Cellar Door #2020

Cellar Door By Suzanne Steele Cellar Door I eye the shadowy figure looming over me Everything in me wants to scream out that it isn t fair he knows all of me so I do It isn t fair he s had months to stalk me like prey Like a game of chess he
  • Title: Cellar Door
  • Author: Suzanne Steele
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cellar Door By Suzanne Steele I eye the shadowy figure looming over me Everything in me wants to scream out that it isn t fair he knows all of me so I do It isn t fair he s had months to stalk me like prey Like a game of chess he s calculated every move I am blinded by the darkness in this place I ve come to term as the cellar Now, I feel as if that same darkness inhabits my soul I want to screaI eye the shadowy figure looming over me Everything in me wants to scream out that it isn t fair he knows all of me so I do It isn t fair he s had months to stalk me like prey Like a game of chess he s calculated every move I am blinded by the darkness in this place I ve come to term as the cellar Now, I feel as if that same darkness inhabits my soul I want to scream, to fight, to lash out so I do He has robbed me of my freedom, and my control He will never rob me of my will to fight
    Cellar Door By Suzanne Steele
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      To keep up with all things Suzanne Steele you can find her on Facebook and her wordpress blog Everything there is up to date She loves her beautiful readers.Suzanne Steele is a television host for a TV program in her local Charlotte NC area She focuses on volunteer work and is very heavily involved in giving back to her local community The month of October will be spent focusing on breast cancer awareness Suzanne has a penchant for writing about dark characters with twisted behavioral patterns If you re looking for the typical romance, this is probably not the author for you Her characters are very alpha in nature and many times they operate under obsession for the object of their affection rather than love Though she does believe in happily ever afters, her characters many times have a bumpy ride getting there.She also writes under the pseudonym Stormy Dawn Weathers for her writings that aren t so darkly laced with a true realism of shock and awe Suzanne Steele does not believe in holding back when it comes to writing about how dark and depraved her characters are in the core of their primal natures.


    1. 3.5 4 Stars I ve read all of Suzanne Steele s books and I really love her writing style These books are a bit dark and have some pretty sadistic villains and heroes I would definitely consider Liam to be an anti hero He truly believed his actions were for the better despite how questionable and illegal they were Abducting Madonna seemed like the right thing to do so he rolled with it no matter what anyone thought I didn t completely love this one mainly because of Madonna, she seemed to accept e [...]

    2. This was a cracker of a book Twisted, sexy as fuck, and a tiny bit gruesome Told in three POVs, Liam s and Madonna s horrible name choice and view spoiler the serial killer hide spoiler it was equal parts, smokin hot sex, suspense, and a touch gruesome at times I adored Liam and his twisted Dom self Madonna was a strong heroine, but I thought her 180 turn into acceptance of what Liam did was a little bit TOO easy Still that was just a minor issue for me Also, and I can t believe I am going to sa [...]

    3. 3.5 We Were Born This Way Stars That which is called madness.That which to is the only sensible way to love Madonna has never comfortable around people Her life has always just been her Being given up at birth to an orphanage, Madonna has always just look out for herself Her life is filled with solitude and she is ok with this She has never felt lonely, but she has never felt wanted either.In the shadows lurks danger in Madonna s quiet life A danger she doesn t realize is coming from two differe [...]

    4. Well well Suzanne does it again Cellar Door is definitely one of my top fave reads from this author This entire story is one big cluster game Total head play Male twins Obsessed with same girl Copy cat serial killer hoping to gain fame at their expense This story is one heck of a head trip This story is not typical of Suzanne s previous releases As usual she accepted the challenge to move beyond her comfort zone and surpassed all expectations with this gem Be advised this story is for mature aud [...]

    5. 3.5 but giving a 3 stars because it kept me turning the pages This book was entertaining was it plausibleabsolutely not I think the writing style was good, however I personally like books thar are believeable Definitely an interesting story with developed characters, but for me things went too perfectly Of course there were downfalls for the characters, but it was all too predictable Sometimes I found some of the lines a little, dare I say corny, for a lack of a better word But it kept me enter [...]

