Седмината братя #2020

Седмината братя By Aleksis Kivi Kiljukoon nyt kaikkein kaula koska mielin virren laulaavoimasta seitsem n miehen Aleksis Kiven Seitsem n veljest oli ilmestyess n yksi ensimm isist suomenkielisist romaaneista vuotta ju
  • Title: Седмината братя
  • Author: Aleksis Kivi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Седмината братя By Aleksis Kivi Kiljukoon nyt kaikkein kaula, koska mielin virren laulaavoimasta seitsem n miehen Aleksis Kiven 1834 1872 Seitsem n veljest oli ilmestyess n yksi ensimm isist suomenkielisist romaaneista 140 vuotta julkaisemisensa j lkeen se on suomalaisen kirjallisuuden kiistaton merkkiteos, jonka lumovoimaa aika ei ole v hent nyt Rehev n realistinen kieli ja taidokas kerronta o Kiljukoon nyt kaikkein kaula, koska mielin virren laulaavoimasta seitsem n miehen Aleksis Kiven 1834 1872 Seitsem n veljest oli ilmestyess n yksi ensimm isist suomenkielisist romaaneista 140 vuotta julkaisemisensa j lkeen se on suomalaisen kirjallisuuden kiistaton merkkiteos, jonka lumovoimaa aika ei ole v hent nyt Rehev n realistinen kieli ja taidokas kerronta osuvat suoraan suomalaisen lukijan mielenmaisemaan.Orvoksi j neen veljessarjan edesottamukset etel isess H meess ovat t ynn vimmaa ja voimaa, mutta my s rehev maanl heist huumoria Juhani, Tuomas, Aapo, Simeoni, Timo, Lauri ja Eero ovat jatkuvasti vastatusten ymp r iv n yhteiskunnan kanssa Lukutaidottomat, ryypp v t ja tappelevat nuoret miehet her ttiv t pahennusta paitsi naapureissaan my s lukijoiden ja kriitikoiden keskuudessa Kansalliskirjailijamme oli aikaansa edell.
    Седмината братя By Aleksis Kivi
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    1. Aleksis Kivi

      Aleksis Kivi born Alexis Stenvall was a Finnish author who wrote the first significant novel in the Finnish language, Seven Brothers orig Seitsem n veljest Although Kivi was among the very earliest authors of prose and lyrics in Finnish language, he is still considered one of the greatest of them all.Aleksis Kivi was born at Nurmij rvi, Finland, into a tailor s family In 1846 he left for school in Helsinki, and in 1859 he was accepted into the University of Helsinki, where he studied literature and developed an interest in the theater His first play was Kullervo, based on a tragic tale from the Kalevala.From 1863 onwards, Kivi devoted his time to writing He wrote 12 plays and a collection of poetry The novel Seven Brothers took him ten years to write Literary critics, especially the prominent August Ahlqvist, disapproved of the book, at least nominally because of its rudeness Romanticism was in its forte at the time but maybe also because it was written in the southwestern dialect of Finnish, while Ahlqvist himself preferred the northeastern dialects of his homelands The Fennomans also disapproved of its depiction of not so virtuous rural life that was far from their idealized point of view, and his excessive drinking may have alienated some.In 1865 Kivi won the State Prize for his still often performed comedy Nummisuutarit transl Heath Cobblers However, the less than enthusiastic reception of his books was taking its toll and he was already drinking heavily His main benefactor Charlotta L nnqvist could not help him after the 1860s Physical deterioration and the development of schizophrenia suspectedly caused by advanced borreliosis set in, and Kivi died in poverty at the age of 38.In 1995 1996, Finnish composer Einojuhani Rautavaara wrote an opera about Kivi s life and works In 2002 director Jari Halonen s movie The Life of Aleksis Kivi orig Aleksis Kiven el m premiered in Finnish cinemas.


    1. Verschenen op Mappalibri 12 02 2018 mappalibri navigatieid 61Aleksis Kivi De zeven broersdoor Laurent De MaertelaerDe eerste roman in het Fins Naast de Kalevala de door Elias L nnrot verzamelde mythologische volkspo zie uit 1835 is De zeven broers 1870 van Aleksis Kivi 1834 1872 ongetwijfeld het bekendste boek uit het land met de duizenden meren Beide teksten waren van doorslaggevend belang bij de ontwikkeling van een Finse identiteit, inclusief een eigen taal en een groeiend nationaliteitsgevoe [...]

    2. Luulin, ettei t m p iv koskaan koittaisi, mutta kyll sittenkin Seitsem n veljest tahkottu loppuun puolen vuoden luku urakan j lkeen Huhhuh.

    3. Until 1917 Finland was a region inhabited by an ethnic group, the Finns, and fought over for hundreds of years by the Russians versus the Swedes The Fins took advantage of Russia s preoccupation with it s own revolution to declare independence in that year This was only one step in a long series of brutal wars.Works of literature have been very important to the formation of a Finish culture and the Finish nation, partly because there was a struggle over which language the hoped for nation should [...]

