Dr. Neruda's Cure for Evil #2020

Dr. Neruda's Cure for Evil By Rafael Yglesias Dr Neruda s Cure for Evil When one of his successfully treated patients commits a vicious murder and then kills himself a preeminent New York City psychotherapist embarks on a desperate personal mission to discover the root c
  • Title: Dr. Neruda's Cure for Evil
  • Author: Rafael Yglesias
  • ISBN: 9780446673327
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dr. Neruda's Cure for Evil By Rafael Yglesias When one of his successfully treated patients commits a vicious murder and then kills himself, a preeminent New York City psychotherapist embarks on a desperate personal mission to discover the root causes of the crime a mission that will bring him face to face with the true nature of evil.
    Dr. Neruda's Cure for Evil By Rafael Yglesias
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      393 Rafael Yglesias
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    1. Rafael Yglesias

      Rafael Yglesias b 1954 is a master American storyteller whose career began with the publication of his first novel, Hide Fox, and All After, at seventeen Through four decades Yglesias has produced numerous highly acclaimed novels, including the New York Times bestseller Fearless, which was adapted into the film starring Jeff Bridges and Rosie Perez He lives on New York City s Upper East Side.


    1. I waver between 3 and 4 stars I m settling with 3 because I think many people will be baffled by this book If you define yourself as a person who likes to know what makes people tick then I d definitely recommend it I am fascinated by psychology and the analyses of the human psyche Be prepared for what may seem like countless sidebars the narrator analyses himself and his characters from beginning to end Objectively the novel feels like two stories the protagonist s Raphael Neruda astonishing ch [...]

    2. Seriously This started so beautifully Yglesias writes so vividly with such color, and I enjoyed the imagery in the first segment if the book The plausibility began dissolving slowly in the second segment Evil Disorder Sociopaths The protagonist is no better than his patients by the end And I cannot believe Albert would have been tortured through his childhood and have committed such unthinkable crimes, yet come out fully recovered as a pristine student, athlete, and model citizen after mere mont [...]

    3. Certainly the credibility of both plot of protagonist s sanity are questionable, however the text proves to be immensely intriguing and enthralling, perhaps so through the dynamic of poking elbowing the sides of our mentalities The semi clinical premise is an interesting canvas and following the protagonist through his convolutions is actually enjoyable sort of Alice in Wonderland meets Sherlock Holmes in a rather didactic tone.

    4. What a psychological tour de force If you are into psychology you should enjoy this thought provoking book I liked the way psychiatrist uses reverse psychology to get through to the evil people he encounters The book is a long one, and it is NOT a thriller, so if you are looking for action this book isn t for you.

    5. the ending of this book was really really bad it was completely different than the begining, i felt like i was reading two separate stories his take on psychology started off interesting but ended up so convoluted and gimmicky that i felt embarrased for him i dont think ive ever rolled my eyes at an author before while reading thier book but god damn sheesh.

    6. As usual, I want to describe the book, and give away zero plot Which is tough with this one.It s well written, intriguing, and disturbing to anyone who has ever been in therapy A deep dive into the fictional mind of a troubled therapist That s as good a summary as any, I suppose.There are some plot points that don t quite work, feeling than a little forced Something has to happen for the plot to continue, so the author hammers it into place, even though the pieces of the puzzle don t quite fit [...]

    7. Good writerLoved this novel The first I have read and recommended to many friends Interesting culture issues that give the story a lot of soul

    8. Keep in mind that this rating only applies to me I don t recommend it to everyone Now having mentioned the obvious disclaimer, I can say that this one of the few books I have earmarked for re reading If you are interested in psycho analysis, then there s plenty of stuff here The book has three main parts, which correspond to three main stories, but embedded in each part are numerous other stories touching on the issues of child abuse, the prescribing of Ritalin for children, and the banal evil o [...]

    9. I couldn t help but think that Dr Neruda was a psychopath himself, with his abusive childhood, inability to separate his professional and private lives, and frankly creepy methods of curing evil Although I really enjoyed the first part of the book, which dealt with early adolescent development, I felt a pervasive sense of foreboding as Rafe slowly but surely slipped back toward his disturbed early childhood ideation as he went deeper into the rabbit hole, losing himself in the process of curing [...]

    10. This big book has sat on my shelf for years Time to tackle it.May 17th I tackled the massive book What an uneven book Yglesias is a sly writer At a point where the reader is ready to quit, he adds spice in the form of a sudden childhood recollection, violence, or other conceits so odd they made me wonder when the book took a comic turn.I m fine with ambiguous endings I don t need everything tied in a tidy bow but limp dick endings are always unwelcome.This book missed the last gas station and sp [...]

    11. This is a LONG, powerful novel that is difficult to categorize The book jacket calls it an elaborate satire eccentric love storya razor edged psychological thriller LA Times I am not sure I agree with that entirely, but I don t have anything else to offer in the way of description Maybe I ll just quote part of the synopsis on the back of the book Dr Neruda looks back with brutal clarity at a past marked by violence, betrayal, and incest, and at the haven that opened up for him in the realm of ps [...]

    12. I am still so moved by this book I am rarely affected by literature and this book certainly qualifies as capital L Literature , but here I was I found myself re telling the incredible story to others, and wishing someone else I knew had read it so we could discuss it I am an Yglesias fan for life Not to gush, but I seriously was considering writing this author to let him know his labor has truly affected me, and will haunt me for a long time.

    13. Made it through about 200 pages, which I think is sufficient to know I m not going to start liking this self conscious, contrived tome any better The irritating thing is that I can t remember where the recommendation that I might like this book originally came from, so I don t know whom or what to blame.

    14. This book was too long for me I know, it was following the premise that psycho analysis is a long process, but I would have loved to see it written in about half the pages I liked the story and the idea, I like the execution in places but in others it dragged and I couldn t wait to be done That being said, it is my second time reading it so it was good enough to read twice.

    15. This is an amazing book that works on many levels, including a narrative that in many ways parallels the process of analysis There are amazing discoveries in this book about the concept of evil and how honorable and kind people harbor evil tendencies.

    16. I loved this book It is sick, and twisted, and based on the author s real life He talks about his childhood growing up, and living with his mother, and falling in love with a family member.but you have to read it to find out who it is.

    17. I was captivated from the first page this is somewhat of a family saga with twists and turns I will admit that some of the chapters were hard to get through but overall an entertaining read It speaks to our human nature and the things we carry with us from childhood.

    18. Another great one from my favorite living author Cautionary tale on therapy with lots of great twists and turns.

    19. I read this book many years ago, but it still comes to mind, the themes and scenes are vivid both descriptively and emotionally.

    20. This is a 1 star review because I didn t enjoy reading the book overall, not because it is poorly written Child abuse and incest are major themes.

    21. Oh my goodness, this was such a disappointment Maybe I should give it 3 stars, but I just don t think it deserves it.

    22. Um Somewhere between John Irving and Phillip Roth but a psych thriller sort of I guess I should add those authors now

    23. The book is in 3 parts part 1 gets 4 stars part 2 gets 3 stars part 3 gets a measly 1 star Fantastic start and then it goes totally off the rails.

    24. What a misogynistic, homophobic rantd really what a horrible, unethical treatment But I found myself unable to stop reading.

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