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Come to Me By Amy Bloom Come to Me This fresh and stunning collection of stories takes the reader deep into the heart of the most alarming and joyful human relationships
  • Title: Come to Me
  • Author: Amy Bloom
  • ISBN: 9780330339889
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Come to Me By Amy Bloom This fresh and stunning collection of stories takes the reader deep into the heart of the most alarming and joyful human relationships.
    Come to Me By Amy Bloom
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    1. Amy Bloom

      Amy Bloom is the author of Come to Me, a National Book Award finalist A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You, nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award Love Invents Us and Normal Her stories have appeared in Best American Short Stories, O Henry Prize Short Stories, The Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Short Fiction, and many other anthologies here and abroad She has written for The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, Vogue, Slate, and Salon, among other publications, and has won a National Magazine Award Bloom teaches creative writing at Yale University.


    1. Pretty sure I had read a first cover hard copy of this back in 94 Lent it out Wish I had it, cause this little book of stories is haunting Dirty laundry not quite aired Interlocking lives and stories Complications I couldn t have told you before I reread this what the stories were about, but I ve always remembered the book, the cover, the w holes it left You can t say that about every book you never got back And after rereading each little world, I remembered the lives, the unfinished ness in th [...]

    2. In one of the stories in this collection, a recent widow has sex with her 19 year old stepson No, this isn t a spoiler From the moment I started reading the story, I thought to myself, She s gonna fuck this kid I don t think that s a sign of particularly strong writing or plot development, personally Plus, I sort of just didn t get the point Bloom is a good writer, however Good, not great And the characters at least in the few stories I ve read thus far aren t all that compelling or sympathetic. [...]

    3. i read this because of Silver Water, which is a truly great story didn t really like most of the other stories almost all of which seemed to be sad, vaguely icky dissections of strange or inappropriate relationships of one kind or other mom stepson, old man young woman, two men one woman, married woman transvestite lover, etc but then the last two stories in the book were great When the Year Grows Old, about a girl whose straight laced mom has what i guess is a manic episode and starts furiously [...]

    4. Molly Bloom is one of my latest literary crushes I had never heard of her, but Pam Houston put her on my reading list I don t just want to write like Bloom, I want to BE like her If I had a therapist, I would want her to be my therapist, too She divides her time between her therapy practice and her writing, and if I had to imagine the ideal fiction writer as psychotherapist, it would be her She writes about perversions, obsessions, love and passion in its deepest, darkest crevices without any mo [...]

    5. Should a short story collection be graded on its best stories or should it be critiqued as a whole I ask this question because there are maybe one or two stories in here that are superb, but the rest are good but not great Silver Water s definitely in that first category It differs from the other stories in that it s poetic in its character descriptions and its narrative Therefore, causing it to flow so well.

    6. Amy Bloom what an amazing author She writes so beautifully, and so movingly, I read her and am jealous for a week that I lack this kind of talent The short story Silver Water will knock your socks off, I promise This is the book for people that don t like short stories There is one story within this collection that didn t quite do it for me incest is never a good read , but the rest are just transcendent.

    7. Ugh Sleepwalking in particular is one of the worst short stories I have ever read Considering that Amy Bloom is a psychotherapist you would think that she d have insight into the way that people actually live their lives rather than just writing out her own fantasies No believable dialogue Irritating Cheap Just awful.

    8. So I guess Amy Bloom is kinda big in the short story world, and evidently I am not really in the know when it comes to short stories essays because I had never heard of Amy Bloom when I picked this book up And I now believe I could have carried on perfectly fine living a totally content life never having read anything by her and I wouldn t have been missing anything except maybe one story that s just disturbingly perverse, which is the only reason it ends up standing out at all Sleepwalking tell [...]

    9. A National Book Award Finalist, I m not sure how to rate this book which is a series of 12 short stories, some of which are multiple tales of the characters at different times of their lives In some, there is an interweaving of characters Intense and somewhat interesting, the author brings her knowledge of psychology of people and their motivations.The first story title Love is Not Pie, was, in my opinion, the best in the series, then some of the others fell flat Ina few there was a creepiness I [...]

    10. Um this is the first collection of short stories I ever enjoyed They are absolutely beautiful My beef with the genre as it was presented to me in, like, high school, had to do with the inability of the author to create compelling characters in thirty pages or less Amy Bloom blows straight by that problem on her way to Transcendent Fictionsville Her characters are full and round and passionate, and generally both in love and in pain The stories are subtly woven together which makes the reading ex [...]

