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Stories of Your Life and Others By Ted Chiang Stories of Your Life and Others Here are eight astonishing science fiction stories that explore the boundaries between science and religion between determinism and our ability to choose between words and the entities they describe
  • Title: Stories of Your Life and Others
  • Author: Ted Chiang
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  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Stories of Your Life and Others By Ted Chiang Here are eight astonishing science fiction stories that explore the boundaries between science and religion, between determinism and our ability to choose, between words and the entities they describe Here are stories of conceptual breakthrough of making sense of the universe and our place in it.
    Stories of Your Life and Others By Ted Chiang
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      Ted Chiang is an American speculative fiction writer His Chinese name is Chiang Feng nan He graduated from Brown University with a Computer Science degree He currently works as a technical writer in the software industry and resides in Bellevue, near Seattle, Washington He is a graduate of the noted Clarion Writers Workshop 1989.Although not a prolific author, having published only eleven short stories as of 2009, Chiang has to date won a string of prestigious speculative fiction awards for his works a Nebula Award for Tower of Babylon 1990 , the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1992, a Nebula Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for Story of Your Life 1998 , a Sidewise Award for Seventy Two Letters 2000 , a Nebula Award, Locus Award and Hugo Award for his novelette Hell Is the Absence of God 2002 , a Nebula and Hugo Award for his novelette The Merchant and the Alchemist s Gate 2007 , and a British Science Fiction Association Award, a Locus Award, and the Hugo Award for Best Short Story for Exhalation 2009.Chiang turned down a Hugo nomination for his short story Liking What You See A Documentary in 2003, on the grounds that the story was rushed due to editorial pressure and did not turn out as he had really wanted.Chiang s first eight stories are collected in Stories of Your Life, and Others 1st US hardcover ed ISBN 0 7653 0418 X 1st US paperback ed ISBN 0 7653 0419 8 His novelette The Merchant and the Alchemist s Gate was also published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.As of 2013, his short fiction has won four Nebula Awards, three Hugo Awards, the John W Campbell Award, three Locus Awards, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and the Sidewise Award He has never written a novel but is one of the most decorated science fiction writers currently working.


    1. Reading is nothing comprehension is everything Sarah RichardsI read the title short story while away at a conference for technical writers The quote above came from a presentation about transforming the Government Digital Service, but the issues of communication context and audience that are at the heart of this story are key to technical writing and had echoes in many of the presentations Perhaps it is no coincidence that Ted Chiang is also a technical writer.Note This review is just the title [...]

    2. Update Saturday the 12th, November 2016I just watched the movie The Arrival and OMG it was amazing I cried Like, a lot I had chills and sat on the edge of my seat and I was totally engaged What s worse The personal aspects of the movie just blew me away And even worse The mental ones were profound and beautiful and amazing I AM SQUEEEING Now here s the big question Am I a fanboy because the movie only improved my appreciation of the original story Or am I just blown away by the better presentati [...]

    3. Ted Chiang s name continually comes up in lists of great short stories He s never written a novel, but has won nearly every SF award that exists 4 Nebulas, 4 Hugos, John W Campbell, Locus, and on and on He s greatly admired among authors and almost entirely unknown by most readers I ve heard him referenced as an inspiration by several authors that I enjoy reading Specifically Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham who collectively write the Expanse series under the pseudonym James S A Corey cite him as th [...]

    4. Interfering Gremlin of GR Alert This review was originally of the anthology Stories of Your Life and Others, then recently I wrote a separate review for the individual story Story of Your Life Today I woke up to find GR have merged the two reviews WTF Now it looks super long winded OK, I d better reorganize this review a bit.Review of the novella Story of Your Life Story of Your Life is one of Ted Chiang s best stories Ted Chiang is one of the greatest sci fi short stories writers ever in many S [...]

    5. Ted Chiang is a technical writer in the software industry as many of the best people are He occasionally publishes short stories, a remarkably high proportion of which have won major sci fi awards, including 4 Nebulas and 4 Hugos for only 15 works.That indicates the quality of what s within these pages, but may mislead about the genre, content, and style Some are set in the far past, and the only aliens and space faring are in the title story, though there is futuristic technology in most Specul [...]

    6. 3.5 for the 4 stories I readI am not the number 1 expert or fan of short stories so please take my review with a grain of salt This is the first SF anthology that I read so I am basically a newbie in this genre I will review 2 3 stories at the time as I am going through other books at the same time and I would not want to forget what I read Tower of Babylon 2.5 As synopsis the story is about people in the Old Testament reality which are building a tower to heaven and a surprise waits when they g [...]

