Every Hidden Thing #2020

Every Hidden Thing By Kenneth Oppel Every Hidden Thing Somewhere in the Badlands buried in millennia of rock and sand lie the bones of a massive dinosaur a Rex Discovering it would be the greatest fossil find of the nineteenth century Samuel Bolt needs
  • Title: Every Hidden Thing
  • Author: Kenneth Oppel
  • ISBN: 9781481464161
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every Hidden Thing By Kenneth Oppel Somewhere in the Badlands, buried in millennia of rock and sand, lie the bones of a massive dinosaur a Rex Discovering it would be the greatest fossil find of the nineteenth century Samuel Bolt needs to be the one to do it.Rachel Cartland wants the exact same thing, for herself.The Bolts The Cartlands Rival families of fossil hunters, alike in their hatred of one anothSomewhere in the Badlands, buried in millennia of rock and sand, lie the bones of a massive dinosaur a Rex Discovering it would be the greatest fossil find of the nineteenth century Samuel Bolt needs to be the one to do it.Rachel Cartland wants the exact same thing, for herself.The Bolts The Cartlands Rival families of fossil hunters, alike in their hatred of one another and their dream of finding the Rex As both set off into a treacherous landscape searching for the glory of the first American dinosaurs, their paths cross Amid danger and mystery, the competition between their fathers intensifies But Rachel and Samuel also find themselves pushed closer together.What if they joined forces Could they find a new life together among the ruins of a lost world Or will old enmities keep them from both the Rex and each other
    Every Hidden Thing By Kenneth Oppel
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      I was born in 1967 in Port Alberni, a mill town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia but spent the bulk of my childhood in Victoria, B.C and on the opposite coast, in Halifax, Nova ScotiaAt around twelve I decided I wanted to be a writer this came after deciding I wanted to be a scientist, and then an architect I started out writing sci fi epics my Star Wars phase then went on to swords and sorcery tales my Dungeons and Dragons phase and then, during the summer holiday when I was fourteen, started on a humorous story about a boy addicted to video games written, of course, during my video game phase It turned out to be quite a long story, really a short novel, and I rewrote it the next summer We had a family friend who knew Roald Dahl one of my favourite authors and this friend offered to show Dahl my story I was paralysed with excitement I never heard back from Roald Dahl directly, but he read my story, and liked it enough to pass on to his own literary agent I got a letter from them, saying they wanted to take me on, and try to sell my story And they did.


    1. Romeo Juliet meets Indiana Jones is a pretty accurate description The story itself is pretty unique Samuel and Rachel s fathers are both trying to discover the same dinosaur in the Wild West Their feuding fathers ask them to spy on each other at first, but the kids fall in love It took me a bit to place exactly when this story was taking place, but I figured it out once they hopped on a Union Pacific train and had soldiers protect them from IndiansAs far as the characters go, Rachel was super ha [...]

    2. When I first heard about this book I thought, hmm, Wild West, dinosaurs, Romeo and Juliet what an intriguing mix I definitely need to read this book, plus the cover is gorgeous And so the waiting began it was one of my most anticipated releases of the month Imagine my surprise when everything derailed so fast, I couldn t even say Bummer.I will split the structure of this book in two on one side we have the plot, on the other side we have characters.The story follows two rival families of archeol [...]

    3. Romeo and Juliet meets Indiana Jones in this this new YA epic from Printz winning author Kenneth Oppel that combines the hunt for a dinosaur skeleton buried for millions of years, a mysterious legend, bitter rivalries and a forbidden romance.Umm YES, please.

    4. This review has also been posted on Xpresso ReadsThe Airborn series was one of my favs ever growing up so I was immediately like YAAS to Every Hidden Thing but then I saw it was pitched as Indiana Jones meets Romeo Juliet and was like double YAAS WHO CAN RESIST THE COMBO of a childhood fav author and INDIANA JONES MEETS ROMEO JULIET Not me obviously Anyway, I loved this book and that is all you re ever going to need to know in your life BYE NOW See you again someday comes back reluctantly to fin [...]