    11. I found this collection of short stories to be very engaging I was tempted to read the book straight through in one sitting, but forced myself to slow down to savor them a bit I actually liked all of the stories, but my absolute favorites were Silver Water , When the Year Grows Old , and Psychoanalysis Changed My Life I ll be on the lookout for from this author.

    12. She is an excellent author Each story vividly brought to life the characters, their emotions, etc The story lines for the most part did not shed the best light on yes, most no.I do want to read Even a Blind Man Can See I Love You, because you recommended Kit and also because I do think she is an excellent writer.

    13. You can tell this author is a former psychotherapist because many of these stories have a significant psychological aspect and with many characters with mental health problems It was a enjoyable read However I find short stories less than fully satisfying compared with longer works because there is not as much room for character development.

    14. An interesting selection of short stories Many of the characters move from one story to the next, first being described in third person, then having their own tale told There is only one story, Sleepwalking, that seemed poorly constructed and purposeless, other than for its shock value.

    15. A collection of intimate short stories The highlight of the book was Silver Water which told about a family trying to cope with the nervous breakdown of a daughter That one story alone makes it worth the couple or so misses.

    16. I love the way she writes, and that she writes about the little things in life the normal relationships and grind and hurts and joys and makes them readable, and makes me feel them.

    17. I really like what she can make you feel You don t want her to, but she ll do it, and you thank her later She will make you get stuff that you can not comprehend before you read her SOOK

    18. As many of Amy Bloom s stories, there s an uncomfortable intimacy No one is saying the right things or doing the right things and for the most part, people are generally being just slightly less than good to one another It s so honest Three Stories came together with Silver Water so well played out and heart wrenching.

    19. Just amazing I read everything from Henry and Marie onward in one sitting Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines was absolutely heartbreaking, especially with Semper Fidelis immediately following it.

    20. 4.5 for this one Maybe even a 5, still processing Bold and well written, not over the top at all even though the subject or characters may be just that, really enjoyable read.

    21. I have trouble seeing that this collection rises to the level of National Book Award finalist but that was 20 years ago and fiction has moved in many experimental directions since then.

    22. You would think that I would have gotten my hands on an Amy Bloom book by now I mean, when I think of great modern day short story writers, her name is one of the first that comes to mind I ve read a handful of Amy Bloom s stories before in the various Best Of and O.Henry collections, one or two in A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You one of the best book titles ever , as well as her work in O Magazine I think it was O but never sat down with one of her books in its entirety So I thought I wo [...]

    23. Originally posted on my blog, thereaderscommuteAmy Bloom is a storyteller I turn to again and again whether it s because I want a good cry or I want sentences so beautiful that they make me cry, Bloom does not disappoint This summer I had the opportunity to read her 1993 short story collection, Come to Me The winning story in this collection was certainly Silver Water, a piece that explores that relationship between a girl and her mentally handicapped sister As the narrator struggles to remember [...]

    24. I just finished reading Come to Me by Amy Bloom This was my very first excursion into the literary world of this author and having read this collection of stories I am now confident that it won t be my last.I try not to use the expression hauntingly beautiful to describe things because it sounds trite to me But in this case, it applies I found these images, sentences, even sentence fragments floating through my mind while driving to work or walking my dog These melodic phrases would drift throug [...]

    25. This is a lovely book of twelve stories featuring love, relationships and the moments of heartbreak that threaten to pull us under Bloom s writing is easy going even when you hit upon the grittier disturbing components of a few of the stories I m impressed with how well she developes the characters and makes us feel for them and it is done in such a way that I don t feel inundated with detail, just gently brought along for the ride.The occasional startling revelation never seems out of place or [...]

    26. Perhaps Bloom s greatest conviction as a writer is not that the triad is an impediment to love, but its defining factor Consider Come To Me s opening story, Love Is Not a Pie, a frame tale of a daughter, Ellen at her mother Lila s funeral Ellen decides not to wed John Wescott because of a long flashback of Lila s relationship with another man in the rich atmosphere of lakeside life in summertime Maine Although family melodramas about a secret are common, the twist in Love Is Not a Pie is the rel [...]

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