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The Fairy Rebel By Lynne Reid Banks The Fairy Rebel The Fairy Queen strictly forbids fairies from using their magic power on humans But after Tiki accidentally meets Jan a woman who is desperate for a baby daughter she finds it impossible to resist f
  • Title: The Fairy Rebel
  • Author: Lynne Reid Banks
  • ISBN: 9780385244831
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Fairy Rebel By Lynne Reid Banks The Fairy Queen strictly forbids fairies from using their magic power on humans But after Tiki accidentally meets Jan, a woman who is desperate for a baby daughter, she finds it impossible to resist fulfilling her wish Now up against the dark and vicious power of evil, this fairy rebel must face the Queen s fury with frightening and possibly fatal results.
    The Fairy Rebel By Lynne Reid Banks
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      416 Lynne Reid Banks
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      Lynne Reid Banks is a British author of books for children and adults She has written forty books, including the best selling children s novel The Indian in the Cupboard, which has sold over 10 million copies and been made into a film.Banks was born in London, the only child of James and Muriel Reid Banks She was evacuated to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada during World War II but returned after the war was over She attended St Teresa s School in Surrey Prior to becoming a writer Banks was an actress, and also worked as a television journalist in Britain, one of the first women to do so Her first novel, The L Shaped Room, was published in 1960.In 1962 Banks emigrated to Israel, where she taught for eight years on an Israeli kibbutz Yasur In 1965 she married Chaim Stephenson, with whom she had three sons Although the family returned to England in 1971 and Banks now lives in Dorset with her husband, the influence of her time in Israel can be seen in some of her books which are set partially or mainly on kibbutzim.


    1. This was one of my favorite books when I was a lass and Scottish, apparently and I recently, for reasons I no longer recall, became obsessed with tracking it down Thanks to the invaluable Bookman in Orange County truly the only reason to visit the entire area , I finally got my hands on it And it was very nearly as wonderful as I remembered Yay This is an incredibly quick read, about a rebellious denim clad fairy named Tiki, and Jan, the lonely ex actress she befriends The length makes every sce [...]

    2. Jan is a human who desperately wants a child Tiki is a peppy, punky fairy who s not particularly good at following rules The fairy helps Jan have a daughter, but that s only the beginning of the story Tiki is the best godmother EVER every year, the daughter gets an incredible magical gift Even fifteen years later, I still remember some of them But this extraordinary state of affairs can t continue undetected forever, and Jan and her daughter have to go to war with the fairy kingdom to save Tiki [...]

    3. This is the book that made me fall in love with books My favorite teacher of all time, Ms Gehm, read it aloud to my third grade class, and I promptly devoured every other book written by Lynn Reid Banks, followed by as many books in the fantasy genre as I could get my hands on I imagined that rose fairies like Tiki inhabited not only the flowers in my backyard, but also the roses on the wallpaper in my bedroom And I even told my neighbor that the hairs in my blond streak were actually pure gold [...]

    4. i like my book because its a fairy tale and it felt like it was really happening while i was reading my book.on pages 85 88 it felt like i was buried in the toys with bindi and suffercating under all those toys to.if i was bindi i would of tryied to dig my way outso on pages 39 49 i felt like i was also being attacked by wasps.i would of dodged the stings and escaped the wasps.I would recomend this book to michael diaz because he likes fairy tales as much as i doso because he thinks the same way [...]

    5. The one where a fairy befriends an injured former actress, grants her wish for a child, and gets in serious trouble with the tyrannical fairy queen.I had to keep checking the publication date 1989 really because the book s attitudes toward women, childbearing, work, disability, and beauty seemed very early sixties to me There was waaaay too much talking about people s weight no, excuse me, only the weight of the female people Jan s husband s appearance is never described And why on earth would a [...]

    6. So The Fairy Rebel was one of the first books my teacher read to the class in my first year of Junior School and I remembered really, really liking it at the time I couldn t put my finger on exactly why I liked it so much, because twenty odd years down the line all I could remember about it was that one of the characters was called Bindi and she had magical blue hair Thank you, Google, for being my best friend and finding the book almost intermediately Whenceupon I realised it was written by the [...]

    7. Only the Queen may give life Or take it Jan and Tiki are two unlikely friends.Jan, a former actress with a limping leg, who longs for a child meets Tiki a fairy living in fear of the tyrannical Fairy Queen who forbids contact with humans When Tiki sees how dearly Jan wants a child, she decides to help despite knowing the risks Years go by where Jan s fairy child grows and enjoys magical gifts from her fairy godmother until finally, the Fairy Queen decides to take action The first thing that come [...]

    8. This book is a fantastic fantasy that will make you devour it in a sitting It is a very low reading level book, and I would not expect than a bit of fun from it Reading this book nearly got myself and my best friend in trouble in 5th grade We were supposed to read books and write a review of every chapter We were so far above the reading level of this book it was ridiculous but we wanted to read it So we picked it read it in an hour or something, and then realized we had to write chapter review [...]

    9. I was spellbound by this book as a tween, so I recently re read it on my new Kindle to see if it still held the same magic does, and it doesn t The story itself is imaginative and fun a fairy who wears jeans, an elf who loves eggs, and the tyrannical fairy queen who rules with fear and an army of wasps and I ripped through the story in one sitting But the writing is so so, and the characters are pretty two dimensional The females our human protagonist and the fairy she meets in her garden are si [...]

