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Working It Out By Rachael Anderson Working It Out A chance encounter Grace Warren s life is safe and predictable exactly the way she likes it But when she gets roped into going to an auction to help out a friend everything changes She meets Seth Tut
  • Title: Working It Out
  • Author: Rachael Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781490986371
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • Working It Out By Rachael Anderson A chance encounter Grace Warren s life is safe and predictable exactly the way she likes it But when she gets roped into going to an auction to help out a friend, everything changes She meets Seth Tuttle a guy who unexpectedly kisses her then disappears, leaving her flustered and upset If she never sees him again, it will be too soon.A chance for love WeeksA chance encounter Grace Warren s life is safe and predictable exactly the way she likes it But when she gets roped into going to an auction to help out a friend, everything changes She meets Seth Tuttle a guy who unexpectedly kisses her then disappears, leaving her flustered and upset If she never sees him again, it will be too soon.A chance for love Weeks later, when Seth limps into Grace s rehab clinic post surgery, he s every bit as frustrating and annoying as she remembered Yet there s something about him that makes her second guess her carefully placed boundaries even though he s everything she s sure she doesn t want in a man But maybe Seth is exactly what Grace has needed all along assuming she s willing to risk safe and predictable for a chance at love.
    Working It Out By Rachael Anderson
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      256 Rachael Anderson
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      A USA Today bestselling author of clean romance, Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms She can t sing, doesn t dance, and despises tragedies But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.


    1. I read this book over a year ago and just realize I never officially reviewed it All I wrote wasI love Rachael Cute, clean and fun And honestly that about sums it up.Rachael Anderson is one of my favorite clean romance writers Her books always make me laugh and smile and sigh and Working It Out was no exception to that rule.I loved how Grace and Seth s relationship starts on a chance meeting and then develops throughout the book It s not smooth sailing and makes for a very entertaining story.If [...]

    2. I am a big fan of Rachael s and was really looking forward to her newest book, Working It Out The synopsis sounded fun and it did not disappoint I loved our heroine Grace, I liked to see the changes she went through and how she grew as a character I also liked Seth, I love confident guys Grace and Seth had some great chemistry and fun moments between them I liked how their relationship progressed, totally realistic I like that their attraction for each other didn t overshadow the story they had [...]

    3. I really enjoy this author She writes some great stories I truly feel like most of the characters in her books could be my friends They are just people I would want to meet.This book really had some serious elements I enjoyed the beginning of the book and laughed out loud a lot I loved her bother s journey through the book and how he truly learned to deal with the fact that he was in a wheel chair I loved the fact that he too found love in this story Slight rant coming I thought Grace and Seth h [...]

    4. Grace is pretty predictable She doesn t like to take risks, has a great and stable job, and knows what a guy is like based on his name Seth is completely opposite and is used to being persistent and going after what he wants All of that equals a recipe for disaster I really liked Grace I could understand her heartache and fears and loved how uptight she was at times, especially where Seth was concerned I think most people blame themselves for things that happen in life that are really out of our [...]

    5. This has to be my favorite Rachel Anderson book yet I loved the characters, the story line and the sweet romance of not just Seth and Grace but another certain cute couple as well It was a nice added touch that we got a little of Alec s story as well Seth was a truly hard character not to love and I liked that he was so down to Earth, honest and good He was everything a good man should be and I have to say, as much as I love a bad boy, it is nice to read about a good boy once in a while too.Grac [...]

    6. I knew before I started reading this book that I would enjoy it I have read a few of Rachael Renee Anderson s books in the past and have not found one that I didn t like.Rachael does a wonderful job of creating characters that are easy to like They seem like real people that you could find living down the street from you Grace is roped into helping out her partner by attending an auction to raise money for underprivileged children The auction is for available bachelors, the women are bidding for [...]

    7. Working it Out is a fast paced clean romance that will leave you smiling I am a big fan of Rachael s book, so I knew this book would be as enjoyable as her other books The characters are fun and unique I really liked getting to know each one Seth was very fun Grace was a doll and I really liked her brother, Alec He brought the perfect amount of conflict not in a bad way and helped me get to know Grace even When it came to Grace and Seth s relationship, I loved the compromises and the give and t [...]

