The Girl in the Red Coat #2020

The Girl in the Red Coat By Kate Hamer The Girl in the Red Coat Newly single mom Beth has one constant gnawing worry that her dreamy eight year old daughter Carmel who has a tendency to wander off will one day go missing And then one day it happens On a Satur
  • Title: The Girl in the Red Coat
  • Author: Kate Hamer
  • ISBN: 9781612195001
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Girl in the Red Coat By Kate Hamer Newly single mom Beth has one constant, gnawing worry that her dreamy eight year old daughter, Carmel, who has a tendency to wander off, will one day go missing.And then one day, it happens On a Saturday morning thick with fog, Beth takes Carmel to a local outdoor festival, they get separated in the crowd, and Carmel is gone.Shattered, Beth sets herself on the grim and lNewly single mom Beth has one constant, gnawing worry that her dreamy eight year old daughter, Carmel, who has a tendency to wander off, will one day go missing.And then one day, it happens On a Saturday morning thick with fog, Beth takes Carmel to a local outdoor festival, they get separated in the crowd, and Carmel is gone.Shattered, Beth sets herself on the grim and lonely mission to find her daughter, keeping on relentlessly even as the authorities tell her that Carmel may be gone for good.Carmel, meanwhile, is on a strange and harrowing journey of her own to a totally unexpected place that requires her to live by her wits, while trying desperately to keep in her head, at all times, a vision of her motherAlternating between Beth s story and Carmel s, and written in gripping prose that won t let go, The Girl in the Red Coat like Emma Donoghue s Room and M L Stedman s The Light Between Oceans is an utterly immersive story that s impossible to put down and impossible to forget.
    The Girl in the Red Coat By Kate Hamer
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      Kate Hamer grew up in the West Country and Wales She studied art and worked for a number of years in television and radio In 2011 she won the Rhys Davies Short Story Prize and her short stories have appeared in many collections Her novel THE GIRL IN THE RED COAT was published in the UK by Faber Faber, in the US by Melville House and has been translated into 17 different languages It was shortlisted for The Costa First Novel Prize, the British Book Industry Awards Debut Fiction Book of the Year, The John Creasy New Blood Dagger and the Wales Book of the Year It was a Sunday Times bestseller Her new novel THE DOLL FUNERAL has been a Radio4 Open Book editor s pick and a Bookseller Book of the Month.


    1. Kate Hamer s new novel, The Girl In The Red Coat, is the story of a mother who loses her daughter while at a storytelling festival, and the daughter who finds herself living amongst strangers in a country other than where she went missing The search for her turns up many leads, but most turn out to be false leads Still, hope is not lost and the belief that the young girl is still alive stays strong The girl, on the other hand, is fed lie after lie until she begins to realize that even she doesn [...]

    2. I honestly did not know how to rate this book It has stirred up so many different emotions within I even put it aside for a while because of the subject matter and the deep fear that lurked in every corner As if Carmel had not been taken but had shattered apart into fragments An explosion of particles, fine like glass, and I could somehow learn to knit her back together again Within moments, Beth s life would be forever changed Her eight year old daughter had been abducted at a book fair in Norf [...]

    3. Are all mysteries finally solved or do some last forever What happens when we die What became of my little girl Do they end Or can unknowing go on for always This was such a richly crafted novel I m still taking everything in When Beth s eight year old daughter, Carmel, vanishes without a trace right before her eyes, it feels as though her world has surreptiously turned on its axis She retraces the events of that day every minute she s conscious How does a parent recover from something so tragic [...]

    4. it started out okay and i really liked Carmel and following her line of thoughts about the world and people around her but all the jesus stuff just got annoying and her not trying harder to find out the truth or trying herself to contact her dad I only kept reading because I could not wait for her reaction that surely had to come, when realizing the truth but that part never came It was a dud and i feel this book took all my energy away boo.

