Picaflor: Finding Home in South America #2020

Picaflor: Finding Home in South America By Jessica Talbot Fern Petrie Picaflor Finding Home in South America Picaflor that s what they call a hummingbird here a snacker nibbler pecker of flowers Is that what I am A restless searcher of sweet nectar In Picaflor a true story Jessica Talbot invites the rea
  • Title: Picaflor: Finding Home in South America
  • Author: Jessica Talbot Fern Petrie
  • ISBN: 9789873347726
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Picaflor: Finding Home in South America By Jessica Talbot Fern Petrie Picaflor, that s what they call a hummingbird here a snacker, nibbler, pecker of flowers Is that what I am A restless searcher of sweet nectar In Picaflor, a true story, Jessica Talbot invites the reader to travel beside her as she searches for love and meaning, while traversing the fascinating countries of South America Along the way she lets go of grief, grasps ho Picaflor, that s what they call a hummingbird here a snacker, nibbler, pecker of flowers Is that what I am A restless searcher of sweet nectar In Picaflor, a true story, Jessica Talbot invites the reader to travel beside her as she searches for love and meaning, while traversing the fascinating countries of South America Along the way she lets go of grief, grasps hold of the present and finds herself occupying her own weather beaten shoes When unexpected signs appear on her path she asks, Is this serendipity or fate As the journey unfolds she realises that you don t need to know, it can be magical either way The story starts with Jessica getting a tattoo of a hummingbird, a reminder of new beginnings Then a kiss at sunrise in the snow dusted Andes of Peru sends her on a restless, risky journey that ends in Argentina As she travels through unknown terrain, new friends give her important insights into the meaning of friendship, and old ties strengthen as she frees herself from the past It s in the exhilarating but complicated city of Buenos Aires that she finally understands what it means to feel home ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jessica Talbot grew up in New Zealand After graduating with a Master s degree in psychology and a post graduate diploma in clinical psychology she moved to Melbourne, where she worked as a child psychologist She has been living and working in Buenos Aires since 2004 She is married to an Argentine and they have a young son This is her first book
    Picaflor: Finding Home in South America By Jessica Talbot Fern Petrie
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    1. Jessica Talbot Fern Petrie

      I was born in New Zealand When I finished my Master s degree and a post graduate in clinical psychology at Otago University I moved across the sea to Melbourne.After working at a child and adolescent mental health service in Melbourne, for seven years, I needed a big change in life A strange prediction, from ten years before, pushed me into motion and I flew to Peru to work with street kids The adventure that turned into a book began in the lofty Andes of Peru with a tattoo and an Argentine surfer I have been living and working in Buenos Aires for the last ten years It is a fascinating and complicated home that I share with a wonderful husband and a son who adds colour to even the grayest moments with his smiling eyes.It was a long journey to get to where I am and another tough journey to finish Picaflor and release it into the world, but I m grateful for it all and happy to share the story.


    1. Beautifully written, wonderful, a brilliant memoir.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I love travel memoirs and South America isn t somewhere I ve read much about before, so I eagerly started the book and then WOW It has a powerful opening, you already know someone close has died and that it went on to affect the author deeply There are some very sad yet beautiful moments where she s pouring out her feelings and thoughts to Daniel She often talks to Daniel throu [...]

    2. Enjoyed this well written Memoir immensely Different emotions covered wonderfully being transported to cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, Argentina was a treat different I love travel Memoirs Losing love, finding love finding herself and helping her younger self to be free and know that all s well it s a journey within a journey Learning a language, teaching making friends isn t easy far from home, but, the Author took herself off and did just that all the time considering her relationship with her fami [...]

    3. Have you ever read a memoir and felt as though it was a dream that you once had, or as if in some way you were connected to it Have you ever read a true life chronicle that made you feel as though you were living a d j vu of sorts, but in a whimsical and out of body kind of way It s so strange because that had never happened to me before, until I picked up Picaflor Perhaps it was the way the story was relayed, perhaps the author s writing style, perhaps even the fact that there were intermittent [...]