    5. When I was younger, I went through a brief phase where I really wanted to be an archaeologist I was always interested in the finding things in the ground aspect of archaeology than the actual artifacts, and this book made the kid in me really happy It was basically everything I never knew I wanted to read about The premise of this book hooked me from the moment I heard it, and I had to drop everything to read it immediately.Every Hidden Thing is pitched as Romeo and Juliet meets Indiana Jones, [...]

    6. Finding Fossils, Finding InstaLoveIf you re not a big fan of insta love then you ll probably be doing some major face palms while reading this book Two of the main characters, Rachel Sam, don t just think they re in love, they go from full fledged bumbling innocents view spoiler to married business partners, hide spoiler in record time with ALL details included unfortunately I liked how the characters deviated from the norm though and didn t follow their strict society rules I wasn t expecting t [...]

    7. Pages read 11 less than one chapter The writing reads really contemporary to me, and there s so little that grounds the story in 1874 Both narrative voices are immensely awkward Because it doesn t feel historical, the boy comes off like a kindly, flirty grandpa, and the girl s narration is dry and awkwardly scientific After I decided to DNF, and I decided to flip ahead to the sex scenes which are perhaps the most awful, awkward things I ve ever read coughs This is what happens when men write rom [...]

    8. I so, so wanted to love this The Silverwing series was a childhood favourite, and Airborn was a pretty decent read too And this one had dinosaurs It just didn t work At all Every Hidden Thing starts with a sickening case of instalove, and never improves from there The characters aren t particularly likeable, and the star crossed lovers theme gets old quick The plot is implausible view spoiler with characters finding all the dinosaurs left right and centre hide spoiler , and there s little sense [...]

    9. This review can also be found on YA Books Central and in Spanish at The Reader and the Chef Thoughts are based on an eARC received from the publisher An Adventurous Tale of Fossils and Forbidden Romance If there s one historical YA book about romance, travel, and adventure to read in 2016, it s this one Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppel is surely a gem to be discovered by readers eager to board a train into the late nineteenth century America and spend a summer unearthing dinosaur fossils la R [...]

    10. This review was originally posted on my blog.I don t know where to start with this review The first half of this book was horrible I didn t enjoy it at all and honestly thought about DNFing which I never do Part of me feels like the second half of the book made up for it, but I still feel that it wasn t enough to truly redeem the book.The first thing that put me off this book was the sexism Although one of the overarching themes of the book is Rachel s dedication to science and her determination [...]

    11. This was a 4 4.5 for me.EVERY HIDDEN THING by Kenneth Oppel is an entertaining, dinosaur digging, adventure novel with a hint of Romeo and Juliet I absolutely loved this and I suspect that after its publication, there ll be a big increase in kids wanting to be palaeontologists Set during the 19th century and inspired in part by The Bone Wars , this book follows two teenagers who are determined to find this infamous dinosaur with the power to change lives.Fairly early on the reader is able to fig [...]

    12. I received an Advanced Reader s Copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This has not influenced my opinion in any way 2.5 stars This book is basically dinosaurs Romeo and Juliet WildWest And if that doesn t sound interesting enough, I don t know what does Because, let s look at the big picture, shall we This should ve worked This should ve at least gotten higher thana meager 3 stars And let s not forget that even that rating is rounded up Actual rating is 2.5 stars [...]

    13. E ARC from EdelweissSamuel Bolt and Rachel Cartland meet after the Civil War at a museum presentation where Sam s father is talking about a dinosaur find he has made Rachel s father points out that he has put the skeleton together backwards, and fisticuffs ensue The two break up the fight, and go back to their daily lives These involve helping out their paleontologists fathers, and soon they are thrown back together as the two groups head out to Nebraska to investigate the same bones More fossil [...]

