The Barbed Coil #2020

The Barbed Coil By J.V. Jones The Barbed Coil When Izgard of Garizon put on the Coil and crowned himself King he set in train a course of tumultuous events that would reverberate around the continent For the Coil must have blood And the first bl
  • Title: The Barbed Coil
  • Author: J.V. Jones
  • ISBN: 9781857235685
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Barbed Coil By J.V. Jones When Izgard of Garizon put on the Coil and crowned himself King, he set in train a course of tumultuous events that would reverberate around the continent For the Coil must have blood And the first blood to flow is that of Berick of Thorn, the legendary conqueror of Garizon His son, Camron, wants revenge and knows that Izgard can only be stopped by force of arms He seeWhen Izgard of Garizon put on the Coil and crowned himself King, he set in train a course of tumultuous events that would reverberate around the continent For the Coil must have blood And the first blood to flow is that of Berick of Thorn, the legendary conqueror of Garizon His son, Camron, wants revenge and knows that Izgard can only be stopped by force of arms He seeks out the man who knows most about Izgard s murderous hordes Lord Ravis, a ruthless mercenary with a dark and secret past And Tessa McCamfrey is about to become caught up in this dangerous and exotic world with the piratical Ravis, a beautifully patterned gold ring and a role to play in the momentous events that unfold.
    The Barbed Coil By J.V. Jones
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      368 J.V. Jones
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      Julie Victoria Jones was born in Liverpool, England She has been writing for years, and is currently working The End Lords She lives in San Diego, California.All three books in The Book Of Words Trilogy are 1 national bestsellers, and have been bought for publication in England, Poland, Russia, Germany, France and Holland Her fifth book, A Cavern of Black Ice, is the first in a new series.J.V enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, playing RPG s, watching old black and white movies, and pottering around the house


    1. This is a really great example of a fantasy standalone The characters are fundamentally changed by the events in the novel, and the book does not outstay its welcome by trying to stretch out what is a rather basic storyline into than one novel JV Jones is one of the under appreciated authors of the fantasy genre, I feel She has a deft touch with characterisation, and at times a really stunning turn of phrase She builds a sense of place and builds a world with subtle touches and beautiful descri [...]

    2. I m not one that easily gives four and five star reviews, but this book definitely deserves it The writing is excellent, and even though there are a lot of descriptive parts in the book, it s not boring, tedious, or too wordy, which are pet peeves of mine with heavy description The story itself flows well, and the characters are very well developed and deepened throughout the book, keeping the reader not only interested in the story but the players as well What I m most impressed with is the fac [...]

    3. My favorite fantasy book Has war in it than I typically like, but I thought the characters were very well developed, and the crossover fantasy bit was wonderful Not too much emphasis on our world The antagonist was just crazy enough to be believable without being ridiculous, and I loved the way he was eventually defeated The best bit was the way magic was handled, because it was completely different from anything I d ever read before.

    4. Someone recommended J.V Jones who was that I liked this book I also liked that it was a stand alone so I didn t have to read the next 8 books in a series or whatever Actually, I m not against that, but I wasn t in the mood this time This fantasy novel had a refreshing modern element to it.

    5. Gosh I loved this book I really enjoyed the characters Emith with his awkward earnestness, Ravis rakish sarcasm, appealing good looks yet sensitive side, Camron and his courageous need to put things right and Angeline s naive goodness Add to that Tessa s burgeoning knowledge of her own skills and her own, finally developing character, some creepy harras, and the pitiful yet terrible Igvard and you ve got yourself an intriguing, exciting story that stands alone and is satisfying in its completion [...]

    6. A damn good adventure story A little slow at first, and the descriptions can go on a bit, but the last 100 pages had great pace Tessa is a likeable heroine that s the good thing about female fantasy authors you get real representation Ravis seemed a bit pushy and angsty at first, but he definitely grew on me Both Tessa and Ravis made good character development throughout the book, however there s only one true love in my heart, and that s for Camron of Thorn Such a lionhearted hero I loved readi [...]

    7. A good book whose flaws don t stop it from being quite enjoyable Pros good, subtle romancelots of action excitementinteresting magic system, even if not fully explainedgood writing and prosegood character developmentConsAction feels Hollywoody unrealistica few parts dragfalls at times into fantasy clichesThis is the only JV Jones Book I ve read Picked it up in a used book store because I recognized her name as someone I d been meaning to read.The book is generally action packed with likable main [...]

    8. Without a doubt, this is my favorite read so far this year Seriously guys, not since The Final Empire and A Game of Thrones has my heart beat this way over a book I began to think it would never happen, but The Barbed Coil blew me out of the water Quick synopsis, since I know this isn t a very well known book shame Everyone needs to read this Tessa McCamfrey lives in modern day San Diego At the outset, Tessa s going through life with little enthusiasm, attaching herself to nothing and no one, ha [...]

    9. Much of this book was truly excellent, but the whole is marred by a few unneeded scenes and a number of weak and annoying characters A unique plot and magic system, along with a few really great characters, give this book huge potential, and keep it mostly entertaining throughout its 700 page length The basic gist covers the transportation of a modern age human girl woman into a brutal fantasy world where she must overcome impossible odds to achieve her destiny of saving the world During that ti [...]

    10. This was the first fantasy novel I ever read, a decade ago now I honestly didn t expect to like it as much as I did, mostly because the story so heavily revolves around war It does contain one of my favorite types of fantasy plots the person from our world sucked into a fantasy world and that s what drew me to it Strangely, the our world piece of the story is so small that it s insignificant Tessa s connection to where she starts is minuscule very early on, to the point that I almost forget that [...]

