You Have the Right to Remain Innocent #2020

You Have the Right to Remain Innocent By James Duane Stephen G. Breyer You Have the Right to Remain Innocent An urgent compact manifesto that will teach you how to protect your rights your freedom and your future when talking to police Law professor James J Duane became a viral sensation thanks to a
  • Title: You Have the Right to Remain Innocent
  • Author: James Duane Stephen G. Breyer
  • ISBN: 9781503933392
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • You Have the Right to Remain Innocent By James Duane Stephen G. Breyer An urgent, compact manifesto that will teach you how to protect your rights, your freedom, and your future when talking to police.Law professor James J Duane became a viral sensation thanks to a 2008 lecture outlining the reasons why you should never agree to answer questions from the police especially if you are innocent and wish to stay out of trouble with the law In tAn urgent, compact manifesto that will teach you how to protect your rights, your freedom, and your future when talking to police.Law professor James J Duane became a viral sensation thanks to a 2008 lecture outlining the reasons why you should never agree to answer questions from the police especially if you are innocent and wish to stay out of trouble with the law In this timely, relevant, and pragmatic new book, he expands on that presentation, offering a vigorous defense of every citizen s constitutionally protected right to avoid self incrimination Getting a lawyer is not only the best policy, Professor Duane argues, it s also the advice law enforcement professionals give their own kids.Using actual case histories of innocent men and women exonerated after decades in prison because of information they voluntarily gave to police, Professor Duane demonstrates the critical importance of a constitutional right not well or widely understood by the average American Reflecting the most recent attitudes of the Supreme Court, Professor Duane argues that it is now even easier for police to use your own words against you This lively and informative guide explains what everyone needs to know to protect themselves and those they love.
    You Have the Right to Remain Innocent By James Duane Stephen G. Breyer
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    1. Many have seen the You Tube video by the same author, telling you to never trust anyone in the criminal justice system I saw it a few years ago and thought it was interesting To me, you don t necessarily need to read this book The You Tube video and the quotes that I am sharing should be sufficient It was a relatively short and quick read Mind you, I had to skim through many of the horror stories with all the injustice that some have encountered I cannot stand that sort of pain Some of the tips [...]

    2. Like a lot of people who watched James Duane s video on what to do when questioned by the police I was as taken with his extremely articulate almost glib style as I was his message which was very simple don t talk to the police, you cannot help yourself and and may cause yourself harm He expands that slightly in this book if you have something that is exculpatory regarding the offense about which you are being questioned, for example you were out of the country and have the ticket receipts and s [...]

    3. What a dull little book.The premise is interesting Remaining innocent when the US legal system is set up not as we assume innocent until proven guilty but the other way around Guilty until proven innocent Basically, the list goes Don t talk to officers besides giving what s happened at that moment and not in the past, do not use the Fifth Amendment because they ll assume you re hiding your guilt, and do use your Sixth Amendment right to a lawyer.That s it And this book on my Kindle is a bit over [...]

    4. Throughout the book, James Duane explores why someone especially someone innocent should never talk to the police and instead should repeat I want a lawyer The content of the book is a bit dry he uses case histories of people who have been wrongfully convicted or have given false confessions But Duane livens up the content with some excerpts from his lecture, Don t Talk to Police My favorite excerpt is an exercise where Duane outlines a fictional crime report and then asks four questions about t [...]

    5. This is a short informational text designed to let the reader know how to deal with law enforcement or really any other government agency that wants to question to them The author s belief of never talk to the police is one I have held for a long time, this book just gave concrete evidence to what I already instinctively knew To sum up this book, if you are asked questions by the police or other government authority and you feel that they are trying to gain evidence on you, you should claim the [...]

    6. If you ve ever thought What s the harm in talking to the police if I ve done nothing wrong, then you need to read this book It starts with the simple fact that police detectives and district attorneys advise their own children to never talk to the police without a lawyer present And near the end, it chronicles multiple cases where people were wrongly convicted based largely on completely true statements they made to the police He rolls out some incredible statistics, like in one study of wrongly [...]

