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Prophecy By Ellen Oh Prophecy For fans of bestselling author Marie Lu comes this heart stopping first book in Ellen Oh s trilogy about the greatest warrior in all of the Seven Kingdoms a girl with yellow eyes Intrigue and mystery
  • Title: Prophecy
  • Author: Ellen Oh
  • ISBN: 9780062091109
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • Prophecy By Ellen Oh For fans of bestselling author Marie Lu comes this heart stopping first book in Ellen Oh s trilogy about the greatest warrior in all of the Seven Kingdoms a girl with yellow eyes Intrigue and mystery, ancient lore and action packed fantasy come together in this incredible debut Kira s the only female in the king s army, and she s also the prince s bodyguard A demonFor fans of bestselling author Marie Lu comes this heart stopping first book in Ellen Oh s trilogy about the greatest warrior in all of the Seven Kingdoms a girl with yellow eyes Intrigue and mystery, ancient lore and action packed fantasy come together in this incredible debut Kira s the only female in the king s army, and she s also the prince s bodyguard A demon slayer and an outcast, she s hated by nearly everyone in her home city of Hansong And she s their only hope Murdered kings and discovered traitors point to a demon invasion, sending Kira on the run with the young prince He may be the savior predicted in the Dragon King s prophecy, but the legendary lost ruby treasure just might be the true key to victory With only the guidance of the cryptic prophecy, Kira must battle demon soldiers, an evil shaman, and the Demon Lord himself to find what was once lost, while raising a prince into a king.
    Prophecy By Ellen Oh
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    1. Actual rating is around 1.5 starsOn the back of my ARC it reads It s Graceling meets Eon in this action packed fantasy adventure by debut author Ellen Oh In all honesty, I think that statement does a huge disservice to all three novels And because of that one little sentence, I went into Prophecy expecting something epic with rich descriptions, epic fight scenes and a main character worth rooting for Unfortunately, I found none of that I tried to love Prophecy Truly, I did, but it just never wor [...]

    2. I had been looking forward to Prophecy ever since I read the synopsis It sounds so bloody fantastic But alas.Okay, this may be unfair considering that the novel is Oh s debut but I could not help but compare Prophecy to Eon Eona Considering the thematic nature and the similarities in not just setting but also subject matter, comparisons are inevitable The Eon Eona duology, though not without flaws, is a sophisticated work where prose, plotting and characterization are concerned The novels are we [...]

    3. Who else thinks this is a copycat of Graceling I m pretty sure Prophecy can be rewritten like this bolded Graceling copied, underlined substituted with Graceling aspects The greatest warrior in all of the Seven Kingdoms is a girl with green and blue eyes.Katsa s the only female in the king s army, and the prince s best friend She s the king s thug and an outcast, feared by nearly everyone in her home kingdom of Middluns And, she s their only hope Kidnaped grandfathers and tyrannical rulers poin [...]

    4. Writing this review gives me no pleasure I ve been eagerly anticipating Prophecy for months, ever since I heard the comparison to Graceling On top of that, Ellen Oh totally rocks and I ve loved conversing with her on Twitter Even excitement stemmed from the Korean setting I m completely obsessed with kdrama, and Korea as a result of that Perhaps I should stop adding books compared to Kristin Cashore to my reading list, as I think three out of three have been monumental failures for me.Much as I [...]

    5. Prophecy is kind of a bundle of problems, but almost all of those problems can be directly attributed to the ultra simplified writing style Holy crap this writing is bad It s a rough sketch without shading or detail, a skeleton without innards or flesh The bare bones of a story are here, with all the basic things that you need to get a plot from start to finish this event happens, this character does x, this character feels y, this event takes x amount of time but without any of the meat that gi [...]

    6. The writing The writing, the writing, the writing Awkwardness abounds There s telling instead of showing, a lack of flow, character emotions that jump from one to another, and through it all, there s no sense of voice to get us engaged into Kira s third person perspective The characters tell each other information that s already been told dialogue tags Brother Woojin said , Kira asked , Kwan said to Kira are all over the place It s like a new speed bump, every time you come up against a slice of [...]

    7. If you re looking for the start of the next great fantasy series, I d suggest looking elsewhere, because Prophecy isn t it However, if you re just looking for a serviceable fantasy with some straightforward demon slaying action and don t mind the middling to poor writing, well, there are plenty of worse books I can think of than this one So while I wouldn t recommend picking up Prophecy over the book it s obviously reminiscent of, Graceling, plotwise at least I wouldn t say it s leagues or li as [...]

