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Swamp Man By Donald Goines Swamp Man George Jackson Swamp Man was born and bred in Mississippi as a gentle young man who turned deadly after he saw what four hill boys did to his sister
  • Title: Swamp Man
  • Author: Donald Goines
  • ISBN: 9780870679933
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • Swamp Man By Donald Goines George Jackson, Swamp Man, was born and bred in Mississippi as a gentle young man who turned deadly after he saw what four hill boys did to his sister.
    Swamp Man By Donald Goines
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      Donald Goines was born in Detroit to a relatively comfortable family his parents owned a local dry cleaner, and he did not have problems with the law or drugs Goines attended Catholic elementary school and was expected to go into his family s laundry business Instead Goines enlisted in the US Air Force, and to get in he had to lie his age From 1952 to 1955 he served in the army During this period he got hooked on heroin When he returned to Detroit from Japan, he was a heroin addict The next 15 years from 1955 Goines spent pimping, robbing, stealing, bootlegging, and running numbers, or doing time His seven prison sentences totaled 6,5 years While in jail in the 1960s he first attempted to write Westerns without much success he loved cowboy movies A few years later, serving a different sentence at a different prison, he was introduced to the work of Iceberg Slim Robert Beck This time Goines wrote his semi autobiographical novel Whoreson, which appeared in 1972 It was a story about the son of a prostitute who becomes a Detroit ghetto pimp Also Beck s first book, Pimp The Story of My Life 1967 , was autobiographical Goines was released in 1970, after which he wrote 16 novels with Holloway House, Iceberg Slim s publisher Hoping to get rid of surroundings he was back on smack he moved with his family to the Los Angeles ghetto of Watts All of Goines s books were paperback originals They sold well but did not receive much critical attention After two years, he decided to return to Detroit Goines s death was as harsh as his novels he and his wife were shot to death on the night of October 21, 1974 According to some sources Goines s death had something to do with a failed drugs deal The identity of the killers remained unknown, but there were reports of two white men Posthumously appeared Inner City Hoodlum 1975 , which Goines had finished before his death The story, set in Los Angeles, was about smack, money, and murder The first film version of Goines s books, Crime Partners 2001 , was directed by J Jesses Smith Never Die Alone 1974 , about the life of a drung dealer, was filmed by Ernest R Dickerson, starring DMX The violent gangsta movie was labelled as junk masquerading as art During his career as a writer, Goines worked to a strict timetable, writing in the morning, devoting the rest of the day to heroin His pace was furious, sometimes he produced a book in a month The stories were usually set in the black inner city, in Los Angeles, New York or Detroit, which then was becoming known as motor city In Black Gangster 1972 the title character builds a liberation movement to cover his planned criminal activities After this work Goines started to view the social and political turmoil of the ghetto as a battlefield between races Under the pseudonym Al C Clark, Goines created a serial hero, Kenyatta, who was named after the father of Kenya , Jomo Kenyatta The four book series, beginning with Crime Partners 1974 , was published by Holloway House Kenyatta is the leader of a militant organization which aims at cleaning American ghettos of drugs and prostitution All white policemen, who patrol the black neighborhoods, also are his enemies Cry Revenge 1974 tells of Curtis Carson, who is tall, black, and used to giving orders He becomes the nightmare of the Chicanos, who have crushed his brother Death List 1974 brings together Kenyatta, the powerful ganglord, Edward Benson, an intelligent black detective, and Ryan, his chisel faced white partner, in a war against a secret list of drug pushers In the fourth book, Kenyatta s Last Hit 1975 , the hero is killed in a shootout Donald Goines wrote fiction the way other people package meat There is little point in picking any of his titles as outstanding, since they are all formulaic Equally, however, they are outstanding in that they are street real and avoid the romanticism of many of the films a


    1. This book was recommended to me from a friend I think back when I was in high school Let s just say the revenge in this book was insane The rape scene at the beginning was brutal and completely fucked up especially with the type of drug that was used on the girl You have to read this book in order to understand if you haven t If I continue to write I know I will add in spoilers and I d rather keep the person who reads this review to wonder and question as to what happened I m sure that the other [...]

    2. This is no great literary marvel but it is an entertaining read I ve been a fan of Goines for awhile now and have read a few of his books I have than a few here left still to read and than a few I still to get I m partial to Goines than Slim from what all I ve read so far.I m still somewhat surprised I like Goines works so much because I m very sensitive to matters pertaining to race I don t go for anything racist, no matter how small it may be This is racist not against one race, but two Bla [...]

    3. I expected a good adventure from this and for the most part I got it A few minor quibbles about what things are actually possible in a swamp and how weapons actually perform, but overall a fun read.Again, Goines heros are always misguided souls and he makes sure that there are sympathetic European American characters True the Jones brothers and all of the inhabitants of the local Corn Whiskey bar are steriotypes, but the sheriff is seen with almost childlike reverence Anyone who enjoys the pasto [...]

    4. The events in the book were definitely disturbing but I enjoyed this short tale Goines portrayal of Pa, George and Henrietta was very realistic and freaking tragic I remember reading a number of similiar sad real accounts of similar circumstances throught the South Recently I read a story in the news of some people, like Henrietta who did not heed warnings by locals and suffered a horrible fate The fact that the news story occurred in during 2000 s really did not shock me.

    5. this book is about a young black man that stayes with is grandfather by a swamp, And one day his sister comes to visit and she gets raped by this white group of boys called theyou will need to read the book to find out .

    6. Really spooky Reads quickly but has this eerie level of depth and reality I love that there aren t many generic conventions at work it s both what you expect and don t expect to see written out at the same time.

    7. Donald Goines is a captivating street writer His history is amazing My students love his books They are rough, but real.

    8. Racist, sexist, and without much in the way of realism, but there is some intensity to the story I can t say I really like Goines s work but I did keep reading the book.

    9. Remarkably depressing, like most tales of revenge You totally sympathize with the hero, but you know it s not going to end well.

    10. This was a pretty good book Goines has a way of telling a story so graphically that it makes u pause in disbelief, awe, disgust I wasnt too fond of the quick ending, but it was decent overall

    11. This is very different from my usual reads I was fully engrossed and finished in 2 days The ending was kinda abrupt though

    12. I absolutly loved this book I feel deprived like someone should have made me read this previously This book is definitely a classic

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