Wounded #2020

Wounded By Stephen Cole Wounded Sixteen year old Tom Anderson and seventeen year old Kate Folan try to escape Kate s werewolf family and fight becoming werewolves themselves by making a cross country journey in search of a mysteriou
  • Title: Wounded
  • Author: Stephen Cole
  • ISBN: 9780747564621
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wounded By Stephen Cole Sixteen year old Tom Anderson and seventeen year old Kate Folan try to escape Kate s werewolf family and fight becoming werewolves themselves by making a cross country journey in search of a mysterious man who might have a cure.
    Wounded By Stephen Cole
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      293 Stephen Cole
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      See also Steve Cole.Stephen Cole born 1971 is an English author of children s books and science fiction He was also in charge of BBC Worldwide s merchandising of the BBC Television series Doctor Who between 1997 and 1999 this was a role which found him deciding on which stories should be released on video, commissioning and editing a range of fiction and non fiction titles, producing audiobooks and acting as executive producer on the Big Finish Productions range of Doctor Who audio dramas.


    1. I d like to start with NOT giving a summary of this book.What I d like to start with, however is the intensity level of this book, which is VERY, VERY high well, for me The book starts out with Kate Folan in her bed one full moon night, skin itching, about to burst into what she thinks is her first change into a werewolf I swear I might have held my breath And just when you think she s about to go on her first rampage in her new form, IT S ALL A DREAM Spoiler Time I find both Kate and Tom very r [...]

    2. Boring, stereotypical characters wading through a violent, uninteresting world I was interested in the werewolf mythology used for the story, so I did stick with it to the end, but in retrospect, I probably wasted my time.

    3. I just loved this series I thought this first book was a little slow in the very beginning but once you get past the turning point its actually quite good The book is much like the Twilight series or Harry Potter series, except that this one is a werewolf community Its a very smooth and easy read like the series I mentioned above They are quite a bit smaller then those books but very good The main characters are around 16 17 and even though there is attraction there, its ill fated The mother of [...]

    4. Ve ne parlo nella mia prossima recensione sul blog DolciParole I licantropi non sono come avevamo immaginato Per niente attraenti e amichevoli, ma molto pi spietati e assetati di sangue Sangue umano Un horror YA con piccole venature romantiche e tanta avventura, per una storia leggera, non troppo pretenziosa, e una bella scrittura che tiene ancorati alle pagine Stay Tuned

    5. Tom Anderson s vacation turns into a nightmare when he ends up in the Folan house He is an invalid, so why lock his door And every suggestion he makes to leave or contact someone outside gets shot down The enigmatic Kate may prove his only salvation if both of them can trust each other long enough to get away And even then, there may be something bigger going on than just the two of them.What begins as an accident ends up as something far sinister Through no fault of his own, Tom finds himself [...]

    6. Mini ReviewWounded, Prey, and Resurrection are the books that made me start reading for fun I remember going through the aisle s of my local book fair and seeing Wounded on the shelf After reading the synopsis, I decided to buy it It was also one of the first bargain priced books I ever bought with my parent s money since I was still a kid When I started reading, I fell in love with the story It was interesting and kept my attention throughout This was a big thing for me since I seem to have the [...]

    7. I was really hoping to like this series I like werewolf stories, but I didn t like how the characters were never what they seemed Nice old lady on the bus who offers a place to stay Werewolf Witch doctor who will help stop the werewolf transformation Evil doctor Long lost lover Bitter ex boyfriend who thinks you killed his father Really, every character except the two main characters, Kate and Tom, were not what they first appeared to be I just kept waiting for Kate and Tom to be different than [...]

    8. I was looking for filler before the next Stephenie Meyer and Melissa de la Cruz books This didn t do it for me It tried too hard to be a horror monster movie It had moments of suspense, but the characters were too stereotypical the bumbling British geek turned hero, the runaway who gets into trouble, the overbearing mother, the washed out villain attempting a comeback, etc There was too much gore for my taste, also.

    9. This is a review of the trilogy as a whole, for these are short books and what I say can apply to all of them.I remember reading these books when I was in school, than ten years ago, and it s a testament that I remember them, and certain scenes, characters and quotes, vividly I enjoyed them then and I enjoy them now as an adult These are fast paced, smooth reads and the writing is economical The only time it does seem to stumble in its pacing in when it has to give an info dump , but they re on [...]