    7. This was a real eye opener Before reading this book, if questioned by the police or any government agent I would have probably agreed to answer any of their questions candidly and honestly, thinking that they would surely realize that I was one of the good guys and then move on Now I know better The only questions you should answer are, Who are you and What are you doing now The proper response to any other question is, I want a lawyer Any other answer could be potentially catastrophic.If you th [...]

    8. What a fantastic book Really an insight into our criminal justice system A must read for anyone who lives in America Especially a must read for anyone underprivileged.

    9. Essential, essential read with scary examples to back it up To summarize If a cop ever wants to talk to you about some crime, even if you didn t do it, even if you have a solid alibi, do not talk to them Also don t take the 5th, which can be used against you in court Say I want a lawyer until you get one.

    10. Essential adviceI m a former attorney and judge, but only briefly worked in criminal defense and I learned a lot in this short, entertaining book about how the criminal justice system works or, in too many tragic cases, doesn t for those who get caught up in it Hopefully this is advice most people will never need, but 1 if you do, you ll be glad to have it, and 2 even if you don t, we all would prefer to live in a society where justice feels, well, Just, and being familiar with the issues facing [...]

    11. Well, now I know The condition of our judicial system is downright scary And I hope I NEVER need the info in this book But if I do, I feel like I have a fighting chance.This is a short book, so it reads pretty fast And it s PACKED with info It s written in three parts The first part is meant to scare you so you ll pay attention to the rest of the book It does The second part tells you how things SHOULD be, and the third part tells you what to actually DO.I won this book in a giveaway, but it s w [...]

    12. First, a huge thank you to NetGalley and Little A for approving my request to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review In this book, Duane, a Fifth Amendment expert, discusses about how the best solution to police questioning is that you should never agree to answer anything at all Even when one may think they have nothing to hide, a confession, even truthful, can be used against them However, things are not that simple when you remain silent, you may prove that you are guilty instead Ther [...]

    13. Duane starts off this book by telling us that every law enforcement officer or prosecutor admonishes their kids never to talk to police As the daughter of a prosecutor and a judge, can confirm that I emerged from the womb lisping I have a 5th amendment wight againtht thelf incriminathon And in fact, those same people who devote their careers to trying to convince suspects to waive their rights They will immediate assert those rights when investigated themselves Duane points out how elitist that [...]

    14. The most important, shocking, and instructive books I ve read It s a very short read, very to the point, with shocking true life examples of innocent people who have spent decades behind bars This book is not meant as any disrespect to cops at all but it does reveal what cops tell their own children to do when their children are faced with interrogations by cops Things I took away criminal law is so complex now that most people commit about 3 felonies a day from badly worded laws that are too va [...]

    15. Useful book but easily summarized.If you re looking for a fast and interesting, albeit terrifying, essay on how to deal with the police then this book is for you If you re looking for the finer points it can easily be summarized as, The only thing you should tell police is I want a lawyer That, however, is just the point of the book which misses all Duane s real examples that lead to why you should only say those four words to the police Personally I think this book should be read by everyone so [...]

    16. Informative, but a little disorganizedInformative and short about 100 pages , this quick read is worth a look for anyone who isn t already aware of the great flaws of our Justice system, particularly how the 5th amendment has shifted from being a protection into incriminating evidence against you, and how the police and other agents can willingly misquote you, as any recollection they have is taken as fact The eye opening accounts contained in these pages help the points sink in, though it can b [...]

    17. Awfully wordy for such a slim bookThe first part of the book proves beyond a reasonable doubt that it s horrifically easy for an innocent person to be railroaded, and the critical value of having 5th amendment protections against not just corrupt, but inept law enforcement If you have any doubts about this, or are unfamiliar with the many Scooter Libby style convictions brought against ordinary Joes who were foolish enough to talk to the police, you need to buy this book.The second bit explains [...]

    18. If you have seen Duane lecture on this subject it is highly entertaining whilst being deadly serious and this book takes up the serious side and should be required reading for all, especially our youth I am certainly recommending it to my kids.The reason it is so important is that much of what is being written and advised here is counter intuitive Most of us, especially when innocent, like to think that the police are on our side and, if we haven t done anything wrong, why not talk to the police [...]

