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Dark Domination By Lili Valente Dark Domination Bought by the Billionaire Book OneMarine turned billionaire arms dealer Jackson Hawke has one goal to have the woman who ruined his life at his mercy He ll see her on her knees even if he has to pay
  • Title: Dark Domination
  • Author: Lili Valente
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  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dark Domination By Lili Valente Bought by the Billionaire Book OneMarine turned billionaire arms dealer Jackson Hawke has one goal to have the woman who ruined his life at his mercy He ll see her on her knees, even if he has to pay for the privilege.Six years ago, Hannah buried her twin sister Now, with her family in jeopardy, Hannah must sell herself to a wealthy stranger in order to save their home.Bought by the Billionaire Book OneMarine turned billionaire arms dealer Jackson Hawke has one goal to have the woman who ruined his life at his mercy He ll see her on her knees, even if he has to pay for the privilege.Six years ago, Hannah buried her twin sister Now, with her family in jeopardy, Hannah must sell herself to a wealthy stranger in order to save their home She expects to be scarred by the experience She doesn t expect to pay penance for her sister s sins or to meet a man who brings her body savagely to life.Now Hannah must choose confess to Jackson that she s not the twin he s looking for and forfeit the money she needs to survive, or submit to a man whose dark domination may be the end of them both Dark Domination is the 1st in the Bought by the Billionaire serial romance series The entire series will release summer 2015
    Dark Domination By Lili Valente
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    1. The first of four serials, this story certainly doesn t waste any time I listened to the Audible version this morning and within the first few minutes our heroine, Hannah, is having kinky sex with a stranger That was the first time that her identity was mistaken for her twin sister s Despite feeling guilty for having sex with her sister s unwitting boyfriend, she can t deny that it was the best sex of her life.When her sister, Harley, is killed, Hannah s life is turned upside down Forced to go o [...]

    2. A Review of Dark Domination Bought By The Billionaire, Book 1 by Lili ValenteHoly Hotness Jackson 5 starsLili has come up with an awesomely amazing new series Twins Hannah and Harley were dramatically different from each other, with Hannah being the softer, kinder of the two I am looking forward to learning about the family they were born into and flesh out some of the hints that were provided in this first book.Jackson is an ex Marine that has turned to arms dealing who ruined his life six yea [...]

    3. TITLE Dark DominationSERIES Bought by the Billionaire Book 1 AUTHOR Lili ValenteGENRE Contemporary RomancePUBLICATION June 09th, 2015MY RATING 4 STARSDARK DOMINATION Is about mistaken identity, death, loss, revenge, it s a hot quick suspenseful readYes I am reading this because of the hot cover BITE MEJust read the synopsis then looked at all the five star reviews, now I ve been completely reeled in It starts off with Harley, Hannah s twin warning Hannah not to leave the apartment under any circ [...]

    4. Wow Intense.I have never read anything like this before It was dark and quite emotional.Hannah has a twin sister, Harley When Harley dies, she is left alone with her aunt They move to Tahiti and start a new life but money s not easy to come by.When an offer from an elusive billionaire comes Hannah s way, she realizes that she has to do anything in order to survive So, she agreeds to be the man s intimate company for a month.But the wealthy man is not what Hannah had in mind Jackson has one purpo [...]

    5. Death was too good for her Too peaceful He was going to break her down, force her to acknowledge the darkness inside of her, and then feed her soul, piece by piece, through the shredder, until she was too shattered to face her reflection in the mirror He wanted every waking moment of her life to be a punishment to be endured, not a gift to be enjoyed What NOOO This book is only 145 pages long Just when things started to heat up it just ended, JUST ENDED

    6. Dark DominationOh man This quick read, ending in a cliffy is the WORST case of mistaken identity Hannah is confused with her conniving sister, Harley, and ends us having a night of exquisite passion with Harley s boy toy of the moment, Jackson Hannah offers token protests to Jackson s sensual assault but totally gives into his mastery of her body That one night changes Hannah forever, in ways than one She finds out things about her family from her aunt Sybil that cause them to go on the run, ch [...]

    7. A spin on the evil twin I don t think I ve ever read one where the evil twin was a girl This was an interesting concept and I loved Jackson s character He was such an asshole At least, he was at the end I do wish we would have gotten to see of what Hannah s sister actually did to him to mess him all up in the head, but maybe that s in the next book I m still deciding if I liked it enough to invest the 9 to finish out the series.

    8. There s no way this book was 145 pages GR or 158 I read it in less than an hour I don t normally read serials until after they have all been published because they usually get bundled together anyway All that being said i really enjoyed this short read It had sex and some mystery which i enjoy very much Hopefully the rest of the installments will be out soon so that i can finish it

    9. 3.5 STARSThough I hate serials , I really liked the start of this one Good story set up made from mistaken identity He Jackson hates her Hannah because he thinks she is someone she s nother twin sister It may sound little outlandish, but the way that the story is told, it s believable This is a dark read with a dominance submissive tone Will definitely read book 2 next.

    10. Wow This book was full of twists and surprises that I did not see coming After one night of crazy passion with her twin sister s unknowing boyfriend, Hannah s life takes a drastic turn for the worst Forced to abandon her life and identity she is struggling to make ends meet when she is offered an interesting proposition Little does she know that by accepting the offer she will be placing herself in the hands of a man hell bent on getting his revenge on her When Hannah realizes this man has mista [...]

    11. audiobook What a buildup and then boom A cliffy My blood pressure went sky high Thankfully the series is complete and I ve purchased the audio series.

