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The Dry By Jane Harper The Dry A small town hides big secrets in this atmospheric page turning debut mystery by an award winning new author After getting a note demanding his presence Federal Agent Aaron Falk arrives in his homet
  • Title: The Dry
  • Author: Jane Harper
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  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Dry By Jane Harper A small town hides big secrets in this atmospheric, page turning debut mystery by an award winning new author.After getting a note demanding his presence, Federal Agent Aaron Falk arrives in his hometown for the first time in decades to attend the funeral of his best friend, Luke Twenty years ago when Falk was accused of murder, Luke was his alibi Falk and his father fleA small town hides big secrets in this atmospheric, page turning debut mystery by an award winning new author.After getting a note demanding his presence, Federal Agent Aaron Falk arrives in his hometown for the first time in decades to attend the funeral of his best friend, Luke Twenty years ago when Falk was accused of murder, Luke was his alibi Falk and his father fled under a cloud of suspicion, saved from prosecution only because of Luke s steadfast claim that the boys had been together at the time of the crime But now than one person knows they didn t tell the truth back then, and Luke is dead.Amid the worst drought in a century, Falk and the local detective question what really happened to Luke As Falk reluctantly investigates to see if there s to Luke s death than there seems to be, long buried mysteries resurface, as do the lies that have haunted them And Falk will find that small towns have always hidden big secrets.
    The Dry By Jane Harper
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    1. Jane Harper

      Jane Harper is the author of Australian atmospheric thrillers, The Dry and Force of Nature.Winner of numerous awards including the 2015 Victorian Premier s Literary Award for an Unpublished Manuscript, the 2017 Indie Award Book of the Year and the 2017 Australian Book Industry Awards ABIA Australian Book of the Year Award, The Dry is Jane s first novel, with rights sold in 29 territories worldwide and film rights optioned to Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea Jane worked as a print journalist for thirteen years both in Australia and the UK and lives in Melbourne Her second novel, Force of Nature, was published in September 2017 in Australia and will be released in the US and UK in February 2018.


    1. I know it s early days, but I have a feeling this will be a top read of 2017 for me I ll go as far as saying if I had read it last year it would have been in my top 2016 reads The writing is excellent, the pacing was quick with fully fleshed characters, and the ending was satisfying without being too cut and dry Half the fun of this story is, even if you guess at the who, you probably won t guess the why until it s revealed This was a perfect example of a book being extremely dark and terrifying [...]

    2. Luke Hadler may have had a light on waiting for him when he came home, but something else from this wretched, desperate community had seeped through that front door and into his home And it had been rotten and thick and black enough to extinguish that light forever The Dry actually makes me feel vindicated in my rating and review of Ritter s Bonfire last year I got some criticisms that I was being too harsh toward a debut author that a lot of thrillers follow a familiar format but that doesn t m [...]

    3. This is an astonishingly good crime fiction debut by Jane Harper set in Australia Aaron Falk and his father were run out of their home in Kiewarra over twenty years ago over rumours of Aaron s hand in the death of Ellie Deacon It was ruled a suicide and Aaron had an alibi, his best friend Luke Aaron has returned to Kiewarra for the funeral of Luke, his wife, Karen and his son, Billy It appears that Luke shot his family and then himself due to their poor financial state caused by the unrelenting [...]

    4. 4.5 stars What a book I had to sleep on this one Not like, right on top of it, it was just a little to the left of my pillow, but I needed time to process It s not as though this read was so incredibly intoxicating that I couldn t wrap my head around it quite the contrary, actually The pace is steady and slow, verging on dull at times but never quite crossing that line The plot itself is packed with twists, but they felt gentle and weren t especially shocking So what did it for me The atmosphere [...]

    5. 5 unflinchingly bright hot stars for The Dry Love having reading friends to share books with Thanks Mel Very glad to have unexpectedly stumbled across this one, considering I d had a recent conversation with my local bookstore manager where she d mentioned it s their top seller I always ask her what is the current best seller Best seller it is.A dazzling debut where again I am left wondering, what s debut ish about this work The entire read I was chopping and changing my mind about who killed th [...]

    6. Officially the worse conditions in a century Melbourne, Australia The weather pattern had a bad name El Nino in The Dry El Nino refers to the little boy , so named because the pool of warm water in the Pacific near South America is often at the warmest around Christmas The original name, El Ni o de Navidad, traces its origin centuries back to Peruvian fisherman, Who named the weather phenomenon in reference to the newborn Christ The Dry , itself refers to the long standing drought The afternoon [...]

    7. I blame Aaron Falk He just made me add a new shelf on Series You see, I don t like book series With a few exceptional characters preceding Aaron Falk Harry Potter, Christian Grey, Edward Cullen, Kinsey Milhone have I read an entire series It s just too much of a commitment and then I feel guilty if I miss a book in the series I will not be missing any book that Aaron Falk is in Ever No way, no worries, mate.I am so late to THE DRY party that I almost didn t read it Finally, feeling caught up and [...]