    7. These are amazing, than 4 stars, and worth propping open on my steering wheel and glancing down to grab up a thought ful of words at a time on straighaways and gentle curves As far as I can gather, Ted Chiang is an egghead scientist technical writer who attended a fiction writing workshop and began belting out these incredibly well thought out short stories that have much science than the typical science fiction He s won enough awards that he once turned down a Hugo nomination for a story that [...]

    8. My introduction to the fiction of American author Ted Chiang comes with Stories of Your Life and Others, a 2002 collection of eight hard science fiction short stories published over the previous twelve years My anticipation was to dust off one tale in particular, Story of Your Life , the source material for a movie titled Arrival starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner that opens in the U.S two months from the time I m posting this book report I dove into the collection due to Chiang s gift for imm [...]

    9. Dok ne sro im ne to o ovoj kolekciji pri a, evo mojih ocena Vavilonska kula 4Shvati 4Deljenje nulom 3Pri a tvog ivota 5Sedamdeset dva slova 5Razvoj ljudske nauke 3Pakao je odsustvo Boga 5Voleti ono to vidi Dokumentarac 4Dakle, prose na ocena za celu zbirku je 4,125Ove tri pri e koje su dobile peticu su ba ba ba odli ne

    10. Review once I m home For now, let s just say that the final story got me into trouble with some people at the train station lol Now that I ve had some time to reflect on all the stories I ve listened to in this collection, I can honestly say that not one was bad Sure, three were rather mediocre, but the others were either at least good or even so exceptional that they made up for the mediocre ones without much effort.There are 8 short stories in this book 1 Tower of Babylon2 Understand3 Division [...]

    11. Stories of Your Life and Others is a very interesting collection of stories I think you really need to be into the Sci part of Sci fi to truly enjoy them they are thick with scientific terminology and theorems For me, that reduced my enjoyment of a few of the stories while others had the perfect balance for me.My favorites were Tower of Babylon, Hell is the Absence of God, and Liking What You See A Documentary One story The Evolution of Human Science was only 3 pages and, therefore, too short to [...]

    12. Arrival by Ted Chiang is an ebook I picked up from the library because everyone was talking about the movie and I wanted to watch it but I like to read the books before seeing the movies, I have a thing about that I didn t know this was a book of short stories Again, I have a thing about not reading blurbs if I can help it in books I have already If I am looking for a book, that is different This book is not a novel but a lot of short stories Each one is drastically different and each make the r [...]

    13. Story of Your LifeTold from the perspective of a mother remembering her child Absolutely heartbreaking And it was only 50 pages The mother, a linguist, is recruited by the government to interpret the language of an alien species, and she adopts a new perception of reality.Easily one of the best short stories ever written.The Tower of BabylonA weird and mysterious way to start the short stories collection Rewriting legend as always with Chiang, best prefaced with the words Imagine if UnderstandMi [...]

    14. A true visionary, in the tradition of BorgesWhenever I read a famous author s early writings, knowing what is going to follow next, I feel like the linguist in Ted Chiang s Story of your Life I haven t watched Arrival yet, but in a way I already have, d j lu equals d j vu

    15. 6.0 stars Simply put, this is the single best collection of short fiction science fiction or otherwise that I have ever read While my personal favorite is Hell is the Absence of God, each and every story has something memorable, something original and something brilliant to offer If you have not experienced Mr Chiang s warmly intelligent and scientific yet emotional prose, then do yourself a favor and IMMEDIATELY go and get a copy of this collection You will be very glad you did HIGHEST POSSIBLE [...]

    16. I opted to read Ted Chiang s award winning nominated short stories right after watching Arrival What I read marveled me with eight unique tales that challenge the norms and tackle big ideas about humanity, religion, and science.The compilation began with the Tower of Babylon, a familiar biblical myth set in an alternate Mesopotamia where a tower was built so high it reached the vault of heaven In Understand, an experimental drug gives the protagonist omniscient intelligence similar to the film L [...]

    17. What s there to say about Chiang that all the others don t say He is the closest thing to a modern Jorge Luis Borges in melding high concepts with literature to create something better than either in some respects, I d rank his best short stories as better than Gene Wolfe s too often tedious unsolved puzzleboxes His writing is deceptively excellent I would call him a writer s writer, because the flat evenness of his prose may strike a reader as boring unless they have tried to write as clearly t [...]