    8. I don t read a lot of romance In fact, I only read it when I am critiquing it Rachael is in my critique group, so I read this And I enjoyed it While not a big romance fan, I do enjoy well written books Rachael is at the top of her form with this Her characters were extremely well drawn Seth, the hero, seemed particularly dimensional to me, something I appreciated It was an enjoyable, compelling story that drew me in and made me care about the characters.

    9. 4.5 stars What a fun, quick read I love Rachael Anderson s books so I m glad to say that this one doesn t disappoint Grace and Seth had an interesting first meeting which ended with her storming off and him shrugging it off Grace was at a bachelor auction to bid on her co worker, Cameron, since his fiance couldn t make it Seth showed up and bid a large amount of money on him to help his friend, Lanna Her charity was holding the fundraiser and she refused to allow him to help her financially so h [...]

    10. I ve been waiting FOREVER to get to Working It Out on my review schedule It took ALL the self control I could muster to keep from reading it WAY ahead of time I just love the way that Rachael writes a story and I m always waiting for something new from her Love, love, love.Working It Out starts out with a chance encounter and unexpected kiss That sounds like an awesome start to any book, right Grace has this habit of finding the meanings for everyone s name and sort of judging them by that meani [...]

    11. This is the way a clean romance should be Fun dialogue, sweet story, nothing too deep, and it is CLEAN Let me emphasize that point There are way too many romances out there with profanity and people jumping in and out of beds, and this was a delightful escape I found myself chuckling on than one occasion There are way too many books out there with no comedy either I have read at least one other book by this author, and this was my favorite of hers, hands down Okay, so I knew what the ending wou [...]

    12. A very cute, and fun read I really enjoyed reading it Towards the end I was view spoiler a little upset that it took Seth so long to realize he was needlessly putting himself in danger But I am glad that she had him figure it out on his own instead of Grace having to nag him hide spoiler I just looked up the meaning of me my families names most of them were spot on o Moral Note Clean language, clean romance.

    13. I really loved this It was reality meets fun It was sorrow meets joy It s taking life by the reins and holding on tight to life Clean, fun, sweet, deep and totally romantic Totally recommended

    14. Every book she has written has been darling The witty conversation is my favorite I can t wait to read this new book I am so grateful for an author that dares to write clean books Great for adults and teens.

    15. Find my reviews here Literary Meanderings Grace Warren lives a mellow life Some would even call it boring mundane, if you will She s a physical therapist one of the very best in her field, but aside from that, her life mostly consists of taking care of her paraplegic brother.Grace s life changes when she s convinced to attend a charity event to help out a friend At this event, Grace is kissed by a complete stranger A handsome, suave, great kissing stranger but a stranger all the same Grace doesn [...]

    16. Working It Out by Rachael Anderson is what is known as a clean romance There was some kissing, but other than that, this is a book that you could feel very comfortable sharing with your daughter, mother or even grandmother Honestly though, I didn t realize this when I agreed to review the book My book choices are all based on how the blurb and or author grab my attention So when I was about 3 4 of the way through the book, and it dawned on me that there hadn t been any real steamy scenes, I was [...]

    17. When I heard about the blog tour for Racheal Anderson s new book I jumped at the chance to be a part of it I first read Racheal s work in All I Want, which was a collection of three short stories based on the Christmas Holiday season Work by Jolene Perry and Kaylee Baldwin was also included in the book.The second opportunity I had to read Racheal s work was in The Reluctant Bachelorette I fell in love with that story It was a clean, sweet, romantic comedy The characters felt like real people and [...]

    18. This is another enjoyable read from Rachael Anderson Based on the books I have read so far by this author, she does not disappoint It goes to show that one can write an excellent romance story without a whole lot of smut The story begins with Seth Tuttle being asked to take part in a bachelor auction by his best friend Lanna Now Seth is always willing to help Lanna, but he does not believe parading himself in front of a stream of women is the way to do it The way in which he was able to worm him [...]

    19. For someone who believes a name can tell you just about anything you need to know about a person, Grace thinks she has Seth pegged after their run in at a charity event God of Chaos sounds about right after he disrupts the event, kisses Grace without warning, and takes off amid a trail of upset women.After an accident lands Seth in Grace s rehab program, she curses her luck Seth, on the other hand, is than happy to continue teasing and flirting with Grace as he tries to get his knee back in sha [...]

