8 Mile & Rion #2020

8 Mile & Rion By K.S. Adkins Mile Rion Few call me Rion but you can call me Junior Life was easy here on Mile until the day I was told to leave Detroit When my dad died the life I built at his request ended and I stepped back into the
  • Title: 8 Mile & Rion
  • Author: K.S. Adkins
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  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • 8 Mile & Rion By K.S. Adkins Few call me Rion, but you can call me Junior Life was easy here on 8 Mile until the day I was told to leave Detroit When my dad died, the life I built at his request ended and I stepped back into the world I was born to live in taking bets and when necessary, collecting on them by force I was raised in a man s world, a world that embraced me, that I understood Or so IFew call me Rion, but you can call me Junior Life was easy here on 8 Mile until the day I was told to leave Detroit When my dad died, the life I built at his request ended and I stepped back into the world I was born to live in taking bets and when necessary, collecting on them by force I was raised in a man s world, a world that embraced me, that I understood Or so I thought.One collection gone wrong was all it took to change the course of my life forever A homeless, bitter ex Marine squatting in the property I was taking back changed everything Loyal Hart was hiding from the ghosts of war He never wanted to be found, but I wasn t raised to leave a man behind Despite his nasty words and dirty looks, I knew a good man when I saw one This angry man had the edge I needed to get results in my line of work, so I hired him He proved to be damaged than I ever thought possible, and too soon I realized that I couldn t live without him Loyal found it easier to battle his feelings for me than he did his own demons Though he kept me safe, even putting his body at risk in the process, he fought even harder to keep me at arm s length When true danger came, I saw what he was really made of, and why he lied to keep himself a secret A smart bookie always knows her odds.So I took the risk and bet it all on the man who wouldn t even bet on himself.
    8 Mile & Rion By K.S. Adkins
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    1. I FUCKING LOVED IT I may say this because it s still fresh in my mind, but I think I loved this one than the Brutal series jaws drop Yeah, I knowI can t believe it either, especially since I loved that series But this one Takes the cake, all the way to the bank I m not gonna break it down for ya, but I ll give ya a little insight Rion Junior kicks ass Wanna know why Because this author kicks ass I can imagine that writing a character as sassy and fierce as Junior, the author has to be hardwired [...]

    2. Second chances everyone deserves them Growing up that is all Junior knew, if someone came in and had it rough her dad didn t even blink he gave them a shot Never needing than the words to back up the claim That transferred onto Junior seeing someone in need made her stake her claim A family of misfits so to speak, the ones that don t fit in the mold society so tightly upholds A life she was proud of but when the patriarch falls the pieces he leaves behind may be too much for her to put back.Rio [...]

    3. NopeI m really surprised I finished this book Maybe it s because of the plot I could see where the author was trying to go And even appreciate understand it But the execution of all these things just didn t work for me.Mainly it was the way too much back forth with the MCs over the course of this novel, went It was irritating than endearing to watch unfold And it painted the picture of the heroine either being too stupid, or her just enjoying being toyed with emotionally or both While painting [...]

    4. It probably comes as no surprise to know that I loved this book, I m a huge KS Adkins fan and I m always excited about where she s going to take us next This was no exception, I was getting whiplash with Rion and Loyal never knowing exactly what they were up to, one minute I thought I knew what was going on then things completely changed and I was on the edge of my seat again Rion is softer than the Detroit After Dark girls, she s grown up being Daddy s princess but she s still got that strong w [...]

    5. It is no secret that I am a big KS Adkins fan Ever since I ve read her Detroit After Dark series I was hooked on her writing I love her honest, raw, gritty and unique voice She writes take no shit heroines that still manage to sustain a sense of vulnerability and inner strength throughout a lot of troubles.Rion is a very complex character She is extremely headstrong and can easily defend herself, but at the same time, she is also very forgiving and vulnerable, and shows this on many occasions He [...]

