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Frontiers By MichaelJensen Frontiers The year is John Chapman an impulsive young man and a sexual outlaw forsaken in the bitter winter of the Allegheny Plateau clings to his one tenuous dream to claim a future in the Western outp
  • Title: Frontiers
  • Author: MichaelJensen
  • ISBN: 9780671027216
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • Frontiers By MichaelJensen The year is 1797 John Chapman, an impulsive young man and a sexual outlaw, forsaken in the bitter winter of the Allegheny Plateau, clings to his one tenuous dream to claim a future in the Western outpost Unarmed and near death, Chapman is on the brink of giving up when an unexpected rescue changes his course in life forever, and he discovers the true meaning of survivalThe year is 1797 John Chapman, an impulsive young man and a sexual outlaw, forsaken in the bitter winter of the Allegheny Plateau, clings to his one tenuous dream to claim a future in the Western outpost Unarmed and near death, Chapman is on the brink of giving up when an unexpected rescue changes his course in life forever, and he discovers the true meaning of survival The mysterious savior is Daniel McQuay, a loner whose overpowering bond with Chapman is as shifting as a shadow, as dark as the prairie tale he spins for the impressionable young man For Chapman, McQuay s story of a deranged killer clings to his transient soul like a nightmare, tracking him further south and into the safe haven of a gentle Indian woman named Gwennie His journey also takes him into the intimate deliverance of Palmer, a brash but irresistibly innocent seventeen year old settler As the three adventurers carve a new life out of the endless wilderness, they face the ultimate enemy man in a life and death struggle that unfolds in the shadow of a legendary and avenging evil.
    Frontiers By MichaelJensen
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      Sign up for my newsletter and get Man Beast for free I am an author, editor, and lover of all things dark chocolate My books of gay historical fiction include two series, The Drowning World, which is set in 5500 B.C and The Savage Land, which takes place on the American frontier Man Monster, the second book in The Savage Land series, was a Lambda Award Finalist under the title Firelands.I also co founded AfterElton, which covered pop culture for gay and bisexual men, and eventually became one of the largest and most influential LGBT websites on the internet In 2006, AfterElton was sold to MTV Viacom As editor, I interviewed hundreds of writers, directors, and actors, breaking numerous stories and advancing the issue of LGBT visibility in Hollywood I also created the Big Gay Fiction Giveaway, which helped tens of thousands of readers find great new voices in MM fiction My preferred genres are historical fiction which I write and science fiction which I m not scientific enough to write, so I just read I assume this says something about how I view the present, as I apparently seem to eager to escape it I live in Seattle, WA with my husband, writer Brent Hartinger, the author of the amazing Russel Middlebrook series that started with Geography Club and has continued on through the The Futon Years I love hearing from readers so don t be shy about getting in touch.


    1. Gay Pioneer Fiction Much like 2 3 of male female marriages end in divorce, 2 3 of the male male relationships in this book end in death and or sexual assault Just so you know what you re signing up for.John Chapman likes sex with men, dislikes his past, would be a woobie if he had a discernible personality makes the Worst Pioneer Ever I ve seen better survival skills in a dozen classic YA novels where kids get stranded in the mountains for whatever reason plane crash, orphan, pilgrim, orphaned p [...]

    2. Set at the close of the eighteenth century, Frontiers finds the narrator, twenty four year old John Chapman, escaping for his life following the discovery of his liaison with an English soldier With a flyer in his pocket promising supplies and a claim as a frontier settler, he makes his way over the Allegheny Plateau just as winter strikes Somehow he makes it exhausted and starving to Warren his destination and Daniel McQuay, who proves to be in turn his saviour, his lover and finally something [...]

    3. Sometime ago a friend told me he loved Western Romance, and I thought, how many chance he will have to read them If I think really hard, I probably come out with two, three titles At the time I didn t know about Frontiers I found about it in the top 10 list Brent Hartinger compiled for my LiveJournal, and I immediately added it to my wish list I was not sure about it, not knowing about it before, I had a little doubt that maybe the novel was too heavy , I like historical, but sincerely, I don t [...]

    4. Not unreadable but painfully slow and empty John Chapman s life story is boring His existential crisis of why he is like he is and why he runs away is interesting and put in context of the time But so boring in a way The villain of the tale is not credible and I had nicknamed him Jason by the end Nothing is solved at the end of the story, Chapman still likes men and has a live in young lover but the world hasn t changed, it s still 1777 The author leaves everything in some kind of stasis after a [...]

    5. I received a copy of the book from the author and this is the first book by him that I have read There were times I had to force myself to continue The pain and horror that John faced were almost than any person could survive The courage that grew in him over the course of the story was comparable to those soldiers must develop during extended periods of time in battle I have read many historical novels about settling the American West but this tale will remain as one of the most honest portray [...]

    6. SlashReaders So I finished reading Frontiers By Michael Jensen He s the same guy who wrote Firelands which I actually read first even though it really comes after Frontiers Which I didn t know until after however they both work a separate novel so you don t really have to read them in order Oh when trying to find a copy of the cover for this book to post with this I found this link that seems to have a lot of stuff on various slash novels for those interested in finding and or reading other slas [...]

    7. Yay non romance genre historical fiction about a gay character Alas, the plot is rather flat, oddly paced and a bit contrived, and although the writing is fairly good, every so often there are words in characters mouths that just don t belong and why on earth does everyone constantly call each other by name in nearly every line of dialogue The sex is moderately hot, although first person explicit sex scenes make me cringe a little Also, this reads so much like m m original slash fiction that I w [...]

    8. I met the author on his first book tour, and amazingly enough it was in Boise This was Michael s first novel, and it was a very good read It s not good literature, but it is a great start for this writer In essence, this is a very fanciful take on the story of Johnny Appleseed There is little historical fact in the book, but the broad outline of the hero, John Chapman, is taken from his real life Of course no one knows if Johnny Applesee was homosexual or not, and certainly little enough is know [...]

    9. The description of the landscape and the historical detail saved this from being a Mills and Boone number The transference of 20th century attitudes about homosexuality into 18th century minds jus didn t come off at all and at some points to say that was forced would be kind It looked like the sex was just what I am sure it was grafted in for reader titillation and to gain a particular audience Maybe worth the effort for the beach but not worth the money which could have been spent on something [...]

    10. Finished reading I really enjoyed it I love being able to get so into a book that I keep picking it up to read during times I normally wouldn t.I had picked up another book by this author last month, but just couldn t get into it and it was horrible, in my opinion Turns out, it was the sequel to this one The characters from this book had yet to appear by the time I gave up Looks like I need to pick it up and give it another goor at least to skim it I want to know the futures of these two guys An [...]

    11. Another scary book by Jensen For some reason I didn t warm to this as much as I did to Firelands, though, which is the 2nd book.

    12. It s been ages since I read this, but I remember it being grittier than a lot of the m m romance, but still providing that sense of connection that I look for.

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