Der Junge, den es nicht gab #2020

Der Junge, den es nicht gab By Sjón Der Junge den es nicht gab Island Die Spanische Grippe versehrt das Land Vulkan Katla verdunkelt den Himmel und Island erh lt endlich seine Unabh ngigkeit Zeiten des Aufruhrs und Aufbruchs Mittendrin M ni Steinn ohne Elte
  • Title: Der Junge, den es nicht gab
  • Author: Sjón
  • ISBN: 9783100022394
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Der Junge, den es nicht gab By Sjón Island 1918 Die Spanische Grippe versehrt das Land, Vulkan Katla verdunkelt den Himmel und Island erh lt endlich seine Unabh ngigkeit Zeiten des Aufruhrs und Aufbruchs Mittendrin M ni Steinn ohne Eltern, ohne Arbeit und zu allem bel kann er weder lesen noch schreiben Schlechte Voraussetzungen f r einen jungen Mann in dieser Zeit Aber M ni liebt das Kino und findet RIsland 1918 Die Spanische Grippe versehrt das Land, Vulkan Katla verdunkelt den Himmel und Island erh lt endlich seine Unabh ngigkeit Zeiten des Aufruhrs und Aufbruchs Mittendrin M ni Steinn ohne Eltern, ohne Arbeit und zu allem bel kann er weder lesen noch schreiben Schlechte Voraussetzungen f r einen jungen Mann in dieser Zeit Aber M ni liebt das Kino und findet Rettung bei den Stummfilmen und bei der sch nen S la Auf ihrem Motorrad entf hrt sie ihn aus der Dunkelheit und zeigt ihm, dass sich der Kampf lohnt, wenn man sich treu bleibt In einer lyrischen, bildgewaltigen Sprache verwebt Sj n Historisches mit Phantastischem Auch sein neuer Roman ist Weltliteratur.
    Der Junge, den es nicht gab By Sjón
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      Sj n Sigurj n B Sigur sson was born in Reykjavik on the 27th of August, 1962 He started his writing career early, publishing his first book of poetry, S nir Visions , in 1978 Sj n was a founding member of the surrealist group, Med sa, and soon became significant in Reykjavik s cultural landscape.


    1. Did the boy really live or is he but a monument on which to splatter all of our dreams desires Is he historical artifact or a faux existence that transcends all forms of classification In this, a majorly taut infinitely intriguesting short novel by one of the frequent collaborators of worldwide mega songstress Bjork, we encounter lively magic and tragic history, mingled into a new form of genre that intoxicates the senses It s a major thing in disguise of a minor novel.

    2. ZERO SPOILERS NONE seems I ve been here before.but I feel it s best NOT TO SHARE THE CONTENT I d like to pass this book on to others in the same way I read it Knowing nothing about it This is the first book I ve read that takes place in Iceland My 30 year old daughter works there every summer, so I was interested in anything Iceland I didn t know one iota about the story I had not even read the blurb I stopped reading the blurb after half of the first sentence The year is 1918 and in Iceland I C [...]

    3. What an incredible short novella and what a wonderful surprise Sjon takes us to 1918 where the First World War is a mere backdrop trouble to the people of Iceland as the Spanish Flu arrives out of nowhere killing thousands of people We see this period through the eyes of sixteen year old Mani, a hustler whose main priorities are sleeping with men for money and pleasure, or going to the cinema and experiencing films and escapism Big world dramas and small life dramas have equal importance and wei [...]

    4. A fable, A metaphor, a parable, a very fevered dream Just what has Sjon given us in this short novel set in Iceland in the waning days of the Great War, during a time of major change, loss In this story told largely from the point of view of a sixteen year old gay boy who lives for the joys of the films he sees as often as possible at the two theaters in the city, we see different ways of belonging or feeling alien in your own skin, your town, your life There are some brilliant parallels drawn i [...]

    5. ARC reviewProbably my favourite of Sj n s four books translated to English, and if it hadn t been for a handful of pages, would have made it to 4.5 rounded up to 5 A tiny, barely novella length, story about a shy 16 year old gay cineaste living through the 1918 influenza pandemic and the same year s Icelandic independence, here was a protagonist and setting that finally made me feel why the author s works are often called magical There wasn t as much brutality here as in his other books I m not [...]

