Tamtego ranka, kiedy po nas przyszli #2020

Tamtego ranka, kiedy po nas przyszli By Janine Di Giovanni Tamtego ranka kiedy po nas przyszli W styczniu roku w Syrii rozpocz y si protesty przeciwko rz dom Baszszara al Asada Pocz tkowo pokojowe demonstracje szybko przerodzi y si w bratob jcz wojn domow Chaos ogarni tego konfliktem wewn
  • Title: Tamtego ranka, kiedy po nas przyszli
  • Author: Janine Di Giovanni
  • ISBN: 9788380494626
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tamtego ranka, kiedy po nas przyszli By Janine Di Giovanni W styczniu 2011 roku w Syrii rozpocz y si protesty przeciwko rz dom Baszszara al Asada Pocz tkowo pokojowe demonstracje szybko przerodzi y si w bratob jcz wojn domow Chaos ogarni tego konfliktem wewn trznym kraju wykorzysta o ISIS, co w 2014 roku doprowadzi o do powstania iracko syryjskiego kalifatu Pa stwa Islamskiego.Janine di Giovanni, ceniona dziennikarka wojW styczniu 2011 roku w Syrii rozpocz y si protesty przeciwko rz dom Baszszara al Asada Pocz tkowo pokojowe demonstracje szybko przerodzi y si w bratob jcz wojn domow Chaos ogarni tego konfliktem wewn trznym kraju wykorzysta o ISIS, co w 2014 roku doprowadzi o do powstania iracko syryjskiego kalifatu Pa stwa Islamskiego.Janine di Giovanni, ceniona dziennikarka wojenna od kilkudziesi ciu lat podr uj ca po regionach ogarni tych konfliktem, spotka a si z lud mi, kt rych syryjskie dzia ania wojenne dotkn y najbardziej, kre l c przy tym map narastaj cego konfliktu wewn trz pa stwa Autorka oddaje g os tym, kt rych horror wojny dotyka najbardziej zwyk ym obywatelom, bo ich przywi zanie do ojczyzny jest silniejsze ni ch ucieczki przed mierci , zniszczeniem i kompletnym rozpadem otaczaj cej rzeczywisto ci.Tamtego ranka, kiedy po nas przyszli to wiadectwo jednego z najbrutalniejszych okres w w historii tej cz ci wiata, a tak e niezwyk y portret si y ludzkiej wytrzyma o ci w obliczu poni enia, zastraszenia i terroru wojny.
    Tamtego ranka, kiedy po nas przyszli By Janine Di Giovanni
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      Janine Di Giovanni

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    1. Janine Di Giovanni

      Janine di Giovanni is one of Europe s most respected and experienced reporters, with vast experience covering war and conflict Her reporting has been called established, accomplished brilliance and she has been cited as the finest foreign correspondent of our generation.Born in the US, she began reporting by covering the first Palestinian intifada in the late 1980s and went on to report nearly every violent conflict since then Her trademark has always been to write about the human cost of war, to attempt to give war a human face, and to work in conflict zones that the world s press has forgotten.She continued writing about Bosnia long after most people forgot it In 2000, she was one of the few foreign reporters to witness the fall of Grozny, Chechnya, and her depictions of the terror after the fall of city won her several major awards She has campaigned for stories from Africa to be given better coverage, and she has worked in Somalia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Benin, Burkino Faso, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Liberia, as well as Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans, East Timor and Chechnya.During the war in Kosovo, di Giovanni travelled with the Kosovo Liberation Army into occupied Kosovo and sustained a bombing raid on her unit which left many soldiers dead Her article on that incident, and many of her other experiences during the Balkan Wars, Madness Visible for Vanity Fair June 1999 , won the National Magazine Award It was later expanded into a book for Knopf Bloomsbury, and has been called one of the best books ever written about war Madness Visible has been optioned as a feature film by actress Julia Roberts production company, Revolution Films.Di Giovanni has written several books Ghosts by Daylight A Memoir of War and Love Bloomsbury Knopf 2011 The Place at the End of the World Essays from the Edge Bloomsbury 2006 Against the Stranger Viking Penguin 1993 about the effect of occupations during the first intifada on both Palestinians and Israelis The Quick and The Dead about the siege of Sarajevo, and the introduction to the best selling Zlata s Diary about a child growing up in Sarajevo Her work have been anthologized widely, including in The Best American Magazine Writing, 2000.She has won four major awards, including the National Magazine Award, one of America s most prestigious prizes in journalism She has won two Amnesty International Awards for Sierra Leone and Bosnia And she has won Britain s Grenada Television s Foreign Correspondent of the Year for Chechnya.She is one of the journalists featured in a documentary about women war reporters, Bearing Witness, a film by three time Academy Award winning director Barbara Kopple, which was shown at the Tribeca film festival and on the AE network in May, 2005.In 1993, she was the subject of another documentary about women war reporters, No Man s Land which followed her working in Sarajevo She has also made two long format documentaries for the BBC In 2000, she returned to Bosnia to make Lessons from History, a report on five years of peace after the Dayton Accords The following year she went to Jamaica to report on a little known but tragic story of police assassinations of civilians, Dead Men Tell No Tales Both films were critically acclaimed.With Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega, Managua, Nicaragua, January, 1990 Photo by Marc SchlossmanDi Giovanni s book, The Place at the End of the World, a collection of her essays, was published by Bloomsbury in January, 2006 2006 has also brought projects on Muslims in Europe, the French riots, AIDS in South Africa, September 11 anniversary features, and the current political situation in Israel among others She is at work on another book for Knopf Bloomsbury, Up at Tito s Villa, set in Montenegro.Janine di Giovanni is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair, a contributing writer to the New York Times, Granta, Newsweek and many