    4. I love love love the Seven Brothers They are possibly the most hilarious group of siblings I have ever read about I m so happy this is such a classic in Finland because that means I got to read and study it several times for school and I think I ve written three lengthy esseys about it too, the last one this year for university It s really weird for me that not too many people seem to want to write about it I d always choose it over Runeberg, or, let s be honest, any Finnish poet I love the way [...]

    5. This is one of my favorite books, ever It is Kivi s only novel, and took him ten years to write Shame he died young I wish he d written The style of this book is not for everyone when I think of it, it is one third play, one third novel, and one third independent set pieces like the story of the Pale Maiden of Impivaara And yet all these elements work together to make a cohesive and very meaningful story.The seven brothers themselves are a rowdy lot, to say the least They display much of Kivi s [...]

    6. A Finnish friend of mine recommend this little book to me She went on to tell me that the book became a national novel of sorts, a book that brought much pride to the Finnish peoples and inspired a kind of revolution Which, to me, sounded epically awesome A far grander example than the kind of positive change that Upton Sinclair s novel The Jungle had when it was released The book itself is interesting It reads like a teleplay of some kind After a while if you get used to the dialogue of the se [...]

    7. I read this book in preparation for a trip to Finland, where I ll be studying Finnish authors as writers Since Aleksis Kivi is one of my authors of choice, I picked up this novel Since I ve never seen the original text and I can t read Finnish, I m very curious about Richard A Impola s translation what did he choose to focus on How did he decide to deal with the various idioms and figures of speech used by the brothers Who made the decision to set up the majority of the dialogue like a play, rat [...]

    8. Uit mezelf zou ik vermoedelijk nooit De zeven broers van Aleksis Kivi hebben gelezen Ook niet vanuit de wetenschap dat dit de eerste Finse roman ooit is en volgens vele Finnen nog steeds de beste Want wat moet ik nou met een roman over Finse boerenjongens uit 1870 Maar de jubelende recensie van Tonnus Oosterhoff in De Groene trok mij over de streep En ik jubel eveneens niet zo hard als Oosterhoff die vindt zelfs dat De zeven broers een plaats in de canon verdient naast Oorlog en vrede en Don Qui [...]

    9. Arvosana hyvin l hell nelj t hte , saatan nostaa viel my hemmin Lukukokemuksena v lill tuskainen kirja Syyn tosin varmasti se, ett t m piti lukea kouluun viimeisten p ivien raivolla Loppua kohti vei kuitenkin yh paremmin mukanaan ja viimeisten lukujen j lkeen oli jo v h n haikeaakin erota Jukolan veljesten seurasta Ehdottomasti lukemisen arvoinen, saatan palata t m n pariin viel joskus Sivuseikkana, kyll se Seitsem n koiraveljest t m n aika hyvin tiivist.

    10. Reading experience was better than I expected I would have never read this book without school project but now I m glad I read it It s one of the most significant novel written in Finnish so every Finn should read it once in their lives It s funny and tells how finnish people really were, and how they lived those days.

    11. Ajattelin ensin antaa 3.5 , mutta korotan 4 hauskojen sanojen ja erityisesti lopun kerronnan my t Ehk tuo lopun kerronta siksikin, ett l mpenin tyylille Dialogit t kkiv t, ehk eniten toistojen my t Ehk vanhakantaista kielt , ehk vain ep uskottavaa sananvaihtoa, mutta toistoa ep miellytt v ll tavalla No, siihenkin tottui ekan parinsadan sivun j lkeen Nopea lukutekniikka toimi hyvin t m n kanssa.

    12. mit vois t lle kirjalle sanoa en ihan ymm rt nyt noin paljon kuin halusin mutta onhan t m aika erilainen suomen kieli kun mit min opin kaikki ne luontoon, maalaist ihin ja ruotsin kieleen liittyvi sanoa olivat mulle tuntemattomia silti en putonut k rrylt , kyll ymm rsin, mit tapahtuu monta kerta haluaisin itke kun suomen ihana maa kuvaillaan, monta kerta nauroin kun n en suomen sisu, suomen heikkous viinaan suhteen, suomen saunoilu ja perinteet suomen sielu on t ss kirjassa ja siksikin siit tuli [...]

    13. I read this book hoping to learn about Finland and only came away frustrated as I learned nothing from it The story is about seven brothers who leave the town to live by themselves something like Thoreau retreating to Walden Pond After a series of misadventures, they return to the town where they become pillars of society The problem for me was that while I was very familiar with the intellectual issues in New England in the mid nineteenth century, I was and remain ignorant of the cultural and [...]

