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Coach Maddie and the Marine By Blaire Edens Coach Maddie and the Marine After the combat death of her Marine husband grief counselor Maddie Westerfield has thrown herself into helping other families leaving no time for dating Which is just fine with Maddie since falling
  • Title: Coach Maddie and the Marine
  • Author: Blaire Edens
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  • Page: 288
  • Format: ebook
  • Coach Maddie and the Marine By Blaire Edens After the combat death of her Marine husband, grief counselor Maddie Westerfield has thrown herself into helping other families leaving no time for dating Which is just fine with Maddie since falling in love again, especially with another man in uniform, is out of the question No matter how gorgeous he is Plus, she s busy looking after her eight year old nephew for herAfter the combat death of her Marine husband, grief counselor Maddie Westerfield has thrown herself into helping other families leaving no time for dating Which is just fine with Maddie since falling in love again, especially with another man in uniform, is out of the question No matter how gorgeous he is Plus, she s busy looking after her eight year old nephew for her deployed sister.For the last eight years, Lieutenant David Sterling has lived with the guilt of losing one of his soldiers in an ambush in Afghanistan So when the opportunity presents itself, he jumps at the chance to help the beautiful widow coach her nephew s football team But keeping things strictly professional between them is harder than he expected And even though he knows a relationship with Maddie will only lead to heartbreak, he can t help falling for her.
    Coach Maddie and the Marine By Blaire Edens
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    1. 3 A Girl Football Coach StarsWhen I got this book I was really looking forward to it Coach Maddie and the Marine sounded like a cute lighthearted read that would put me in my warm fuzzy zone, but sadly it missed its mark While parts of this book were cute, it was lacking any real substance In the first 50% of the book the couple were cute,but a little cheesy David comes off a little too perfect in the first half But I am okay with cheesy and perfect when I read lighthearted books Then at like th [...]

    2. 1 You think way to much for your own good Star.I generally only give one star to a book I DNF I read this to the end as its a relatively short book, as will be my review.The first 65% was basically an American Football for Beginners handbook, interspersed with a couple that kissed a few times and then decided after each occurrence that they couldn t be together It frightens me to think I might lose someone I love again The next 10% is all kinds of insta everything, with our H then making the mot [...]

    3. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.I am giving this one a very generous three stars The story was rather predictable in almost every way but nothing in the book really bothered me It is a short little book that I easily finished in an evening The book held my attention and entertained me sufficiently for a few hours This was a sweet little romance with very little heat Maddie s husband died serving in the Marines Her sister is currently on a tour of duty and Maddie is busy tak [...]

    4. The premise of Coach Maddie and the Marine sounded good and being a fairly regular reader of the Bliss imprint I was hoping for an enjoyable romance with a small town family feel, strong heroine and a hero to fall in love with Screw Football He wanted to play an altogether different game with her Unfortunately though this just didn t work for me David and Maddie lacked chemistry and although the military aspect and their shared grief introduced an emotional angle, it wasn t executed Granted thei [...]

    5. This is something of an instant love romance with plenty of quirks, twists and an emotional roller coaster thrown in for good measure Years after her young Marine husband was killed in combat, Maddie Westerfield is thrown when she meets the man who had been his commanding officer, Lieutenant David Sterling, especially when the two are instantly attracted to each other, but both are determined to resist the allure of the other because of their memories of her dead husband.I liked how Maddie was d [...]

    6. 3 starsCoach Maddie and the Marine was a sweet and heartwarming read.I liked the plot and characters but the drama towards the end could have easily been dealt with if David had opened up to Maddie and talked to her about his fears and feelings For a strong man it felt like a cowards way to handle his feelings Having said that I did enjoy the epilogue and felt satisfied these two were going to have a long and happy life together Thank you to Entangled Bliss via NetGalley for the advance copy.

    7. Original review can be found at kristineandterri 2 I received an advanced readers copy from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you If you are looking for a quick and easy contemporary romance, this book will fit the bill It is a sweet read that can be finished in less than a couple of hours This is not the book to pick up if you are feeling a complex and thought provoking storyline with a ton of depth.I sometimes really enjoy it when I can get through a boo [...]

