Linear Algebra Done Right #2020

Linear Algebra Done Right By Sheldon Axler Linear Algebra Done Right Intended for a second course in pursuing mathematics this volume discusses topics such as the existence of eigenvalues on complex vector spaces upper triangular matrices and orthogonal projections
  • Title: Linear Algebra Done Right
  • Author: Sheldon Axler
  • ISBN: 9783319110790
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Linear Algebra Done Right By Sheldon Axler Intended for a second course in pursuing mathematics, this volume discusses topics such as the existence of eigenvalues on complex vector spaces, upper triangular matrices and orthogonal projections.
    Linear Algebra Done Right By Sheldon Axler
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      144 Sheldon Axler
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      Sheldon Axler Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Linear Algebra Done Right book, this is one of the most wanted Sheldon Axler author readers around the world.


    1. Excellent textbook for a second look at linear algebra from a strictly theoretical standpoint It size is small enough so that one may comfortably carry it around and promptly, effortlessly smack around fools that utter linear algebra that s just y mx b LOLZ Their education is the responsibility of us all, and how often we forget the old waysThe proofs are clear but do require the reader to fill in some gaps This is intended Open to any page and witness the clarity that so often escape the best e [...]

    2. This book was a real page turner Great approach towards linear algebra Sheldon Axler doesn t introduce determinants until the end, which was a true delight in my opinion because it surely kept me reading until the very last chapter in order to learn about those nasty determinants The section about Jordan Canonical forms had me hooked for days The way the Jordan bases were formed was absolutely mind blowing I did not see it coming at all Axler truly outdid himself with this one The book definitel [...]

    3. This was the textbook used in my undergraduate theory of linear algebra course taught by Seymour Goldberg, so you know the relevant view It does have the nice property, basically shared with Lax s book, that it s clearly a book about linear algebra in general finite dimensional linear spaces, and not a mix of some linear algebra, some matrix analysis, and some elementary modeling concepts Also, Axler is in the short and sweet school of mathematical writing, so it doesn t loom large on the shelf. [...]

    4. This is a great second book on linear algebra something you might want to read once you read a foundation text on linear algebra first It is a full color book which makes the book rather expensive It s not a large book, but it s packed with just the right explanations and amount of theory to get you to understand the mathematical aspects of linear algebra the topics of spaces, linear maps and related theorems and concepts The book is very accessible, has plenty of exercises no solutions though [...]

    5. This is how linear algebra should always be presented The unfortunate presentation one first encounters that emphasises matrices and determinants without appeal to the algebra and geometry that motivates them is absent from this text It is a full presentation that will give you an intuitive grasp of linear algebra from both the geometric and algebraic points of view.

    6. Fantastic introduction if you ve already been introduced The idea of not introducing the determinant is fine, but it makes the practice part somewhat difficult In particular, it s usually pretty easy to prove a small matrix is invertible using the determinant Not as easy without.

    7. Excellent book Author s brilliance is reflected in this book An in depth vision for mathematics for linear algebra made me fluent in it You may need 3 months to finish this book Since I m a student at a college, it took me 1 year to finish but worth the time Must read

    8. It s a nice book but I really don t understand why it goes to so much trouble to avoid determinants.From a purely aesthetic viewpoint there is something to be said for the approach, but in my experience teaching linear algebra 101 students don t have misgivings about using determinants They just don t know enough yet to realized something might be amiss so why bother

    9. Very good book for linear algebra, one which attempts to avoid the rather unmotivated concepts of determinants to prove many important results The book focuses on operators which are abstract and general than matrices themselves, providing easy proofs of theorems such as Cayley Hamilton or that operators in complex vector space always has an eigenvalue.The first two chapters are easy to grasp and it forces us to understand linear independence and basis without explicitly using matrix concepts [...]

    10. Beautiful One of the books where the reading process doesn t feel like learning material, but rather like individual components falling into one big picture of the world of finite dimensional linear spaces That being said, don t pick this up without also studying additional material LADR is beautiful, but by no means comprehensive 1 It lacks a lot of material, either in the topics presented, or additional topics I would love to see the author s treatment of bilinear forms 2 Nearly no material o [...]

    11. A much, much better coverage of linear algebra than the book my undergrad class used As many others have noted, it largely avoids the use of matrices and determinants to focus on the purely algebraic aspects of the material It is also nice that vector spaces other than R n or C n are frequently considered, such as the space of all polynomial functions of a single variable I was able to read through almost the entire book in one long sitting since it was a lot of review for me was well presented, [...]

    12. i read it for a class it s extremely readable and informative, and for what it is trying to do, it does it well However, as a far as application goes, this book does not really touch on applying linear algebra, which is an extremely useful feild This is a great approach for those who wish to go on to higher levels of pure math, eg functional analysis where inner vecotr spaces are not Euclidean, but functionsis is because the book does not primarily deal with Euclidean vectors and matrices but ra [...]

    13. The material started with Vector Spaces, which makes the most sense to me for linear algebra The text focus was on what is going on and less on rigorous mathematics, making it a good reference for use with books that are proof oriented.The problem with linear algebra is its inherit difficulty It is a subject that is extremely hard to really understand Despite much study, and a grad class, it still has me well into the level of very limited abilities Best thing Press on, and keep working LOTS o [...]

    14. Wonderful No determinants til the end Emphasis on concept over formal, so rare in Lin alg Weak on determinants Artin or Halmos, Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces, are better The only reason I understand Graham Schmidt conceptually and not as an algorithm to be memorized

    15. An exceptional book on Linear Algebra Preferably a good read after some basic linear algebra course, so that you can actually appreciate the linear algebra in the book, and also have a mindfuck moment, when you relate it to your existing knowledge of linear algebra.

    16. Quite possibly the best introduction to linear algebra that has ever been written If you haven t read Axler s book, you probably don t understand linear algebra as well as you should.

    17. Not particularly enlightening Unassuming yet thorough coverage of finite vector spaces with only a brief mention of the infinite.

    18. A solid reference for the core topics of linear algebra, and possibly the best option for those new to the subject.

    19. I really wish it worked out examples having the student do the examples themselves is silly How will they know how to do it in the first place if there s no example Other than that, I like it.

    20. A refreshing abstract approach to the subject banishing determinants to the final chapter , yet throughly readable with very slick proofs I would recommend it as a second book on LA.

    21. Assuming you already are educated in linear algebra, this is a great explanation of the intuition behind what you ve learned to calculate with determinants.

    22. The third edition is an excellent update Previously the book was good, but the formatting and figures were subpar The third edition rectifies this, and it makes it much of a joy to read.

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