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Interlude By Rupert Smith Interlude Edward Barton was one of the most successful novelists of the twentieth century The critics didn t like him but readers loved him and so did the film industry turning out movie after movie based on
  • Title: Interlude
  • Author: Rupert Smith
  • ISBN: 9781873262863
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • Interlude By Rupert Smith Edward Barton was one of the most successful novelists of the twentieth century The critics didn t like him, but readers loved him and so did the film industry, turning out movie after movie based on his blockbusters Then at the height of his fame, after the worldwide success of his best selling novel The Interlude, Edward retired from public life and never wrote anothEdward Barton was one of the most successful novelists of the twentieth century The critics didn t like him, but readers loved him and so did the film industry, turning out movie after movie based on his blockbusters Then at the height of his fame, after the worldwide success of his best selling novel The Interlude, Edward retired from public life and never wrote another word.It s left to his granddaughter Helen, married with two young children,to untangle the web of fiction and lies surrounding Edward Barton s legacy, and to reveal the secret at the heart of her family a love story far stronger than anything in his novels And while Helen confronts the truth about her family s past, she falls into a reckless affair that my threaten her own future.
    Interlude By Rupert Smith
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    1. Rupert Smith

      Rupert Smith was born in Washington DC in 1960, and grew up in Surrey He has lived in London since 1978 After graduating with a BA in English, he continued his studies at the University of London and in 1986 completed his PhD in theatre history He is the author of many novels, under his own name and as James Lear and Rupert James As a journalist, he has contributed to The Guardian, The Independent on Sunday, The Times, The Los Angeles Times, Radio Times, Time Out, Gay Times and probably some other publications with the word time in the title His latest book GRIM is his first foray into horror.


    1. Update Mai 31, 2016 I don t know how you rate your books, and if likable characters together with a satisfying HEA belong to your most important criteria for a great book One of the most important criteria for me is an excellent writing and a story, that makes you live through the ocean of emotions while reading, that haunts you even days after you finished it what doesn t necessarily mean a HEA with nice characters Interlude has THE STORY And this story is brilliantly written I am not a re read [...]

    2. I think Smith did a superb job with this one It s an intricate tangle of love, lust, greed, ambition, deceit, betrayal, pretence, secrets As the Bard says All the world s a stage, and all the men and women merely players they have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages William Shakespeare This is certainly so for this story with the players playing their many different parts, sometimes loving, sometimes lying, sometimes greedy, sometim [...]

    3. Sometimes I think that I should just read Lena s favorites, cause they usually work well for me Filled with surprises till the very end, this was a great read.

    4. When we first meet Helen Barton, she is a bored housewife, with two children and a largely absent husband Her parents are also distant both from her and her children and also from her grandfather, Edward Barton Her grandfather is best known for his 1955 novel, Interlude, which was made into a famous film Helen decides to embark on a creative writing course and, through the writing workshop at Milton College, also embarks on an affair with her teacher, Harry Ross Harry seems fascinated by her rel [...]

    5. This wonderful book opens with the voice of Helen, a somewhat bored mother of two, married to Richard who works away as a data analyst, a mother who has reached the point in her life when she wants to do something for her Helen decides to join an evening class in writing and meets a tutor Henry Ross who sees something he likes, something he wants Is it because she has inherited her talent from her Grandfather, the post war writer Edward Barton Could the literary genetics which meant that his boo [...]

    6. Still not clear to me who was telling the truth, and who was taking a view of the truth.Great story, interesting characters and well written, what could you want Loved it.

    7. Helen is bored Mother of two young children, wife to Richard, daughter of cold and unconcerned parents She is unfulfilled She wants and finds it, in the arms of a manipulative, self serving lover and an unexpected and divisive legacy from her once famous, once feted, now mostly forgotten novelist grandfather, Edward Barton Helen s forays into her grandfather s past through his letters and diaries and a novelised account of his life his most famous novel Interlude the book of the film starring L [...]

    8. Gasp Beautiful book Would have loved some of the old diaries but Helens interjection was sometimes a relief Poor Harry got nothing and Richard well should have worked from home A result with her family after the reunion would have finished this off nicely I hope this isn t a spoiler

    9. Compelling and page turning, everything you want from a holiday read It s becomes fashionable to set period books against a contemporary setting and in this case we have Helen a bored housewife who enrols in a creative writing class and decides to meet her estranged grandfather who was a literary superstar after the second world war but his books have gone out of fashion So we alternate between modern day London and the pressures of the school run and a young man struggling to make his way throu [...]

    10. I enjoyed this well written story of past and present colliding and influencing each other In the present day is Helen mother of two slightly bored who starts to get interested in her grandfather who wrote a book which was turned into a successful film Helen enrols in a writing class run by Harry who encourages her to look into her grandfather s writing career Against her parents wishes she visits her grandfather and they got on well When he dies there are surprises in store for the whole family [...]

    11. An entertaining read very adroitly plotted and written A bored housewife researches her family history, and gets far than she bargained for I like the way the two plots historical and present intermesh and enhance each other and how the author keeps the suspense up until virtually the very last sentence.

    12. A very enjoyable thing to read The way he creates characters that are pretty nasty but somehow fascinating because of their glossy glamour is admirable.

    13. You know that feeling of sadness and loss when you reach the end of a really gripping novel That Interlude is a really good read.

    14. Helen is bored, her husband is often working away and her children at school She decides to watch The Interlude a 1959 film starring Laurence Olivier and Jayne Mansfield based on the book of the same name written by her grandfather Edward Helen is inspired to pick up the book itself for the first time The lead is a boy called Derek who escapes a provincial life to attend University College London He drops out after an appalling production of Ibsen s Ghosts brings him into collision with the acto [...]

    15. This new novel from the author of the very popular and award winning Man s World 2010 follows a similar structure to that earlier novel Once again we have contrasting dual narratives set in London a modern day story and another set primarily in the late 1930s and 1940s It is this story set in the past that is going to resonant most with gay readers as it explores a gay relationship complicated by the closet and the need to be covert Handsome, strapping young Edward Barton falls in with a small t [...]

    16. This is a novel of powerful emotions, with than a few rabbits pulled from the hat as the story evolves Edward Barton was one of the 20th century s most famous writers, but failed to publish another book after his biggest success The Interlude Now in his 90s, his granddaughter, Helen tracks him down to ask why The answers prove not what Helen expected and have explosive ramifications for the family Helen s relationship with both parents is fraught, her husband spends a lot of time away from home [...]

    17. Smith is great at pace and the story clips along nicely That being said I don t think he s written a likeable character and this book is really no exception It would be funny if in real life he were overly warm and gregarious.It s hard to get overly invested in unlikable characters.I found it a little weird reading a gay male love story from primarily a woman s perspective Also found it annoying that although the book itself mentions , the kindle version can t be ordered from there, only from th [...]

    18. Enjoyable, well paced novel about family secrets, with a fascinating picture of gay life in the mid 20th century.

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