    18. I have a very emotional personal connection to this short story collection It s intense enough inside my head and unique to my experience, so that even talking about this feels like baring an uncomfortably sensitive part of one s flesh It s like crying in public because you can t stop, and hoping nobody laughs at you for being soppy when you are, in fact, grieving.I first read Stories of Your Life and Others in 2014, and I finished it the day before I had surgery This was a very intense time as [...]

    19. No accounting for taste especially your own.This book has had rave reviews and not from the usual sources It has won a few well regarded awards And I hated it.The overall writing style I found to be flat The characterisation was awful Has this author ever met another human and talked to them It has the same warmth as an IT support manual.Quite a bit of science fiction is not exactly literary but it than makes up for it by exploring ideas This collection of short stories had ideas but maybe a th [...]

    20. Ve ina ovih pri a mo e se pro itati na internetu, linkovi su na slu benoj wikipedija stranici o autoru U hrvatskom se prijevodu mo e na i jedino naslovna i to u Siriusu broj 22, dok je na srpski jezik nedavno prevedena cijela kolekcija O ve ini ovih pri a ve sam pisao linkovi na osvrte su u naslovima pojedinih pri a.Tower of Babylon ova bi bila mlak po etak da nisam prvo pro itao Story of Your Life Na pri u ga je inspirirao prijatelj koji mu je ispri ao idovsku verziju mita o Babilonskoj kuli Vi [...]

    21. If it were not for the recently released movie entitledArrival, my faith in the appeal of sci fi writing would still be agnostic at best But today Baby, I m a believer NO SPOILERS Ted Chiang is the man Brilliant science, mind bending math, psychological intrigue, and love are melded in his work Im embarrassed to not only have not read anything by him before but not to have ever even heard his name Yeah time to break out of my comfortable genres and find beauty in other places.So, have you seen t [...]

    22. , 27 , 14 1 Ted Chiang , , , 8 15 , , 1990 2002 , Arrival 8 , 5 Chiang , , The Lifecycle of Software Objects PopCode.

    23. We think of the world in terms of cause and effect, but in theory we could see things in terms of their purpose Ted Chiang introduces an alien civilization in a pretty mysterious way that feels a little similar to Sphere by Michael Crichton.It appears these aliens are acting to maximize the purpose of the universe, to make it come to the most beautiful end it possibly could And the story kind of makes you feel like you re a part of it It s pretty awesome.

    24. Stories of Your Life and Others Sadly I couldn t connect with these stories Originally posted at Fantasy LiteratureThis is one of books that receives such universal praise and accolades from readers, critics, and award committees that it represents a real risk for a book reviewer After all, if you love the book, you re merely contributing to the overwhelming chorus of praise and not really adding much to the discussion, but at least you are on the same page as everyone The alternative is much f [...]

    25. When I tell people I don t like short stories and really, I don t , what I mean is that I don t like literary short stories that offer us, say, a snapshot of someone s rather normal life, and wow, look at the way this small scene profoundly illuminates a larger wholBORING.It turns out I do like short sci fi, though I think this is probably because sci fi is naturally focused on outlandish ideas that can be nicely explored within the limited scope of a short story wouldn t it be neat notions tha [...]

    26. Vee bitti ok sevdim, ok sevdim zellikle Anlamak hikayesine bay ld m Ke ke filmi ekilse Her ey alg kapasitemiz dahilinde olsa ne olurdu Her eyi z mleyebilsek evrendeki her varl n, en ufak noktac n bile ba ka bir etmenle ba lant s oldu unu anlayabilsek beynimizin bile nas l al t n g rebilsek, nas l olurdu sorusunun bir cevab yd sanki yle ok aman aman Bilim Kurgu okuyucusu de ilim belki de ondan b ylesi bi haz ald m Geli ten bilemiyorum K sa k sa hikayeler i imdeki Bilim Kurgu hevesini tatmin etti [...]

    27. This was originally printed as Story of Your Life and Other Stories, this copy was the movie tie in for Arrival though A collection of gorgeous, smart, and quiet stories It came into my awareness because of the movie, so I ll start there The adaptation to film was very well done, it really captured the tone of the story, of the whole collection Thoughtful, intelligent, musing The kind of stories where you put the book down and just think Story of Your Life has to do with an alien first contact W [...]

    28. This collection of short stories was quite insightful There are seven stories here Tower of Babylon was probably my favorite It is based on the Biblical story but with great twists and insights about human pretentious at higher knowledge and how the universe conspires silently to confound them.Understand was an interesting one, but for me ended kind of abruptly The idea of augmented intelligence was addressed famously and better IMHO in Keyes Flowers for Algernon, but still this story does have [...]

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