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Fat Kid Rules the World By K.L. Going Fat Kid Rules the World This Michael L Printz Honor Book and School Library Journal Best Book of the Year is an engaging debut the story of two unlikely friends who meet when a high school dropout talks a boy out of suicide
  • Title: Fat Kid Rules the World
  • Author: K.L. Going
  • ISBN: 9781417639069
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fat Kid Rules the World By K.L. Going This Michael L Printz Honor Book and School Library Journal Best Book of the Year is an engaging debut the story of two unlikely friends who meet when a high school dropout talks a boy out of suicide and who ultimately save each other.
    Fat Kid Rules the World By K.L. Going
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    1. K.L. Going

      K.L Going is the award winning author of numerous books for children and teens Her first novel, Fat Kid Rules the World was named a Michael Printz Honor Book by the American Library Association, and was included on YALSA s Best Books for Young Adults list and their list of Best Books for the Past Decade Her books have been Booksense picks, Book Club choices, Junior Library Guild selections, NY Public Library Best Books for the Teenage, and winners of state book awards They ve been featured by Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, Kirkus, and Children s Book Council as Best Books of the year Her work has also been published in Korea, Italy, Japan, Germany, and the UK, and her novel Fat Kid Rules the World is soon to be an independent film K.L began her career working at one of the oldest literary agencies in New York City She used this inner knowledge of publishing to write Writing and Selling the Young Adult Novel a how to book for aspiring writers, published by Writer s Digest She has also written short stories for several anthologies and currently has multiple picture books under contract She lives in Glen Spey, NY where she both writes and runs a business critiquing manuscripts She s also a mom to the world s cutest little boy To visit KL on line go to klgoing, facebook klgoing, or at twitter KLGoing.


    1. Confession 1 I found Fat Kid Rules the World from putting in Matthew Lillard into Somehow, I didn t realize that Lillard read the audio book until after I picked up the printed book for me, myself and I to read I passed it to my twin to read first I m not selfish She doesn t like to read books I ve read first, for some reason Useless backstory trivia about me Lauren has been on a campaign to ruin my reputation for years and years since the 90s She has this idea that I think I have cool taste and [...]

    2. I absolutely loathed this book It has a completely unrealistic view of fat kids based solely off of stereotypes The kid is only 300 lbs but can barely walk without feeling like dying And he s described as being pretty tall, so all in all, he wouldn t be that big, fat wise Being a big person myself, I found this distasteful and think thatK.L Going should have done a little field research before making the easily lovable main character one big fat joke Update 9 2016 I keep getting hits on this re [...]

    3. i saw this on someone else s and have been meaning to read it for a while it s a young adult book so it took basically one day to read i have mixed feelings i always love books about teenagers coming into punk rock, it s such a liberation story, and one that i relate to finally having a space to be yourself and not give a fuck and be part of something by embracing your outcast qualities fuck yeah i like that this book does not end with the fat kid losing weight, or even thinking about it, but in [...]

    4. I loved this book Fat Kid Rules the World Six foot one, 296 pound Troy is just looking for something that we re all searching for acceptance When he meets Curt, a mostly homeless punk prodigy who decides that Troy is going to be his drummer even though Troy hasn t played since the seventh grade , Troy needs to weigh his own feelings of fear and inadequacy against his desire to stop giving a fuck and just go for it.When he goes to his first punk rock show and completely loses himself in the music [...]

    5. I thought originally that this was going to be a good book I heard so many people say that they thought it made a great read and recommended it to me.What inspired me to read about this overweight boy is that that I had seen a special Biggest Loser episode In this episode featured a young man entering his 20 s He was funny, charming, and smart but ultimately saddened because of his loneliness His appearance seemed to be the major contributor to his low self esteem I felt so much compassion for t [...]

    6. Wonderful story about a little Kurt Cobain like boy whose fat friend Troy tries to save him from himself This is probably the most fat positive fiction I ve ever read for teens, as the story talks about society s reactions to Troy s weight but does not conclude with and he gets skinny and popular Instead, he helps a friend, sees the value of his family and finds a new community in punk rock.

    7. I really like this story There were problems, obviously, hence the three stars I liked probably the first half to three quarters of the novel, except I feel like the narrator said fat way too many times His weight is probably his biggest insecurity, but I m pretty sure fat showed up at least once on every page My biggest issue really was probably the ending The resolutions felt really abrupt and rushed This is such a short book, just over 200 pages, I honestly feel like another 50 100 pages woul [...]

    8. When Troy a hugely overweight social leper befriends Curt a skinny homeless punk guitar genius , they both get much than they bargained for Troy s macho brother and ex Marine father think Curt is just a junkie loser but as Curt stopped Troy s suicide attempt, Troy can t just forget him Curt recruits Troy as the new drummer in his punk band but Troy has never played the drums in his life When Curt s around, though, almost anything seems possible An outstanding, heart warming, funny, edgy, debut [...]

