Carl Weber's Kingpins: Cleveland #2020

Carl Weber's Kingpins: Cleveland By Brandi Johnson Carl Weber s Kingpins Cleveland None
  • Title: Carl Weber's Kingpins: Cleveland
  • Author: Brandi Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781622869589
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • Carl Weber's Kingpins: Cleveland By Brandi Johnson None
    Carl Weber's Kingpins: Cleveland By Brandi Johnson
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      350 Brandi Johnson
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      Brandi Johnson the first time author who rose up on the scene by accident Brandi picked up on her love for writing at a young age, but never in a million years dreamed that any of her work would ever get published With an imagination so strong and vivid as hers, she decided to put it to the test She became serious about her passion for writing and that s when her first novel Spoiled Rotten was born.Brandi had almost given up on her dream but her heart and God wouldn t let her She was introduced to her Editor Agent Joylynn Jossel, to whom she is grateful to have in her corner God took her by one hand and Joylynn Jossel by the other hand and they walked Brandi down a road that ended with a book deal.Brandi has since written the novel In My Girls I Trust and a short story named Hayden s Song that can be found in the collaboration Even Sinners Still Have Souls Brandi resides in Mansfield, Ohio where she is the busy mother of three boys and is currently working on another novel.



    2. I have mixed emotions about this one I m really confused as to why if Ke yoko knew all along what type of guy Ja Rel was why did she even marry him Who keeps compromising pictures for 10 years as a reminder of what type of dog ass man they married just to stay married to them Ke yoko did all that to a man, but still kept his baby Now she got to tell her son that she is responsible for his father not being in his life I hope Ke yoko ready for her karma too because she will reap the consequences o [...]

    3. This book was ok I understand that when you do wrong it comes back on you and Karma is real, but she set them up I know they did her dirty,but all she had to do was wait, plus she killed a man and in the end she got to live happily ever after I don t understand that part.

    4. Good Read Ke yoko love this character and dont ever cross her cause when she pay you back you dont see it coming What she did to Ja Rel her husband and Ka yah twin sister was brilliant but sending her sister to prison was too much but on the other hand sleeping with your sister s husband and having a baby by him and making your sister have miscarriage yeah you got what you deserved.Wish Ross would have meet Ke yoko before Ja Rel did I have nothing but respect for Ross Their mother is piece of wo [...]

    5. One wordwow Brandi did a wonderful job with this drama filled storyline The character development will have you looking at folks sideways I recommend this 5 star page turner to you if you enjoy a great read where revenge is served

    6. Explosive What a good book The author did her thang with this one The character names were so unique.There was a lot of sadness and grimey a people in this book Everyone got what they deserved kinda upset Key yoko not with you know who but hey she deserves happiness than anyone else.One love

    7. Omg I m in love with this book Feel bad for Ke yoko, everyone has a baby by her husband but her That s low down What I don t get thou is why she continues to stay even after hiring a PI Ka yah is a dirty Bish How could she be so jealous of her twin that she d sleep with her husband, and have a baby by him And poor Nadia, when she learned what happened to her it tore her up Ross was the real MVP, I absolutely adored him Ka yah got what she deserved, and I too believe Ke yoko had something to do w [...]

    8. I must say this was a pretty good read I could ve done without all the name brand dropping but overall it was proven you can t keep doing dirt and continue to get away with it, karma will truly come around to bite you in the butt I really loved Ross, he was truly a gentleman Ka yah was a dirty trick and I was thinking she d get dealt with even than she did Ja rel has to live like he is the rest of his miserable life and Ke yoko was nicer than others would ve been, most would ve straight murdere [...]

    9. It was a great read 1st book I read by Brandi Johnson and she truly had you see that blood isn t alaways thicker than water I would recommend it to others to read the only question I have is other than there being drugs being sold where does the story fit in It was definitely a page turner but it wasn t why I excepted to be in the Kingpin series Will wait and see I ll definitely will be checking out of her books.

    10. Omg this book was crazy from start to finish Those twin sisters were something else I really liked Ke yoko the best She was correct karma is a bitch and she got her revenge on their asses I just wished Ke yoko and Ross could have gotten together 5 star banger for real Brandi Johnson you did your damn thing You have made mea fan for life.

    11. I ve read several of the books in the Kingpins series, and they were just ok This is the first one that kept my interest from beginning to end IMO, this is the best book of the series Ja rel and Kayah got what they deserved.

    12. Loved it.You don t treat people wrong and think nothing will not happen to you Wrong, it s called KARMA

    13. I like it but I didn t like how Keyoko handle her situation All she had to do was confront them and move on.

    14. This book was interesting I am still wondering how all these books will tie into Carls last book of the King Pin series O Karma is a mother when you are doing dirt

    15. ExcellentThis book was so good I loved the twin dynamic in this story Sometimes family isn t always what it s cracked up to be.

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