    6. Rating 5 of fiveMy new review is live today MOONSTONE The Boy Who Never Was, is truly jaw dropping From the review Sj n operates equally lyrically when describing the antiquated views of the doctor and the simple survival techniques of M ni Farrar, Straus and Giroux gets 5 full stars because they chose Victoria Cribb to translate this book Clearly she is fearless This is a must read for anyone interested in LGBTQ lit.

    7. Sj n background, 1918, , , , , Mani, 16 Sj n , , , , , , , , Moonstone The Boy Who Never Was, , 99 Mani, , , , , Sj n, .Moonstone The Boy Who Never Was

    8. It is not hardship for me to believe that Sjon is a poet as he creates pictures with just a few well chosen words So in this relatively short piece he is able to give all the background necessary for me to imagine Mani s Reykjavik in 1918 I did not need elaborate descriptions just his few paintstrokes.I m left in admiration at how he honours his family, his Iceland, intertwining it with the Boy s story and opening my eyes that people at that time where fighting another war, a war with a deadly v [...]

    9. Sj n is a genius there, I said it He manages to capture the spirit of Iceland, its roughness as well as its enchanting powers, in prose that is both forceful and dreamlike, and I love him for it In the tradition of the sagas, he blends fact with fiction in this historic novella which tells the story of orphaned M ni Steinn, a lonely, queer school drop out who is earning money as a teenage prostitute in Reykjavik, 1918 What makes the book so strong is how Sj n blurs historic events like the Spani [...]

    10. Heart wrecking This is the first book I ve ever read which is set in Iceland, and it was surprising how beautifully this book was executed This is a story of homosexual boy who sleeps with men for pleasure his love for cinema the icelandic transformation, the Spanish flue and the chaos following through.

    11. M ni Steinn is a young gay man in Reykjavik, in 1918 The novella is really a capture of a moment in Iceland s history when the cinema is new but also instrumental in spreading the deadly Spanish flu This is the last year of non independence for the island country.

    12. This is the first book that I have read by Sjon A novella set in the end of WW1 in Iceland and also through the Spanish Flu Mani Steinn our protagonist is 16 years old Gay Movie goer Who comes of age during this period and through him we see a side of the Icelandic society that s less well knows to others The novella does contain graphic homosexual sex scenes that are quiet long in some chapters regarding this is a short book The prose is beautiful and the translation is very flowing and poetica [...]

    13. And now the boy lives in the movies When not spooling them into himself through his eyes, he is replaying them in his mind.A beautiful novella that packs a lot than one thinks it would I m happy I went into this not knowing anything about it Well, apart from hearing somewhere it was called the gayest book in Iceland It is, of course, so much No doubt I ll be rereading it in the future The translation from Icelandic seems expertly done, so if you re looking to broaden your reading horizons, con [...]

    14. This a short, easy to read book that I read in about an hour walking to work and back It s about a gay teenager who gets cash for entertaining gentleman, and it s also about cinema and film, and the Spanish flu.It s set in 1918 in Reykjavik tho to be honest I wasn t really feeling the historical side of it and is quite a powerful little novel that is almost fable like The stuff about everyone dying from the Spanish flu was great, and mid way I thought ohhh the flu is an AIDS metaphor and that ma [...]

    15. The reviews for this short novella seem pretty polarized between people who have it one star and failed to finish, and those who gave it five stars and were enthralled by the big reveal on the final page I made it to the end because I read this for a book club god help us , but clearly was neither as impressed by the storycraft nor gobsmacked by the reveal It s just a spare, poetic set of vignettes covering the Great War era goings on of an Icelandic hustler Not much to it, from my vantage.

    16. I finished this book earlier today, it s now 10 30pm and I m still thinking about it I wrote that I felt that I was reading a description of a dream someone else had, but now I feel that I m the one dreaming I m not much for poetry I never have been I must be too sensible to understand it This book reads like poetry, or maybe lyrics It s graphic, but ambiguous at the same time It reads like historical fiction, then morphs into something else Fantasy Magical Realism These seem too generic I would [...]

    17. Arresting opening blowjob scene aside, this got boring very quickly Bailed early due to the lifeless prose I m not sure who to fault,the translator or the author, but this is a 142 page novel that should ve been 141 pages shorter.

