable of But that will mean outing herself to the school and the ever intriguing Dax Will her stepmother ruin everything, or can Stella and Dax finally meet outside the simulators and achieve their heart s desires Cinderstellar is 50,000 words of sweet, clean romance, with NO swearing, graphic violence, or explicit sexual content, suitable for adult and YA audiences For a limited time, it includes an extra book Alien Frog Prince at no extra charge
    Cinderstellar By J.M.Page
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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.J.M Page writes timeless fairytales with a sci fi twist You can expect sweeping adventures in far off galaxies, love in unexpected places, and of course a Happily Ever After every time


    1. I have to say, the blurb sounded intriguing on this one I found the book to be ok but nothing overly impressive I think the main reason being is that it was so short Therefore, it felt as if it lacked any sense of depth with the storyline and characters I must admit, that this is the first I have read in this series, so perhaps that s why I wasn t a big fan It was just an average read for me Not a series I will continue.

    2. Stella, janitor and want to be space pilot, beats all the flight students in the simulations and as a reward gets to go to the front lines of the war and almost certain death The poor evil stepmother was only following Stella s father s orders and may or may not have been evil at all, she certainly wasn t nice Father himself was too stupid to hold his high position and did not exhibit sufficient grovel when his actions came to light Stella is better off on the front lines living her dream.

    3. This is a Cinderella retelling in space Lately, I ve been on a fairy tale retelling binge Don t know why But I ve been enjoying the light, fluffy reads Anywho, this wasn t a stellar see what I did there retelling IMO I was intrigued by the intergalactic retelling of it and it was somewhat enjoyable However, it was telling than showing Stella, our MC, was nothing spectacular and honestly, I could care less about her Dax, our prince , was so so There wasn t much about the characters for me to act [...]

    4. What an amazing read this was And what an amazingly fresh and inventive approach to the traditional story of Cinderella.The story is set off Earth, in the interstellar flight academy, where the Federation pilots are trained The main female character Stella is the daughter of the Academy Commander and her mother was the legendary Federation pilot who was killed in battle a decade before the story starts Her life is heard, she works as a janitor at the academy, as her father will not allow her to [...]

    5. Good and enjoyable, but.Enjoyable Good Nice writing and good interplay with the characters There are some parts that aren t explained for why people do or do not like the main character like the way the stepmother or daughter treat her.I enjoyed it being in space and the fun soon it took I thought it was cute and funny how he figured out it was her I really enjoyed it, but it wasn t super captivating.

    6. I ve never read anything by this author and i have to say i loved this book It was one of the best cinderella renditions i ve ever read I wont go into any details except to say you know the story of Cinderella and although its very different some elements remain Like what the main character considers her evil stepmother and her evil step sister This is a standalone and has a HEA

    7. Great BookWonderful fairy tale story with a different twist and the author knows how to keep you on your toes The story has action, villain, fairy godmother, and romance with awesome characters A must buy and keep them coming.

    8. Cinderella is my favorite fairytale I love seeing it done in different ways This one was unique I found the concept enjoyable and I loved the retelling Only problem is I found the romance fast but still interesting definably going to read from this author

    9. A plus on the cover design The plot was interesting, but that was about it The characters could have been better developed and not act like hormonal middle schoolers What I really missed was the details I had a vague idea of their surrounding, but other than everything was supposedly chrome, I wasn t sure what I was trying to picture Also, the relationships between characters was flimsy, it just needed depth I felt like I was reading a first draft of something.

    10. A wonderful twist on the Cinderella story and this time it is in space The story stays light and simple Stella wants to be like her mom, a great space pilot But after her mom s death and her father is remarried, she is forced to become a janitor and has to watch all the students learn to fly There are no fairy godmothers but there are great friends and a stepbrother who is actually pretty cool, in a nerdy way Her Prince Charming is actually the best pilot at the school, but her stepsister has he [...]

    11. this is absolutely amazing I love fairy tale retelling especially if the author can successfully capture the heart of the story but manage to add their own spin it is very hard to do I have read many good ones and many terrible ones This was one of the best It has aliens, and space battle academy and all the feelings you love about Cinderella Its like mixing Ender s Game with Cinderella Stella is now one of my new favorite characters of all time talented, hard working, and not at all uppity abou [...]

    12. The book cover gets five stars, it is so beautiful The plot idea is good, the story of Cinderella set in space I really wanted to buy into the girl forbidden to fly, the evil stepmother, and the rescuing prince pilot thing Some the story was too contrived, and the writing was OK for young adults who were not very critical Oh well, I got what I wanted a beautiful looking book and story of a girl who really wanted to fly Sad the quality met my low expectations.Kindle e book Sounded interesting and [...]

    13. Super CuteSci fi meet fairytale, this is a really cute story with an added book of the Frog Prince The Frog Prince isn t as good as Cinderstellar, but it is worth reading, I think There is just something to connect with through Dax and Stella.

    14. Sweet book Nice adaptation of Cinderella The setting is space and there were some twists, but many elements were there This is the first I ve read in this series and I d be happy to read .

    15. All her life, all Stella has wanted to do is follow in her Mums footsteps and be the best pilot, but her StepMum is doing everything in her power to foil her plans Stella sneaks in and flies the simulators at night while everyone sleeps, except one night when Dax is taking a moment for himself and watches his high score get beaten and then it s erased like it never happened Dax, despite his talent doesn t want to get his license and fight, and maybe this mystery pilot is his chance to escape the [...]

    16. Cinderella in space What else do you need to know Cinderstellar by J M Page is another installment in her Star Crossed Tales series that I really enjoyed.Stella Star Ella longs to join the Starforge Academy and be a pilot like her mother, but her father, stepmother and stepsister won t let her Dax doesn t want his role in life, spelled out by his prestigious General father, to be what is expected of him Both are downtrodden and stuck in their roles, Stella as a janitor, Dax destined to join the [...]

    17. After reading all the good reviews on this book I decided to give it a shot I m not one for writing negative reviews, but for some odd reason this book just annoyed the heck out of me and I just had to voice my opinion I just couldn t get into this authors style of writing for this book The characters just seemed so whiny, the story so cliche, and flat I really wanted to like this book so I pushed through to about 3 4 of the book before I just couldn t take it any Coming up with a great story an [...]

    18. I absolutely enjoyed this book to the fullest Not only because I love the retelling of the classic fairy tales, but the fact the author made it unique Who would ve thought of Cinderella in space Not only that it had aliens, and space battle academy to add intrigued to the mixed For once I love the fact that the Prince Dax was taking a backseat for once, he didn t want the role in life, that his prestigious General father expected from him it was refreshing Overall this was entertaining read Wou [...]

    19. A shorter story than you thinkI am giving this three stars mainly because the page length of the book is a lie There are actually two stories in one, the second being the alien frog Prince, so the cinderstellar is a lot shorter than you think.The book is a nice read It is a quirky sci fi twist on Cinderella, but is not a technical or engrossing read It isn t anything special but is well written enough to be enjoyable just don t expect much.

    20. I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review.This is a wonderful fairy tale retelling I loved that Stella was strong and tried to fulfill her dreams I was pulled in from the first page and didn t want to wait to finish this book Definitely recommended as a must read.

    21. This is such a great book, I was not sure how this was going To go, but I was hooked from the beginning and was unable to put it downStella is Cinders and Dax is Prince Charming, along with a bit so ugly step sister and step mum.This is a fantastic story, very well written and I loved it

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