    8. I love a lighthearted feel good story and this one fit the bill A clean romance with a military theme, this story hit all of the high notes for a quick and sweet read The author took a twist on a military romance that was unique and added a lot to the depth of the story and the feelings between the two main leads I loved the hesitant growth between the them and then when the realization hits, the all in was so sweet.This author brings in so many emotions into her writing You get the highs and lo [...]

    9. How do you fight a connection that was meant to happen You see this meeting had been 8 years in the making Both parties had tried to move on and really thought they had until Maddie Westerfield s 8 year old nephew Andrew decided to take matters into his own hands You see Maddie s sister Callie is on deployment for 3 months and Maddie is caring for Andrew Well, the coach of his football team was deployed too and now they are out a coach Andrew sneaks out of the house scaring Maddie to death only [...]

    10. 1.5 stars I was looking for something light and fluffy and the synopsis sounded like it fit the bill Sadly, I was disappointed by the execution Maddie and David could be interesting characters I loved the idea of the common background that tied them together and it seemed promising However, it felt like neither of them were fully fleshed out What I struggled the most with was the passage of time Everything seemed quite rushed view spoiler They meet and a week later are in love and basically agre [...]

    11. Coach Maddie and the Marine is my first book by Blaire Edens This is a well written book I loved the characters and their interaction with each other Maddie and David s story is an emotional roller coaster because Maddie s husband was killed in action and David was his commanding officer and with him at the time of his death Add in Maddie s nephew living with her while her sister is deployed and this story just flies There s a bit of sadness in this book, but well balanced with humor, hope and a [...]

    12. I enjoyed the first half of this book when Maddie and David were getting to know each other I would have liked some humour in the story to offset its heavy tone I didn t enjoy the story once the pair got romantically involved Everything happened at an unrealistic pace They slept together and got engaged on the first date There wasn t much of a storyline other than the fact that they were attracted to each other and that they were both still dealing with their own grief and trauma after nearly a [...]

    13. Sad to say I m a bit disappointed with this one It had a lot of promise A great premise, incredible characters, and a wonderful sweet romance However the pace of the story was at a breakneck speed and before I knew it I was done Just leaving me wantingI wanted to know the characters better I wanted to understand how their shared past affected them I wanted antics from the football team I just wanted .

    14. Such an awesome love story especially if you have a soft spot for wounded vets Was completely enthralled once I started the book, and could not put it down until I had finished Highly recommend

    15. Our Rating Thanks to the military, Maddie s got her hands full, and the last thing she needs is a man in uniform distracting her Since her husband died in combat, she s devoted herself to helping other families handle grief, all while keeping an eye on her nephew while her sister is deployed overseas But apparently she isn t keeping a close enough eye on him, since he wanders off, only to return with a handsome military man that Maddie certainly doesn t want to be attracted to Except she can t h [...]

    16. I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review and here it is This is the first novel I ve read by this author.Maddie Westerfield was widowed at age 19, when her Marine husband of less than one year was killed in Afghanistan, after which she finished her education and became a grief counselor Her sister, Callie, also joined the military and is now serving in Afghanistan while Maddy is caring for her 8 year old son, Andrew, whom she one day realizes hasn t arrived home when he s [...]

    17. I am so glad that this story deals with a military family and depicts some of what the kids of deployed parents have to go through Maddie is a young lady that has taken on the role of being the soul provider for her nephew while his mom is deployed This is a huge responsibility for someone that does not have kids of their own Keeping up with the day to day routines of oneself, let alone add in the routine and extra curricular activities of a young kid, can make a busy life for Maddie When she lo [...]

    18. Coach Maddie and the Marine is about a woman named Maddie Westerfield, a grief counsellor after her husband died, who falls in love with Lieutenant David Sterling As they both fight their feelings for one another to keep things strictly professional, they can t help but notice that the attraction they have can not be fought Some things are just meant to be The description was so well written that I thought that this novel was going to be an easy, lighthearted, romantic read I was actually lookin [...]

    19. Why yes, yes a woman can coach a football team And thank you, Blaire Edens, for writing a book where a woman doesn t have the typical female romance character job, or in this case, maybe I should say hobby Since Maddie s real job is a counseling position Oh, well The point is that Maddie Westerfield is showing that she can be just as good as the guys, and I really like that The characters in this clean romance story are developed than some of the typical romance characters out there David s pas [...]

