Amelia Earhart: Beyond the Grave #2020

Amelia Earhart: Beyond the Grave By W.C. Jameson Amelia Earhart Beyond the Grave This well researched book is a biography of the life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart the pioneering aviator who was the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic in But did Amelia s plane re
  • Title: Amelia Earhart: Beyond the Grave
  • Author: W.C. Jameson
  • ISBN: 9781589799905
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Amelia Earhart: Beyond the Grave By W.C. Jameson This well researched book is a biography of the life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart, the pioneering aviator who was the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic in 1928 But did Amelia s plane really crash and sink in 1937, or was her fate entirely different
    Amelia Earhart: Beyond the Grave By W.C. Jameson
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    1. I was given access to this book through NetGalley.At first I was a little iffy on it, but I decided to push on In the end I was intrigued I now know about Amelia Earhart than I ever did before I always viewed Amelia as a strong woman who was a very important historical figure, which she technically still is, but this book opened my eyes Amelia wasn t the best female pilot of her time, she was average She was a person that had great looks, charisma, and knew the right people.But my opinion on Am [...]

    2. This book attempts to address the controversy surrounding the disappearance of Amelia Earhart during her famous round the world attempt However, it fails to present any new information or theories Honestly, it reads as of a summary of extensive research into the various theories around the incident without promoting anything new.Further, the evidence that is provided is merely a summary None of it is discussed in sufficient detail For exmaple, a interviews are mentioned but quotes are not provi [...]

    3. There were two parts to this book The history in it, and then the theories that Jameson believed in.I really liked the concise way he put Amelia s life and history before she went around the world onto the page, but, I parted company with him when he started going into all the theories of her disappearance.

    4. Amelia Earhart has been in the news again this week, so I was looking forward to reading a biography about her life and the mystery surrounding her disappearance Unfortunately, due to this book s poor writing, I could not finish it Earhart s life before her disappearance was told in choppy writing that felt like bulletpoints than formed paragraphs This made it feel academic in tone, but then broad statements claiming how she felt at a specific time felt like writing for juveniles Then there we [...]

    5. The book provides a passable look at the multiple theories that have sprung up since Earhart disappeared Unfortunately we only hear about the evidence and don t get to see it If photographs exist of Bolam, those should have been included for the readers to peruse The evidence that Earhart survived is compelling but incomplete.

    6. I find it humorous that Jameson harps on and on about how there is no evidence for the governments position and we are all being duped yet really fails to provide any concrete evidence in regards to the theories that he is putting forward.The book started off well enough I really did enjoy learning about Amelia Earhart and her history, how she grew up, and what her life was like Who knew she was a social worker I didn t That was cool As soon as Jameson started going into all of the theories he q [...]

    7. I wanted to like this book The forward seemed promising It only took until the end of the first chapter to show me I was wasting my time In attempting to be academic in tone, the prose uses a passive voice better suited to students trying to pad out the word count on a term paper The author seems incapable of going than a paragraph without inserting the phrase relative to related to unnecessarily somewhere Honestly, someone who can t even get a subject and verb to agree on are we plural, or not [...]

    8. In his book, Jameson actually researched the theory that Amelia Earhart was using her around the world flight for a public cover of a secret mission she was on courtesy of her friend, President Roosevelt to fly over Japanese islands in the Pacific and determine if they were building military bases there this was prior to the Pearl Harbor Bombing so this would have been really vital foreign intelligence data.Jameson contends that after her plane went down Earhart was held prisoner by the Japanese [...]

    9. Amelia Earhart s disappearance on her around the world trip in July 1937 remains one of the world s enduring mysteries and has led to many conspiracy theories, allegations and suggestions about what really happened Jameson is the latest in a number of writers who claim that the truth is not to be found in the official version of events Whatever the reliability of Jameson s account, it certainly makes for some interesting reading, and although we may never know what really happened I admit to enj [...]

    10. This book begins by discussing the story of Amelia Earhart beginning with her birth in Atchison, Kansas and her eventual disappearance That being said, the author uses evidence that would not hold up in a court of law He discusses an argument between two people close to Earhart who claimed he heard Earhart s husband get into a fight with someone and threaten to make them disappear This evidence is hearsay There is no proof it actually occurred The latter half of this book can be considered ficti [...]

    11. This book is a eye opener For years I ve assumed the usual story behind Amelia Earhart, heroic, but died trying to accomplish great things This book collects and explores proof showing that this is not altogether true And while it s hard to judge what is true or false behind all the rumors, there s enough to show that something was going on behind the scenes, and things are hidden that shouldn t be I recommend this book if you enjoy history and want to know about Amelia Earhart s life.

    12. As a life long fan of the Amelia Earhart story, this book was a must read I learned of several new theories of her disappearance and final resting place Jameson synthesizes the mass quantities of information on Earhart and her last flight The tidbits that have been unearthed over the years around her last flight are collected neatly by Jameson is a series of theory chapters The Mili Atoll Theory is one of the most intriguing.

    13. This is a well researched and interesting read about Amelia Earhart s mysterious and fascinating life It lacks the bells and ribbons many include when they write about her She is examined honestly, her credits as well as her faults I will definitely be adding this to my collection of women s history books It s an important addition.

    14. History comes alive in this book about a great and amazing adventurer After reading about all of the coincidences following her alleged demise, I am convinced that she and Mr Noonan survived under pseudo names for many years I loved the flow of this book and how all of the details were connected in writing so beautifully It s a must read

    15. I was with him until he started going off on his theory Which I don t agree with, and the book didn t convince me.The history stuff was cool though Just not, IMHO, his theory of what happened to her.

    16. Excellent book Well written account s of what possibly and probably happened to her and Noonan.I literally could not put this one down I highly recommend it

    17. This was a very interesting book that opines that Amelia Earhart survived until 1982 and after her release from a Japanese prison assume a different name.

    18. Substantive and intriguing The only missing aspect is photographs, often referenced, but not included Would make a marvelous documentary, or docudrama True or not.

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