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The Mare By Mary Gaitskill The Mare Following her National Book Award nominated Veronica here is Mary Gaitskill s most poignant and powerful work yet the story of a Dominican girl the Anglo woman who introduces her to riding and the
  • Title: The Mare
  • Author: Mary Gaitskill
  • ISBN: 9781101870624
  • Page: 365
  • Format: ebook
  • The Mare By Mary Gaitskill Following her National Book Award nominated Veronica, here is Mary Gaitskill s most poignant and powerful work yet the story of a Dominican girl, the Anglo woman who introduces her to riding, and the horse who changes everything for her Velveteen Vargas is eleven years old, a Fresh Air Fund kid from Brooklyn Her host family is a couple in upstate New York Ginger, a fFollowing her National Book Award nominated Veronica, here is Mary Gaitskill s most poignant and powerful work yet the story of a Dominican girl, the Anglo woman who introduces her to riding, and the horse who changes everything for her Velveteen Vargas is eleven years old, a Fresh Air Fund kid from Brooklyn Her host family is a couple in upstate New York Ginger, a failed artist and shakily recovered alcoholic, and her academic husband, Paul, who wonder what it will mean to make a difference in such a contrived situation Gaitskill illuminates their shifting relationship with Velvet over several years, as well as Velvet s encounter with the horses at the stable down the road especially with an abused, unruly mare called Fugly Girl With strong supporting characters Velvet s abusive mother, an eccentric horse trainer, a charismatic older boy who awakens Velvet s nascent passion The Mare traces Velvet s journey between the vital, violent world of the inner city and the world of the small town stable In Gaitskill s hands, the timeless story of a girl and a horse is joined with a timely story of people from different races and classes trying to meet one another honestly The Mare is raw, heart stirring, and original.From the Hardcover edition.
    The Mare By Mary Gaitskill
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      Mary Gaitskill is an American author of essays, short stories and novels Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, Harper s Magazine, Esquire, The Best American Short Stories 1993 and 2006 , and The O Henry Prize Stories 1998 She married writer Peter Trachtenberg in 2001 As of 2005, she lived in New York City Gaitskill has previously lived in Toronto, San Francisco, and Marin County, CA, as well as attending the University of Michigan where she earned her B.A and won a Hopwood Award Gaitskill has recounted in her essay Revelation becoming a born again Christian at age 21 but lapsing after six months.


    1. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.Velveteen Velvet Vargas is an eleven year old Dominican girl from the inner city whose family signs up for the Fresh Air Fund, a program that pairs kids from Brooklyn with a host family in upstate New York Velvet is paired with an Anglo woman named Ginger and her husband Paul They take Ginger to their rural home, located down the road from a small town stable, where Velvet discovers the joy of riding While s [...]

    2. Audiobookrrated by Kyla Garcia, Christa Lewis, Sean Pratt, and Nicol Zanzarella.d the physical hardcover I loved BOTH the AUDIOBOOK and THE PHYSICAL BOOK The four Audiobook narrators were each excellent telling Velvet s story Each voice was so different and distinct adding zesty seasonings of moods emotions points of view and atmosphere enriching the novel as it unfolds The physical book was great too allowing a different type of personal intimacy between me the reader and the characters a littl [...]

    3. In the twilight of a year rich with books about race in America, Mary Gaitskill has just published a novel about the knee smashing effects of minority poverty and the corrosive tonic of liberal guilt The Mare is not a colossal epic of our era its vision is precise its protagonists all female are socially invisible But here, without a drop of condescension, is fiction that pumps blood through the cold facts of inequality in our country.The whole story germinates in soil fertilized by good intenti [...]

    4. Quite a few years back there was a show on Sunday evenings called Family Classics, I remember being a young girl and watching one show about a girl who fell in love with a wild horse she named Snowfire This began an obsession with horses that lasted many years That is what first drew me to this book, a horse making a big difference in a girls life.This book proved to be so much than that Some books grab you from the beginning, others like this one creep up on you slowly A young eleven year old [...]

    5. A mare and a young girl Two battered souls who found each other and together they conquered the world At first I thought I m dropping this book as soon as some sentimental emotional manipulation of the reader shows its annoying face I wasn t in the mood for something like Lassy Comes Home in horsy language I was in the mood for a cozy, nice, relaxing read But no frills no fuzz, please.What a wake up call Alas, I turned out to be so deeply involved in the story of the disadvantage 11 year old Dom [...]

    6. This review can also be found at Carole s Random LifeI didn t really know much about this story before I decided to give it a try I think I really wanted to get lost in a story that was focused on a horse I did end up getting completely pulled into this story but I quickly found out that this story really isn t about a horse Sure, there is a horse in the story but this is really a story about a group of people tied to one another just trying to get through life This book was very different that [...]