    19. It was a good book to gain an understanding as to the many ways the legal system and the police can screw you over even if you re innocent The meat of the book is at the end don t say anything other than I want an attorney or Give me an attorney over and over until the police give up asking you questions and give you your attorney Don t be shy or hesitant when you do this, don t offer any information regardless of how innocent you think it may be, don t say anything Thought your 5th amendment ri [...]

    20. This book is utterly terrifying With example after example, Duane hammers home the point that speaking to the police is, in the vast majority of scenarios, an incredibly risky gamble with the rest of your life This is not an anti cop or anti authority screed the author does not claim all cops are bad or that we need only worry about the dishonest ones This is about human nature and the ways it intersects with a dysfunctional justice system in America NOT SPEAK TO THE POLICE This is the advice th [...]

    21. The author brims with experiences to back up his advice The editor should have restructured the book to reduce perceived redundancy and make each chapter a clearer response to separate claims It reads like a thriller and has all the markings of a passionate expert sitting down one night with a bottle of scotch, ready to tell his tales I am glad I read it because I had all the naive assumptions he points to that got people locked in jail even though they are innocent Our justice system is no long [...]

    22. This should be required reading for anyone who might find themselves on the receiving end of any interaction with police officials in the USA which is to say, every adult who comes within shooting distance of our borders or the airports that provide an approach to them.Why Everything you ve learned about your rights from watching television is now wrong You have the right to remain silent Think you so It does not mean what you think it means, and your attempt to exercise this vanishing right cou [...]

    23. A book for everyoneThis book should be read by every person in the US Parents should buy it for their children and insist that they read and understand it Always keep in mind that the police are rated on closed cases not on the actual guilt or innocense of the person convicted Prosecutors are graded by the number of cases they get a conviction on which includes plea bargains not on the actual guilt of the defendant The cases they can dispose of the better they look They have no incentive to loo [...]

    24. Informative and helpful I am a Hispanic male a medaled veteran and a very helpful, kindhearted, hard working man I am also have Carmel skin shave my head and have a beard My car is all I can afford and is missing a bumper I have been pulled over for not having signaled or registration, or the bumper plate attached to front and in clear view and in every instance almost double digits now they ask to search my vehicle I have nothing to hide so I let them but it is so humiliating to have it done so [...]

    25. Absolute must read This book takes a critical look at an American justice system that is heavily slanted against the accused and, in some ways, structurally broken It would have been easy to paint police in a negative light when it comes to this topic but the author does a good job reminding readers that they re only human and how big of a role confirmation bias can play in these interrogations It s a nuanced conversation we need to have in this country and, hopefully, we can soon tackle over cr [...]

    26. The whole thing is worth reading, but I will summarize If police or law enforcement ever want to question you, for just about any reason or situation in which you haven t called them for help, you should do exactly one thing reply, I want a lawyer Do exactly that thing, and only that thing The book goes through all of the reasons behind this, citing legal precedent and a basic understanding of the legal and court systems All of these elements are valuable information But the takeaway is I want a [...]

    27. Everyone should read this If I was a teacher of any subject in high school, I would assign this book as extra credit Important civics lesson especially for minority urban economically disadvantaged youth The only issue I have as an academic reader is that it doesn t go into enough detail and skims over the case studies However, this is probably a plus for most readers as it makes this short book approachable and very easy to read and understand.

    28. This is a concise book about why, even if you are innocent, you should not talk to the police The author s videotaped guest lecture at a law school class on the topic is justifiably famous, and might actually be a complete substitute for this book available on YouTube , although the presentation here is logical and clear Given how important the advice is, it may be worth viewing both.

    29. Great Guide Onn Why The Fifth and Sixth Amendments Protect The Innocent As Well As The GuiltyThis is a short book about why people should never talk to police It covers the complex world of the Forth and Sixth Amendments I found it very helpful, and for everyone who runs into a police officer I would take the advice seriously Highly recommended.

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