    12. Well in the hoped for and expected fashion from Lili Valente, Dark Domination was sexy and blazing hot hot hot The passionate connection between these characters, albeit some stemming from hurt and mistrust from the past as well as unexpectedly arousing and exciting, it is absolutely unsurpassed in other erotic romance novels I have previously read, except possibly from Ms Valente s first series So be ready for the increase in your own heart rate as you turn page after page in this amazing new s [...]

    13. 5 STAR REVIEW 5 STAR REVIEW Harley and her twin, Hannah could not be any different Harley is the protector, and will do whatever it takes to make sure Hannah is okay An unexpected visitor shows up to Harley s apartment thinking that Hannah is her He has his way with Hannah She can t find the words to tell him who she really is and by the sounds of her moans, she doesn t want to.Circumstances has made Hannah flee to Tahiti years later, after burying Harley too early in life Hannah will have to ma [...]

    14. I read Lili s first series Under His Command and I loved it No one does erotic romance like Lili Valente Jackson Hawke is out for revenge on the girl who he loved and thought loved him back One night of passion years ago was different and he thought Harley had finally fallen for him Turns out it wasn t Harley at all and then she ends up dead, but not before ruining his life Hannah, Harley s twin sister was the one who shared that night with Jackson She never knew who he was, but after 6 years of [...]

    15. Lili Valente has become one of my favorite and top author There wasn t a moment that I didn t love Dark Domination What would you do if one night of passion, mistaken for your twin sister, is the night that changes everything The night of the BEST SEX of your life and the man that has left you branded Every relationship after, never coming close to what you felt, in that moment, with the mysterious man you promised to love That same night, your other half, your twin Harley is killed in a car acc [...]

    16. I read this book solely for the coverd that s what I get for being estupid.Did I laugh Heck yeah The entire thing was soooo dumb I couldn t help bust out laughing I almost added it to my made me cry shelf because it was that bad I d like to brag that I narrarated this book to my bestie and she wanted to give it 4 stars for my stellar performance, but Nay, I wouldn t let her The only reason it s getting 2 stars were for the nonstop laughs and fits of giggles it brought out Please understand this [...]

    17. 5 Stars Holy hotness This book was short, sexy, edgy, intense, raw, and dark This book was crazy hot and made me have to take a breather I devoured this book is one sitting, craving to know That ending was absolutely killer as this is part of a series You ve been warned .This is the beginning of Hannah and Jackson s story Hannah needs money like now So she has come up with a plan She is going to sell herself But little does she know that her new owner is someone out for revenge, but on the wron [...]

    18. What a great plot A very short read this but one which totally got my attention I really enjoyed this story it gripped me from the beginning and wouldn t let me go Jackson, is a hard man, a Marine who has earned his billions from arms dealing and is completely in love with Harley Harley is dark and dangerous, unlike her twin sister Hannah.Jackson has a night of passion with Harley, unknowing that it was really Hannah Events then transpire to change their lives, time moves on and revenge is on Ja [...]

    19. This was a super fast read I hadn t even read the synopsis prior to reading this book The cover managed to capture my attention so I thought I d give it a shot.It was very interesting and I do plan on continuing with the series There were a couple of issues that kept me from giving it a full 5 stars though 1 It felt really rushed I get that this series involves four relatively short novellas, but considering the fact that altogether they would be a full length novel then there was no need for th [...]

    20. Every now and then I like dark romances Some romances that many people would consider taboo This is definitely one of them The characters are intriguing but I wished that I learned about them I have so many questions left unanswered that I couldn t justifiable give this book than 3 stars Ultimately, this is a sexually charged novella that leaves you wanting Unfortunately to read and probably get your answers you have to pay 3.00 for each installment I will probably wait to see if the prices [...]

    21. OMGis first book was amazingly HOT and dirtyI loved it so much The hero makes you tremble, bad boy, billionaire, totally alpha, dominating, kinky, sexy as hell, dangerous.LOVE The heroine is lovely, inexperienced, innocent, kind and likes the submission a lotese two are HOT The story revolves about an identity misunderstandinghe thinks she s the woman who he loved so much and he still loves who hurt him, framed him and put him in prison He wants revenge Only he doesn t know that the woman be tra [...]

    22. Hannah and JacksonHmmm, I wanted to love this one I was close but I found a few things hinky and that made it tough to LOVE.Jackson is an ex Marine who some how doesn t realize that the women in the bed isn t the same women he s been screwing around with Was he a bad Marine He notices the differences in Hannah and Harley later, how does he miss them from the start I just, I can t get my head around him failing to see that Hannah and Harley are 2 different people and that was enough to drop the s [...]

    23. My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review This novella is hot, hot, hot.Jackson Hawke is a bad boy with a grudge on his shoulder, but the woman he thinks is his target is actually her twin sister.The sex is hot, Hannah is your good girl on the run but likes her men to have control in the bedroom and Jackson Hawke is one dominant man who gets what he wants, especially in the bedroom.What s not to love about it I really can t wait for part two to become availab [...]

    24. It was okay I d like to know how this story plays out, but not enough to pay for the remaining books in the series I realize that probably makes me a terrible consumer in some eyes, but honestly the story didn t have enough to grab me.

    25. For me, it s hard to rate serial novellas, particularly the first one in the series Three stars says it s good, I ll continue with book 2, but I didn t rush out and buy the boxed set I simply put it on my future reading radar.

    26. Hannah and Jacksonhe wants revenge and she is happy to see him, which confuses him, she should me scared This does sound like a adventure, exciting and sexy It is short and I usually would have waited till they all came out but with a title like Dark Domination I had to 1 click

    27. Quite dark Quite sexy Quite mysterious Too short but good enough to follow to another book And I m on to book 2 now.

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