O Bibliotecário #2020

O Bibliotecário By A.M. Dean O Bibliotec rio A antiga Biblioteca de Alexandria um dos maiores tesouros da Hist ria desapareceu sem deixar rasto Que mist rios escondia Qual o verdadeiro poder dos livros da antiguidade O Bibliotec rio um romance
  • Title: O Bibliotecário
  • Author: A.M. Dean
  • ISBN: 9789897241246
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • O Bibliotecário By A.M. Dean A antiga Biblioteca de Alexandria, um dos maiores tesouros da Hist ria, desapareceu sem deixar rasto.Que mist rios escondia Qual o verdadeiro poder dos livros da antiguidade O Bibliotec rio um romance rico e aliciante, baseado numa pesquisa hist rica profunda A hist ria envolve um dos tesouros da Antiguidade e passa se numa s rie de cen rios ex ticos e marcados peloA antiga Biblioteca de Alexandria, um dos maiores tesouros da Hist ria, desapareceu sem deixar rasto.Que mist rios escondia Qual o verdadeiro poder dos livros da antiguidade O Bibliotec rio um romance rico e aliciante, baseado numa pesquisa hist rica profunda A hist ria envolve um dos tesouros da Antiguidade e passa se numa s rie de cen rios ex ticos e marcados pelo mist rio, mantendo o suspense at ao ltimo momento Arno Holmstrand, um reputado acad mico, deixa um conjunto de pistas jovem professora universit ria Emily momentos antes de ser assassinado Esta inicia ent o uma busca t o inesperada quanto perigosa a localiza o da biblioteca perdida de Alexandria Durante sete s culos, o edif cio guardou o maior patrim nio cultural e cient fico da Antiguidade O mundo julga esse tesouro perdido para todo o sempre, mas as evid ncias levam Emily a questionar a hist ria
    O Bibliotecário By A.M. Dean
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      272 A.M. Dean
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      I reckon Dan Brown must see Dean in his rear view mirror Peterborough Evening Telegraph A.M Dean is new arrival into the thriller genre, whose first books have been runaway hits, translated into multiple languages and selling in over thirteen territories around the globe A leading authority on ancient cultures and the history of religious belief, Dean s expertise in late antiquity has earned him posts at some of the world s most prestigious universities An abiding interest in the human tendency toward conspiracies, together with a commanding grasp of the genuinely mysterious contexts of real history, inspire the breadth and focus of his creative works.Dean s highly anticipated latest novel, THE KEYSTONE, was just released on August 2013, bringing the realm of Gnostic mystery into the world of modern conspiracies and deadly cults Grab your copy today paperback or Kindle His bestselling debut novel, THE LOST LIBRARY, hit the shelves on 16 July 2012 as a major launch title with Pan Macmillan, climbing into the top 10 and available in over 16 territories and languages across the globe.Follow A.M Dean on Twitter where is he is very active , and like the official A.M Dean Author Page on Facebook for even contact and interaction.A.M Dean is represented internationally by LBA.


    1. By A M Dean Grade AA person whose only love is books, who dreams of fictional characters, and whose idea of heaven is an unending library, a book based upon some ancient long lost library that can destroy and save the whole world with the kind of knowledge it possesses, was an absolute treat Coupled with the impressive cover and exciting back blurb, I couldn t wait to get started with this book.Knowledge is power and power can kill He was the keeperArno Holmstrand is about to die, his life cut [...]

    2. This genre global thrillers, with conspiracy twists is something you either love or hate.look at the responses to Dan Brown, Baldacci, on and on No surprise some reviewers love this book, and some want to rant about it But if you re a fan of the genre then this is one of the best examples of it to be published this year The action is fast, yet somehow still haunting and pensive There are twists and turns everywhereme of them are obvious, but some are definitely not, and like you want in a book l [...]

    3. The book starts with the murder of a university professor in the US and the bombing of a church in Oxford, England Emily Wess a professor at the same university as the murder victim is about to take a few days break with her boyfriend over Thanksgiving when her plans are abruptly changed by a letter from the dead man and a plane ticket to the UK.This complex thriller involves a political plot in the US and the ancient library at Alexandria which may or may not have been destroyed in ancient time [...]

    4. Tendo como ponto de partida a Biblioteca Perdida de Alexandria, A.M.Dean conseguiu escrever um livro perfeito Cap tulos curtos, sempre com suspense entre eles e foi buscar um tema bastante interessante e que, ao longo dos s culos, tem criado sempre novas teorias Ser que a Biblioteca de Alexandria desapareceu mesmo E onde poder estar Ser que ardeu como foi sempre considerado O seu desaparecimento continua a ser um dos grandes mist rios da antiguidadeQuando o professor vedeta do departamento de Hi [...]

    5. A fun, enjoyable quick read Escapism but by no means very realistic One woman out to save the world And suddenly the professionals start making mistakes It remains a mystery to me how someone who just had the base of her head bashed in can unlock a handcuff with a hairpin Or why the old Librarian would stay alive JUST long enough for her to get back in time to catch his last words And how an upload of such vast nature can be completed in a few minutes

    6. I long hesitated between 3 and 4 four stars But 3 stars would not reflect the hard work that has been poured into this book.Yes, I was a bit disappointed but I still gave it four stars because it is extremely well written and obviously, a lot of hours of research have been involved But and this is where I am disappointed I expected a solid conspiracy theory, a mysterious quest The story is all that but it does not feel like it What is missing is the cloak and dagger ingredient.I did not feel the [...]