    14. It is impressive how Aleksis Kivi was able to describe the life of the Finnish country side in that century, as well the beautiful landscape that Finland has Now I understand why this book is a MUST read in Finnish schools as is part of their legacy and through the book certainly it can be seen easily how love, fraternity, union, trust, brotherhood, family, responsability, faith and other values are always important in order to be happy and successful Finnish people must be so proud for having t [...]

    15. The traditional adventures of the 7 brothers tell you that the Dudesons have been around a long time in the Finnish woods

    16. humorous book, telling the tale of 7 wild men and their lives it was amusing to see their struggles and tragicomic incidents and you can t help holding them in your heart, even if just a little and you ll feel so proud seeing them grow up and become good men it s also a bit of a weird tale, full of songs and folk tales and it may feel a bit random, but it all serves its purpose if you re interested in finnish culture this book is a nice read.

    17. Aleksis Kivi is the most beloved Finnish author, and this novel is one of the literary and cultural hubs for the Finnish people The Finnish text is not for the linguistically challenged, obviously, but the English translation preserves the humor and cultural authenticity very nicely I ve read both.

    18. Had to read it for school and I have to admit, I was pleasently supprised It got a bit boring towards the end but all in all very good story telling I loved how all the brothers had their own unique personalities My favorite brother was Eero

    19. Finnish classic The finnish language at it s very best, so might not work so well in other languages Tells us Finns what we are from, kind of anyways.

    20. And so I came here to talk about the great Seven Brothers by the great Aleksis Kivi But before I get to the actual reviewing, I would just like to say that lying is not a part of my repertoire Therefore I must confess I am not the most skilled reader nor did I want to barge in here with some supercilious book review, pretending to be a sophisticated literature snob Laying all my cards on the table, I m just an intellectually lazy turd who usually only reads children s books and Donald Duck comic [...]

    21. La historia de siete hermanos viviendo en un rea rural de Finlandia H me Tavastia , herederos de una granja descuidada por su padre aficionado a la caza, con poco atractivo para ellos a pesar de los esfuerzos de su madre y con m s de un conflicto por resolver con los habitantes del pueblo cercano de Tuokola Sus aventuras comienzan, propiamente, a partir del momento en que sus progenitores mueren, vi ndose obligados a pensar en su futuro y en el futuro de su patrimonio, y eventualmente, tras vari [...]

    22. I can understand how this book did not receive rave reviews in its day The seven brothers are a not the best behaved or well spoken group to meet Drinking and brawling did not suit the critics of the day either Today s audience most likely would just roll their eyes at the antics of those boys It s a shame though because his writing and dialogues do entertain the reader It reminded me of a serial type presentation And in some ways it seemed akin to Mark Twain I suspect the translation did not do [...]

    23. Hidasta ja palkitsevaa luettavaa Kieli on lukuisista vanhahtavista sanoista huolimatta on ymm rrett v ja rikasta Luonto kumisee tekstiss ja k y selv ksi, miten t rke yhteys siihen on ollut Nautin my s ajankuvasta Esim itsemurhayritys, joukkotappelut ja naisten harjoittama perhev kivalta n ytt v t aivan toisilta, kun niit kuvataan vailla nykyp iv n kaikkitiet v terminologiaa Toki ihmiskuvassa ja juonessa n kyy, ettei kaikkea ole ollut sopivaa kirjoittaa, mutta mm luontokuvat ja toimintakohtaukset [...]

    24. Quite different from anything I have read the closest would have to be what I read in 11th grade for British literature Shakespeare, Beowulf, the Canterbury Tales, and the like The translator s foreward, which seemed a little pretentious at first with its musical references, made sense immediately upon diving into the actual book This nature may have contributed to the unpredictable pacing of the book, where events were distributed among chapters in a less than predictable way.

    25. Seven Brothers is very well written assuming the translation is accurate and poetic, as well as having extremely lovable and entertaining characters, though they may seem a bit like caricatures The scene in which the 7 brothers battle an army of 40 bulls and a bear while surviving 3 whole days trapped on top of a rock is absurd, but amusing I especially love all the tales Aapo gives throughout the book They re fantastic in both senses of the word.The drawback of the novel is that it is around 16 [...]

    26. T m on yksi klassikoista jotka oli pakko lukea lukiossa.Miehist brassailua, toksista maskuliinisuutta ja perusteetonta auktoriteettikammoa oikein olan takaa Toki my skin nokkelia oivalluksia ja fiksuja heittoja Pojat on poikia , sanoi ik nope kirjasta l mpim sti puhuessaan, ja jo silloin p tin suhtautua kriittisesti kirjaan.Lukuvuosi on arvio.

    27. Reading it in Finnish language as part of an evening Finnish language course, quite ambitious Found the selkokirja a sort of simplified shortened version much easier to read and the group meets 4 times to discuss the book also in Finnish language as we proceed to read it together.

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