    8. The Dry by Jane Harper is a 2017 Flatiron Books publication This is my kind of mystery thriller When Aaron returns to his hometown to attend the funeral of his childhood friend, Luke, he intends to make a retreat back to his life as a federal agent, as quickly as possible But, Luke s grieving parents ask him to use his talents to look into Luke s financial affairs, in hopes of finding answers as to why their son killed his wife and son and then shot himself The chances are slim to none that Aaro [...]

    9. Wow, this was really a great book I love it when books which are hyped actually live up to the praise they re getting, and Jane Harper s The Dry definitely did.This book had everything great writing, a terrifically evocative setting I felt hot every time I read it, and it wasn t just because I m running a fever, and I kept expecting everyone I came into contact with to speak with an Australian accent , interesting character development, and lots of twists and turns It s amazing to think that thi [...]

    10. Succumbing to some of the biblio peer pressure surrounding Jane Harper s debut novel, I thought I ought to make a little time and see what she had to offer Australia has been hit with one of its worst droughts ever, turning fertile lands into blobs of brown In the community of Kiewarra, rain has not fallen in upwards of two years, only adding to tensions An emergency call is made and authorities arrive at the Hadler farm to find a bloodbath Luke Hadler appears to have killed his wife and son, be [...]

    11. This was the first book in a new series and I was really surprised on how much I loved this book The book is utterly addictive, and I found it hard to take a break from it, reading it within a couple of days Jane has managed to create realistic characters, dealing with very realistic situations You often feel that you are standing in Aaron Falk s shoes, as you start to feel his emotions moving through your body My favorite part about this book was how everyone was a suspect When I had finally se [...]

    12. Holy Cow What a wonderful book This book definitely had all my senses on high alert while reading this one The mood, the atmosphere, the setting, the tone, the format Her goodbye as she left was as dry as the fields THE DRY by JANE HARPER is an absolutely engrossing and compelling whodunit crime mystery thriller that drew me in right from the very first chapter to the very last page JANE HARPER delivers a clever, atmospheric, suspenseful, impressive, and very descriptive read here which was well [...]

    13. 4.5 STARS First things first, applause for author Jane Harper, who s put together this cracking storyline set in the Australian farming community of Kiewarra Luke Hadler allegedly killed his wife Karen and young son Billy before turning the gun on himself, but is this tragedy as cut and dried as it appears Federal Police Investigator Aaron Falk returns for the funeral of his childhood friend Luke, but he faces animosity and threats regarding the suicide of Ellie Deacon some twenty years ago Elli [...]

    14. I was drawn to this arid Australian crime thriller by a desert storm of five star reviews, not to mention the fact that this was the Sunday Times Crime Book of the Year.Hmmm Fold his arms and sighs I m not saying that this was a bad book it was OK though the storyline for me was flat, improbable, slow paced and bereft of suspense.Apart from that, it was fine Bland federal agent, Aaron Falk, returns to the small Outback town of his childhood for the funeral of his best friend and his best friend [...]

    15. 4.5 Stars The Outback is impossible, forever and it s freeNo way can I find an end to what it means to me Sing You the Outback John WilliamsonMere days ago, I was inundated by water Water, water, everywhere Rivers overflowing and suddenly I find myself transported to a land where rain hadn t fallen in nearly two years The drought had left the flies spoiled for choice that summer The farmers told themselves that the drought wouldn t last, said those words to each other, and to themselves, silentl [...]

    16. This beautifully written mystery transported me to Kiewarra, Australia, a small farming community that is suffering from a drought, and also from being mired in the past Aaron Falk, a federal financial police officer, reluctantly returns to Kiewarra to attend the funeral of his former best friend, Luke Hadler It appears that Luke committed a murder suicide, killing his wife, Karen, and their six year old son, Billy, before taking his own life The community is in shock and speculation abounds Why [...]

    17. Whoa, well done, Harper I did not see that twist coming and just when I thought I had it all figured out, that theory was shot to hell Brilliant.This story is set in the bush in Kiewarra, Australia, where a murder suicide has taken place in a community where a drought is on Falk, a cop who has come back for the funeral, is coaxed into staying to dig into the truth of what really happened to the family A past is reawakened, secrets are kept close and many don t want him there for the ties he once [...]

    18. First on the scene, the flies swarmed contentedly in the heat as the blood pooled black over tiles and carpet Outside, washing hung still on the rotary line, bone dry and stiff from the sun A child s scooter lay abandoned on the stepping stone path Just one human heart beat within a kilometer radius of the farm So nothing reacted when deep inside the house, the baby started crying An entertaining, easy quick read Well written psychological crime thriller, full of tension and atmosphere Not autom [...]