    10. I really liked this book It s short and full of suspense The characters could be developed in my opinion, and the length of the book should be longer because he needs to expand on some things It s very fast paced which i don t mind after reading all of Dan Brown s books I only wish there was content in the book There are some crazy ass people in this book and it kinda scared me, Im not gonna lie I would give this book 3 1 2 stars, but me being an optimist and all happy i decided to stay with 4 [...]

    11. Ugh If I have to read wolf stylized like that again I m going to freak That was so, so annoying Writing was subpar, but the story was somewhat interesting I finished in a day Won t be reading the next two in the series.

    12. Nothing wrong with this book, I just found the story line to be average I m not really feeling compelled to finish the last 2 books.

    13. A Book Review of Wereling WoundedBy Yup Myu, Grade 7, Yangon International School A new creature that wore his skin had crept in to replace him something from the dark pits of a nightmare, a bestial force of hideous strength Stephan Cole uses these words to describe the way Kate thought when Tom turned into a werewolf for the first time in Cole s novel Wereling Wounded How does Kate feel when her friend is a hideous beast In this novel, Cole develops distractions Tom and Kate must face with whil [...]

    14. This review and others can be seen in all its proper formatting glory on my blog Beauty and the Bookshelf.I love this book and, of course, series I believe I first discovered Wounded my freshman year of high school, when I asked the school librarian for some recommendations of books I might like since I was on a Twilight high She steered me toward Stephen Cole s Wereling series, and THANK GOSH she did otherwise, I don t know that I would ve ever known about these books, and that would be a gosh [...]

    15. I liked the book Wereling because it has to do with a regular seventeen year old boy, and he is normal like everyone else but then something happens to where he goes on a trip with his family and while he was by himself, playing in the river He got swept away by the current and well, like everything start going downhill from that What I didn t like was the fact that everyone that they met were werewolves, and they couldn t find a few nice people that were not connected to that wolves I also did [...]

    16. Recensione pubblicata su Cronache di BetelgeuseL avventura incentrata su una concezione particolare dei lupi mannari Ne esistono di tre tipi di sangue puro, sangue argento e mannaride Gli ultimi due sono chi stato morso da un licantropo In particolare il mannaride refrattario alla trasformazione e riescono a conservare la mente umana nel corpo della bestia Tom catapultato in questo mondo assurdo poich stato morso dalla madre di Kate, una donna folle che desidera conservare la stirpe pura della f [...]

    17. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooSixteen year old Tom Anderson is a typical teen Ticked off to be spending his summer vacation with his parents and younger brother, Tom storms out of their rented cabin in the Seattle forest, needing some time to himself Next thing he knows, he s wading in a fast moving river, with a bear between him and freedom After being tossed unmercilessly down river, Tom passes out and awakes in a strange bed in a strange house Tom s now at the mercy of the Folan family mom M [...]

    18. This one was a recommendation Not sure what I did to deserve it, but it s not a top shelf book Unless your top shelf is where you put the books you haven t quite gotten around to trashing yet, because it s certainly not a keeper It doesn t seem to be a very popular book, either, since I had to go through inter library loan to get it and its sequel and the sequel got shipped in all the way from San Jose I kind of feel like I should apologize to the library folks for putting them to that much effo [...]

    19. Tom Anderson is resentful that he has been dragged along on a boring family vacation He soon learns how much he should have appreciated boring After being chased by bear in the woods into a open river and getting dragged away by the current, Tom wakes up in a strange bed He was found and nursed back to health by Marcie, a nurse, and her family He assumes he must have been hurt pretty badly, as he feels weak and unable to get out of bed, and seems to sleep all the time, but it is not restful slee [...]

    20. In the book the wereling by Stephen Cole it is an amazing story that is about a boy named Tom goes on a trip with his dad and gets lost in a wave of water and when he awakens he finds that he is with this family that helped him and he thought that they were a normal family that just wanted to help him They kept on keeping him there until he found out what they were and when he tried to leave some of their kids tried to stop him they fought but tom won the battle to the death and ran away with ka [...]