    7. 9 de 10 Adoro uma hist ria que n o me deixa largar o livro Um livro com cap tulos pequenos, fren ticos e que deixam sempre em suspenso uma ac o O Bibliotec rio exactamente assim Escrito de uma forma muito interessante, com uma hist ria baseada em factos reais que despertam muito o meu interesse o desaparecimento da Biblioteca da Alexandria e todas as teorias por detr s desse desaparecimentoComent rio completo em abibliotecadajoao abibliotecadajoao

    8. Gave it four stars for the history and the idea behind it, but really ought be a 3 as the 2nd half devolved into a type of Dan Brown thriller never the less, not bad for a first book 1 of 20 for 10 20 1014

    9. Wat ik al vermoedde toen ik las voor de liefhebbers van Dan Brown het boek is inderdaad een soort van kopie van de Davinci Code Desniettemin is het wel een goed geschreven en spannend verhaal.

    10. 2.5, 3, nem sei na realidade, este livro fala sobre uma das coisas que mais me interessa A biblioteca de Alexandria, a hist ria da civiliza o antiga do Egipto deixa me sempre com gua na boca Dito isto e que o livro passa pela Am rica, Inglaterra, Alexandria e Istambul tinha tudo para dar certo e todos os assuntos interessantes para ser um livro muito bom, foi desde universidades prestigiadas a grandes cidades repletas de mist rios igualmente grandes e mesmo assim n o li o que queria, aquilo que [...]

    11. A Biblioteca de Alexandria um tema interessante e o seu segredo neste livro foi bem explorado atualizando a com o passar do tempo.Contudo o desenrolar da hist ria n o empolgante, havendo demasiada descri o hist rica e pouca a o.

    12. Aunque fue bastante entretenida, tiene muchas partes tontas, si bien es cierto que a la protagonista no estaba acostumbrada a esos temas de espionaje, la verdad es q desde un principio fue demasiado boca floja, habiendo muertos de por medio, eso se vio muy est pido para una profesora de historia, se le debio dar un poco mas de credito.y al final un secreto de milenios, y ella lo saca al aire por que es mas lista que todos los demas , por Dios, no pudo ser mas decepcionante.

    13. O Bibliotec rio embrenha o leitor num thriller emocionante ao mesmo tempo que nos d uma perspectiva diferente da Hist ria e das bibliotecas Levando nos atrav s de cidades hist ricas, o autor mostra o passado trazido vida para os dias que correm.

    14. This was a book for which the author clearly had huge ambitions and I had high expectations after reading the blurb , but which failed to deliver It feels a bit like a Dan Brown wannabe , but without the effortless on the part of the reader and instant excitement or the accessibility of the academic and historical references within the content The long winded descriptions are just too dry a bit like the Egyptian era that they refer to and which also fails to be brought to life The characters too [...]

    15. I gave up halfway through the book, something I have never done before I normally really like these type of books and the story seemed very promising, but you know it s going to be a difficult read when you already dislike the main character after only a few pages.Maybe it was because of the Dutch translation, but at times it felt like the sentences were a result of machine translation grammatically correct but lacking any fluency What bothered me the most were the recaps by the main character Y [...]

    16. A very interesting mix of old and new library technologies Search for old results in new An exciting adventure for Dr Emily where she was almost killed twice in search of an ancient library and also uncovers a plot to overthrow the President of the United States.

    17. 4.5 stars I really enjoyed listening to this book kept my interest throughout, not too much going on it got confusing, the right amount of characters, well written.

    18. A rather amateurish effort on a fascinating subject His language is awkward and cumbersome It took me several sittings before I could finish it.

    19. E por 404 p ginas viajei at ao sonho de qualquer apaixonado por livros a biblioteca de Alexandria A actual e a legend ria As lendas e a realidade.Este um romance que mistura na perfei o factos hist ricos com fic o e que mostra o quanto importante neste g nero de literatura que haja uma forte competente de pesquisa por parte do autor ou da equipa que trabalha com ele.Com cap tulos curtos, a terminarem exactamente no momento em que o suspense maior, com voltas e reviravoltas que nos levam a determ [...]

    20. O enredo desenvolve se r pido e com grande suspense Imerso em tramas de conspira o, apreende cabalmente o padr o de conflito a que os Homens, desde de sempre se sujeitaram Ao percorrer as v rias p ginas, somos levados desenvoltura de uma imagina o r pida, inteligente e construtiva Este um livro que apela precis o, mem ria e actualiza o de conhecimentos De grande fasc nio, retoma actualidade um grande mist rio dado que existem factos reais, ainda por resolver no mundo real, neste fascinante livro [...]

    21. This is a first novel and a little rough around the edges here and there but on the whole it s a good holiday read The only problem it has really is that we have already had The Da Vinci Code and Dan Brown s other thrillers and this book bears than a passing resemblance to the Brown formula But if you want something to keep you busy on a plane trip or the beach, it s fine.

    22. I rate this 3,5 stars Well written and compelling story Although some of the plot twists and outcomes were a bit far fetched, where others were to simple Also the ending was quite abrupt But all in all a good read on an exciting topic.

    23. I really enjoyed this book, right from it s action filled beginning, through it s varied and interesting settings to it s satisfying conclusion A well written book with believable carachters and fast paced plot.

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