    14. Every Hidden Thing is described as a story of Romeo and Juliet meets Indiana Jones It s a story about two paleontologists and their kids in search of the Black Beauty or rex one of the biggest dinosauria to be discovered at its time in North America It is also loosely based on a historical event called Bone Wars I don t know where to begin I hate, HATE writing bad reviews so I am going to make this as positive as I can.Samuel and Rachel are the children of two feuding paleontologists Both of the [...]

    15. We d set out from Crowe at first light, and the grassland seemed endless But after another few minutes, a crack appeared in the prairie As we trotted closer, with every second the crack widened and deepened into a vast canyon that spread to the horizon A sunken world within our own Water and glaciers and time had scooped it out, leaving behind a windy river and tall weathered buttes and mazes of ravines The steep slopes showed all their ancient layers tawny, black, gray, red like the diagrams in [...]

    16. Every Hidden Thing is written by Kenneth Oppel I have read some of his books in the past and really enjoyed them but this one was not anything like his other and was quite disappointing I think that the difference is that he tried to write this book for an older audience than his other books The actual plot of this book is very good and his word choice and writing style that he used was effective and suited the book well It is about a boy and a girl who are from two rival fossil hunting families [...]

    17. Title Every Hidden ThingAuthor Kenneth OppelAge Group Teen Young AdultGenre Adeventure RomanceSeries N A, standaloneStar Rating 5 out of 5 StarsI borrowed this book from my local library and reviewed it.I d like to start this review on a slightly personal note I m sorry I ve been inactive lately My husband and I just moved into our brand new house, and these past couple of weeks have been a hectic flurry of packing, unpacking, cleaning, and getting our affairs in order You guys have been on my m [...]

    18. Why can historical fiction almost never have humor At least this isn t relentlessly depressing, and even has a few moments of joy And about 4 5 through there is one slapstick scene But that s it, and that s than most.I did like the young lovers unlike another reviewer, I found their infatuation friendship entirely believable I also did feel like I got to know them as individuals, not just as 19th century versions of Juliet and Romeo And yet I just didn t feel like I wanted a love story but then [...]

    19. I loooooooved this book.The POVs were both great, and I loved how Rachel and Sam interacted I also love how the author wove in legend and paleonthology together in the book, and there wasn t a single moment where I was bored When I got to the ending I was almost jumping out of my seat, because I couldn t wait until they found the actual skeleton.Basically, my love of dinosaurs and paleonthology was very complete with this novel.

    20. Amazing, as Kenneth Oppel always is But out here in the ruins of the world, there were no buildings or rooms to separate or contain us No bookish laws and rules to manacle us It seemed ridiculous out here, all that stuff made of brick and timbers and paper and people s stale breath Out here the rock had no rules and the hills had no laws and the vast sky was everywhere and watching, but didn t care one bit.

    21. 3.5 Maybe 4 It was a fairly quick read, and I did enjoy it, but there was something just not working for me especially toward the end and I just cannot put my finger on it However, all the dino talk was A and it warmed my fossilized, Jurassic Park loving heart.

    22. I really enjoyed this book Especially with the excavation part I didn t like the romance aspect to it but it did kind of help with the plot and the overall quality of the story It was a good ending and I could see a sequel in the future.

    23. Dinosaurs, paleontologists, family conflicts, forbidden love and Sioux uprisings This book has it all This was an interesting read I liked how Oppel was able to weave his research into the plot.

    24. Thanks so much to HarperCollins for sending me a copy of this book for an honest review, as always, all opinions are my own.This book is pitched as Romeo and Juliet meets Indiana Jones Going in, I was a little skeptical on how that would turn out, I mean, RJ doesn t really have the most hopeful ending and my knowledge of Indiana Jones is just whatever snippets of the movies I happened to watch as I walked past the living room if someone in my house just happened to be watching it However, I will [...]

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