    1. I have very mixed feelings about this book I salute di Giovanni s courage for working in conflict zones, for trying her best to show the human side of these conflicts, and for empathizing not just with the civilian victims but the soldiers themselves who are dying on the front lines for a cause they often do not understand And if the focus had been entirely on the people of ravaged Syria, I think I would have respected this book Instead, I grew tired of the author s constant personal commentary [...]

    2. Everybody who thinks their country shouldn t take in refugees from Syria or complains about them not appearing to be desperate enough because they had the gull to bring their computer and are therefor too rich to be a proper refugee I dare to read this book I am so sick of people telling me they are scared of going to their Midwestern mall because of Terrorism and Trump is going to crack down on that, seriously, read this book or in case of the Trump supporter you should pick up a few history b [...]

    3. This was one of my non fiction November reads and I have to say it was an interesting start I found the book compelling and horrible because of the tragedies it recounts Really, the war in Syria does sound very similar to some other horrors from humanity s past and I feel like it s madness we still have war ongoing, but for me this one was different because it was so brief Whilst I really liked the personal recounting of people s stories and the way the author tells them, I felt like I couldn t [...]

    4. It has been surreal and significant to read this book during the fall of Aleppo Over the last couple of days I have spent almost as much time listening to radio reports and reading online articles about the Syrian civil war as I spent reading this book As I write this I m hearing the BBC reporting that civilian evacuations have begun I become emotional while thinking about all this saddened, worried about what will eventually happen in Idlib where the refugees are being evacuated to , and also f [...]

    5. I wanted to abandon this book it was difficult to read because of the content My privilege and circumstance would have easily allowed me to return this book to the library unfinished, but I forced myself to continue reading, knowing that reading these stories is only a small step toward understanding the complexities of the Syrian civil war how insane the whole situation is for real people who are living it every single day.

    6. This is a must read for all those trying to understand the Syrian conflict I picked up this book because I wanted to understand the civil war in Syria I have contact through my work with Syrian refugees families that have fled the war violence torture for a better life in America Yet in their stories I am still left wondering what s the solution Why How did we get here This author clearly didn t set out with have an agenda to criticize critique American involvement in Syria I know there are lot [...]

    7. This little book is heartbreaking The author covered the Syrian war as it began and as it degenerated into increasing violence She spent time with both pro Assad and antigovernment forces, and even noted the change in the opposition from freedom seekers to religious extremism This was a quick read and is in itself a good answer for many questions I ve heard from those who want to punt on the Syrian refugee crisis Why can t the people just stay and fight for their country Which side would you pro [...]

    8. How can Syria ever be what it once was It has been burnt alive by hatred It s gone midnight and I ve just finished this and I m so overwhelmed by emotions and all I can think is how devastating and powerful and horrific this book is.

    9. Informative, powerful, brave, heartbreaking and unforgettable A must read If you haven t been following the armed conflict in Syria, I would not recommend starting this read.

    10. This book was a disappointment, especially given Giovanni s distinguished background with reporting in war zones Don t get me wrong the research and interviews were amazing She was able to gather multiple viewpoints, both on the regime and opposition sides, and her range of coverage Latakia, Damascus, Homs, Darayya, Aleppo, Homs and Zabadani was impressive But the book itself was organized terribly, with stories coming in and out of chapters in no meaningful way Half the time, she would be repor [...]

    11. Some of the stories in this have burned themselves into my memory and some of the passages were really beautiful Giovanni focused on the human aspect of war, this book isn t heavy with political jargon or history, instead, it shares the impacts of war on civilians regardless of political sides beliefs It s a really short novel and incredibly accessible regardless of how much knowledge you have on the topic The stories will stick with me for a while to come I think.

    12. Devastating dispatches from a war reporter traveling in Syria between 2011 and 2015, after which things have only devolved As she mentions, it s awful to think of people living in places like Aleppo with 7000 years of continuous city life now rubble and desolate Not sad in terms of archeology though that too, of course but the phenomenological history of so, so many layered existences in one place now interrupted.Struggling with what global citizenship means, I flagged this After being accused a [...]

    13. They say a picture s worth a thousand words But I m convinced there are no pictures in this book because Janine Di Giovanni gets a much favorable exchange rate for her words This powerful book focuses its chapters on her time in different Syrian cities in different months mainly in 2012, during the earlier phases of the Syrian Civil War Drawing on her extensive notebooks, she s able to present to us, in vibrant depictions, the horrors of war and the impressions and opinions of ordinary Syrians, [...]