    6. Omg I haven t read this authors books before but it is now going to change,the story gets you right at the start, emotionally it draws you in and from there you are hooked, the characters are brilliant and strong and your emotions are good and bad but you really can t stop reading because it is one of those reads that has pulled you in and you don t put it down,truly brilliant story and amazing writing by the author

    7. Absolute brilliance There was suspense, angst, sexy alpha male, and smart mouthed woman Add in some serious action that has me grinding my teeth, and clenching my hands and I will scream for Rion, aka Junior and Loyal will have you screaming at your screen.I love the dual POV KS you get better with every story I swear, now go write

    8. LOVED IT If you want a strong heroine with a smart mouth that can kick some ass literally , you found her in Rion Just like Kelly s other heroines, Rion is not perfect and she s certainly not girly You won t find her parked in a nail salon chatting with her bestie No you will find her at the shooting range I am seriously in love with this character.

    9. 8 Mile Rion was amazing As usual KS didn t disappoint I loved the strength of Rion s character and her love for Loyal And of course this story grabbed me from the beginning and didn t let go It still hasn t let go Darn, I read that too fast how am I supposed to wait for the next one

    10. Amazing storywas refreshing to read a book like this.s was refreshing, addictive and a great story.Loyal and Rion are my fav characters this year i loved the story and plot it was action packed with danger,love and Ptsd cannot wait for rios book

    11. 4 4.5 stars.Another great story from K.S Adkins There was twist after twist and it never got boring I really liked Rion and Loyal They were perfect for each other.

    12. OMG K.S Adkins you did it again Just when I think I have read your best you go and write this Rion is on bad ass chick and Loyal is the best.

    13. Everyone deserves a second chance I loved this story The relationship between the two main characters Rion and Loyal, was, in one word, explosive Along with the two of them, their dysfunctional supporting cast helped to make this book one crazy read Rion is a thirty year old, hell on wheels bookie who is trying to put her life back together after the loss of her dad who was THE bookie Together, they ran his business Loyal, an alpha, ex Marine comes back from his years of service very mentally so [...]

    14. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsThis book begins when Rion s dad dies and she has to take over the business She never would have known how in over his head he was until it s her turn to make it turn out okay But, someone is out to get her and stalking her Then when Loyal shows up out of the blue she can t say away from him, however, he has demons he s fighting and has no idea how to deal with them or her These two have a lot to get through if they want to even try to make it work, but [...]

    15. Oh my good I love Rion she is a bad ass that s a bit lost Rion is a bookie and after losing her dad she fights to keep the business goinge send enforcers to collect on debt and they get knocked out by Loyal ex marine.Rion and loyal become a couple that love hard and fight harder They break up and make up but one thing is song they love each other even if Loyal struggles to understand that is what he s feeling Rion gets kidnapped after receiving letters saying she is owed as debt for a bet Loyal [...]

    16. What an AMAZING BOOK Five stars isn t enough Since there are so many reviews describing the story, I ll just tell you my opinion on this whole story LOVED Rion, love her kind spirit, yet she s a spitfire Rio, what a true friend he is to Rion aka Junior As much as he loved her all those years, he stayed in the shadows like Junior s dad asked him to Loyal, messed up in so many ways However, Junior gives him a second chance and a third, etc This book has it all It s sexual, it s a mystery, it s dra [...]

    17. Absolutely amazing Read This is my first K.S Adkins read but it will not be my last I love a strong woman and Rion is one of the strongest leading women I have ever read Loyal is so damaged though Damaged from his youth, his wife and his time at war Rion has her own issues living in a mans world and just having lost her father She takes over his business and demands to be treated like an equal She and Loyal meet under bumpy circumstances but immediately feel a intense connection I loved that Rio [...]

    18. Damn this author is tryna kill me I finished reading Rion and Loyal hours ago and DAAAYUUUM I had to stew on it for awhile cuz that book had me all kinds of twisted fucked upness WOWjust Wow This was almost a brutal read for me because I felt that shitke right here pounding on my chest This story broke my heart wide fuckin open and thankfully by the time I got to the end, my heart was whole again and all was good Awesome freakin job I LOVED it and I can t wait for Rio s story

    19. Wow just wow I fucking love K.S Adkins Her books are absolutely amazing and written very well with great story lines There were a few grammatical errors but they weren t anything that messes you up while reading like I have found in other books Also I just want to point out that I love the fact that her female characters are the alphas as a woman I feel that s the way it should be No shit Anyways definitely than five stars if I could but I would and have recommended any and all of her books to [...]