    21. At 16, Tom is less than thrilled at the idea of a family vacation in the wilderness He takes off hiking in the woods one morning and while fleeing a bear, falls into the rapids filled river, ended up battered against some rocks A kindly local family takes him in to nurse him back to health, but things are not what they seem they are werewolves, and he s been chosen as the suitor for their duaghter, who needs a mate to turn herself She isn t keen on becoming a monster either, though so the two te [...]

    22. Spoiler A teenage boy Tom Anderson around the age of 16 went camping with his family but ends up getting bitten by a werewolf Tom wakes up on an island inhabited by a family of werewolfs Tom does not know the families true intents until he realizes that he has been gone for months and was told by Ted son of the 2 were wolfs that he is one of them and the mother murices wants him to mate with her daughter kate so the wolf in her will also awaken and so the family name will be passed down Kate and [...]

    23. The Wereling is an exhilarating fantasy horror novel by an author called Stephen Cole The story is about a teenager called Tom Anderson who begins a vengeful mission to attempt to defeat an evil werewolf pack that battles mankind to claim human land and freedom Tom is one of a select few people who has been bitten by a werewolf and lived to tell the tale He is a Wereling, a human who is able to resist werewolf venom, however his resistance against the venom begins to fade and he too can be trans [...]

    24. The story s pretty good, the beginning of the book is very strong and has this neat horror aspect to it that I enjoyed greatly However it does have some problems, mostly that the Villains seem to know too much too fast For example they know he s a wereling without even seeing him change Before that the only person who would have noticed was the wolf that changed him and that wolf is dead, and was crazed at any rate.At the end of the book there s another issue as the secondary villain is laid out [...]

    25. I really liked this story There was never a dull moment It is about a boy who is on vacation with his family which he is not so happy about , when he is almost attacked by a bear and then washed away in a river And if that wasn t bad enough he gets washed up on sure and taken in by strangers who claim to be nursing him back to health Little does he know that he has been bitten by a werewolf with the intentions of being a mate for a member of the pack After realizing what has happened to him and [...]

    26. Kate was born into a family of werewolves, but since she is a pureblood she must mate with another wolf in order for her to become one herself Kate dislikes what her family does killing people and swears that she will never become a wolf This is when her mother changes Tom He got into an argument with his family while camping and went for a walk into the woods But when he was attacked by a bear and washed down stream, he had no idea he won t see his family again.He woke in the Folan household to [...]

    27. 3.5 Surprisingly better than I expected Of course after just a few pages, my expectations had dropped down significantly The character development in this series isn t that well, it s not there Some characters are startlingly two dimensional, but yet, after the 1st book, I just kept reading I ll tell you this much, the author did good in holding off on answering some of my questions, otherwise I probably wouldn t be reading this I find it kind of hard to place an age limit on this due to the fre [...]

    28. I read this book years and years ago I was at the airport and I had to board my plane within a few minutes, so I picked it up in a hurry because I needed something to entertain me during the flight I never regretted this purchase once It is such an entertaining, fast paced read that has none of the ridiculous nonsense that can be found in abundance in some recent series cough Twilight cough The characters act like normal teens, their attraction is believable, the story is exciting and keeps you [...]

    29. Questo primo capitolo della trilogia di Stephen Cole davvero molto interessante A parte un inizio un po lento ma nemmeno tanto e pi che comprensibile, il resto un susseguirsi di eventi uno a ritmo pi incalzante dell altro C da precisare che c qualche scena macabra descritta al dettaglio a cui non a tutti pu piacere io ormai ci sono abituata e quasi non ci faccio pi caso.I personaggi principali mi sono piaciuti entrambi avevano una bella caratterizzazione Come ho detto all inizio, il primo libro [...]

    30. At last, a young adult horror paranormal trilogy that s NOT about vampires Especially of the sparkly variety This is werewolves all the way and is a lot of fun with some decent thrills and spills along the way, and a fairly original premise to boot On top of all this, it s fairly short All three of the books could have been put together in a single volume split into three parts, but it would have been a little chunky and perhaps intimidated the youth audience, so this bite sized morsel forgive m [...]

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