    19. There in The Dry, it s raining 5 star reviews, and here I sit, trying to get right with my 3 star drip drop Maybe I m using silly water analogies because I m remembering how parched this locale is, a small farm town in Australia, and I need some liquid I m sure that a big part of the allure of this story about a guy, Falk, who is trying to solve a heinous crime is its vivid, scorched setting Everything is hot and dry and slow I didn t feel the heat for some reason, but I definitely felt the slow [...]

    20. So this is a really good debut novel about a farming community in Australia, the murder of a young familyfather, mother, young son, but their baby left unharmed.This story also goes back and forth from present time to 20 yrs earlier when this father and his group of four friends were growing up there One of the group, Falk, is now a cop from the another city, who comes to town for the funeral of his friend and his family, and ends up on the case to try and find the killer There are lots of possi [...]

    21. 10 Superb There isn t a thing I d change about this debut novel from talented Aussie author Jane Harper The Victorian rural town of Kiewarra is suffocating under the oppression of heat and prolonged drought While some farmers and shopkeepers are still clutching at small straws of hope, others have walked off or sold out to foreign investors Then, a murder suicide is discovered It s not the first in desperate country Australia, and the Hadlers were struggling Luke Hadler has apparently shot gunne [...]

    22. The Hook So many wonderful reviews by my GR friends found me craving to be in the loop The promise of a crime story set in the dry bushlands of Australia was intriguing to me Debuts also have great appeal The Line And it s tiger snake territory here, so watch your feet Snake Danger in Australia Wildlife TourismThe Sinker I began this book on audio, expertly read by Steve Shanahan Shanahan reads slowly and deliberately At first this was driving me crazy, so much so that I tried to find a program [...]

    23. In my personal opinion, if this isn t a 5 star read, then I don t know what is Impeccable Atmospheric and beautifully written, this is part police procedural, part thriller murder mystery It opens with a bang and will have you glued until the very last page This is one of those books that you will find yourself trying to sneak in pages here and there, whenever you have a single spare moment, because you will want to know how it ends Absolutely unputdownable, I finished this in 24 hours and I had [...]

    24. But you know what it s like here, mate It takes a lot for people to be willing to stand up and rock the boat It was the same then as it is now Aaron Falk returns to the small farming community of his boyhood The souls of its citizens are as dry and withered as the devastating drought that has taken root in the blanched soil There s ne er a sprout of welcoming for him here in Kiewarra.But shock is the only apparent current running through this town Falk s best friend of his youth, Luke Hadler, is [...]

    25. I went into this book knowing the hype was high and many of my friends loved it I was hoping to temper my expectations but I shouldn t have been worried This was an excellent book my friends I can t believe this is Jane Harper s debut novel I m impressed by her writing and storytelling The Dry was gripping from the beginning to the end No joke.The book starts with Aaron Falk coming back home for the funeral of Luke Hadler Aaron is a federal investigator living in Melbourne and wants nothing to d [...]

    26. Aaron Falk came from a family that had lived in Kiewarra for generations, but after a young girl was found drowned, his family was forced to leave After an absence of twenty years, now a police investigator I the financial division he returns to his old home town, brought back by the apparent suicide and murder of the family of his former best friend.A d but novel, very tightly plotted, extremely suspenseful, in a town where everything is not always as it appears Loved Falk s character and the s [...]

    27. I just finished this last night This book is in my top to recommend reading Wow It was perfect No one in the town is without their hidden secrets You feel the heat of Australia as you read the book You feel the frustration of the police officers as they investigate It s very well written, and even if you know anything about the book before reading, it s not graphic So you don t have to worry if you have those issues It s one of the best whodunnits I ve read in a long time.

    28. This one s a stunner Kiewarra near Melbourne Australia is in the midst of a severe drought The ground is hard and cracked, plants are dead and brown, and the river is bone dry The residents are all under stress economically When a farmer, Luke Hadler, appears to have killed his wife and child and then committed suicide, the powder keg is ready.Aaron Falk, a federal police officer in Melbourne, receives a note that draws him back to the town he left twenty years ago Luke lied You lied Be at the f [...]

    29. Great book I cannot believe it s the authors first book I was not expecting to like it so much I m very impressed, one of the best books I ve read of the year Intricate and yet so simple.

    30. 4.5 stars This is a GREAT book It grabbed my attention right away and didn t let go until the last page After reading all of the excellent reviews, I was really looking forward to reading this book and it definitely lived up to the hype All of the characters were very well developed I really liked Falk, the main character he had a secretive side which had me questioning his past I wanted to know his back story and figure out his intentions I liked the aura of secrecy that surrounded him The myst [...]

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