    20. This is a story I had to marinate before writing my review I love the strength of Rion s character and the strength of her love for Loyal, and those she considers family The twists and turns had me all tied up in knots for this couple This is a dark romance that keeps you on the edge The Author definitely keeps you turning the page Rion and Loyal s chemistry is palpable and explosive, it continually kept giving me whiplash The book was well worth reading and I thank K.S Adkins for giving me the [...]

    21. Given this for ARC review This is the first book by her I ve read, now I m thinking where have you been Well written with great story line Really enjoyed the characters in this book The female has good strong role instead of the male which is refreshing 5 star rating as refreshing to read from a new author to me Really enjoyed the story and the twist and turn in the booklooking forward to reading from her

    22. First of allI loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter Second of all.e you freaking kidding me This book is one of my top 5 favorites so far this year Emotional, action packed, incredibly intense and sexy as hell

    23. Love strong heroines and Junior def was a bad ass her relationship with Loyal was tough from the get go ohhhh but the chemistry was off the charts a lot of angst back and forth therapy and friends declaring there love a psyco stalker and of course Love and a sweet HEA what can u ask for

    24. That story was a crazy roller coaster of drama I m not sure how to describe it but I actually really loved it It is different to what I have been reading and not what I expected.

    25. 4.5 StarsIt is no secret that I am a big K.S Adkins fan Ever since I ve read her Detroit After Dark series I was hooked on her writing I love her honest, raw, gritty and unique voice She writes take no shit heroines that still manage to sustain a sense of vulnerability and inner strength throughout a whole lot of troubles All of this makes for a very eagerly awaited novel that even though it not directly implemented in her first series, is still placed in the same environment and connected to it [...]

    26. I loved this book Honestly, I only bought it because it is set in Detroit That isn t a common setting for most books, so I thought I would try it This was my first book by K.S Adkins but it won t be my last Rion is named after her father who raised her She is the type of character that I really enjoy A female character with a backbone Working as a bookie, she is a woman in a man s world It isn t easy, but she doesn t take crap from anyone Save the you have a vagina so you re not my equal speech [...]

    27. This was a very different story to what i expected the blurb does cover part of the story but there is many layers to it than just the blurb can identify Rion is a woman in a man s world, but she is tough, super smart and can handle herself But can she handle her heart when she meets Loyal, at first their interactions are stunted due to each of them having their own issues, but we learn Loyal is damaged and is trying to adjust It seems Rion is the one to help him This is not a happy all the tim [...]

    28. I really liked this book This book has both of our MC s POV Rion and Loyal Which really works in this story I am so sick of the Insta love going on in most books today, with the troubled heroin as soon as he sees the heroine Thank god this book ISN T like that Loyal was in the Marines all his life, and boom they let him go for reasons beyond his control Nothing is as it was when he comes back to civilian life He is having lots of trouble fitting in He meets Rion and not in the best of circumstan [...]

    29. Loyal and Rion are a drama fueled, hot mess of a couple And at the same time, I truly respect the serious issues and handling of PTSD PDS addressed in Loyal s character These problems can t be fixed over night, serious issues take time, and Loyal was given that There was a lot of heart in this book There was also a lot of histrionics At times the push and pull between Loyal and Rion had me shaking my head in wonder if they weren t too toxic for each other But when I think about it, I suppose the [...]

    30. This story grips you from the first pages and doesn t let go until the end I actually sat on my entire lunch break yesterday and read the book I never even take a whole lunch break After I had to put it down to get back to work I seriously missed the days of being a stay at home mom where I could spend my days laying on the couch reading while my son played This book was amazing, it s well written, emotional and perfection I HIGHLY recommend it as a must read

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