    20. Maddie Westerfield gave her heart away once and it was completely disintegrated, when the man she loved was killed in a combat mission From that point on she made the decision to never let love in again, or give her heart away to another soldier Her little plan has been relatively easy to accomplish since she keeps herself far too busy to date anyone between her work helping families deal with loss and caring for her nephew she has very little time to focus on anything in her personal life That [...]

    21. On the surface this is a sweet, easy romance that doesn t ask too much of the reader and provides a nice story with nice characters who have faced emotional hardships but come through the other side to find happiness With an added touch of football just to keep things interesting.If you look a little deeper, though, everything here moves really quickly then pretty much stops and jumps over a few months , and the most important issues of grief aren t really dealt with, except in a magic light bul [...]

    22. Military romances are usually good for when you want a read filled with emotions, and when one or of the characters have lost someone close to them due to their service, it normally intensifies the emotions, and in turn affects the story This is true here since both Maddie and David have lost loved ones due to war, so that emotional component makes itself known early on in the story.I found it a touch ironic that Maddie becomes a grief counselor to help others recover from their losses, but she [...]

    23. 2.5 3 stars.I found it to be just an OK read.So, here we have Maddie and David, meeting for the first time with the help of Maddie s nephew He needed a new coach, and thought David was perfect for it, but for different reason, Maddie ended up as the coach.I love how involved Maddie was in his life, loved how she cared and took care of her little nephew while his mother was away The kid was confused and sad, but Maddie was great help I liked Maddie and felt truly sad for her lost I can t imagine [...]

    24. Maddie is taking care of her sister s 8 year old son while his mom is deployed in Afghanistan The young boy, Andrew, needs a new coach for his football team and tries to recruit Lieutenant David Sterling Maddie doesn t want him around She is attracted to him but importantly he knows what the last minutes of her late husband s life were like David was his commanding officer David realizes who she is after a few minutes of conversation He believes it was his fault for the death of her late husban [...]

    25. Maddie Westerfield is looking after her 8 year old nephew while her sister is deployed She is also a grief counselor a position that she took on after she lost her own husband in Afghanistan She is just trying to make it from day to day LT David Sterling is still beating himself up the two men that were killed in the ambush eight years ago in Afghanistan, and as it turns out he runs into Maddie not knowing that she is the widow of one of the Marines that died that day He tries to distance himsel [...]

    26. I received this book from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review The topic seemed really sweet to me immediately as I read the summary before requesting the book It did not disappoint Blaire Edens has written a fantastic, sweet, and emotional story here The connection between Maddie and David is so great and deep on many levels On one, you have their military connection I won t give that away , on another you have their physical connection, and on another, you have their emotional [...]

    27. Please note this review may contain spoilers.Unfortunately, COACH MADDIE AND THE MARINE was a book I just couldn t get in to Both Maddie and David ran too hot and cold for my liking and I didn t feel any chemistry between them at all Even for an insta love, everything seemed to move way too fast and felt like a teen romance read After just one date that didn t involve sex both Maddie and David talk about marriage and being together forever Maddie who is almost 30 even starts doodling her future [...]

    28. Coach Maddie and the Marine by Blaire Edens is Maddie Westerfield and Lieutenant David Sterling s story Maddie Westerfield s husband was a Marine and died in combat eight years ago She is a grief counselor so that she can help other people going through lose like she did I think that she is hiding from facing her lose by helping others deal with their grief Maddie has not made time for dating during this time, plus she has been a caregiver for her eight year old nephew for her deployed sister.Li [...]

    29. 1 1 2 stars.This review also appears on Pretty Sassy Cool.I was so excited to read this book I love military guys and this one sounded so perfect Unfortunately, Coach Maddie and the Marine didn t live up to the hype I had built up for it in my mind There are some things that I did like, including the football stuff and Maddie s nephew Hew was cute and realistic This is a super fast read, and I think maybe if it had been longer, I would have liked it There s drama and miscommunication and angst [...]

    30. Given to me for an honest review Maddie looks at the clock and realizes it s late She calls her nephew and he is not in the house This triggers her memories of the Marines telling her that her husband was dead Where is her nephew She can t decide what to do first After panicking she goes back home to call his friends The door bell rings This is a bad thing because the friends and neighbors use the side entrance She answers the door and there is a Marine and Andrew It seems Andrew and his team we [...]

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