    5. My initial impression of this book after reading the blurb was that it would be an intense thriller While this premise did not materialize, what i got was an intriguing take on the whole girl goes missing theme The story goes of 8 year old Carmel Wakeford, who goes missing from her mother, Beth, at a local children s festival Carmel would be taken by a man who claims to be her grandfather He will tell her that her mother had a terrible accident and her father who does not live with her mother, d [...]

    6. Everyone is acquainted with the feeling of blind panic that comes about when you lose something valuable such as a wallet It is almost as though your senses converge and ALL you can think about is finding your lost item Then, imagine that feeling magnified exponentially for it is a precious child you have lost.This is the tale of a loving mother and daughter who become separated Beth, a single mother living in Norfolk, England and her eight year old daughter, Carmel They are everything to each o [...]

    7. At first glance I thought that The Girl in the Read Coast looked like a crime novel, but when I looked closely I found that it was rather than that a story of a mother and a daughter, and of the practical and emotional consequences of the crime that separates them.Beth is a woman adjusting to a as a single mother to her adored daughter because her husband left her for another woman.Carmel is eight years old she is bright, sensitive, a little bit dreamy, a little other worldly even, and she is [...]

    8. Oooh, what a fabulous debut novel this is I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy just before I went on my pre Christmas holiday I was also most unfortunate to come down with a bad dose of flu at the same time which meant the first half of my holiday in the sun, was spent lolling around, recuperating and gave me plenty of time to read This haunting and ethereal psychological chiller, the story of a missing child and her Mothers search for her, is written in the voices of 2 of the most [...]

    9. The book shelf says it all This book is eluding me I wish there were some half star options because I m reluctant to stick this beautifully written story in the purgatorial, neither good or bad, realm of three stars but despite her wonderful way with words and two haunting, clearly rendered characters I can t help feeling by stories end much.Beth is a nervous, over protective mother still reeling from her husband s affair and their subsequent divorce With no real career and no firm focus for the [...]

    10. I am emotionally drained after reading The Girl in the Red Coat I couldn t wait to finish it For all the wrong reasons I wanted it to be over to move on to something else Compelled to finish and at times wondering why Another plot about an abducted child 8 year old Carmel Thought to be endowed with the gift of healing Snatched from under her mother s nose, Beth, by a man who professes to be her grandfather, but isn t, and later identified as a religious fanatic, who sees in Carmel a means to mak [...]

    11. 3.99 on 01 07 17I had to sleep on this one before deciding on my rating, 3.5 rounded up to a 4.There have been many other books about child abduction, for me this one was a bit spooky Gramps, Preacher Munroe, the fog, the maze The story switches between the voices of the mother Beth and her little girl Carmel I credit the author with her ability to make us feel Beth s panic, grief, frayed nerves and emotions of the roller coaster ride she s on The prose is beautiful Each time I put it aside to c [...]

    12. 2.5 stars rounded up to 3 because it held me in its spell for 3 full days But then in the end I was underwhelmed.Lately, there seems to be a surplus of lost children and lost little girl stories especially, or haven t you noticed Apparently, the publishers haven t Some of these books are better than others at portraying the families left behind once the girl becomes lost Some tell us what happened to the girl, while others keep us guessing Here we get to know pretty much the whole story, and I f [...]

    13. I struggled with this book for a long time and was determined to finished it I wasn t bad No Just below average for me Especially the second part I should ve learned by now not to judge the book by the hype it creates But I couldn t help it Ive read reviews, looked at the cover, followed Man Booker Prize predictions and pumped myself up And then, when I actually got the book and started reading I didn t like I felt like it was my fault like I wasn t smart enough to understand such a quality piec [...]

    14. This is not your typical story of an abducted child It offered a unique perspective, with alternating voices of the mother and daughter, with a touch of the supernatural Beth, recently divorced, is a mother prone to worry Her daughter, Carmel, has a habit of timing out and disappearing So she watches with vigilance on any outings they take Yet, Carmel disappears at a Festival, and Beth is frantic She carries the heavy weight of guilt and grief As the story unfolds, it s revealed why Carmel was a [...]