    9. Reviewed by Cana Rensberger for TeensReadTooTroy knows that everyone is watching him And laughing at him Of course they are At seventeen years old and almost 300 pounds, wearing what appears to be the same pair of tan pants daily, every move he makes is laughable Will he be able to get out of the car How many burgers will he eat Even his effort to breathe is laughable as he huffs and puffs his way along He worries that he smells You don t understand It s not that he s a pig or anything, he just [...]

    10. Possibly one of my all time favorite YA novels found my 2008 review and want to spread the word I got a freshman who hadn t finished a book in 7 months to read this book and come back begging for like it Fat Kid Rules the World by K.L Going Motherless Troy lives with his ex marine father and jock brother in New York City Self described as 300 pounds, Troy feels friendless and alone and lives in fear of the laughter he feels whenever others look at him One day, while contemplating jumping in fro [...]

    11. Troy starts the book out in a suicide attempt He s saved by Curt, a cool rocker type that Troy would love to be.They start a band and hang out and throughout most of the book Troy is filled with intense loathing for himself He never realises Curt s homeless, has abusive parents and a drug addict.One of the things I loved most about this book s message is if you get too wrapped up in hating yourself than you avoid seeing that everyone has problems Troy had issues with his dad but they were nothin [...]

    12. Troy is a fat kid so unhappy that he is contemplating throwing himself in front of a subway train, when someone tells him to stop It s Kurt McCray, guitar legend high school dropout For some reason Kurt talks Troy into being his drummer, despite the fact that Troy hasn t played drums since 7th grade For a while it seems like Kurt has saved Troy s life in ways than one But Kurt has some problems of his ownPartly due to Matthew Lillard s perfect voice for Troy, this was a really enjoyable audiobo [...]

    13. I ve attempted to read this novel several times, and I finally finished it I just don t know what it was about the reading that didn t appeal to me The plot seemed slow to me, and the writing wasn t anything exciting I also expected this novel to be about a fat kid and was looking forward to that, since there are so few novels about fat teens that doesn t involve them losing the weight and getting the guy Unfortunatley, the character Curt stole the show, and I believe this book was about him I [...]

    14. I feel like this is hard for me to write a review on I think that because I m not fat so I don t know if I m judging it fairly Also, I m not suicidal and my family loves me But if anyone is going to try, strains hand pick me This book had me so lost, if I m being honest There was so much happening Or maybe because I read too slow and too long Hmm Anyways Troy was lucky Curt was there I m just going to say, the diner scenes were weird That s all the farther I m going into it This book had a lot o [...]

    15. The word that I think describes Fat Kid rules the world is hope I believe hope is a good word for this book because hope is something that all of us have and if you lose hope there isn t much else to lose A line from the book that shows hope is when Ollie said Great man, this is great, you sound great He was clapping for troy and encouraging him making him regain hope again I give this book a thumbs up for sure When I first started reading it to when I got done reading the author always did a go [...]

    16. Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing This book is about Troy As you might have guessed from the title, Troy is fat He knows it, he knows the world knows it, he knows the world sees nothing but it, but he doesn t know what to do about it He spends so much of his time and attention being terrified that everyone is staring at him and his bulk, that every comment, every laugh, smirk or snicker, every look is directed at him that he is paralyzed much of the time in pub [...]

    17. FAT KID RULES THE WORLD by K L Going, Penguin Putnam, June 2003, ISBN 0 399 23990 1 I m a sweating fat kid standing on the edge of the subway platform staring at the tracks I m seventeen years old, weigh 296 pounds, and I m six foot one I have a crew cut, yes a crew cut, sallow skin, and the kind of mouth that puckers when I breathe I m wearing a shirt that reads MIAMI BEACH SPRING BREAK 1997, and huge, bland tan pants the only kind of pants I own Eight pairs, all tan As this head bashing yet re [...]

    18. I am a fat kid Everywhere I go, people s eyes would turn my way, their gaze following my lumpy shape I am used to their disgusted stares I have no friends Who would ever want to befriend a 300 pound loser Even my family looks down on me because of my excessive weight So I guess no one would even bother when I die.Generally, that was what goes inside Troy Billing s head most of the time Being laughed at all the time for being overweight has become too much of a torment The only thing people do wh [...]

    19. I absolutely loved this book and while I was reading it I couldn t help thinking of students who I thought would too It is not just a tale of friendship and music it also tackles other tough issues like homelessness, body image, bullying, drug addiction, dysfunctional families, and abuse There is some strong language and drug abuse, but this book should be appropriate for older teen readers Loved it My Booktalk Troy Billings is a 300 pound screw up who has had enough He is tired of being laughed [...]