    8. This book is extremely clunkily written, rife with summary, half scenes, and nonsensical chapter breaks Everything is told, not shown, with bald statements and explanations of reasons for jealousy anger etc told upfront Kira was angry Kira was jealous because she d always been closer to Taejo Kira s wounds magically heal overnight because of her magical tiger spirit.The plot is a basic quest fantasy mixed with wartime because of an invading country, but everything is summarized or not even summa [...]

    9. Prophecy is a mediocre fantasy that would be appreciated well by those who are daunted by the other door stopper novels in this genre Clocking at 312 pages, it had enough of the elements to consider the book as such but sadly not enough to make it a memorable piece of literature.At the end of the day, it all goes down to the author s inability to beef up her characters They re what you see is what you get and therefore hardly remarkable This is unfortunate because the synopsis alluded to a very [...]

    10. Prophecy is a book that I can easily see making it to the top on NYT Best Selling list This book was fantastic I read through it in a day and found myself craving .What gets me is that there is no romance whatsoever in this book Usually I need at least a kiss, or a pinch of romance to keep me going With Prophecy it was the main character that kept me going Kira is a character that I found myself loving from the first chapter, and think that she is very well written I was so engrossed in the stor [...]

    11. I need this book I NEED THIS BOOK If you still don t get it well I ll say it again I need this book or I think I might go insane It sounds so good even if it sounds a little like Graceling but that s ok because I LOVED that book.Can I have one Please So I CAN T wait for this book It needs to get here sooner Oh please let me read it soon Don t let the world end.When I get this book I know I ll be like thisIf this book had a house this would be meYeah so now I m done and you all probably think I m [...]

    12. Hmm, this is a hard book to review Overall, I enjoyed Prophecy but some things just didn t seem right to me Prophecy was pretty cool in some parts, dull in others, and sometimes the parts just moved to fast to catch anything There were so many bad guys I started getting confused about who did what A lot of times I look at a dragged out series and think that it could have easily been one book I have a whole opposite complaint for Prophecy A whole boatload of things happened to fast to grasp The a [...]

    13. I was one of the lucky few given the amazing opportunity to read Prophecy ahead of schedule, and I was completely blown away by Oh s writing style and subject matter.Kira is a refreshing kind of heroine exactly the type one hopes to see young girls emulate She embodies the best qualities of an epic hero, and also retains a level of accessibility that makes her refreshingly relatable.The story itself is masterfully told Oh includes just the right amount of the Korean culture to bolster authentici [...]

    14. Disclaimer I m Twitter acquaintances with Ellen Oh.I wanted SO MUCH to love this book It s set in a fantasy version of ancient Korea, written by an Asian American author, starring a strong female character Yay Plus, from what I know of Ellen from the blogosphere, she s a smart, thoughtful, and nice lady Oh, how I wanted this book to be The One Unfortunately, there were a number of issues that I couldn t overlook, things I couldn t connect with that kept me from loving itOS I don t need all my st [...]

    15. As seen on Ed and Em s Reviews I really like books that spin off Asian heritage My love of the Eastern culture is pretty recent, but I will admit to having an addiction I expected Prophecy to blow my mind, and I was really looking forward to read Ms Oh s take on a Korean fantasy world Too bad I noted that I was bored within the first ten percent.I honestly cannot think of anything positive to say about this novel besides the gorgeous cover It fooled me into thinking this novel would be amazing T [...]

    16. Prophecy is a refreshingly non European fantasy set in mythical Korea, where demons have started leaking into the world and a legendary Dragon Masado is prophesied to save them all I enjoyed the story overall The plot line, while not that original, is interesting enough, since it s set in Korea and not generic medieval England world The characters were a bit static and the writing suffered towards the end I would recommend this for younger YA readers.The main characters were okay, although I thi [...]

    17. This book was veryabrupt Things had a tendency to just happen, out of the blue, with no rhyme or reason and with no build up They get word that someone is invading a few hundred miles away, then the viewpoint character leaves for a couple days, and when she comes back the whole capitol city is taken over Done deal, fat lady has sung, end of the matter, it s over Boom It s just a whole book of stuff like that happening On top of being very abrupt, it was all extremely overblown, too People didn t [...]