    7. The Brownsloved each other, deeply, from the back of the soul, with intolerance in daily life National VelvetA Booktuber I used to follow initially put this book on my radar when he rated this the best book of 2015, and surprised most of his viewers because they didn t think a story about a girl and her horse would hold his attention He is usually drawn to gritty, dark and desperate first rate novels That should have been an indicator that this wasn t going to be a sunny, modern adaptation of Na [...]

    8. This is one of the most powerful books that I ve read in a very long time Yes, it s a story about a girl and a horse but that is just the tip of what is going on here I hadn t read Mary Gaitskill before so I was absolutely amazed at her writing Her prose was succinct and yet fluid, I m having trouble describing it because it was very unique Her characters are so very believable because they are flawed and have many things that they are dealing with besides the interactions with Velvet.The story [...]

    9. I stayed up until 4 a.m reading this novel with the kind of holy shit urgency only the best writing can make you feel I ve since recommended it left and right and pressed it into friends hands with an emphatic, You HAVE to read this Don t look up what the novel is about and don t read the summaries If you do, you ll roll your eyes and think about all the things that could go wrong, all the reasons to be skeptical Great writers take on what shouldn t work They overcome our skepticism, and they do [...]

    10. There are all sorts of things that might have gone wrong with this premise a coming of age Dominican girl named Velveteen who, through the Fresh Air program, connects with a childless and privileged white woman, Ginger, and a horse named Fiery Girl.The book could have been preachy or sentimental or reductive or too politically correct or overly clich d, with its focus on rich and poor, black and white, human and animal It is none of these things Mary Gaitskill has written a thoroughbred of a nov [...]

    11. I don t really know what to say about The Mare I think I was somewhat disappointed in it Now admittedly I was wary of it because of the whole horse thing That was before reading it and giving it a chance I did give it a chance but while it s definitely readable it just bored me and annoyed me overall Mainly because of the white rich couple take in a poor black girl for a while and bond with her and turn her into horse riding star cliche, then the perfectly happy married couple who actually are h [...]

    12. MY FAVORITE BOOK OF 2015 It takes all kinds of readers I, for one, like my books honest, raw, and full of grit While others prefer something entirely different Diversity The name of the game So, I came upon The Mare, Mary Gaitskill s newest outing with some hesitation As an author, I READ reviews And, in this particular case, I ALMOST didn t download the book because the reviews weren t stellar Instead, what I gathered from the chorus of combined voices was anger and prejudice and a lack of char [...]

    13. I admit that I was initially skeptical about this book, which I received as a galley from the publisher in June at the American Library Association conference I saw the horse on the cover, then skimmed the blurb on the back and mentally sighed, Oh A horse book But, of course, this is Mary Gaitskill, so this is not a horse book it is a book about women and their desires Yes, it is a damaged, unpredictable horse named Fiery Girl that saves Velveteen Vargas from herself, but Velvet s story is about [...]

    14. There was something about this book that didn t sit well with me I don t know if it was the style in which it is written which made it feel longer to me the voice of the characters or the lack of action The premise of the story is Ginger and Paul are a childless couple that take part in the Fresh Air Program which matches inner city kids with a family in the suburbs Ginger and Paul get Velveteen Vargas Velvet a young girl from DR that has a mother that is spiteful and angry.The story is told fro [...]

    15. This is my last great book of 2015, and boy did it knock my socks off It s got everything I love flawed, fascinating characters, complex parent child relationships, class conflict, great writing This is a story of an upper middle class couple who decide to take in a Fresh Air Fund kid from Brooklyn for the summer Full disclosure my family did this once and it was the hardest thing we ve ever done I d never do it again In the process, the girl meets an abused horse and becomes an accomplished rid [...]

    16. The writing is solid, easily consumed, with an approachable tone, and I enjoyed the structure, although I did find some discrepancies in facts that suggest better editing was in order The character sketches are well formed, but they failed to develop into real characters and remained merely sketches The tension in the story and there s plenty of it, between a precocious, young teenager discovering her own power and her insecure, abusive mother, or the recovering alcoholic whose new addiction bec [...]

    17. National Velvet was the inspiration for The Mare, but don t expect a modern rewrite of the novel that became a beloved Elizabeth Taylor movie There are several major differences between the two versions one is a fairy tale and one is not, one is for children and one is not, one has Velvet Brown and one has a brown Velvet.In The Mare, Ginger brings improvised, 11 year old, Dominican immigrant Velvet to stay with her for two weeks one summer The pairing is done through a non profit agency The frie [...]