    20. Troy s life is utterly miserable He weights like a baby elephant, he only owns identical beige pants because they are the only ones he s able to fit into, he doesn t have any friends and his younger brother is aggressively embarrassed by him It s no wonder he s standing there, infront of the subway tracks, about to jump All he wants is for life to be over already.Except that doesn t happen Instead he is distracted by the dirty homeless man next to him on the platform A dirty homeless man who tur [...]

    21. I read this because of a teacher s recommendation I loved my teacher, but I don t see why she loved this book I have mixed feelings about it I like that the opening scene was dramatic, with Troy, a lonely and overweight teenager, contemplating suicide on the subway tracks There was humor scattered throughout the book, which I can appreciate I also like that this book does not end with the fat kid losing weight, but instead becoming a punk rock drummer and finding something he can channel himself [...]

    22. There was a brief article about the author in School Library Journal and we had two of her books in I chose the one that seemed the least depressing Our library copy had all the cuss words underlined in the beginning by some enthusiast until there were just too many to bother with, I guess heh But this book is about kids in New York City and leaving that out wouldn t be an accurate portrayal of these kids The NYer in me laughs when Troy takes taxis everywhere NYC is the walkin est, public transp [...]

    23. Troy Billings is seventeen years old, lives in NYC, and Fat Kid Rules the World is just one of the hilarious headlines he makes up through the story Troy also weighs nearly 300 pounds, and everyone stares Or at least he thinks they do He also thinks it might be a good idea to splat himself in the NY subway after seventeen unremarkable years, but he s not even sure if he ll get that right That s when Curt MacCrae, the only semi homeless semi student punk rock artist legend from school cons Troy i [...]

    24. Right from the first page of Fat Kid Rules the World by KL Going, I was already emotionally invested in Troy It s really heart breaking to see through his eyes The observations he makes really makes me feel like crying This idea that people will laugh at a fat kid doing almost anything just upsets me everything from how much food he eats to the way he breathes From Troy s perspective, everyone s watching him and if not openly laughing, secretly laughing and or making judgements about him And thi [...]

    25. Fat Kid Rules the World by K L Going is a realistic fiction based novel about one boy who is insecure about his weight, Troy Billings, and another boy who is dirt poor and lives on the street, Curt MacCrae They meet each other when Troy tries to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train and Curt stops him After this moment they became best friends and realize how important friendship really is They both rely on each other to help each other get through their struggles and insecurities that t [...]

    26. Fat Kid Rules the World is a contemporary realistic fiction book by K.L Going that is intended for teens ages 14 18 or Advanced readers A The book received Printz Honor Award in 2004 as well as the Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Readers Choice Award for Senior in 2006 I read eBook version and gave the book a 5 star rating for many reasons The book is a coming of age tale about a overweight and suicidal kid, his drug addict guitar playing friend and the possibility of starting a band [...]

    27. Being 300 pounds makes high school life miserable for 17 year old, Troy Billings He has no friends and even his own brother and father seem to loathe him But just as he s contemplating stepping in front of a subway train, he meets Curt MacCrae, a local legend and guitar phenom Curt is patterned after a young Kurt Cobain He is a skinny, sickly high school dropout with stringy blond hair who can entrance everybody with his music.Troy can hardly believe that he has actually made a friend But his en [...]

    28. Fat Kid Rules the World is mainly about Troy Billings and Curt MacCrae The story takes place in New York.Troy is 296 pounds and according to all the kids in his school, W.T Watson High School, he is a loser On the contrary, Curt is an insanely skinny person who is considered the most popular kid in school for being the first kid from W T Watson that played at The Dump, a popular place for bands to play in After a long time of debating wether or not to kill himself in the subway, Troy is saved by [...]

    29. Realistic fiction, young adult, family and friendship, drums band, eating disorders fatness.This is probably the best book I have read all year I absolutely loved the descriptive language and writing For example, Curt pops out the other side like a watermelon emerging from the birth canal p 42 On p 135 Troy describes what he has eaten in 72 hours Amazing yet I can see myself doing the same thing after his first stage experience with the band.What was most interesting was learning how one boy who [...]

    30. The main character, seventeen year old Troy Billings, is extremely unhappy with his weight 296 pounds and his friendless life until he meets Curt MacCrae Curt, a semi homeless teenager who plays guitar in a band, provides Troy with the friendship that he needs to get his life back on track Although their relationship is strange at times and not popular with his family, Curt leads Troy on a journey through the street of New York where he finally finds some self confidence When Troy joins Curt s b [...]

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