    15. While the premise of this book sounded good it really was a total letdown, I did like the POV of Beth Carmel through each chapter, but I felt like I was in The Wizard OF Oz walking down the yellow brick road all the way throughying that I felt angst for Beth as the fear grew grew after losing Carmel at a book festival in Norfolk any mother would be heartbroken to lose a child possibly never see her again for Gramps Dorothy I felt a chill up my spine every time they were in the dialogue the creep [...]

    16. This is an interesting debut and one that stands out because of the characterisation and voices of the two leads Carmel is kidnapped at the age of eight, leaving her mother devastated In a moment of confusion, Carmel is taken from a busy festival by a stranger Carmel and the mother, Beth, are the characters we follow throughout the novel Beth is a slightly neurotic woman, whose worst nightmare comes true Carmel is an intriguing, intelligent little eight year old girl, with a strong survivor inst [...]

    17. Sem querer avan ar muito na hist ria, porque assim o livro n o faria sentido, gostei particularmente da forma como o mesmo est escrito.O relato a duas vozes fundamental para a compreens o da narrativa, causando momentos de grande ang stia para quem o est a ler.Apesar do final ser o esperado, o livro n o perdeu o interesse Um livro que vende s pela capa Extraordin ria.Opini o completa em marcadordelivros

    18. With a slightly different take on a missing child story, Kate Hamer has produced a compelling and often heartbreaking tale of a mother trying to pick up the pieces of her life after her young daughter goes missing at a festival The focus of the story is not on the police investigation but rather on the shattered life of Beth, the mother and on her missing daughter, Carmel Summer Wakeford 8 year old Carmel is a dreamy child but she also has an independent and wilful streak and as much as her moth [...]

    19. AMAZING read This book totally blew me away First things first it is TOTALLY unique and unpredictable, and likely to disappoint a reader looking for a traditional cat and mouse thriller It is subtle, intelligent, and perceptive, and takes the reader deep into the psyches of both a young child going through an unimaginable trauma, and a mother left behind to search for her Gorgeously written and intricately imagined, this story leaps off the page and wraps you up in a world of despair, imaginatio [...]

    20. Wow I need to sleep on this one before rating and reviewing it Read in one sitting whilst sick in bed Must gather my thoughts and feelings.

    21. Ok je knjiga Nije mi ao to sam ju pro itala Iritirali su me skokovi sa maj ine pri e na djetetovu jer mi je bilo te ko sku it ispo etka iji tok misli slijedimo.

    22. So I read this today A couple of chapters over breakfast I said That SO didnt work An excellent read Full review to follow, I ll be talking about this one in one of my Spotlight 2015 features on the blog over December.

    23. A finalist for both the Costa First Book Award and the Dagger Award, The Girl in the Red Coat is a story of a mother s nightmare come true Beth, a single mom, has always worried that one day her eight year old daughter, Carmel, would wander away from her and go missing And then one day it actually happens This is an intense, frantic thriller seen from both of their perspectives, as Beth searches for Carmel, and Carmel struggles to make sense of her harrowing new journey.Tune in to our weekly pod [...]

    24. This was a really compelling read, although I don t know that I would call it a mystery We know right away what has happened Maybe not the details of why or exactly how, but that is what made this such a page turner The writing was also immersive Both main characters were so painfully exposed through their thoughts that the depth of emotion was a bit hard to read at times.

    25. The Girl in the Red Coat is Kate Hamer s debut novel It s garnered lots of attention as a finalist for both the Costa Book Award for First Novel and the Dagger Award And this is what I love about debuts there s no history, no expectations of what the story is going to be, no familiarity with the author s style or storytelling it s a story just waiting for the reader to discover it.Eight year old Carmel is a dreamer, often getting lost both physically and mentally Her single mother, Beth, struggl [...]

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