    18. A book among books, The Prophecy is truly a Chosen One bringing light, fantasy and a brilliant adventure to readers bookshelves.I never thought I d find the book You know the one Like the chocolate brownie, or the guy, or the place where no one can disturb your reading experience no matter how hard they try to take THAT siblings But here it is In all its beautiful, prophetical glory I am so happy dabs at eyes My only regret Jaewon and Kira.Likee on Seriously The chemistry between them was as obv [...]

    19. I m so glad I finally read this It was so much fun It s definitely a book that gets better the further along you read It follows a warrior, Kira, who must protect her cousin, the future king of the Seven Kingdoms an ancient fantasy inspired Korea The writing style reminded me of Tamora Pierce straightforward, action packed, with a fully complete story arc although it s the first in a trilogy I especially appreciated the extra content at the end of my edition which talks about Asian Mythology and [...]

    20. Can be read on The Social Potato.Thanks Edelweiss and HarperTeen for providing me a digital copy of this book in exchange for a review This did not influence my review in any way.Okay, as a Filipino who pretty much grew up in a society obsessed in Korean songs and soap operas, I ve come to respect the country s culture, especially their history that doesn t make me a fangirl in any way, though I just respect it, not love it, hehe I remember watching 4 5 years ago this Korean TV show called Jewel [...]

    21. BookNook Young Adult book reviewsPropecy, Prophecy, Prophecy How do I review you As for my rating, I was constantly juggling between 2 stars, 3 stars, then 2.5 stars I thought I had settled on 2.5, but then after I wrote my review, I decided to change it to 2 I just think 2 stars better reflects my review and overall feelings.I think Prophecy fell into my hands at a very inconvenient time Suddenly, I just wasn t in the mood for a high fantasy book In the two weeks before I started this book, I h [...]

    22. I really wanted to like this book The premise encompasses all the things that I love to read I love fantasy, especially fantasy that features a kick butt heroine And a kick butt heroine with deadly skills Even better I also liked that this book has Asian influences And honestly, I thought the fact that it was being compared to Graceling, which I have read and loved, and Eon, which I have not yet read but hear great things about, was a GOOD thing There are definitely some similarities to Gracelin [...]

    23. Actual Rating 2.5 starsThis book isn t for me Maybe if I have read it two years ago I would ve probably liked it better, but now no The Prophecy opened up with a promising note.People feared Kira They called her the Demon Slayer to her face and much worse behind her back It didn t matter that she was a first cousin to the crown prince or that she d saved his life from a demon attack Ten years was long enough for most to forget what really happened and instead to believe the rumors that began soo [...]

    24. Oh man, I really wanted to like this I m here for any fantasies that aren t inspired by European lore, and one thing I have to say is that the worldbuilding is really interesting and different It s based on Korean historical lore, and it was cool to see The reader isn t bombarded by too many unknown concepts at once, which I appreciate I think my biggest problem with this was the writing There s so much telling and not much showing, and I felt so disconnected from Kira to the point where I didn [...]

    25. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Korean mythology story mixed with family themes creates a fantastic journey across the continent Opening Sentence People feared Kira.The Review Kira is the most feared person in all the land And only by misunderstanding Others consider her a demon, when in reality she is the one killing demons, keeping the citizens of Hansong safe from demon invasion But when the King becomes captured while Kira and the Prince are out hunting, it s up to Kira to pr [...]

    26. Initial Impressions little than four starsThanks to Epic Reads and Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner for the ARC copy of this book I won it in their giveaway I was really hesitant to read this book at first, mostly because I find myself not connecting with a lot of foreign settings most specifically Asian settings for some reason Maybe because I don t know a lot about the culture and the language so I was so glad that it didn t seem to be a hinderance with Prophecy Okay, well it was for a li [...]

    27. A tantalizing tale it captured me, I loved this book What captured me the most about this book is the great plot It had a nice fantasy world building to it that is drew me in like a fly to a bright light The beginning of the plot began with a girl, a warrior, strong, capable, and bitter I like that all of these elements worked well with Kira s life She is so busy helping others that she fails to take care of herself Kira sacrifices everything for her loyalty to the prince after a war breaks out [...]

    28. I don t keep it a secret that I am not the biggest fantasy fan In fact, I avoid most high fantasy books for that reason This book though, I adored It was a little difficult in the beginning, but once I fell into the quick pace of the story, it was easy going as far as the plot.I loved the amount of dedication that Kira has when it come to defending her family and their honor It was a little confusing when you are introduced to Kira because there is a lot going on Oh alludes to the fact that demo [...]

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