    4. I really enjoyed reading Jessica Talbot s memoir, Picaflor Jessica Talbot is a fellow New Zealand author She writes with an authentic New Zealand voice which is easy to read and relate to I liked her New Zealand and Australian anecdotes as I have lived in both those countries and the contrasts with life in South America Argentina The book certainly increased my interest in visiting South America and I feel I now have a better understanding of the culture, politics and history of Argentina What s [...]

    5. I cried and laughed I cringed and rejoiced throughout Jessica Talbot s story Picaflor is a heart wrenching, soul searching, honest look into one woman s courageous journey What makes it a must read is how the author inadvertently entices the reader to go up into the attic and look through our own boxes rummage through some of those feelings that might be neatly tucked away Essentially Universal Truths the need for Love, Acceptance, and Acknowledgment are feelings which know no boundaries They ar [...]

    6. After the death of a dear friend, Jessica quits her job as a child psychologist in Australia and travels to the wilds of South America in hopes of finding herself and a new beginning.Letting go of the old, she gets a tattoo in Cusco, Peru of a Picaflor hummingbird flitting about in search of the sweet nectar of life As she explores fascinating and unknown terrain, she frees herself from the past, and invites readers to join her as she stops, looks, and listens to the serendipity that can unfold [...]

    7. What a fascinating and honest memoir Jessica leaves her well paid job as a psychologist in Melbourne to travel to Peru to work as a volunteer with street children She explains she has always felt drawn to South America and, in fact, a psychic actually told her she would eventually live there At this point in her life she is unhappy and not at peace within herself and is really seeking love and inner contentment It s certainly not just a travel memoir but a journey of self discovery as well I lov [...]

    8. More so than most travel memoirs, Picaflor Finding Home in South America is a journey of self discovery as much as a sojourn through South America, and tells how a crushing loss sent the author on a journey to the other side of the world in search of love, a sense of place, and peace.What separates Picaflor s approach from so many other travel memoir odysseys is its exquisite attention to detail and delicate blend of personal, cultural, spiritual and travel insights It s not easy to create a jou [...]

    9. For anyone who has travelled outside their comfort zone, found a home in new lands, or is close to someone who has, Picaflor Finding Home in South America will resonate.Following a New Zealander s cautious search for fulfilment and happiness, this is a beautifully told story Picaflor takes us back through a complex and secretive family history and forward to an unpredictable and exciting future in modern Argentina.Jessica s story had me in tears several times as she honestly unfolds the sadness [...]

    10. I couldn t put this book down The last book I felt this way about was The Help Picaflor is an energetic, thoughtful book which drew me in from the first page I really felt close to some of the themes of the book which to me were loss, searching for something in life, love, and the wonder of travel and foreign cultures Also thrown into the mix are a few South American dalliances with the opposite sex Although I generally don t like to make comparisons with other books, this book did remind me of [...]

    11. I met Jessica at a dinner with friends in Buenos Aires where I found out that she had written a book about finding home in South America I was very curious to know whether her experience was similar to mine So I got the book the next day and finished it after two evenings It s such a grabbing and moving story that you can t put it away People told me that it was an autobiography but it s actually so much Finally somebody was brave enough and able to express in words what South American, and par [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book from the very beginning I liked the cover with its symbols the nest with the ceibo, Bouganvillea flowers and the other objects that represent important events from her journey through South America, her family or different situations It seems to me an original idea I also liked the way she describes Buenos Aires, our idiosyncrasy, the codes between couples, so different from her homeland The book talks about people she met here with warm words and I also enjoyed readin [...]

    13. I should start this by saying I am a book worm I am always reading, I average 2 3 books a week, and I am therefore, very critical of books I read has to be a really special book to make it stand out for me That being said Somehow, there don t seem to be words powerful enough to describe how I feel about your book Your book is perfect I read it, and in some ways it was like reading my own story with different names It moved me to tears on nearly every turn of the page The way you describe Argenti [...]