    14. This was a good first book introduction into the Syrian civil war And it s horrifying when you re looking at it from a nice, safe place The contrast the author gives us at the beginning between Damascus and the people who believed it wouldn t affect them while other parts of Syria were being destroyed is shocking, but believable I feel like I would feel like that myself if I were lucky enough to not be in the area hit by the conflict At the start.I can t wrap my head around the mentality that cr [...]

    15. Just finished this book this morning, a book that breaks my heart This book left me a deep sorrow, a sense of helplessness and of anger why is nobody caring about Syria If you expect a historical or political book that explains the background and what is happening in Syria, then this is not it This book is simply a collection of stories coming from inside the war torn Syria, of ordinary people of both sides, who would not have been heard otherwise.

    16. The Morning They Came for Us is one the hardest books I ve ever read It doesn t shy away from brutality rape, torture, death, unimaginable grief and pain It feels horrible to think how ignorant I was of this war blazing in The Middle East, how easy it is to close one s eyes I find it really important that I read di Giovanni s book despite my hesitation She writes extremely well, the stories and the pain of the people of Syria come across strongly and real through the text The biggest criticism I [...]

    17. Had to force myself to read this one It was as horrific as I thought it might be The author, an experienced war reporter, tells the story of the war in Syria through the eyes of regular people, people living it every day She did a good job of making it very human, painfully so I m glad I read it but now I remember why I stick my head in the sand about a lot of this stuff.

    18. This is a quick read and the chronology charts at the end are invaluable in deciphering all the chaos over in Syria I picked this up after seeing the author on C SPAN and wanting to hear the stories of her as a journalist over there as well as the locals she spoke with I wish she had local interviews they were most telling, but devastating too She does a good job in outlining the history of fighting in the area and peace as well but what we have now and in the past decade, has been so chaotic a [...]

    19. Gorgeously written and heartbreaking I knew some basics of the Syrian conflict, but I hadn t learned it from Syrians and people in Syria and with long histories of covering war It s messy and complicated and there are no clearly definable good guys and bad guys, even if some are worse than others If you want a better understanding of Syria and the conflict and the timeline of how and where things unfolded, I highly recommend this book It even has a timeline written out in the back from the earli [...]

    20. This book almost reads like a novel, and I wish it were It s riveting and heartbreaking It s not just the story of Syria, it s Bosnia, Rwanda, and all the other places where such horrors have taken place I ve given this three stars because inasmuch as Giovanni tries to relate to the Syrian mothers who ve lost their children, and tries to reach into her own humanity, at some point you can t help but feel like it s a case of humblebragging, or someone going out to war zones to seek out drama in hi [...]

    21. In an accessible way the books presents a picture of the war in Syria mainly focusing on individual people on both sides and showing what war means to them It does a good job in answering what lies behind the refugees crisis and how to deal with it we are mostly talking about here and remembering that the numbers represent people and lifes It s hard to read with very graphic description of torture and the use of rape and the threat of rape as weapon but without exploiting it.

    22. Chronologically scattered, but resolute commentary on the unimaginable horrors and lives of people on all sides of the urban warfare that has been raging in Syria since 2011 This is my first book on war journalism, and has certainly inspired me to explore the genre further.

    23. In 2011, the Arab Spring started and following Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt the people of Syria took to the streets and began peaceful demonstrations, demanding democracy However, the Syrian Army began shooting at the citizens and some of them retaliated, and what follows was a full blown civil war.The author spent 4 years in Syria, interviewing people from different sides to document what really happened.There are stories about family being ripped apart by death and tragedy, a student being taken [...]

    24. Beautifully composed but absolutely heartbreaking to read Giovanni discusses the war from many different view points which gives a clearer understanding of the framework that led to this senseless conflict She describes the way people grasp at anything reminding them of their normal life even while enduring the most dire circumstances With her previous war experience in Bosnia, Giovanni expertly ties together the common thread of how humanity suffers in a war zone even while describing horrors t [...]

    25. This is a really succinct yet humanizing depiction of what has happened in Syria since the uprising Di Giovanni speaks to people from all sides, as well as people in the middle Their stories are heartbreaking This surely does not cover every aspect of the issue, and things have only deteriorated since its publication However, I think everyone should read this book I honestly did not know much about what led up to the current horrifying situation there, and di Giovanni s book provided a great dea [...]

    26. This is not my Syria When I see the sorrow that happens in our towns, all I think is this not my Syria When the smoke cleared, there was nothing left behind but the skeletons of buildings, of people, what was once a town A tiny bit dated published in 2016 , but sadly all the relevant today In no way easy to stomach the torture and violence almost unreal but an emotional and well written albeit utterly heartbreaking account of at least beginning of Syrian civil war At least for me who could be b [...]

    27. This is such an emotional read, I couldn t help but finding myself on the verge of tears numerous times, I m no new to stories of war, but knowing these atrocities are happening at this moment, not far from me is heartbreaking Janine Di Giovanni skillfully managed to report and describe what being in a war zone is like, bringing personal stories to make this enormous tragedy personal, therefore harder to read.I would recommend this to everyone, we can t keep our eyes closed to the horrors in Sy [...]

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