    6. Mind twistThis is classic Suzanne Steele It is full of dark twist and turns In the end you wonder , should I have been so intrigued

    7. Thriller Holy smokes that was good It was suspenseful , sexy , scary and you didn t know what was going to happen next I loved it

    8. I don t feel that the blurb really matches the story This is the story of Madonna, a solitary by choice wordsmith, who was the next target of a fortunately captured serial killer Now the serial killer a poor man s Hannibel Lecter has been permanently imprisoned in an asylum with a very lax visitation protocol and several creepy figures seem intent on tracking Madonna down for their own purposes the serial killer s identical twin brother wants to own her while the serial killer s fanboy wants to [...]

    9. This is another book I m not sure what to make of The premise itself is interesting a girl is stalked by a serial killer so a man kidnaps and holds her against her will in order to protect her It sounds exciting, but I found the execution sorely lacking.The writing in this is very disjointed and it seems a bit basic A lot of the dialogue and the narration are stilted and repetitive, so much so that it took me out of the story and had me focusing on the writing.

    10. The blurb captivated me left me hanging, making me want to read this book.It is my first form this author and it is certainly not my usual kind of book but I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn t put it down It is a genre that I will explore again At first I hated Lance but by the end of the book, he was slightly liked.I especially loved the glimpsed I had of the psychopath s mind, both of them and Madonna, I m still undecided about her I will read again to decide.

    11. Twisted and hot Liam who we met in his evil twins book is so much then we thought And I really did think I knew what was going on but as always when reading miss suzanne steeles work you get then imaginedMadonna was a strong amazing lead and we ll Liam how can you not love himI can t believe I m saying this but I came to like lanceWowjust wow.rder mystery smutty goodness and twists u never can see coming

    12. Just when you think this woman, Suzanne Steele, can t possibly write a heart stopping, intense book than the previous onee does Liam and Madonna are perfect for one another, she just doesn t know it, so he ll have to show her Again, this story intertwines with previous books, I just love that When I want an intense read, I pull out a Suzanne Steele book She is one of the few authors that I re read her books over and over again.

    13. Loved itAnother fantastic all consuming story by amazing author I absolutely loved Liam and Madonna They were two broken souls This is a darker read that contains kidnapping, stalker, murder, and the very best a completely obsessed maybe a touch crazy alpha male Recommend for dark romance lovers

    14. I don t know what to think of this book it had some sick stuff but not that dark the way I thought this book would have been felt no emotion in this book And what pissed me off the most was we freaking missed month from Madonna s live and the BOOM She s started Beggin for Liam u know what I mean if u read the book I just couldn t Connect with characters

    15. My brand of crazyWhat can I say, but Mrs Steele has done it again We are back in Louisville and though this can be a standalone I would recommend reading the Urban Elite series first Also get cameos front Agents Turner and Murphy The Profilers and others even The Governor gets mentioned I love the entwining of her books and can t wait for from her dark Alphas

    16. Ok Could have been betterAs convoluted as the storyline is for this novel, I feel like it was really missing something I m not sure what something The description does it absolutely no justice and the characters are hard to find compelling It wasn t horrible, just lacking.

    17. WowWhen I bought this book I was a little nervous but its another hit This time its the serial killer from the last book brother story Sigh I was hooked by the end of the first chapter.

    18. It s good.It had some very interesting points in it I liked I liked the twin brothers theory of good and bad Of course the psychotic killer aspect of the story It was intriguing.

    19. LOVED LOVED LOVED Dark, sexy, never a moment when you re bored I ran through this book like crazy It kept me hooked the entire time One or two small errors at some points but not enough to make me grammar hulk out I LOVED the dark and sexy in this book I want a man like Liam

    20. Loved Liam I couldn t vibe with Madonna I understood and believed that Liam loved her, but I never believed she loved him.

    21. Not really my cup of tea I thought the h gave in way too easily Details on the characters thoughts and feelings were lacking so the story came off as implausible.

    22. Good readGood read and the characters were well developed and plot was good This is my first book by this author Read it ,see if you like, it I did

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