    20. Thanks to Kathy at I Am a Reader for allowing me to read a copy of this and be part of a review group for this title Working it Out is a very quick, cute romance It was a fun read, with interesting, but somewhat predictable characters The story itself wasn t really that different from what you d expect in a romance But that s okay as it was still a good, quick, clean read There are basically four main characters Lanna and her friend Seth, Grace and her brother Alec So we get two romances out of [...]

    21. 4 STARS Working it Out was fun to read It had some nice messages in it too I like the characters and understand their motives I have to admit I am on Grace s side, then over Seth s side when it comes to the extreme sports At times it is funny, so touching and then maddening at all the risks Seth takes It is a clean read I read it in one easy session Seth has money and wants to help his late friend s sister Lanna with his money for her afterschool program Lanna does not want his money but offers [...]

    22. received in exchange of a honest review.This is the third book of Mrs Anderson s I have read and I find them and refreshing The clean sweet romance is just a breathe of fresh air that is needed at times This book was nicely written and really kept the smile on your face as you watched the fun loving free spirited Seth try so hard to get Grace to like him that some of his antics have you laugh The two characters I like the most in this book are Seth and Alec Seth because of how he embraced life [...]

    23. Grace Warren likes her life just as it is, she s not looking to make any big changes But one night at a bachelor auction, her life changes and it will never be the same The only reason she went to the auction in the first place was that her co worker, Cameron, begged her to bid on him after his fiance could no longer make it Grace takes the time to get all ready for the black tie event, only to have some man outbid her for Cameron by a lotwhat a jerk Seth the jerk, sees only a beautiful woman th [...]

    24. Working It Out is the first book I have read by Rachael Anderson I purchased the Reluctant Bachelorette by Rachael a few months ago on when it was.99, and I haven t gotten around to reading it, but I believe I will be reading it soon.I liked the characters in this book They were like normal people, living their lives and having some of the same issues that we all have Grace Warren likes playing it safe, and her days are predictable She has a job that she loves as Physical Therapist, and there is [...]

    25. This is a really sweet romance Closed bedroom door and minimal heat Sometimes a girl just wants a PG love story and this fits the bill.Grace is a wound a bit tight, but that is one of the fun things about her She is sassy and steadfast I love the way she defines people by their names Seth is the perfect match for her with his playful attitude and fly by the seat of his pants plans They have a great dynamic.The book is a mixed POV, you get the narrative from both leads The swaps go smoothly and a [...]

    26. Original review posted on my blog, here.4.5 starsI ve read all of Rachael s books and actually own all of them as well So, when I saw this book come up for a blog tour I was really excited to join.I really loved how Grace and Seth meet He is totally cocky and rude, but endearing too She is only there out of loyalty for a friend and ends up in an interesting situation with him She gets flustered, but still has enough confidence to walk away, even if she s basically running away I really liked the [...]

    27. I loved this cute and clean romance It was sweet It also had elements that challenged you to think.Grace is a hard working Physical Therapist She is really good at what she does She gets charged with helping a wealthy extreme sports bachelor, Seth, rehab after a sports accident Where Grace is all professional and a no dating patient policy Seth is let s have fun at whatever comes my way mentality They clash but still find themselves attracted to each other.Grace s brother, Alex, was in a skiing [...]

    28. 3.5 starsDid I enjoy this book I did enjoy this book It was a sweet love story that kept me reading until the end.Grace is a determined, hardworking woman who has feelings of guilt that aren t revealed immediately in the book She is afraid of not feeling guilty any Grace is also rather stubborn She was a great character The excerpt below has one of my favorite scenes with Grace and lines from her Seth is an adventurous ass for the most part He is sweet, kind, smart Seth is a good counter to Grac [...]

    29. I m a huge fan of Rachael Renee Anderson s books They have all been clean, funny, and touching Working it Out is no exception This book, however, had a slightly different feel grown up, or mature, or serious Anderson still gets in the laughs though Multiple times throughout the book I laughed out loud at what the different characters had done or said Probably my favorite thing about this book was the focus, not on the characters getting together, but staying together A lot of times in books, an [...]

    30. WORKING IT OUT by Rachael Anderson is a wonderful book that encompasses many emotions without one crowding the other She includes the dynamics of the sister brother relationship, boy girl relationship, and work friend relationship The story seamlessly flows from one relationship to another Grace was fond of looking up the meaning of people s names to see if they matched the personality of the owner I found myself doing the same on a couple of names just to test the theory We ll leave the theory [...]

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