    14. This book was truly a pleasure to read Talbot has a way of using simplicity to approach the most complex of emotional subjects, including the wake of a suicide, a complicated childhood, the wonder and fear of starting fresh in a new place, the guilt and nostalgia of homesickness, and the satisfying though tentative steps one takes from desolation to confidence, healing and self actualization Based on the author s own life, this book rings true without being trite or bitter or overdramatic Talbot [...]

    15. From the first opening paragraph to the last, I coudn t stop reading.Author Jessica Talbot weaves an inpiring tale that is part memoir, part travel advenure.If you have ever felt lost in life, feeling like the right path was or is always just out of reach, this author s story of finding her true, destined home will re awaken hope in your heart Talbot s wonderful, lyrical writing style make the places and people she crosses path s with come alive South America is now on my list of places I must g [...]

    16. Reading at the same age as the author is when she starts her story this book was really heartwarming for me From the start it pulled at my curiosity and impressed me its bravery It is a coming of age story coming into our own story that acknowledges the process that we are all in with emotional clarity I d recommend it for anyone on any journey, travelers or not It left me feeling inspired and comforted at the same time.

    17. I have been living in Buenos Aires for 10 years so I could definately relate to a lot of the story I thought it was well written and I really enjoyed reading it I also thought it was really brave of the author to share such personal moments from her life

    18. A memoir that s honest and unflinching is always a great read and Ms.Talbot bravely sets down her story in a way that reaches out to readers Like a rainbow appearing after a downpour Magical and moving Highly recommended

    19. Finished in record time This is a compelling memoir written by a sensitive and reflexive author I feel grateful that Jessica shared, in her book, this personal journey.

    20. We are proud to announce that PICAFLOR FINDING HOME IN SOUTH AMERICA by Jessica Talbot is a B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money

    21. Review copy kindly provided via Booksellers NZ by Picaflor PressPicaflor is the South American Spanish name for the hummingbird a snacker, nibbler, pecker of flowers When Jessica Talbot first arrived in Peru at the age of 32, she identifies immediately with this little bird, calling herself a restless searcher of sweet nectar in her attempts to find some sort of meaning and contentment in her life, a place to call home She has no idea if South America is it, but for this native New Zealander, he [...]

    22. I enjoyed this book, overall, very much Her description of her mother was for me the highlight Any low points concerned her letters to Daniel, which I felt too often interrupted the flow of the story It also took some getting used to her use of the present tense, which I ve found elsewhere to be exhausting in such a long work But I read Picaflor in small doses and that helped The present tense, as a result I think, brought me into the story in urgent, intense way Opening in a tattoo parlor gett [...]

    23. Picaflor is an autobiography that reads like a novel It s about finding yourself, finding love, and finding peace.This book is part romance and part adventure It s also a journey back home, in a way In Picaflor, Jessica leaves New Zealand in hopes to discover herself in a new place Cusco, Peru There she meets a man, falls in love, sets out on a journey, loses that love, but finds herself in the process She also comes to terms with her disjointed family back in New Zealand And eventually, she fin [...]

    24. This was a memoir, which was very worth reading What a talent the author has for the flow and interest of story line, while telling the very emotional journey of her life from New Zealand, Australia, Peru to Argentina and places in between She gives us a heartfelt and very open description of what she went through to get where she is today I felt I was traveling with her as she has her ups and downs as she tries to find her place in the world Watching her as her expectations of people and places [...]

    25. Not really a travel memoirThought that this book was about exploring another country but it early on became clear that this about a woman who had serious issues with herself and was seeking someone to help her to feel loveable This may also explain her earlier choice of education and career as a physiotherapist Although I did read to the end, I skipped over her talks to dead ex boyfriend and some other parts Some books are like thisey may be written to the author for the author.

    26. Tender and insightful Picaflor took me on a emotional roller coaster ride I couldn t put this book down and I looked forward to finding a moment to read .

    27. An addictive read, the author leads us through an insightful exploration of her journey from new zealand to argentina Well worth reading

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