    18. I loved this story about a Dominican girl trying to make her way in the world.When inner city pre teen Velvet gets an opportunity to go to Fresh Air camp and ride horses, we just know that her white liberal benefactor Ginger is going to make a big difference in her life But little do we know what overwhelming struggles she will face with poverty, sub par schools, peer pressure, and a mother who loves her a little too fiercely It s hard for us to understand how a mother can love her daughter and [...]

    19. Let me just start by saying, I am a fan of Mary Gaitskill Her prose is absolutely, stunningly poetic She can make the mundane, ordinary and everyday seem beautiful, delicate and something to be treasured Or maybe it s appropriate to say her words remind me that it SHOULD be.I enjoyed Veronica but in the same breath I would never re read it nor would I ever recommend it to anyone else In Veronica she took it too far , so to speak I m not even sure that it would be much of an exaggeration to say [...]

    20. Like many women, I was a 20 year old New Yorker when I read Gaitskill s first collection, Bad Behavior I loved its edgy honesty as well as Gaitskill s ability to mine the beauty of harsh realities But that was decades ago I m older and so is she A lot of readers have been disappointed with The Mare where s that bad behavior But what she s done here is much wiser if not quite as successful I won t go into the plot, except to say that I loved the story and think it s one worth telling, especially [...]

    21. Day by day, month by month, year gone to another year story told in the 1st person consciousness As the trailer states it s centered around a city girl and her away from the city fostering mother family All the characters are flawed but emotive And the connections are made within the catalyst of a feisty female horse There is clash of race, language, economics, style, and manners Primarily manners and perceptions of self identity and of mobility differ immensely within the two homes It s a long [...]

    22. Well, i hated to do it, but it had to be done I gave up on this book 265 pages in I m annoyed I read so many wonderful reviews and i just don t get it

    23. So, this is loosely based on National Velvet, I think Except Velvet is Velveteen, and she s in the Fresh Air Fund program where urban and often underprivileged children from NYC are hosted by families from upstate NY during the summer where they can have rural outdoor experiences like swimming and hiking As an outdoorsy type person I always thought the Fresh Air Fund sounded glorious because spending a summer on hot concrete and asphalt sidewalks and in steamy brick apartment buildings is no con [...]

    24. This story centers on Velveteen Vargas, an inner city child who becomes a Fresh Air Fund kid to a childless couple in upstate New York The couple, Ginger and Paul, decides to host a Fresh Air Fund kid after contemplating adopting a child for their own It s mostly Ginger who wants a child Paul, who is a divorced father with a teenage daughter goes along with idea, although not fully committed Told in alternating chapters from mostly Velveteen and Ginger s point of view, the reader learns the pers [...]

    25. If you are reading this, you know me And if you know me, you know I like horses So.of course I liked this book But it is deeper than that The book is about race in America and how complicated it is for well meaning people who are trying to help, how difficult it is to accept help and how confusing it is to know what to do But it is also about growing up, finding your voice and the power of bonds with animals This is a good one.

    26. There is so much to sink your teeth into in this book It s thought provoking and complicated The juxtapositions are handled well black white, rich poor, privilege disadvantage The shades of grey Gaitskill gives room for are breathtaking It did take me a long time to immerse myself in the book but it certainly hits its stride 1 3 of the way in and doesn t let go.

    27. I see some merit in this book, but it just wasn t for me I found the plot plodding, the characters superficial, the characters conflicts repetitive, the ending anticlimactic And I had no interest in anything to do with horses.

    28. hmmm nopeereotypical depiction of latinx girl stereotypical and offensive description of latinx family stereotypical depiction of wealthy white woman who tries to do good characters sketched with massively broad strokes endless going on offensiveness.

    29. An upper middle class couple take in a Fresh Air Fund kid from Brooklyn for the summer Velvet is eleven years old She is Dominican and has led a difficult life, in the inner city At her new summer home, there is a horse farm, across the road and Velvet is introduced to the horses there and a bond begins to form and it changes the young girl s life.I like Gaitskill s writing and I enjoyed the early parts of the story, as she presents these characters I sometimes have problems with angst in these [...]

    30. Compulsively readable, but hard on the soul This was in the running for the Pulitzer this year, and I think it would ve made an excellent choice It felt very authentic and realistic I tend to avoid books that are emotionally wringing, especially if they re about children, and I can see why I ve felt sad all the days I read this book, though not enough that I didn t pick it up and pick it up It is a great work for educating readers how easily inner city kids are lost, even if they are good kids, [...]

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