    11. Final Thoughts Jones seems to enjoy pushing her characters to the breaking point and beyond, both physically and emotionally Nobody seems to get through the book without being beaten down to within inches of their lives At least, nobody who actually lives to the end I found it compelling if not a little wrenching to read I really wanted things to get better for these characters, which I guess is a sign of attachment Magic is handled differently than I ve seen before and I totally enjoyed the new [...]

    12. I have owned the book for 11 or 12 years now, and still come back to it when I want a good, compact fantasy to read It can be quite refreshing to read a stand alone fantasy novel and it s becoming much harder to find them these days Jones manages to illustrate the characters vividly especially Tessa, an artist cursed by magic The mercenary Ravis also has an impressive amount of back story peppered through the book, all of it fascinating and usually heart wrenching.As the book gets underway, the [...]

    13. Disappointed in this bookI absolutely love J.V Jones Cavern of Black Ice series, but this book was so cheesy, and the main character was infuriating And if I had to read another line where Ravis chewed on his lip scar, I was going to scream The only reason I m giving it two stars is because Jones can write a world into existence like very few other authors can The characters were the downfall, here.

    14. Good read The insane guy was really twisted, I couldn t hardly stand to read his parts, but they were really well done.

    15. This was a great stand alone fantasy book I loved the characters and the story was engaging J.V Jones is an excellent author.

    16. Though I failed to get into other books by J.V Jones, this one was just perfect I m not huge on novels, but The Barbed Coil is a fantastic exception Wow The premise of the book may sound cliche a girl in our world finds a magic ring that teleports her to some other fantasy world, and now she has to fight the big bad guy and whatnot But let me tell you this book is anything but cliche I related to the main character SO much, it was almost scary So many cliches were shattered First of all, this bo [...]

    17. This is an older fantasy novel that I never got around to reading when it was first published There s quite a few fantasy cliche s in use here underpinning the story, but despite that its still an enjoyable novel If you like stories involving illuminated manuscripts you ll probably also like this.

    18. Power draws people between worlds, to bend them to the purpose of the power The overall story line is not new, but the characters are fairly drawn The focus on the art of illumination is interesting.

    19. I hadn t read anything by J.V Jones previously but there have been a number of positive comments on the mailing list so when I saw this book in the bookshop I decided to buy it The plot as summarised on the back of the book is fairly traditional Villainous King bent on conquering the world Three disparate individuals brought together to stop him.But of course it s not the bare outline of a story that makes the book, it s the details The villain is a strangely caring man warped by fate and supern [...]

    20. Listen, I like JV Jones, but so far this book has me like I mean, we ve just been introduced to the main character and you re going to spend SEVEN PAGES in the FIRST CHAPTER telling us about her tinnitus You re better than this, Jones So much better than this We ve just met your damned protagonist We don t care about her yet, and we sure as fuck don t care about her tinnitus Even if we did care about her, I m still not sure we d care about her tinnitus And even if we did care about her tinnitus, [...]

    21. I read this book before, many years ago, so I knew vaguely what was going to happen It was dull than I remembered It starts off exciting, and then draws into a lull where not very much happens, and then ends with a surprisingly explosive climax I found the scenes with Tessa drawing the illuminations very tedious But, I loved the Harras, and I adored Izgard I m a sucker for lunatics, I think I ve mentioned that before but I didn t like Tessa or Ravis very much Tessa not fitting in with the other [...]

    22. 3.5 out of 5 stars rounded up.An excellent epic fantasy adventure brimming with a unique and original magic system but bogged down by somewhat stereotypical characters J.V Jones creates a place where magic is yielded through art, and brushstrokes can turn men into monsters and change the course of a person s history, where intelligent artifacts drift between worlds and shift the fates of others and where a young woman Tessa is sucked away from Earth and thrust into the middle of a deadly swashbu [...]

    23. Okely dokely skipped the I s as there was only one and it was the second in a set I did try to get started, but character building had already been done and I felt left out muchly sooo Not sure where I picked up this one, but must have been at a book sale or charity shop don t even remember choosing it, which is odd, so I m guessing one of the book sales heh I was hooked lined and sinkered as soon as I got to the acknowledgements On matters of illuminated manuscripts d then as the story begins v [...]

    24. Lets take a look at my check listA sexy man, imagined tanned, muscled with a sexy voice CHECK.A damsel that s constantly in distress but somehow is completely bad ass despite the fact she hadn t seen a mirror in like 3 months, or shaved, still looks attractive CHECKA villain who is psychopathic manic who smacks pretty much everyone, but actually never meets any of the main characters, just chills the whole time in the war camp ground or in his castle CHECK The villains wife, who just gets abused [...]

    25. An extraordinary book A really exciting story, with multi faceted characters, set in a world where magic is subtle.A path for the three main characters that for many years haven t been able to put their lives together, running away from their problems and demons Finally, the time for self discovery has finally come for them.The book starts a bit slow, but once you are into the events it is hard to put the book aside and you want to discover of what happens to Tessa, Ravis and Camron.An high lev [...]

    26. Kind of torn with this book the first 75% of the book is soooooo slow, nothing happening, no sense of urgency, no great quest, no sense of anything epic this is epic fantasy after all , very little description of how magic is happening or if it even is happening the last 25% was amazing, everything came together, the characters finally started to fill out and although there still was nothing epic about the book there was at last a little sense or urgency and purpose.First 75% of the book is 2 st [...]

    27. Tessa is drawn into another world when she puts on a ring a barbed ring To her relief, she finds that her tinnitus doesn t seem to affect her in this new world but that s about the only relief she finds the medieval world she s in is now on the brink of a war, a war in which monsters are utilized as much as men Scribes play a unique role in this world and I really enjoyed what seemed to be well researched details of how they work and how those methods allow them to work outside their manuscripts [...]

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