MIND MGMT, Volume Five: The Eraser #2020

MIND MGMT, Volume Five: The Eraser By Matt Kindt MIND MGMT Volume Five The Eraser The mission to stop Mind Management has fallen apart and after nearly losing her mind at the hands of the Eraser Meru finds herself alone in a world of rogue agents To press on she ll need to seek
  • Title: MIND MGMT, Volume Five: The Eraser
  • Author: Matt Kindt
  • ISBN: 9781616556969
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • MIND MGMT, Volume Five: The Eraser By Matt Kindt The mission to stop Mind Management has fallen apart, and after nearly losing her mind at the hands of the Eraser, Meru finds herself alone in a world of rogue agents To press on, she ll need to seek out a new mentor the First Immortal Collecting MIND MGMT 25 30
    MIND MGMT, Volume Five: The Eraser By Matt Kindt
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      Matt Kindt

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    1. This is terrific stuff, one of my favorite series by one of my favorite artists, working at the top of his game with his best work thus far For those of you unfamiliar with it, it s a sci fi thriller series about a top secret organization with agents who have various psychic mind management powers There s some question about whether the organization should continue, a la Watchmen, as Mistakes Have Been Made Our heroine if Meru, and the person who emerges on the other side is The Eraser Meru has [...]

    2. I found volume 4 overly convulted and it made me question where the story was going, but volume 5 puts all that behind and moves back to current day where Meru now has to take on the Eraser, and in this volume we understand why and who she truly is.A very interesting volume.

    3. This mainly feels like a bridge volume, as we recover from the disasters of volume 4 and prepare for the finale of volume 6 It s a bit quiet as a result, without the greatness of some of Mind Mgmt s volumes Nonetheless, it s got the beauty of a typical Mind Mgmt volume and it does advance things The height of the volume is clearly the last issue, which gives background on the Eraser and makes you want to go back and reread volume 1 again.

    4. Love these This one was less confusing than the last 4, I think Summed a lot up and was a bit straightforward.

    5. Edging towards the conclusion here, a LITTLE bit unnecessary set dressing, but we don t get into self indulgent bullshit Feels a little like this series might have been ready to end before Matt Kindt was totally ready to end it, but only here and there.

    6. I feel like this series really peaked in volume three, with heroes and villains all coming together to recruit one agent in the midst of that agent s explosive deconstruction of a suburban neighborhood What a set piece Volume four continued along that thread, full of action and twists that saw our heroes scattered Now, volume five picks up with Meru alone, attempting to find the first Immortal since all of her companions appear to be dead It s not an unexpected development after the way volume f [...]

    7. This volume feels like the turning point With the disasters of the previous volume, Meru is basically on her own, and with no one to depend on, she starts depending on herself She digs up history of the origin of Mind MGMT, searches for the first immortal, and takes on the Eraser The level of action really ramps up, and Meru s personality gets a lot of growth here The book still challenges its readers with its formatting, but uses it to better effect The artwork is memorable here, with some go [...]

    8. Continua la terribile storia di Henry Lime, un essere cos potente da dubitare che chiunque possa resistergli, anche l a della propria vita E da accartocciarsi sotto il peso del proprio potere Analisi originalissima di un super potere Poco da dire su Kindt se non che Mind Mgmt si dimostra, pagina dopo pagina, sempre pi interessante Terribile la sequenza dell abbandono, quando l uomo che metteva tutti d accordo lascia andare un onda di influenza che fa esattamente l opposto e rende tutti furiosi, [...]

    9. Awesome This series is really really well done I m not even a fan of Matt kindt It was my own fault that I got a little lost in book 4 but this one made up for it and I m back on track and can t wait for book 6 conclusion.

    10. this was a good penultimate book there s lots of just kind of on the way to the end, but it builds that on a good way especially enjoyed getting the quasi scifi version of the eraser s past, that was quiet a lot of fun looking forward to the final entry into this saga, which really what should you want from the lead up book

    11. Everything s gone horribly wrong for Meru Her efforts to recruit agents and stop the formation of a new Mind Mgmt has met with disaster, with all her friends dead or missing In order to defeat the Eraser she must gain the agent training she missed out on, and in order to do that she must find the First Immortal, one of Mind Mgmt s original founders Meanwhile the Eraser consolidates her power and closes in on Meru.Spectacularly good.