    18. the defining literary characteristic of icelandic novelist poet sj n s fiction may be the seemingly effortless way he builds atmosphere within his stories though most of his books tend to be slight in length, that is , sj n nonetheless excels at crafting an essence that pervades the story and lingers well after its conclusion so it is with moonstone the boy who never was m nasteinn drengurinn sem aldrei var til , the fourth book to be rendered into english from the one time bj rk collaborator an [...]

    19. Moonstone the Boy who Never was by Sj n pronounced Shawn came to me in a boxful of other books My eye rested on this one, because I had heard a lot about the author s previous book The Whispering Muse I wanted to find out for myself what the whole fuss was about this writer and his style Let me tell you at the very onset that Moonstone will for sure be one of the top 10 books I would have read this year Hands down It is the kind of book that doesn t let you be till you are done with it It is a h [...]

    20. After feeling somewhat taken aback by the opening paragraphs, I was drawn into the story Set against the backdrop of the end of WWI and the Spanish flu epidemic the story is told by a teenage boy who creates his own world between reality and film fiction Don t want to give much away about the boys surroundings or dealings to survive life in Iceland was difficult and hard for many people, still, dreaming could help at times Its depiction leaves the reader to imagine the lives and time during this [...]

    21. I loved this book Not only does it satisfy my craving for out of the mainstream different, but by the time the end came rolling around, I was just plain floored, not just by the story, but by the absolute, sheer beauty of the writing If you don t know Sj n s writing, he is the master of short but downright deadly in a good way and thought provoking novels In this novel he s outdone himself jeez Louise, the writing is just brilliant here The most striking thing about this book, in my opinion, is [...]

    22. How to describe Moonstone Certainly is presents a slice of momentous Icelandic history as the Katla volcano erupts, Spanish flu invades the island killing 100s, and Iceland moves from Danish territory to sovereign nation in the latter months of 1918 Witnessing these events is the title character M ni Steinn Moonstone , a gay young Oliver Twist like figure, as he moves through the fringes Reykjav k society But this is no dry history No, through Sj n s wonderfully spare only 142 pages yet cinemati [...]

    23. I think my reading experience was literally lost in translation I was unable to connect with the characters or the storytelling.

    24. Nach dem Tod seiner Mutter hat man M ni zu seiner Urgro tante Karmilla gegeben, mit der auf einem Dachboden lebt Der 16 J hrige verdient ab und zu Geld als Stricher, f r die Verh ltnisse im Jahr 1918 erzielt er damit hohe Einnahmen 1918 erlebt Island durch die Einschr nkung des Schiffsverkehrs als Folge des Ersten Weltkriegs eine Wirtschaftskrise Im Dezember des Jahres wird die Insel unabh ngig von D nemark werden, das Land mit knapp 100 000 Einwohnern geh rt damals zu den rmsten L ndern Europas [...]

    25. First off, thank you very much to Farrar, Straus and Giroux and Netgalley for an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I started reading this at work Probably not the best idea due to the content of the opening scene, but buckle up I strapped myself in for the next hundred or so pages The novella s protagonist is a young gay boy living in Iceland around the time of the Spanish Flu epidemic in around 1918 Mani Stein is immediately an interesting character and he only gets intrig [...]

    26. I had no idea what this book was about when I picked it up Wow the first few pages were a shocker Then as I kept going, I thought the prose is really, really well done There is so much to this very slender novel I guess what I enjoyed most is that Sjon has taken Icelandic history and being gay and the Spanish Flu and the debate over cinematic influence and created a story that brilliantly flipped echos the AIDS epidemic Additionally, the piece about how tragedies should bring out kindness and co [...]

    27. While well detailed the account of the outbreak of Spanish flu in a country as isolated as Iceland is quite interesting and well written, this is rather slight As Sjon s tribute to a beloved gay, cinema loving friend relative not quite sure which this is touching and very sweet, but not quite enough to make a fully rounded story A pleasant read but not essential.

    28. Sj n is binnen maar ook buiten IJsland een superster in opkomst, en ook met zijn laatste boekje, De jongen die nooit heeft bestaan , heeft hij veel IJslandse literatuurprijzen gewonnen Het is inderdaad een heel po tisch, fantasievol en stijlvol boekje, maar ook volkomen tegendraads en van een speelsheid die zich aan geen enkele grens wenst te storen Daar hou ik wel van, dus las ik dit boekje slechts 128 blz dun, maar er staat veel meer tussen de regels met veel plezier, al vond ik zijn vorige bo [...]

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