    10. The only books of this author that I had read was of course the Indian In the Cupboard series I had been fascinated with the books back then although I don t know how much they would fare if I re read them at this point Anyway this was one of those books that had been sent to me while I was fascinated by the cover work and the summary on the back wasn t too weird Needing just a book to read and not wanting to get into anything too big I grabbed this one up on the way out to work while I wasn t d [...]

    11. Jan and Charlie have always wanted a baby girl So when Tiki, a fairy, gets earthed on Jan s foot, Jan tells her that she wants a baby and that the baby should have rose petal skin, chubby feet, bird feather brown hair, and hazel eyes Tiki says she will grant Jan s wish, but only if she names the baby Bindi When Bindi appears in the couple s bedroom, they look her over to make sure she looks perfectly normal She does, except for twenty blue hairs on her head Tiki was not supposed to do this, thou [...]

    12. My daughter has just hit the age where I can start sharing the bulk of my childhood favorites with her I haven t read this since elementary school, but I still had my copy held over from then Nothing is ever the same as an adult, but this was interesting in that I don t think I realized as a child that the book is primarily about the adults and the fairies, and only a little about Bindi It clearly works, as it wasn t something that was visible to me in childhood Another thing that I didn t recal [...]

    13. I own an autographed edition of this novel, inscribed to me When I read it as a pre teen, I remember that it did not live up to The Indian in the Cupboard This time around, I read it to my 8 year old daughter, who is not comparing it to anything She loved it, rating it 4.5 stars I was surprised, in a way, because it s an unusual children s book The main characters are adults, although a child becomes a central character And a lot of it is pretty intense and scary I was relieved that nightmares o [...]

    14. I read pretty much everything by Lynne Reid Banks growing up, so I was curious to check back in with some of these titles and see how much I still enjoyed them The Fairy Rebel tells the story of Jan, a sad woman who cannot have kids, Tiki the fairy who helps get a child and the evil Fairy Queen who wants to punish them all Overall, it was fine, but fell a bit flat for me the characters, especially Definitely one that would still be enjoyable for its age demo, but doesn t pack quite enough punch [...]

    15. As a child I was certain I was a fairy child like Bindi I loooooooonged for a patch of blue hair I would have given anything for a bit of magic The Fairy Rebel was a book I read over and over until it fell apart As an adult I see the charm, but I also think it s unusual that the book is told primarily from the parents perspectives I think there are two chapters, about 15 20 pages that are told from Bindi s point of view.

    16. This was one of my favorite books as a kid Then I read it when I was in high school, and I was disappointed But then I just barely read it again, and it s seriously the best This book is awesome a great length for beginning chapter book readers, but enough depth to the story to make it a challenging and rewarding read Plus, it has an awesome plot, and a pink haired fairy I m always glad to see a childhood favorite live up to it s awesome memory.

    17. I haven t read this book since I was probably ten or so The story is just as magical and beautiful as I remember it didn t lose anything Sometimes an author can write well and sometimes an author is a great storyteller The Fairy Rebel by Lynn Reid Banks shows us both Bindi, Tiki, and Wijic felt just like old familiar friends.

    18. This was my absolute favorite book as a young girl I read it over and over It was such a magical experience and of course I loved fairies If you have a daughter 8 13 this would be such a magical book for her to read The cover is different from what it looked like when I was a girl but the story is wonderful I believe even an adult would find this book a good read

    19. This is my all time favorite book I read it the first time at a very young age and have re read it a good 10 15 times since then I lost my battered copy in a move so I hope to find another again some day.

    20. This book is a gem It s a quick, easy read by the author of Indian in the Cupboard, and you ll love the original story Although it s a kid s book, teens will relate to the issues of finding one s own way in the world and learning to make one s own decisions classroomlibrary

    21. Fun book with a lot of imagination about fairies and how their world works I m planning on reading this book to grandchildren this summer and doing related activities with them.

    22. I liked this book a lot as a kid but it really does not stand the test of time There s a lot of fat shaming in it and the husband, Charlie, is a patronizing douche.

    23. I read this book several times in elementary school and, though I hadn t read it for years, I still remembered it pretty vividly But I worried it wouldn t be as good as I remembered This book is absolutely perfect It s a sweet fairy story, but also intense The characters aren t sugary and perfect they re realistic and relatable So much world building is done with small, simple things It s honestly even better than I remembered.

    24. I read this story when I was in the fourth grade.It was beautifully written with the simplicity yet depth of one of my other favorites called Mandy By Julie Andrews It is a thin little book with a sad story and a happy ending filled with whimsical little fairies.I have reread it countless times to this day.

    25. 1 No2 Okay3 Like4 Really Like5 LoveI read this book when I was younger hadn t picked it up in a very long time I still love seeing how the characters change with time, seeing how the fairies went from what I consider children to adults and all aspects of the book enjoyable reread.

    26. I thought this book was great My favorite part was when Jan saved Tiki from getting eaten by bees Overall I think this book deserves 5 stars

    27. I would have adored this as a child Loved Indian in the Cupboard Imaginative, a bit scary, short sweet Oddly preoccupied with being fat.

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