    12. Receiving a MIND MGMT collection is a real biannual treat If I may first start with the trade dress a beautifully bound hardcover volume, with thick, crisp paper stock on which the gorgeous watercolored artwork of Kindt is printed The pages themselves have a particular scent indeed, in one of my weirder compulsions, I take the chance to breathe in the comfy aroma of the pages after each issue In short MIND MGMT is great The series is truly something special, as evidenced by its self contained fi [...]

    13. Meru is still on the run MIND MGMT has been re assembled, but is, apparently, substandard, under new management.She looks for Duncan, a boy she knew at MM She s instead met by someone also who passes on a message and help And learns something of Duncan.She s also looking for the First Immortal She is approached by a denizen with offers of help Remember to read the advice, warnings, directions, written in blue on the left side of the pages His name is Kostas, an anthropologist But he makes an err [...]

    14. This series Kindt has some awesome character plot developments going on The level of detail and skill in this story is extraordinary It s such a great combo of old school undercover spy mixed with Heros level special abilities It feels like watching a noir detective film that incorporates the X Men Other notes The Second Story triconscious is explained via flashbacks I love how they explained that concept and how it s used with the footnotes sidenotes and with the recap summary It s like a perfe [...]

    15. I ve just lost interest in this series I like the premise, but the illustrations are not to my taste and as one would expect with a story that explores what it would be like if a large organization manipulation of people s minds memories, the story can be a bit hard to follow Just as the characters are confused, so is this reader I still want to know how it ends and I m glad there s only one book.

    16. Mind Mgmt Vol 5 With Meru s team out of action either dead or lying unconscious somewhere , she must deal with the Eraser just by her lonesome To gain some leverage, she sought out the first Immortal to receive some training advice She then goes onto a series of raids, dismantling flux houses one after another All that remains is the new headquarters in Hongkong, and an injured Eraser Vol 6 will surely be something to look forward to

    17. Just so wonderful If you have never tried graphic novels comics before this is a great place to start At this point there are 5 volumes in the series, but I get mine from the library and they don t take than a few hours to get through Just so good Kind of a sci fi ish espionage story with lots of links back to the pervious books There is a good chance that both Ryan and I will be going back through the series and probably purchasing them.

    18. Matt Kindt s epic of mind control and espionage continues The protagonist, Meru, must find new allies in thwarting The Eraser s attempt to rebuild Mind MGMT This is a great continuation of the story for readers who have read the first four volumes It s crazy, just how we like it Immortals, magicians, and a few circus freaks for good measure On top the exciting plot, we get Kindt s beautiful watercolor art Not to mention the cryptic messages in the pages margins Mike M.

    19. Matt Kindt s epic of mind control and espionage continues Meru must find new allies in thwarting The Eraser s attempt to rebuild Mind MGMT.This is a great continuation of the story for readers who have read the first four volumes It s crazy, just how we like it Immortals, magaicians and a few circus freaks for good measure.On top the exciting plot, we get Kindt s beautiful watercolor art Not to mention the cryptic messages in the pages margins.

    20. the story unconvinced to unfold and reveal layer upon layer of meanings and plot lines I am devastated that I don t have the next volume the story is clearly not over although the main characters are becoming limited as the death count climbs higher the strength of meru is incredible and astonishing, she s worked through so much and it all depends on her own self.

    21. Much preferred this to book four Less action and back story But challenging what s gone before and tying things together in an interesting way.Some of the other reviews complain there too much repetition, but that s kind of the point of the series Again and again, evolving each time.

    22. A little slower than previous volumes, but still very good This is one of those books that testifies to the need for other publishers to recognize it s okay to have shorter, finite runs with a clear artistic vision than to continue something into ridiculous claptrap fanfic territory.

    23. Tal vez mi volumen favorito La conclusi n es uno de los momentos m s emocionantes de la serie Y hoy descubr que me publicaron un tuit en el 27

    24. Mind MGMT continua a oferecer um n vel surpreendente de qualidade, nada expect vel para este tipo de narrativa Aguarda se um desfecho altura.

    25. Nothing compares to Kindt and his art writing It s simply on a whole different level of brilliant MIND MGMT is hands down my favorite on going series, bar none.

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